Disclaimer: I only own mt OC, Serenity Parker, who, in this, is James S. P's childhood best friend.

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FlowerGoddess: ALBUS! James was being mean to me!

NotSoSerene: James Sirius Potter! What the bludger did you do!

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Nothing!

*ShadowPotter does not believe that

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Nobody asked the Slytherin!

SecretKeeper: OI! That's my best mate you're talking too. And Slytherin is not that bad!

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Says the Snake King

QueenOfTheClaws: James, stop it! Slytherin isn't as bad as it used to be. Even Professor Longbottom says so.

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter mutters

ShadowPotter: What was he doing to you, Lily?

FlowerGoddess: He was teasing me about how I would get sorted into Gryffindor and have no friends because I would still be nice to you. And then he said that if I didn't make the quidditch team, then I would be miserable for the rest of my existence at Hogwarts!





*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter hides from his best female friend

*NotSoSerene uses the killing curse on James

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter dies

*ShadowPotter throws James a funeral

*FlowerGoddess dances on his grave

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter is offended

*QueenOfTheClaws would like to point out that James is dead; thus, he cannot be offended

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter would like to point out that Rose just used correct grammar in a chat room

*SecretKeeper would like to point out that everybody has been typing using the '/me' form

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter enjoys using the '/me' form

*NotSoSerene also enjoys using the '/me' form

*FlowerGoddess wants James to pay

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter is not scared of Lily

*FlowerGoddess will be right back

SecretKeeper: Should we be scared?

MasterOfDisguise (Teddy Lupin) has joined the chat

FlowerGoddess: Back! =)

MasterOfDisguise: What's going on here?

FlowerGoddess: Read up, Teddy

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Uh, Teddy, why do you have an ?

MasterOfDisguise: You didn't really think Aunt Hermione would buy everyone a laptop without making sure it was safe, did you? She made me an admin for this chatbox

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Why didn't she make me one?

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter cries

QueenOfTheClaws: The dead can't cry *rolls eyes*

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: That doesn't stop Moaning Myrtle *is ghost*

ShadowPotter: So does that mean you're gonna share a toilet with her now?

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Shuddup

*MasterOfDisguise has read up

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Uh oh….

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter has been kicked by MasterOdDisguise

FlowerGoddess: Quick! Before he comes back! I need your help to get him back!

NotSoSerene: I could act like one of his crazy obsessed fan girls. It'll scare the crap out of him

SecretKeeper: I could spread some not so true secrets about him ;)

QueenOfTheClaws: I could 'help' him with his summer assignments

ShadowPotter: I could…do nothing *shrugs*

FlowerGoddess: Okay! Thanks everybody (minus Albus)!

MasterOfDisguise: So…clear?

*FlowerGoddess nods

Messages have been cleared by MasterOfDisguise

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter has joined the chat

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: o.o

FlowerGoddess: Hello Jimmy! =D

NotSoSerene: Jim Jam! *giggles*

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter is siriusly freaked out

MasterOfDisguise: Well, if I'm not needed anymore….

MasterOfDisguise (Teddy Lupin) has left the chat

FlowerGoddess: He didn't even say bye!

*FlowerGoddess sobs dramatically

SecretKeeper: Calm down, Lils. Teddy's just in the other room.

*FlowerGoddess stops crying 'oh…right…' and blushes

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Why did Teddy clear?

ShadowPotter: So, why'd it take you to log back in?

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Oh….right….

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter punches Al and makes him bleed

*ShadowPotter is bleeding 'WHY!'

*QueenOfTheClaws is getting tired of this 'later'

QueenOfTheClaws (Rose Weasley) has left the chat

NotSoSerene: Bye Rose!

NotSoSerene: fail… -.-

*NotSoSerene is now bored

*NotSoSerene sits on James' lap

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter is sat on

FlowerGoddess: If you guys are going to snog, I'm leaving

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Gross!

NotSoSerene: Bye Lily ;)

*FlowerGoddess (Lily L. Potter) has left the chat

*ShadowPotter snickers

*SecretKeeper is smirking

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Uh….Serenity?

NotSoSerene: yes?

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: What was that about?

NotSoSerene: What was what about?

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: THAT. The bye and wink. What was that about? It was kinda creepy o.O

*NotSoSerene giggles 'what did you want it to be about?' and plays with the collar of James' shirt

*SecretKeeper is laughing his arse off

*ShadowPotter is doing the same

*SiriuslyTheHottestPotter is extremely uncomfortable

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Uh….mum's calling….I have to go…bye!

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter (James S. Potter) has left the chat

*NotSoSerene is rolling on the floor laughing her fucking arse off

SecretKeeper: You are too good

ShadowPotter: If I hadn't known that you were acting, I would've thought that was for real. Anyway, James wants to play quidditch. I'll see you later

ShadowPotter (Albus S. Potter) has left the chat

SecretKeeper: You're acting is so good it's scary, Ren. Anyway, it's time for dinner. Talk to you tomorrow

SecretKeeper (Scorpius Malfoy) has left the chat

NotSoSerene: Yeah…acting…

*NotSoSerene sighs in frustration and screams

NotSoSerene: I feel better =)

NotSoSerene (Serenity Parker) has left the chat

LivingInTheShadows (unknown) has joined the chat

LivingInTheShadows: Wait, Serenity actually likes James? Whoa…

Messages have been cleared by LivingInTheShadows

LivingInTheShadows: There you go, Ren. Now nobody will know….