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S3x0nl3gs (Louis Weasley) has joined the chat.

S3x0nl3gs: I just heard something….

S3x0nl3gs: and it totally blew my mind… O.o

S3x0nl3gs(Louis Weasley) has left the chat.

LivingInTheShadows (Unknown) has joined the chat.

LivingInTheShadows: Cryptic, Lou.

LivingInTheShadows: Now I regret telling you -.-

IAmNotAPumpkin (Thalia Longbottom) has joined the chat.

LivingInTheShadows: THAL!

*LivingInTheShadows glomps Thal

*IAmNotAPumkin is glomped by a stranger O.o

*LivingInTheShadows is insulted 'I am your best friend, woman! Merlin!'

IAmNotAPumpkin:My best friend is Merlin! :O

LivingInTheShadows: Smartass…

LivingInTheShadows: And I would very much appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone who I am. Or write it in, really.

LivingInTheShadows: Aunt 'Mione took my awesome admin powers away L

IAmNotAPumkin: Well, wouldn't people know who you are because you're my best friend?

LivingInTheShadows: Thal, how many best friends do you have?

IAmNotAPumkin: I don't see your point…

LivingInTheShadows: There's me…

LivingInTheShadows: Louis…

LivingInTheShadows: Fred…

LivingInTheShadows: Huh, I guess you don't have that many friends :/

IAmNotAPumpkin: Gee, thanks. Really feeling the love.

IAmNotAPumpkin: And you basically just said who you are. Ya know that, right?

LivingInTheShadows: DAMN IT!

LivingInTheShadows: TEDDY!

LivingInTheShadows is away: Getting Teddy

IAmNotAPumkin: Thanks, Liv. Cuz I sooooo didn't get that. ^^

MasterOfDisguise (Teddy Lupin) has joined the chat.

MasterOfDisguise: Really? I get called on here so that your identity won't be discovered?

*MasterOfDisguise sighs

LivingInTheShadows: Yeah, yeah. Just clear, would ya?

Messages cleared by MasterOfDisguise

MasterOfDisguise: BYE!

MasterOfDisguise (Teddy Lupin) has left the chat.

LivingInTheShadows: I miss my awesome powers :'(

IAmNotAPumpkin: Awh L

NotSoSerene (Serenity Parker) has joined the chat.

LivingInTheShadows: Uh oh…

NotSoSerene: YOU!

IAmNotAPumpkin: Uh…

*NotSoSerene brutally murders LivingInTheShadows

*LivingInTheShadows is brutally murdered.

LivingInTheShadows (Unknown) has left the chat.

IAmNotAPumpkin: Was that really necessary?

NotSoSerene: Yes, it was. It had stuff on me!

IAmNotAPumpkin: It? That's rude…

NotSoSerene: How the hell am I supposed to know what it is?

IAmNotAPumpkin: I'll give ya a hint: it is a girl. :)


IAmNotAPumpkin: Uh..no…

IAmNotAPumpkin: Oh! Look! My mom's home! Gotta go! Bye!

IAmNotAPumpkin (Thalia Longbottom) has left the chat.

NotSoSerene: Lying prat…

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter (James S. Potter) has joined the chat.

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Awkward…

NotSoSerene: What's so awkward, Jimmy? ;)

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: That! That's what's awkward! You're all….FLIRTY! You wouldn't stop giggling yesterday when we were talking! And you wouldn't stop staring at me when I was changing for quidditch! I mean, siriusly? What the hell?

*NotSoSerene shrugs

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: GAH! You've been acting like this ever since…ever since…ever since I pissed Lily off!

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: This is just some scheme you guys cooked up!

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: THANK MERLIN!

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: I don't know what I was thinking! Of course you don't really love me! That would just be weird! And it would never in a million years happen!

NotSoSerene: Yep. Not in a million years…

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Yeah. So, you wanna play quidditch? I can get Fred and Rox to play. It can be boys vs. girls. :)

NotSoSerene: Sorry. I have to babysit Chiron. Why don't you ask Thal?

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Wait…doesn't Chiron belong to Thal?

NotSoSerene Yup! That means she's free! Bye!

NotSoSerene (Serenity Parker) has left the chat.

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: If I didn't know any better, then I'd say that she's mad at me…

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter: Good thing I know better J

SiriuslyTheHottestPotter (James S. Potter) has left the chat.

James is a prat...truly, he is. I wanted LivingInTheShadows to come back and kill him. But, sadly, it was not to be. Would've blown her cover. Can anyone, minus the people/person I told, figure out who Liv is? Anyone? Leave your answer in a review :)