Who Am I? chapter 1

It was around 6:30 in the morning. I was staring at myself in the huge bathroom mirror, watching as my mom stacked a bunch of darkly colored make-up on my face. The whole make-up process took about a half hour or so. After, I walked into my second room. It was painted a dark purple, with a black bed, with purple and white lace bedding. The curtains matched the bedding. The fluffy black carpet felt like feathers on your feet. This was not my typical bedroom. I probably wouldn't have picked any of this out. My name is Melanie Shay. I am your total girly girl that loves everything pink. Why would I be sitting in such a horrible bedroom you might ask? Well when I was younger I created a new character and brought her to life. My mom helped me create Jade West, A performer. You see, when I was thirteen, no one liked me. Everyone wanted me to leave. So I wanted to be someone else, while still being me. That is when my amazing imagination comes in. I drew up a character and just like that. I became her, Jade West. I came up with her personality, her style, what she likes and dislikes. All these little details made the perfect acting experience. I thought it would be fun and it is. I sat on the silky and lacey quilt while I picked out my outfit: A pair of black jeans with a purple t-shirt and black sweater. This is not my usual outfit. After I changed, I walked back into the bathroom and slipped my dark brown wig onto my head. Then I headed down the oak brown spiral staircase and headed to the door. I was ready for another day at Hollywood Arts. No one there knew about my little secret, not even my 'boyfriend' Beck.