It's hard to learn the truth from someone that refused to accept it.

She never knew more than his name.

Her father, that is.

Actually, scratch that.

She didn't even know his name.

Every time Sam tried to ask her mother, she'd start sobbing uncontrollably before she could get an answer out.

All she ever knew was he was some scum bag from Britain that told her mom they would be together forever, knocked her up, then told her he was already married and walked out the door.

Her twin sister, Melanie, had managed to sneak some information out of Mom a little after the girls had turned 11.

Apparently he was part of some secret club, probably a cult or something, the more Sam thought about it, and he was sent to Seattle by someone he called his master to recruit more members to this club.

Mom tried to join, not even caring what it was, because she loved him so much, but he was disgusted by her, as she wasn't 'one of his kind.'

Sam interrupted her sister as she lied down sprawled out on the bed, telling her everything mom had told her.

"One of his kind? What's that supposed to mean?"

Melanie just shook her head and claimed she didn't know, but she didn't look all too convincing.

He had a wife, and a son around 14 years old. He believed very strongly that 'people like him' were the only people that deserve any type of dignity.

Her mother was heartbroken, naturally, but it didn't stop her from going after him.

She finally found out he wasn't happy being the person he was.

He hated the cult, he hated his 'master', and his marriage was arranged and shallow.

He grew up his whole life taught to be prejudiced against 'people like mom', but he then realized it wasn't the type of person he wanted to be.

He'd been unhappy for as long as he could remember, and Mom brought him happiness.

He fell in love with Pam Puckett.

For the remainder of his time in Seattle, the two had a secret affair. He told her exactly what he was, and the details of his secret club.

Sam anxiously asked what he was, fearing he would be some cannibal who ate his own young, but Melanie gave yet another unconvincing shrug.

It was two months later, and Pam excitedly showed her lover a positive pregnancy test.

"Now you can stay here!" she'd say, excitedly. "Now we can be a family!"

But he had different intentions.

He had a wife, and a son, he already had a family, and he sure as hell didn't need to deal with the 'half-breed burden' growing in her mother's stomach.

He left that afternoon.

He claimed it was because his master needed him back, but she knew it wasn't true.

He promised her he'd be back one day, to see his beautiful child grow up.

But the day never came.

And still, Melanie didn't even tell Sam his name.

She said Mom never told her, but she knew Melanie wasn't a very good liar.

There were holes missing in the story, things her sister wasn't telling her.

Who was her father?

What were 'people like him?'

Why were people hiding the truth from her?

Sam Puckett was determined to find it all out.

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