Just thought id post something…here it goes

I do not own Death Note…I cant afford a monthly chocolate supply for mell so I cant haz!

"Love me. Through space and time.

You hack out my heart, person of mine.

I still love you with all my heart,

Though you've deceived me from the start."

Mello scrunched his face at the loopy writing, snapping shut the ratty journal and

grimacing when a small plume of dust was expelled from the pages "Hey Mell, what cha

bee-" the absent tone and constant button tapping ceased when matt made eye contact

with Mello and his breached privacy "…What the HELL are you doing with that Mell!"

the small gaming device lay forgotten on the floor, its screen having cracked on impact "I

got bored waiting for you, so I decided to do a bit of light reading. What is all this sappy

poetry crap about anyway? You turning into a girl?" Mello sneered pulling the notebook

out of the reach of a visibly pissed off matt" I mean this thing is older than we are!" he

continued shaking the book by its spine and rolling his eyes at the strangled cry matt gave

when the loosened pages scattered across the cluttered floor of his room "Anyway, come

On! I just found out where Roger is hiding the shipment of cooking chocolate that came in

this morning I found the per-" he halted at the iron grip of matt's hand on his wrist "out"

his eyes widened as he was bodily thrown from the room "what the FUC-" he began cut

off when the heavy oak door was slammed in his face.


Hmm I wonder if I'll even update this one! A sporadic brain fart for the ages! A little mello mello matt attack!