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Chapter 1/6

AU for the Smallville Season 5 Episode "THIRST".

A/N1: Set BEFORE the FIRST Blade movie.

A/N2: Due to the fact that my story "Vampire" is in hiatus and I have no idea when it will be updated, I've taken the "vampire" prompt from that story and applied it to this one instead.


Something was wrong with Lana Lang.

When Clark had first come to Chloe with his worries about how differently Lana was acting the young, fledgling reporter had admittedly brushed off his concern. Everyone knew that when it came to Lana Clark could become paranoid, and Chloe had been trying to figure how to win herself an internship in the Daily Planet without Lionel pulling his strings. So the blonde hadn't really listened to Clark or his concerns over Lana or how she was supposedly acting strangely ever since she'd joined that sorority Tri Psi Pi Li Ki whatever. Maybe it was a little selfish of the blonde, but she'd figured that high school had all been about Clark or Lana or Clark and Lana, and she'd wanted her time at MetU to be about her this time.

Considering she was living in the dorm and didn't have any shared classes with Lana, and all of her spare time was consumed by her internship, a good while passed before Chloe realized that she hadn't seen her female friend. They hadn't talked much either, no little text messages shared, nothing. The little voice in the back of her mind mumbled that Lana usually liked to drop a note at least once a week to make sure Chloe was still alive, and the absence of this was odd, yet the blonde would then receive her next assignment, whether it be at MetU or the Daily Planet, and her resolve to try and see what was going on crumbled. If it wasn't for Clark's constant visits or calls of complaint and worry she would have forgotten the situation, and yet the moody alien never let her forget how he found Lana acting strangely, was sure something was up.

And Clark's extreme worry and moodiness increased when Lana dumped him.

Still, that had seemed somewhat out of character for the usually love-struck brunette, and it'd been enough to raise some red flags in the blonde's mind. Another odd thing was the fact that Lana wasn't over or texting or calling to complain about Clark and his many secrets and they were constantly getting between them and the happiness they could have if he would just open up to her and tell her the truth.

It could have been a case of Lana finally outgrowing Clark, but somehow Chloe couldn't see those two outgrowing each other, so she finally texted the brunette and asked for a meeting. Lana had quickly texted back with the address of some night club, and while she had her reservations about going to this place, Chloe found herself making her way down the darkened alley towards said night club. She hugged herself, her coat offering little protection against the strong wind as her high heel clippety clapped against the pavement.

"Psst! Chloe!"

Halting in mid-step, Chloe frowned as she turned to look into the dark alley she'd been about to cross, having recognized that voice. "Lana?"

"Come here a second." Lana's figure, silhouetted in the darkness, beckoned her off the well-lit street.

Wariness entered her, but Chloe pushed it aside, reminding herself that this was Lana Lang. The blonde stepped out of the light and into the shadows, her eyes slowly accustoming themselves to the pitch black of the alley, blinking in surprise to see the leather number and dark khol eyeliner Lana was sporting. Both were extremely out of character for the girl whom Chloe had secretly called the Pink Princess during high school, and Chloe was really beginning to understand Clark's surprise as to Lana's sudden change.

"I'm so glad you got into contact with me." Lana smiled, her lips seductive red as she sashayed forwards, hips swinging with her movement, seeming very much like a predator instead of the sweet girl next door as she reached for Chloe and hugged her. "It's been too long."

"It really has." Chloe couldn't help her wariness as she hugged back, telling herself off for feeling so distrustful and uneasy with the girl she'd once considered a sister. "You look different."

Lana chuckled as she pulled away. "I feel different."

"Clark told me that you broke up with him..." The blonde had never been one to beat around the bush. "I know you feel he isn't being honest with you, but you know how Clark is, and he loves you a lot."

Lana's lips twisted in a very un-Lana-like smile. "Dear dear Chloe, always playing our peacemaker."

The other girl didn't know how to react to that one.

"You don't have to worry, I do not plan on being apart from Clark." Lana reached out and grabbed Chloe's hands, giving them a squeeze. "In fact, I plan on being with him...forever."

"You might want to clue him in on that fact." Chloe cleared her throat, eyeing her high school friend oddly. "He's depressed and thinks you have moved on and he's worried."

"No, there's no one else for me. Never has been, never will be." Lana replied, tightening her grip on Chloe's hands. "I just had...a lot to adjust to...and you know Clark, he can be a little...clingy." She smiled. "I needed some time alone to figure things out for myself."

"And you've...figured everything out?" Chloe wanted to know, mind wandering distractedly to how cold Lana's hands were.

"Did I ever tell you what my greatest fear in this world was, Chloe?" Lana changed the subject, jarring her friend slightly.

Chloe tilted her head, eyes narrowed, knowing her confusion was visible on her features. "I-I don't think so, no."

"My greatest fear was everyone I loved dying. You were dead. Aunt Nell was dead. Clark was dead...I...was dead." Lana's blood-red lips sneered. "Death and its ability to rip everything away, like it did with my parents, was my greatest fear. But now, now I've conquered that fear, and I'm so much stronger thanks to it."

By now Chloe was beginning to feel a little finger of fear creeping up her spine. "Lana?" She tried pulling her hands from her friend's and yet was unable to, shocked by the utter strength in those cold hands. "What's going on?"

"I know I told you once that I didn't ever really feel a part of your family, and that was wrong of me, selfish. I was always welcomed in your home, even when we were fighting over Clark." Lana spoke calmly, smile serene, as if Chloe wasn't struggling to free herself. "And now, with your father dead, I welcome you into my family to take your place as my sister."

"Family? Sister?" Chloe was barely keeping from screaming out for help, still holding onto the hope that Lana was just playing with her, or that there was a rational explanation to all of this.

"Yes." Lana grinned, lips parting to reveal sharp, elongated canines as she pushed Chloe back against the wall and covered her mouth with her hand before leaning in and biting down on Chloe's neck.

The blonde screamed into that palm, the sound muffled as she struggled in vain. Her neck was in agony, the scent of her own blood thick metallic in the air. She could literally feel the blood being sucked from her veins, feel the fangs deep in her skin latch on with their slight curve, could feel her blood draining warmly down her neck...could feel the life draining out of her body.

"Who gave you permission?" A voice snarled from the opening of the alleyway.

Lana gasped, yanking her fangs from Chloe's neck, tearing the skin worse as she pulled away, the blonde's body dropping to the ground. "Deacon!" She wiped at her blood-covered mouth, lined eyes wide. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't think you quite understand how things go around here." The shadowed male was terribly displeased, arms clasped behind his back. "Becoming like us isn't just something you hand out to anyone. Its why Buffy Sanders and her sisters are sent to do the job they do, pick only the best of the best to join our ranks."

"I understand that, Deacon." Lana replied. "But you don't understand, this girl is a genius. Not only is she book savvy but she can hack into any security system and she can be useful."

Chloe was barely able to keep her eyes open, fixing them on the shadowy figure coming closer towards them.

"Yes, well, maybe you should have run that over with me before taking matters into your own fangs." Deacon sneered, pushing Lana out of the way and reaching down for Chloe by the front of her coat, yanking her limp body up, sneering at her. "What a waste." His face, still covered by the shadows, shifted, fangs glistening as he made to bite her...before stopping and pulling away. "What the-?" Deacon eyed both sides of her neck before turning to Lana. "How is she able to regenerate? She hasn't been bitten long enough for the change to start. She shouldn't be able to heal up the mess you made of her neck so quickly."

"What?" Lana asked, confused.

Deacon eyed Lana gravely before turning back to look at Chloe, using his other arm to wrap around her from behind, letting go of his grip on the front of her coat. "The only other non-vampire who can regenerate like we can is the Daywalker."

Lana hissed at the very word, taking a step backwards.

Chloe was barely hanging onto consciousness, head lolling, a whimper escaping her lips as Deacon reached out and cupped her cheek.

"How interesting." Deacon muttered to himself before biting down viciously on Chloe's neck without any warning, opening up the sealed flesh once more and drinking deeply from her.

Chloe would have screamed, would have cried, if she'd had the power, but she could barely utter a gasp at the pain, eyes closing.

Darkness consumed, and she welcomed death like a night's sleep.