Dirty Charlie

I was a lucky bastard. Really. My daughter is a senior in high school this year and she has a gorgeous girlfriend, Alice and she's becoming legal. 18, at last. I couldn't bear her tease anymore. The way she moves her hips, the way she smiles innocently…so lustily, yeah, I know, but trust me that's possible. She has a boyfriend, Jasper, but really, the guy was not enough for her. He was the romantic type, all puppy dog eyes, compared to this little volcano. How could he fulfil her needs?

And I can assure you, she has a lot of them! One day, I came back early to pick some stuff I had forgotten at home. I was welcomed by beautiful sounds. Those two were really hard on homework, I can assure you!

I climbed the stairs on tiptoes to be graced with a view I keep replaying on my lonely nights. They were fucking like two pros! Better than movies. They were on fire and couldn't get enough of each other. They were their heads in each other folds, lapping, sucking and fingering. And I had a seat in the front row. Fanfuckingtastic!

- Oh, harder, Alice was crying, more fingers, more…

- Yeah, baby, I gonna do it good for you. Put the dildo in my ass, my slut and suck my clit hard.

Wow, my daughter has such a dirty mouth. So exciting and completely taboo. Hum, I like it.

- Fuck me good, I can't bear this little cock of Jasper anymore.

- Yes, beautiful. You're so wet bitch. Now come honey. Cum for me.

- Bellaaaaaaaaaa.

No need to notify I was hard as a rock and I was rubbing myself. Oh my little one. The time of small penises is finished. Daddy Charlie is here for you. I was giving myself a high five in my head. Alice was so fucking hot and I knew I could have her any day now. They were so entranced in their ministrations that my departure was unnoticed, I'm sure.