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Dirty Charlie 18

- Marry me, Bella! Marry me, love!

- Yes. Was the instant retort.

Well, that, I was not expecting it. Is it love at first fuck?

We helped the two lovebirds to go to the bathroom for the aftercare. I made a hot bath for them. Carlisle even lighted some candles. They were glowing in their own little bubble of happiness touching each other endlessly. It was so cute.

We exchanged knowing looks with Carlisle but said nothing. We were convinced that we'll have to organize a wedding very soon. This perspective was a little disturbing for my part. I didn't imagine how I could live without Bella now. I sighed at this thought and exited the bathroom with Carlisle on my heels.

- Don't worry, she will always remain your daughter, no matter what. He put his arm around my shoulders.

- Yeah, alright, I hope so. I grunted. I was not ready to admit anything. I was a man after all not a pussy!

- Let's see how it goes upstairs, shall we?

- Good idea.

I climbed quickly to watch by myself what all the noises I was hearing were for. The show was on in the attic. Everybody was in several form of nakedness. James and Ben had exchanged their usual partners. Angela was really a wonderful sub, very obedient and James was enjoying her very much from the rythmic skin to skin noise he was doing, taking her from behind.

Victoria was another affair. She was desobeying quite openly. She was spanked for that very firmly by Ben. The little skank was putting her buttock higher and was displaying loudly her pleasure . Too loudly for Ben who withdrew all interactions with her. She begged and pouted but she was condemned to look at the show tied at the cross without any reward for her.

For my part, I knew where to head on. Rosalie was waiting for a real man to take care of her. I was the best candidate. Wasn't I? The show displayed by Emmett and my pet was hot as fuck but damn, Rose masturbating with one of my dildo was even better!

- I am ready beautiful mistress. I whispered in her ears.

- Come here she answered showing a bench. I lost my clothes as quickly as possible and lay there for her pleasure.

- Alredy so hard, chief. She hummed appreciatively touching my big dick. She straddled me and in no time she was riding me like a cow girl. Yeaaahaaa!

Carlisle was enjoying the view for a moment, then he decided to pay a visit first to the threesome of Angela and stroked her back and her nipples and ignored Vic.

Then he approached Emmett and his step daughter. She knew what to do this minx. She opened her mouth with her tongue hanging outside welcoming what he was going to offer to her. That's when I understood it.

She was not mine to have. She deserved better. Yes, her ass was hot as fuck and she was fun, but really she should have a man who would be whipped by her fire. I was so entranced in my reflexion that I didn't come for a long time and Rosalie could enjoyed a lot of orgasms. This one was full of everything: legs, breasts, buttocks. I had my hands full and I was enjoying myself completly.

Once Ben finished with Angela, he came back to Victoria and began to give her a correction, and this time she didn't appreciate it. Soon, she will be a good sub, if left in the expert hands of Ben.

When Rosalie was tired, she rose and called Emmett. They left after thanking me profusely. The other ones depart too soon after.

That's just left Alice and Carlisle.

- Do you stay or want to come home baby? Carlisle asked.

- Well...If it's okay with master, I'd like to rest at home.

- Of course, pet. I replied. Have a good evening. I kissed her on the forefront. The hot doctor left with a wink an arm around her shoulders for support.

I was wondering if my favorite couple were good upstairs. I climbed up and found them in my bed nestled against each other. That warmed my heart. I joined them sighing contentedly.

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