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Ranko's Children

Ranko's Children CH:1

Hibiki Residents...

A spring day in Nerima the wind a calming cool, as some clouds rolled in over head, the sounds of traffic could be heard audible in the distance, birds sang their spring time song, the trees gaining their bloom once again. The Tendo dojo was a rather peaceful place these days as it's earlier chaos had died out, the town seemingly to have lost it's charge was nothing but a quiet place with the exception of a young mother calling out to her child. "Ryuu where are you kiddo?" Akane dressed in a navy blue blouse that was a button up, and black capris, called to her son as she searched the house knowing he hadn't left anywhere.

The back yard of the Tendo estate was same as usual with the exception of the flower garden the wife of the household had put in, the koi-pond shimmered in the sunlight, as Ryuu was practicing speed punches against a wooden practice target he had setup, stopped momentarily hearing his mother call his name. 'Wonder what I did this time.' He thought as he quickly went back into his routine ignoring his mother's call. You could say he was most like his father except he has his mother's hair which is cobalt blue which was down to his mid back tied back in a pigtail much like his grandmother told him his father wore it, he also had chocolate brown eye's like his mother's, he also liked to dress in white silk shirt with gold buttons, with black silk pants that were a Chinese fashion which his grandmother bought for him as well, he also had his fathers curse which no surprise when transformed he had red-hair, and deep blue eye's, as a girl he could pass for his fathers twin with the exception that he was only twelve years old now.

Akane walked out the back door of the house, searching the back yard didn't take long for her to find her son practicing the art which he was quite gifted like his father was but clumsy when a girl. "Ryuu why do you keep ignoring me?" she called in a sad tone.

"Because you deserted father, and married that piglet!" Ryuu exclaimed as he struck the target dummy again with as much force as he could muster an angry aura forming around him.

Akane's heart sank as her knees felt weak, as she crossed the distance between herself and her son. "I didn't desert him... I never wanted it like this but bad things happened and your father had to go away can't you understand that?"

"Tell me why Mom I wanna know why I never got to meet my father!" Ryuu yelled in a hateful tone, as he turned around striking a kick that his mother caught with ease holding his leg up gently but firmly with her right hand, making sure he didn't fall by catching him with her left hand.

Akane let another sigh escape her lips, as she looked into her son's angry eye's. "Your like your father always wearing your emotions on your sleeve Ryuu and the reason you haven't met him is because he decided it was best this way." 'I just wish I could go back, and turn back time... if only I was faster his father wouldn't be locked.' she thought with sadness as that fateful day still haunted her even to this day, she had tried to make it work out with Ranma, but he wouldn't have it took both her and her former fiances' mother to talk him now her down from ritual seppuku.

Later that day.

Ryuu walked along the fence much like his mother told him his father used to walk above the canal, clouds rolling past not raining a drop surprisingly despite him being a water magnet, he was on his way to the school he despised the other kid's usually would make fun of his curse and even though he accepted it as a part of himself he still would punch the first person who would crack a joke about it, as he hopped off the fence, he then walked the rest of the way to the school gates, as he entered his siblings following behind him, he found himself confronted by another boy that stood half into the school yard just up the walkway, the school that was a large two story beige brick building stood in the background, as students started gathering around to watch the possible fight that was about to take place as usually with the blue haired martial artist's were around a fight would ensue be it Ryuu or one of his siblings.

"Yo little sissy Ryuu I hear you hit like a girl." Daikin stated his expression one of malice, as he stood before the blue-haired boy who had just entered the school yard.

Ryuu looked to the boy who had just spoken as if he was an insect, The boy Daikin was a little taller then him by a foot, raven black hair, his clothes were navy blue school uniform pant suit that matched his own. "Is that so?" he asked as he reached into his pocket retrieving a flask, popping the cap he then poured it's contents over his own head transforming to she which resulted in a drop in height by a foot,then put the flask back in her pocket, then gave Daikin a frigid glare.

Daikin stared at the cursed martial artist in bewilderment as he had never seen Ryuu willingly transform at school before. "Hibiki what are you..." he ceased speaking now gasping for air, as the red-haired girl grabbed him by the throat lifting him up his feet just barely off the ground since the part time girl holding him up was quite shorter.

"Don't ever call me Hibiki I hate that name!" Ryuu said as she smashed her fist into the Daikin's face sending him reeling back against the school wall, where he slumped to the ground surprised at the sheer power of the aqua-transsexual's punch.

Kaito, and his sister Akiko both called to their older brother turned sister. "Stop it sis' he has had enough!" they shouted in unison.

"Butt out... I don't need either of you telling me what I can, and cant do, and even though we share the same mother I ain't your sis, or bro!" Ryuu shouted at her younger siblings, as she proceeded to kick her opponent while he was still down, at which both her siblings grabbed onto her arm's dragging her back away from the fallen boy.

Daikin choosing that moment to stand up charged forth throwing a viscous strike, that the red-head dodged, at which point caught Kaito in the eye, at which Kaito let his struggling sister go shaking his head, then giving the boy who has struck him a cold glare, as he then proceeded fighting the boy as he didn't appreciate being hit.

Akiko struggled trying to hold her older sister back. "Damn it Sis' stop it! And you too Bubba we aren't sup'osed to be fighting Poppa gonna punish us!" she shouted, as her feet dug into the grass as the red-head continued to move forward despite her hold.

"How you gonna be hitting me when I am trying to save you Dai-baka!" Kaito shouted as he threw one strike after another, that the other boy was having trouble blocking due to what was quite clear no training in martial arts.

Principal's office some forty minutes later.

Hinoko Ninomiya who was the acting principal at Furinkan middle school shook her head, as she looked to the fuming red-head, and her two siblings who looked a little worse for wear along with Daikin.

"Mind telling me why you all were fighting in the school yard?" Hinoko asked with agitated tone, as this wasn't the first time she had the Hibiki children in her office, nor the first time the opposing boy was either.

Daikin glared at Ryuu, and her siblings, while pointing his right index finger. "It's their fault they started it, I was minding my own business when Hibiki-chan attacked me then her brother, and sister came as well!"

"Your a liar, we tried to get our sister off of you Dai-Baka!" Akiko shouted as she had her arms crossed over her chest.

Akiko was ten years old, was the spitting image of her mother Akane with the exception of her father's fang's she shared both her mother, and fathers brute strength while at the same time had agility, and speed though was just as clumsy as her mother though unlike Ryuu, and Her father she had no curse she was wearing a blue school uniform dress that was reminisce of a sailor of the navy, and her hair was cut at the shoulders.

Kaito growled as he was seething due to his father, and mothers temper, the area around his eye starting to blacken from the punch he hadn't expected earlier. "If you wouldn't be poking at Ryuu all the time we wouldn't be here Dai-Baka!" he shouted giving an angry glare to the older boy.

Kaito who was also ten years old, was the spitting image of his father wearing a normal school uniform he sported a yellow, and black bandana like his father, fang's, and chocolate brown eye's but like Ryuu in boy-form he had blue hair, though he had a curse his was just like his fathers, though he never let it get to him, he always kept an umbrella near by, and even though Ryuu dislikes him he/she was always helping him with hot water, along with his sister.

'Man this fucking sucks... now I am going to have to talk to him!' The red-head thought begrudgingly, as she stared at the floor not bothering to speak as last thing she needed was to run her mouth and make things any worse knowing her step-father wouldn't be happy at all meaning she was in enough hot water.

"Well I can't have you tearing up the school like this, you are all suspended for one week." Hinoko announced as she picked up the phone dialing the parent's to come get them, once she was finished calling Daikin's parent's she went about trying to contact the Hibiki's.

Four hours later...

Saotome residents hadn't changed very much over the years the house was just a little large thanks to Genma's remodeling efforts to help give his wife more space to do her crafts such as sewing quilts, and clothing for their grandchild and his siblings of which she was currently sewing a sweater for Ryuu when she heard the phone ring, reaching over too the small end table to the right of her chair, she picked up the phone receiver. "Hello Saotome resident's can I ask who is calling?" she asked in a pleasant tone.

"Hello Mrs. Saotome I am having trouble reaching the parent's of your grandchildren, is there any way you could come get them?" Hinoko asked as she looked to her desk fiddling with a pencil.

Nodoka pondered as she never had to go pick all the kid's up from school before. "Can I ask what is wrong Mrs. Hinoko-sama that would require all of them to be going home?"

"Mrs. Saotome I am suspending them for a week from school for fighting this has been a constant occurrence, and I can no longer sit by, and watch as it could mean my job." Hinoko explained, as she looked up from her desk to the Hibiki children noting their down cast expressions.

Nodoka frowned as she thought on the woman's words. "Alright... give me an hour I will come get them Hinoko-san." she said while forming a worried expression cause usually Akane was always home, and would answer the phone she wasn't scheduled to teach her martial art's class until later in the evening when the kid's were home.

"Thank you I will have their homework with them when you get here Mrs, Saotome." Hinoko said as she hung up the phone looking to the children who all had worried expressions knowing they would be in trouble when they got home.

Four day's later.

"Any luck in the search No-Chan." Genma asked her as he had been searching for a few day's to no avail of finding the lost-parents, taking a seat at the table across from his wife.

Nodoka shook her head. "No...Nothing at all even Nabiki-san said she can't find them it's like they just disappeared."

"Well we have to find them, or they will be declared missing or worse dead, and the kid's will be placed in foster... if only I hadn't made so many mistakes in the past." Genma said as he sat his head on the table placing his arm's under his chin. Sure Kaito, and his sister Akiko wasn't direct blood to him, and his wife they were still considered just as much their grandchildren as Ryuu was. Genma continued to sulk over the possibility of losing his grandchildren suddenly had an idea. "No-Chan what about our Son, he could be their acting parent couldn't he?"

"I don't know husband Ran-Ranko made it strictly clear she didn't want Ryuu even knowing her cause of her curse being locked." Nodoka said with sad tone as she looked to the table with dread.

Genma sighed a frustrated breath. "Look Ryuu, and Kaito have curses I don't see what the boy's problem is Ryuu is our son's child for Kami-Sakes He needs to man up after all despite him now being a woman he has an obligation as a father... if he doesn't we won't get to see our grandchildren again do you want that No-chan?" he quarried while rapping his knuckles on the table.

"No I don't Husband... you are right it's time for Ranko to put her shame aside and be a parent... I will call her." Nodoka said steeling herself before picking up the phone, knowing this may be like pulling teeth.

Ranko's Anything go's martial arts Dojo in Hokkaido Japan.

The Dojo was built into a large building, that was just on the outskirts of town since it once was used as a machine factory that had been carefully renovated by it's new owner. Ranko stood watch as her student's carried out their regime she had given them with pride. For the most part since the fateful day at Jusenkyo that should have been a day for celebration as she thought she would finally be rid of her curse turned into a nightmare when she dove into the spring of drowned man only to come back out the same old girl, but locked it took her over six years to finally break herself from dwelling over her lost man-hood and live again, now living alone in a one bedroom apartment, built in the back of her dojo that she taught classes in seven years later. She stood with the Saotome Honor blade at her side, her mother had given it to her to free her from the seppuku pledge soon as she found out she was locked. She let out a depressed sigh as she imagined her son practicing in her dojo, she loved children, she wished she could push her shame away in order to see her son, but she was afraid of causing him chaos as if she was plagued or something, so she had ordered Akane to never let Ryuu anywhere near her afraid the boy would grow up with shame knowing his father was now a woman.

"Sensei there is someone on the phone claiming she is your mother." a boy student called to Ranko who turned to him giving a pleasant smile, as she walked past him heading for her office.

The boy watched his instructor walk past without a word quickly went back to organizing the dojo equipment as per his Sensei's orders.

Once inside her office Ranko shut the door leaving the blind's open so she could watch her class as some of them were still only eleven, and she couldn't allow anything to happen to them or she would be sued. Picking up the receiver she spoke up. "Hey Momma what ya calling me for?" she asked in a somewhat cheerful tone.

"Hey Honey... I wouldn't call you during your classes, but it's about Akane, and Ryoga." Nodoka said with a shaky voice.

"What happened did the Tom-boy get kidnapped again?" Ranko asked jokingly not catching the tone her mother just used.

Nodoka swallowed trying to keep from getting upset by the nagging sensation that she had an idea what might have happened. "Ranko-honey they have gone missing, and we are endanger of losing the children."

Ranko felt her heart sink as she sat uneasily down behind her desk, in the brown leather office chair. "What do you mean they have gone missing Mother? And what you mean losing the children?"

"What I am saying they have been missing for almost four days now, and unless you take them in they will take the kid's into custody because of your fathers past history." Nodoka explained as she sipped on the tea that was on the kitchen table in front of her, as her husband Genma sat opposite of her at the other side of the table.

Ranko sank a little further knowing if the kid's came to live with her the shame she had been hiding would be in the open for her son to see. Steeling herself as she wasn't sure if she was making the right choice or not she pushed on. "I see Mother... I'll come get them... need me there tonight?"

"If it would be okay with you tonight would be very good we haven't seen each other in awhile at any rate." Nodoka said gaining a hint of a smile as she could hear her daughters breathing knowing she was steeling herself, and that Ryuu would finally meet his father one way or another.

After a few minutes of conversation both Saotome's hung up their phones.

Ranko looked to the phone a moment, as she stood up from her desk, turning she headed for the door opening it up, she stepped out shutting the door behind her, as she watched her student's in the midst of performing their kata's. "Class is dismissed." she called as she walked further into the room, the class stopping their practice, sigh's could be heard.

"Sensei why so early we still have an hour to go?" One of the younger boy students called in a whiny tone.

Ranko gave the boy a half heartened smile. "Because I have to go take care of family issues... I want each of you to call your parent to come pick you up." she stated in a calm tone. 'Well guess I will also need to give them all including the parents compensation for the shorted time though they are quite gifted student's so shouldn't take much to make up for it maybe a tournament should be held?.' she asked herself, as she watched her students either walking over to the payphone to make their calls or, using the cellphones their parent's bought them.

Three hours later.

All three children sat on the couch on the west wall of the living room. worrying about their parent's when they turned hearing the door open and close without so much as a knock as a young red-haired woman stepped into the living room from the entry hall, that looked to be no older then seventeen she was wearing red and black Chinese clothing the cuffs on her shirt white, her hair cascaded down to her lower back and some over her shoulders since she wasn't wearing her classic pigtail. Time had treated her well since she hadn't aged very much on the outside. Ranko didn't acknowledge the children just yet as she walked past them noting all had blue hair as she entered the kitchen she found her mother making tea. "Hey Mom sorry I would've been here sooner, but got held up a bit.. you know how it is parent's coming to get their children takes time." she said apologetically.

"No need to apologize you weren't very late actually three hours isn't too bad Honey." Nodoka said to her daughter in a cheerful tone, as she worked her craft preparing a special blended tea made to calm the nerves.


Kaito looked to the kitchen with curiosity. "Who was that lady that just entered the kitchen Sis?"

"I don't know, but she looks much like Ryuu in cursed form, but older." Akiko exclaimed as she pondered a moment. 'Could that be Ryuu's Dad?'

Ryuu looked to the kitchen with his heart doing flips, as the woman seemed familiar to him. 'Could that be my father?' he wondered.


"Ranko Honey, I know you didn't want you're son to see you like this, but I think it is time you made yourself known to him if something happened to them..." Nodoka was cut off before she could finish.

Ranko looked to her mother with a sorrowful expression. "No It's okay... I should have came along time ago... I didn't realize what my absence from Ryuu's life would cause I didn't know he would have a curse too or I would've stuck around... there is no room for shame anymore I am going to face him, and make thing's right." she said adamantly knowing she could only fix things so far with her son, turning to the sound of movement she spoke up. "Come in here I know your hiding around the corner child."

Ryuu slowly revealed himself to the woman who was sitting across from his grandmother. "I am sorry...I well... re.. um."

"Dear this is your father." Nodoka explained as she could see Ryuu was trying to talk but was stuttering which was something his father had been known to do.

Ryuu looked to his grandmother then back to the woman who was introduced as his father. "Your m-my Father?"

"I... I am your Father y-yes I am." Ranko said her voice shaky, her gaze down cast to the table in front of her.

Ryuu walked around the table, then hugged onto the woman revealed to be his father.

Ranko teared up some as she wrapped her arms around her son. "I am so sorry Ryuu, I should have never told your Mom to keep us apart... I am so very sorry."

After both Neo-Mother, and son had calmed down some Nodoka spoke up. "Honey... would you be willing to take care of Kaito, and Akiko as well until their parent's are found?"

Ranko sniffled some as she wiped the tears from her eye's. "I could I sup'os at least for a little while." she replied, though in all honesty she would take care of them regardless as it was the honorable thing to do specially for two of her best friends from youth.

The following day.

"Miss Saotome if you would please sign here we can give you custody of all three children, until such a time the parent's can be located, and if they should not they will be in your permanent care until they reach the legal age they can live on their own." The social worker said as she placed a document in front of the red-head who sat in the chair on the other side of the desk.

Ranko read the document carefully then signed her signature to it handing the document back to the social worker at which she carefully read all the above spot's where Ranko signed her initial's, and dated the form. "Alright Miss. Saotome we are good to go we will check on you periodically to see how the children and you are faring." the social worker said as she stood up collecting her things.

"Thanks." Ranko said trying to hide her disdain, as she really didn't like social workers, or anyone dealing with taking children from their parents. Turning her attention to the kid's she stood up. "Al'right grab your thing's and I will take you home guy's." after saying this her cellphone went off at which she reached into her pocket retrieving it, bringing it up to her ear and answered it. "Yo Ranko here what's cracken?"

"Not much Sensei why is the dojo closed?" Chiyoko asked curiously, as she looked to the door to her Sensei's dojo.

Ranko exhaled a breath, as she lead her charges out of the building. "I am currently on my way something came up. How many student's are there waiting with you Chiyoko-chan?"

"The whole class is here." Chiyoko said as she took a double take to make sure.

Ranko pondered a moment. "Al'right Chiyoko-chan in the right hand corner of the door at the bottom you will find a little notch pull it out some and there is a key let yourselves in and then lock it back up, and place the key on my desk."

"Yes Sensei thank you." Chiyoko said before hitting the end call button on her cellphone then went about letting herself, and the rest of the student's into the dojo to begin practice.

Ryuu watched his father put her cellphone away. "Um your a school teacher Pop's?"

"No Honey, I own a Dojo like your Mom and I teach classes." Ranko explained to her child, as she kept her forward momentum, while watching her surroundings carefully for signs of trouble. They continued their walk together the other two younger children were in a small conversation amongst themselves.

"Didn't Mom say, that this lady is probably one of the best martial artists in the world?" Akiko asked curiously.

Kaito looked to the older red-head, then spoke to his sister. "Yea she did, though I think Dad, and Mom could run circles around her she looks so frail."

Ranko hearing the conversation gritted her teeth some. 'Frail my ass I am just petite, I can crack stone for Kami-sama sakes.' she thought, but decided not to say anything knowing now isn't the time to tell her friend's children that she could stomp both of their parent's with one, or both arms tied behind her back.

"I am glad to finally be with you Pop's... I am sorry Momma abandoned you." Ryuu said apologetically causing his neo-mother to stop, and turn around the bend down so she could look him in the eye's.

Ranko gave her son a stern look. "Your Mom did not abandon me Ryuu, I told her to leave me... and your Grandmother tells me you resent your step-father for marrying your Mother... again I gave him my blessing so please get out of that thinking... your siblings love you and I think it's time you returned the favor after all as an older brother your supposed to set an example Ryuu not sit and throw hate at your siblings for things out of their hands you want someone to hate then hate me." she scolded with cold tone.

"I... I see, I..." Ryuu spoke brokenly, as he looked down to the ground a look of pain crossing his features as his beliefs in his fathers abandonment had been shattered.

Ranko softened her features realizing she was a little hard on him, pulling her son into a hug. "Hon your only twelve, you didn't know any better, 'sides my being locked was my fault, if I hadn't just took off the guide could have warned me not to jump into the spring, but I sadly didn't wait. I am very sorry I hid away from you it was a cowardly thing to do I will try to make up for it I am very sorry Ryuu." upon thinking she turned to the other two children. "How old are you both?"

Kaito spoke up for both of them. "We are ten years old Mam."

"Just call me Ranko no need for such formalities." Ranko said with a slim smile to the young boy.

Akiko looked to Ranko with a glow. "How bout Auntie Saotome?" she asked as she held her bag with both hand's.

Ranko looked to Akane's daughter giving her a nod. "Al'right that'le work I sup'os." she said while standing up, as they then made they're way across the street heading for the nearest subway terminal.

Meanwhile somewhere lost on the road to nowhere.

As Akane and her husband continued to walk the long dirt road as the trees that surrounded the road was still with wind blowing through their leaves and branches she had a worried expression on her face. "I don't get it how did we get here... I mean we were just going to the grocery store!" she exclaimed with a frustrated tone.

"I don't know dear this doesn't make sense... um how many times have we passed that rock back there?" Ryoga asked while pointing to the rather large rock by a huge oak tree with his thumb.

Akane looked to the rock with confusion narrowing her eye's. "This isn't happening! Its been four days I hope the kids are okay!" she cried her worry evident in her voice.

Ryoga let out a frustrated sigh, as he walked over giving his wife a soothing hug. "It will be alright honey wait and see we will get home I am sure of it." 'Please tell me I didn't do it again... and I thought I had finally broken my lost problem.' he thought with a depression aura that seemed nearly existent.

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