Kakashi looked at Iruka with longing eyes. This longing was not one of lust as it usually was but one of begging he was chained to a wall in a cell with iron bars covering it. He looked gaunt as though he had not been fed in awhile and his muscular physique had faded along with any fat that may have been on the ninja's body previous. Iruka looked distastefully at his lover and then turned on his heel and walked away. As he was walking he could hear sobs as his hollow footsteps echoed throughout the prison.

"Why do you see him everyday?" asked a voice from a cell not too far behind him. Iruka turned and looked to see Naruto, the boy he had cared for like a son. "Seeing you hurts him more than the beatings and starvation. Why can't you let him receed into himself like so many others have? Why not let him lose his mind?"

"I can't let him do that because he has to know how much pain he caused me before I allow him the solace of death. Your betrayal hurt me more than you can know."

"Our betrayal! You were the one who murdered Tsunade! You put yourself into power by sleeping with the leader of ANBU and having them aid you in bullying everyone into obeying you under penalty of death or imprisonment!" screeched Naruto. "The lucky ones were killed." he added as though he were in anther place. "You had no-"

"Silence!" commanded Uruka and with the snap of his finger a shock went through Naruto causing slight convusions as he writhed in pain on the cold hard floor of his cell.

"Iruka don't." came a murmur from down the hallway.

"I have nothing to say to you. You are all dead to me now as all betrayers should be to those that they have betrayed." said Iruka turning to leave again.

"-not talking to you." breathed Naruto. "Listen."

"Iruka no. We can't right now I have to meet Sasuke, Nakuto and Sakura. We have a mission today." came a voice from down the hall giggling.

"That is the sound of a man who is perpetually caught between reality and insanity. Is this how you show you love someone?" demanded Naruto.

"I told you to be silent and because you cannot remain silent YOU WILL BE SILENCED!" with that there was a sickening snap from within Naruto's cell.

As Iruka reached the lift door he could hear sobbing again from the end of the hall. He liked the way it sounded and made a mental note to hear it more often.