AN: This story just popped into my head the other night while I was talking to my friend to make plans to watch the premier together, and we were talking about Noel being back and…I don't really like him, but at the same time I do. So this story is going to get both sides of my feelings for him. I hope you like it.

So here is the setting, Ezra has been at Hollis for a few months, and he and Aria have been rocky ever since the whole Jackie thing. They grow distant, and end up breaking up and SURPRISE! Noel is the one to comfort her. So here it is….The Good Life?

CH 1: Goodbye

Aria was getting ready to go over to Ezra's apartment Saturday morning when she got an S.O.S text from Spencer. "Ugh, great timing Spence." Aria mumbled to herself but sent back saying that she would be there in five minutes. She then sent a text to Ezra saying she was sorry, but she couldn't make it, Spencer needed her again. She hated doing this to him, but with everything that had happened since Ian disappeared, Spencer depended on her friends and Aria couldn't not be there. As she was walking to her car, she got a less than thrilled text from Ezra.

Ezra: Fine, I'll just see you later then.

Aria: I really am sorry. I'll call you later and try and stop by tonight. I love you.

She hated blowing him off like that, but her friends were important too, and he said that he understood. So why was it that in the last few weeks he has been acting like this every time she told him that she was hanging out with her friends? She decided to let it go for now, and focus her attention to Spencer, the friend in need.

When Aria got to Spencer's house, she saw that she was the last to show up, and Spencer had tears rolling down her face. "Oh my God, Spencer, what happened?" Aria exclaimed running up next to Spencer throwing her arms around her.

"Th-they won't, won't let me see hi-him anymore." Spencer stated through her sobs. "They don't trust him and they feel like he is a bad influence on me. ARE THEY KIDDING ME? Toby is the best thing that ever happened to me and those people called parents are banning me from seeing him. I love him and he loves me. What am I going to do?"

"Well you can still see him at school and text and call him right?" Emily told her.

"They blocked his number on my phone. And I don't know what they'll do about him at school, but you do have a point I can see him there. That is until they find a way to not let us see each other there too." Spencer was fully crying and no one could calm her down. "Oh and they told me that I couldn't see him, when he was coming to pick me up for our 3 month anniversary date. I mean who the hell does that?"

The girls spent the majority of the day with Spencer trying to help and saying that as long as Spencer had the three of them, she would still be able to be with Toby. "Think about it, we always help Aria with alibi's for when she is with Ezra, now we can also be alibi's for Spencer and Toby." Hanna pointed out.

That was when Aria looked at the time 8:45. "OH SHIT!" She exclaimed. I told Ezra that I would be over to his place at 8:30. I have to go. He is already upset with me for blowing off our plans for this morning; he isn't going to be happy that I'm late for our evening plans." The girls knew that the two had been having troubles and they completely understood and watched Aria hurry off.

By the time she got to Ezra's apartment it was 9:00. She walked into his apartment when he answered full of apologies and was starting to say why, when she saw the look on Ezra's face. He looked angry, but he also had tears threatening to fall. "Ezra, why do you look like you are about to cry?" When he never replied, she walked up to him and put her hands on both sides of his face. "Babe, talk to me, what's wrong? I know I'm late, I said I was sorry, but what else is going on?" Still silence. "Please, just talk to me. You're starting to scare me."

Hearing the words that he had once told her, he let in a frustrated sigh, walked away from Aria and sat down on the couch, and started talking. "I don't even know where to start Aria. I love you so much, but…" Aria took in a sharp breath, she hated the word 'but.' "but, haven't you noticed how we are growing apart. We are breaking promises, arguing more, and we hardly get to see each other." Ezra couldn't bring himself to look at Aria. This was breaking his heart, and he knew it was probably breaking hers as well.

"It isn't just my fault, ever since you took that job at Hollis, you have been working more. It is your busy schedule that keeps us from seeing each other." Aria fought back, she wasn't going to give him up without a fight. "I do all I can to be with you."

"Yeah, which is why you are always rescheduling our dates, or anytime we get to spend together. Do you realize that today was the fourth time in two weeks that you have blown me off for your friends?" Aria hadn't realized that it had been happening more and more. She knew she had a few times, but not that often. But him saying this really kind of pissed her off.

"I'm sorry, but I have told you what we are going through. You said you understood. Seriously, Spencer is the number 1 suspect in both Ian's disappearance and Ali's death. The four of us are being called liars because Ian's body disappeared and we saw his dead body and we are being forced to go to therapy. To a therapist who tried to fucking split us up because it isn't a 'healthy friendship.' So, I'm sorry if I'm trying to not fall apart at the seams and the same for my friends. We need each other and Spencer really needed me today and so I was there for her. So if you have a problem with it then…" Aria didn't finish what almost came out of her mouth. She was angry now, and she didn't want to say something that she might regret.

"Then what, Aria?" Ezra fought back.

"Nothing, forget I said that." Aria told him, backing down. She didn't want to fight with him. She hated when they fought.

"No, tell me Aria. Were you going to say that if I had a problem with it then we should break up?" Ezra yelled at her. Then realizing what he said he looked at Aria who had a face of shock and sadness. Bringing his voice down he spoke again, "Is that what you want?" He asked her, the tears coming back up to his eyes.

"No, of course, I don't. Ezra I love you. I don't want to break up. I just want to stop this pointless argument. We fight too much." Aria said walking over to him and kissed him gently on the lips, but she could still feel his hesitation. She pulled back confused and saw a troubling look radiating off of Ezra's countenance. "Is there something else that we need to talk about?" She asked him slightly in fear.

"Aria, you're right. We do fight too much. And we don't have as much time for each other anymore. I'm not saying it is your fault or my fault. We are both at fault. But I think that maybe we should break up." Ezra sounded as if he were in pain during the entire time he was speaking. He looked over to Aria who was fully crying and was looking over at the picture of the two of them with bags over their head.

"Is that what you want?" Aria asked him, repeating the same words he had spoken barely five minutes previously. She could feel her heart breaking. She loved him so much and she couldn't even imagine her life without him. She looked at his face and saw that he too, was crying.

He kissed her then. It was a deep passionate kiss, but also it was a kiss that seemed final, like there would never be one like it again. They continued kissing for a few minutes before Ezra answered the question that he had been asked. "I don't want it, but Aria I think it would be better if we do. Our lives are only drifting apart now."

As Aria heard this, it made her even more upset. "Ezra, how could you kiss me like that and tell me that we need to break up? No, don't answer that. I'm going to leave now. Because I just can't be here anymore. I love you too much, and this right now, it hurts." Aria grabbed her things and started heading towards the door.

Before she could leave however, Ezra came up behind her, twirled her around and gave her one last kiss, one full of emotion. "I'm so sorry, Aria. I love you too. I will always love you, but I just feel like this is the best thing for us right now. Do you think that someday we will be able to try again?"

"I don't know, Ezra. You just crushed my heart. It will take me a long time to get over that. In fact, I don't think I will ever be able to be with you again because right now I really want to hate you for doing this to me. I'm sorry but this is goodbye." She answered back with more tears and then she left his apartment.

Ezra cursed at himself when the door closed. He just made the biggest mistake of his life and he knew it. But Aria seemed adamant in her decision. He would try calling her tomorrow and apologize. But for now, all he wanted to do was forget himself, so he went over to the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of scotch. I'm such a dumbass. I should have just dropped the issue when she said to drop it.

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