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CH. 8: The Truth Revealed

"That's for sure." Hanna responded, but she couldn't feel anything but fear. She feared that her best friend hates her, fear that her other friends will hate her after they find out, and fear that her perfect world was about to come crumbling down again. But Hardy was right, she would never forget this day.

Five fast minutes later, Hanna and Hardy were knocking on Ezra's door once again. When Ezra answered the door, he had a look of fear etched throughout his entire body. He let the two into the apartment, where they saw Jackie sitting on the couch with confusion in her face. "So what happened?" Ezra asked the couple, afraid of the answer.

"Well Hanna and I were headed towards the grille and talking when Aria and Noel walked out of a store and saw us together." Hardy started to tell Ezra quietly, so Jackie would hear quite yet. Over the next few minutes Hardy and Hanna recounted the encounter only leaving out the part where Hanna said that she hated when Aria and Ezra had broken up, because Jackie did not know this and they weren't sure if she could hear them or not. "I don't know her well Ezra, but I could tell that Aria was pissed as hell at us."

Jackie had been sitting in confusion for the last 10 minutes. She had the feeling that there was more going on than what she was being told and was now getting annoyed with it all. "Ezra, what the hell is going on? What aren't you telling me?" She stood and walked over to the group of people.

Ezra knew now was the time that he, along with the help of Hanna and Hardy, had to come clean about his past with Aria. Jackie deserved to know the truth. "Jackie, I think you need to sit back down for this. It's going to take a lot of explaining." She looked confused, but did as Ezra suggested and sat down on the couch once again and let Ezra sit down next to her. Hardy and Hanna sat in the chair next to them and they listened to what Ezra had to say. "On our first date this time around, you asked me why it bugged me so much that Aria and Noel were together. I told you it was because she and I had become friends after I left Rosewood and that with some things she had told me I didn't like him for her. Well this is only a half truth." Ezra took a deep breath and looked over to his friends who nodded for him to keep going. "This truth is, Aria and I started dating before we knew that she was going to be my student. When we found out we tried breaking it off but we always ended up back to each other."

When Ezra stopped to think about what was next, Hardy started talking. "I met Aria when she and Ezra were out one night and warned him about all the dangers of what he was getting into, and he told me about it all, and how it wasn't what it looked like."

"A short time after Hardy met her, some things happened and I ended up going back up to New York, but I ended up coming back because of her. Then a couple of weeks later, Noel found out about us and had threatened to go to the cops about it." Ezra continued, but stopped to take a drink of water.

Ezra was about to keep going when Hanna decided that it was her turn to jump in. "Aria is one of my best friends, as you already know. Well I remember when Noel threatened to turn them in. At the time this was all happening, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and I were convinced that Noel was trying to ruin our lives. Remember about 3 months ago when Mona was arrested and taken to Radley?" Jackie nodded in remembrance. "Well it was because she had been stalking and threatening the four of us. When Noel had threatened to go to the cops, the four of us had thought Noel was the one stalking us. None of us trusted Noel. But Mona, as our stalker, ended up getting Noel suspended by planting test answers in his locker, how, I'm not quite sure. So with all of this, Ezra knew that we didn't trust Noel and this is why he hates Noel, especially with Aria." Hanna told Jackie and the motioned for Ezra to continue his story.

"In the end, I took the job at Hollis so I could be with her. This was things started to go downhill. If you remember, it was around the time when Ian disappeared the night of the incident at the bell tower, and Aria, Hanna, and their friends were accused of lying to the cops and having something to do with his disappearance." He paused and looked to Hanna as if making sure it was okay to include this in the story. Hanna nodded at him and let him know that he could continue. "So during the next few months Aria and I started having more arguments. She wouldn't be allowed out, or she would be with Hanna and the others. I had more meetings and more work to do and so we started drifting apart. Finally, about two months before we started dating, she and I got into a huge argument that ended with us breaking up. We were both heartbroken. I will be honest with you Jackie. I loved her more than I loved you when we were engaged. But with time, I have been able to move on from her. I do love you Jackie, but there is still a part of me that loves her." Ezra finished his story by downing the rest of his water and looked expectantly at Jackie not sure how she was going to respond.

Jackie didn't really know how to process what was going on. She had always had a feeling that there was more to Aria and Ezra than what he had told her, but she didn't imagine this. "So, why did you keep this from me for so long?" It was the first thing that she could think of in that moment.

"I wasn't sure how you would react. I did a foolish thing by getting involved with a student. Making it sound like our friendship started after I left sounded better than the truth at the time." Ezra responded to her truthfully.

"Then why are you telling me the truth now?" Jackie countered. Ezra looked over to the couple who had been mostly quiet. He motioned to them to explain this one.

"Aria didn't know that I had started a friendship with Ezra after the break up, because at the time I felt like they were the perfect match. And I, also, will be honest. I think they still are perfect for each other. However, now that I know you, I can tell that you and Aria are a lot alike and you and Ezra are excellent together. So today, after Hardy and I left here, we ran into Aria and Noel. She also didn't know that I had started dating Hardy. All of my friends thought that I have been single since I broke up with Caleb. The truth of me being friend with you and Ezra came out to Aria. She was understandably upset. This is when Hardy and I decided that we needed to finally let you know the truth. It isn't fair to hide it any longer." Hanna explained knowing that she needed to be honest about it all.

Jackie honestly didn't know what to do with this information that she was just fed. Little pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle started fitting together and things started making sense. She also then realized that it was highly possible that Aria knew about her and Ezra's past. It would definitely make sense as to why Aria never seemed happy when she was around her. "Did she know about our past, Ezra?" Ezra nodded and answered that she did know. "Is that why she never really liked me?" Again with the affirmative answer.

"What are you thinking about this?" Ezra asked her carefully.

"Honestly? I don't know. Things that I had always wondered, I now have answers. But at the same time it is extremely overwhelming." Jackie responded slowly. "I love you, Ezra, but can I take a day and think about all this? This is a lot of new information that I need to comprehend."

"Yes, I understand. Jackie, I'm sorry for keeping this from you. I do love you. Please know that I didn't want to hurt you by keeping this from you or from telling you. Do you think we'll be okay?" Ezra asked her when they were over by the door.

"I hope we'll be okay." She answered. She then kissed him on the cheek and left down the hallway to process all that she had learned in the last hour.

Ezra then turned and walked back to his friend waiting for him where he had left them when he walked Jackie out. "Well…that actually went better than I thought it would." He told them after five minutes of silence.

"Yeah, I had pictured some name calling, yelling, and a whole lot worse." Hardy had said in a slightly joking tone. Though, after seeing Ezra's face quickly turned serious. "Are you going to be okay man?"

"Yeah, I will. The worst that could happen is that she breaks up with me for keeping this secret from her. I'll have no one to blame but myself. I should have just told her the truth when she asked me ten months ago." Ezra told them while he stood up to grab a drink. They then spent the next half hour about what had just happened when they were interrupted by a pounding at the door.

Not really knowing who it could be, Ezra walked over towards the door to answer it. He was not expecting who he saw on the other end. "Aria."

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