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Permanent Pairing: MaleOCxNaruto

Explanations/Rant: Hmm. Okay so in this Sasuke leaves for Orochimaru. All the Rookies are all 15-16 years old and are now Chuunin.

Summary: A mission given, gone wrong. Naruto was kidnapped and now they can't find him. Yeah this summary is shitty. Deal with it. There might be a better one in my profile.

Warnings: AU, OCs, OOC, mainly Naruto-centric, yaoi, het
Warnings: Language


"WHAT!" a scream rang out from the Hokage's Office.

~A few minutes Earlier~

"Alright, all of you are going on a B-ranked mission." Tsunade said to the Rookie 12 and their senseis.
"What will this mission be about Hokage-san?" Kurenai asked.
"This mission is to bust a drug and prostitution ring. However, the place you all are going have 6 different rings." Tsunade said.
"Hokage-san, what that does that have to do with anything?" Ino asked.
"There isn't enough girls right, Hokage-san." stated Shikamaru.
"That's correct." Tsunade said.
"So, who'll be the fifth girl, Tsuande-sensei?" Sakura asked.
"Naruto." Tsunade said.

There was silence as everyone stared at their Hokage as if she was crazy.

"Haha, funny Baa-chan. But seriously who is it?" Naruto said weakly, breaking the silence.
"I'm not playing, Naruto. You are going to be the fifth girl." Tsunade said smirking.

~Present Time~

"B-but! I'm not a GIRL!" Naruto yelled.
"Don't worry, I thought up a back up plan for that. You'll go using your Oorioke-no-Jutsu." Tsunade said while taking a sip of her sake.
"What!" Naruto/Sakura/Ino and Kurenai screamed.
"B-but Tsunade-sensei that jutsu-" stammered Sakura.
"Is effective and it'll do fine." Tsunade said cutting her off.
"Uh...Hokage-san, even if Naruto does use the jutsu what if it dispels?" Tenten asked slightly curious as she never saw the jutsu in action.
"Don't worry. Got Jiraiya to make this seal. It'll allow Naruto to keep the jutsu active and undetected for as long as he wants. The seal deactivates and activates when he swipes his blood across it. When he activates it again the jutsu will activate too." Tsunade said pulling out a slip of paper.
"Well, Naruto. You heard the Hokage. Use the jutsu." Kakashi said while reading his book.
"Yes dickless. Use the jutsu." Sai said smiling also curious about this jutsu.
"SAI! Don't call me that! Bastard." Naruto growled.
"Naruto. Calm down." Yamato said.
"GAH!" Naruto yelped.
"Brat. Just use the jutsu already." Tsunade said.
"Hmph, fine," Naruto pouted, "Oorioke-no-Jutsu!"

There was a small puff of smoke that covered Naruto before it disappeared revealing Naruto. When they saw Naruto most were shocked since it looked nothing like the one they knew. Naruto was slightly taller, more slender due to the long legs. Her chest was smaller as well, being B-cups instead of the D-cups she had before. Another part was the fact this one still had clothes on instead of smoke covering her.

"That's the Oorioke-no-Jutsu?" Tenten asked.
"That's new." Sakura said.
"It's not new, Sakura-chan. This is the original one." Naruto said.
"What do you mean by original one, Naruto." Kiba asked.
"This version was made first, the Oorioke-no-Jutsu same age version." Naruto said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Then what was the other one?" Tenten asked.
"The other one was for catching perverts." Naruto said.
"Alright Brat. Now get over here so I can apply the seal." Tsunade said.
"Yeah, yeah Baa-chan." Naruto said walking over to Tsuande.
"I'm going to put it on your left ankle, so it'll be less likely that it deactivate by accident." Tsunade said putting the seal on him.
"What else is this mission supposed to be about, Hokage-san." Asuma asked.
" Alright, so each girl will be at one of the six locations. There, you shall be looking for these people. All of you will have to be dressed in civilian clothing so you'll be less likely to be suspected. We got some intel that they mostly go for teens and young women. The group we are mostly trying to get are the Higuramishi. They have a very long track record and it's best we bring them down." Tsunade said.
"How long will this mission take?" Kiba asked.
"Approximately one month or longer. It'll take at least a week and a half to travel there in civilian speed. Including the time it'll take for you to track all of the gruops down." Tsunade said taking another sip of her sake.
"Alright, so what'll we do now, Tsunade-sensei?" Sakura asked.
"Now, you'll have two hours before you go. Bring sealing scrolls for your weapons. Use this money to buy clothing for Naruto." Tsunade said.
"Ah! What're we suppose to call Naruto?" Ino asked.
"What's wrong with my name?" Naruto said pouting.
"A girl shouldn't have 'Naruto' as a name!" Ino yelled.
"H-how about N-naru?" Hinata asked blushing.
"Naru? Hmm, well it works. Fine Brat, you are now Naru." Tsunade said before shooing them out the door.

~Two Hours Later: Village Gate~

"Alright, so we'll split the group up. Naruto will be with Sai and Yamato." Kakashi said.
"What!" spluttered Naruto.
"Naruto! Stop whining! Let Kakashi-sensei finish!" yelled Sakura.
"Right, okay. I will be with Sakura. Kurenai will be with Gai and Asuma. Hinata, Ino and Tenten will be with their teammates." Kakshi said before returning to his book.
"Alright so each of us will have a different spot and we will be staying in that area as well." Kurenai said.
"We should be okay since most of the spots are taverns making it slightly easier to blend in. The only places that will be harder are these two since they 're dance clubs. Naruto and Kurenai will be taking those places." Asuma said, finishing it.
"Alright, let's go already!" Naruto yelled, ready to leave.
"Ugh. Troublesome." Shikamaru said as he started leaving the gate.
"Let's go." Kakashi said as he left the gate as well.
"H-hey! Wait up!" Naruto yelled running after them.



- Oorioke-no-Jutsu: Narutos self made henge. I'm changing it slightly so that when he uses it he changes fully. All the parts. Meaning he can get pregnant and PMS.

- Higuramishi: Mafia group, owns a couple drug rings. Less prostitution rings due to the bosses desires.