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Chapter 2: First REAL mission

Sakura stretch as she wondered what happened last night, but for the life of her she just can't seem to remember so she just focus to getting dress, she dressed in her usual pink self and put her headband on her head and walked out.

"Bye mom!" Sakura called out and ran off towards the hokage tower for her first mission.

(Minutes later)
A cat with a red bow on his left ear was walking around in a random place as he is unaware of the four shinobi stalking him/her (could never tell).

"What's the distance to the target?" Kakashi asked.

"Five meter. I'm ready anytime." a random person said.

"So am I." another said.

"Me too."

They were still looking at the cat until at once they all jumped on the cat. They captured it.

"Ribbon on the left ear… are you sure this is the target Tore?" Kakashi asked as Naruto held the cat as it trying to scratch its eyes out and Sakura trying to help.

"Yeah, were sure." Sasuke said.

"Good, lost pet 'Tora' search mission… complete!" Kakashi said.

(Moments later)
They were back to the hokage tower and they gave back the cat to the fire country lord wife madam Shijimi. She was suffocating the cat as everyone felt pity for the cat.

"Ohh, my cute little Tora-Chan. I was so worried." Shijimi said to a suffering cat.

'Hahaha! In your face your stupid cat!' Naruto thought.

'I feel bad for the cat.' Sakura thought.

'Well another horrific day for the cat almost makes me want to appreciate my life… almost' Sasuke thought.

"Nice job Kakashi and Sakura, you two sure come up with the best of plans, you beat the record for the time it takes to complete this mission." the third hokage said.

"Hey, what about us?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, we did most of the work." Sasuke said.

"Yeah yeah you too." the third said without looking at them, they both sweat dropped. "Now… Team #7, your next duty is… babysitting an elder grandson, shopping in the neighboring village, and help with the potato digging." he listed.

"NO NO NO! I WANT TO DO A MORE INCREDIBLE MISSION! FIND US A BETTER ONE!" Naruto yelled making an X with his arms.

'Nicely said.' Sasuke said with a smirk.

'I agree, he knows how good we are, how come he can't give us a mission more suited for us?' Sakura thought, Kakashi simply sweat dropped.

"You idiot! You are just a rookie!" Iruka yelled at Naruto. "Everyone starts off with the simple duty and work their way up!"


Kakashi punched Naruto on the head. "Be quiet you." Kakashi said.

"Uh, hokage-sama. With all due respect, I think Naruto is right." Sakura started, everyone looked at Sakura as if she was the fire lord himself.

"Sakura, what are you saying?" Iruka asked.

"Well, since me and Kakashi-sensei are the leaders, we both always think of plans to complete the mission the fastest way. Naruto had the shadow clones and Sasuke has skill with some jutsu, and with my genjutsu can sometime distract the enemy. Together we could do a b-rank mission at best." Sakura explained.

Everyone was sucking in what sakura said.

"Mh, alright, if you want it that much, I'll give you a c-rank mission, I still can't give you a b-rank because I think it is too dangerous." the hokage said.

"I don't care, what's the mission!" Naruto asked excitedly.

"The mission is to protect a certain individual." the hokage explained.

"YEAH!" Naruto yelled, everyone shook their head with a slight smile. "Who is it! A feudal lord! A princess?"

"Calm down, I'm about to introduce him." the third said. "Hey! Will you come here!"

The door started opening as a weird guy carrying sake came in. "What's this?" he asked looking at all of them. "They're all a bunch of super brats." he said while taking a drink. "Especially… the shortest one with the stupid looking face. Are you really a ninja?" he asked.

"Haha, who's the shortest one with the stupid face…" Naruto stopped as Sasuke and Sakura walked closer to him and they were both taller than him. "I'LL KILL YOU!" Naruto yelled trying to charge at him but Kakashi held him back.

"What's the point of killing the person we're supposed to protect? Idiot." Kakashi muttered.

"I am the expert bridge builder Tazuna. I expect you to provide me protection until I get back to my country and complete the bridge." the drunken bridge builder said as they all started to walk out.

"I can't believe I need to protect the damn old geezer." Naruto muttered.

"Don't worry Naruto, just try to get used to him." Sakura said.

"How! Unless, you somehow make him nicer, I'll never get use to him." Naruto grumbled.

"Well…" she thought for a sec. "If you try to behave, meaby, just meaby I could treat you to some Ichiraku's." Sakura said.

"(Gasp) you mean like a date!" Naruto asked excitedly.

Sakura gasped as she figures out what she said, she blushed as she looked away. "S-sure, just behave." she said.

"Anything for you Sakura-Chan." Naruto said with his fox grin.

'Oh how much I would do to make him mine.' Sakura thought.

"Naruto, Sakura, you can talk about you upcoming family later…" Sasuke started, Naruto and Sakura blushed. "We're protecting this guy remember? We need to be on look out." Sasuke said.

They both nodded as they both looked left and right.

After a while of walking and talking, Sakura turned to Kakashi. "Um, Kakashi-sensei…" Sakura started. "We have ninja in the wave country, right?" Sakura asked.

"No, not in the wave country." Kakashi said. "But… in most other countries… the culture may be different, but hidden villages exist, and so do ninjas." Kakashi explained. "To the many countries of the continent, the existence of the shinobi village means military power. This is how they hold and maintain advantages over each other. But, it's not that the villages rule the countries, they merely stand equally with the country's government. A small island country like the wave country doesn't receive much inference from the largest countries and may not need a shinobi village. Within the many shinobi villages, leaf, mist, sound, sand, and stone are large and powerful and thus are referred to as the great five shinobi countries. And, these are the only countries whose leader receives the name 'kage'. The 'five kages', hokage, mizukage, raikage, kazekage, and tsuchikage, they reign over the thousands of ninjas in the world." Kakashi explained.

"Wow! Hokage-sama is the best." Sakura said excitedly. 'That lame geezer is that incredible? Sound fishy…'

'Heh, that right, don't underestimate the old man!' Naruto thought.

'Ok, so Ino seem like a nice enough girl to date, but the problem is… does she like me?' Sasuke ask himself.

"You guys just doubted hokage-sama didn't you?" Kakashi asked, everyone froze.

'Damn, how does he know?' Sakura asked.

'I didn't doubt him! How dare you accuse me!' Naruto thought.

'Wait a minute… is Ino even single?' Sasuke asked himself.

"But don't worry; there won't be any ninja combat in a c-rank mission." Kakashi said.

"Then, we won't come in contact with foreign ninjas?" Sakura asked, slightly disappointed.

"Of course not! Hahahaha!" Kakashi laughed.

They kept walking until they came across another puddle, Kakashi and Naruto saw the puddle, Sasuke was looking all over the place, Tazuna was too drunk to pay attention, Sakura was looking at Naruto closely, TOO closely.

Went they passed it, two ninja arose from the water, one of them jumped over Kakashi and they tied him up in chains, everyone was shock.

"WHAT!" Kakashi yelled.

"What this!" Sasuke asked.

"Huh." Sakura said.

The two ninjas yanked the chain. "One down." one of them said, Kakashi's eyes widen and he got ripped to pieces. Everyone's eyes widen.

"Ka… Ka…" Naruto was stuttering.

"KAKASHI-SENSEIIIIIIIIIII!" everyone screamed.

Sakura was looking at them in fear.

Suddenly the two ninja's appeared behind Naruto, Sakura eyes widen as they both sink their claws in Naruto's back and in one move, Naruto became two.

Sakura's eyes widen as Naruto's dead… bodies… fell to the ground, she sank to her knees, the two ninjas face her then charged at her, Sakura was too devastated to react then…

"WIND STYLE:…" they all turned to Naruto who had a hand sign. "… DIVINE WIND!" Naruto released a gust of wind and formed several small tornadoes, the water ninjas eyes widen as they jumped out of the way, Sakura put her hands in front of her as protection but the tornadoes stopped in front of her as Naruto landed in front of her. "Sakura-Chan… are you ok?" Naruto asked with concern in his voice. Sakura raised her head to see Naruto with different clothes.

He was wearing a simple black short-sleeved shirt with bandages covering her left arm (only to make himself look cooler) and a band around his right upper arm (imagine Luffy, from one piece, outfit in Sabaody Archipelago), he still had his original orange pants except with black sandals.

Sakura couldn't speak, she was in too much shock to answer… but she manages a nod.

Naruto smirked and turned to Sasuke. "Sasuke, you're not frozen in shock are you?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

Sasuke smirked back. "Heh, no… unlike Sakura over there…" Sasuke said, Sakura looked down. "I won't back down from a fight." he said as he made similar hand sign, Naruto also made hand sign.

"Sasuke, quick… use the running fire jutsu!" Naruto said, Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "No times to explain just do it!" Naruto commanded.

'Geez, pushy…' Sasuke thought as he made different hand sign. "FIRE STYLE: RUNNING FIRE JUTSU!" Sasuke yelled, Sasuke made a ring of fire around the two ninjas.

"Ha! This is nothing." one of them said.

"Hey! You forgot me!" Naruto yelled. "WIND STYLE: DIVINE DOWN CURRENT!" Naruto created a vortex of winds and made a massive inferno around the two ninjas.

Everyone watched for a while at what Naruto and Sasuke made, Sasuke was shocked that Naruto made this as he looked at Naruto in shock, even Sakura was impressed.

Suddenly, one of the water nins charged at Naruto, Naruto made a single hand sign. "Wind style: air bullet!" Naruto blew a small gust of wind from his mouth and the ninja dissolve into nothing. They all stared at the dust that had once been a water nin.

"Impressive Naruto." they all turned to see Kakashi walking towards them.

"Kakashi-sensei, your alive." Naruto said with a wide smile.

"Yep, I wouldn't be a jonin if I didn't know how to get out of a simple trap now would I?" Kakashi asked with his eye smile.

Naruto and Sasuke gave Kakashi a cheesy grin as Sakura further looked down; she suddenly saw a hand reach for her. She saw it was Naruto's.

"Come on Sakura-Chan, be happy, at least we're all alive." Naruto said, Sakura took his hand.

"Yeah um… sorry I, uh… cowered back there…" Sakura said.

"Pfft, no joking, you were completely frozen in fear." Sasuke said. "Totally useless." he said, Sakura looked at the berg of tears.

"Hey! Come on Sasuke-teme!..." Naruto yelled. "Sure, she could've been more braver but not everyone is going to be brave the first couple of time they encounter a ninja, only does who are sure of their skill are not scared, so give her a break ok!" Naruto yelled, Sakura smiled.

"(Sigh) do I have to say sorry now?" Sasuke asked annoyingly.

"Well, if you could stop being a cold bastard, then it could probably be possible." Naruto said with a smirk.

Sasuke popped a vein. "You know, if you insult someone, they get in a bad mood, which makes it harder to say sorry, so no sorry for Sakura." Sasuke said.

Sakura punched Naruto arm. "OW! Sakura-Chan, that hurt." Naruto whined.

"You fault." Sasuke said.

"How the hell is it my fault Sasuke-te…"Naruto was saying.

"Naruto, Sasuke, enough!" Kakashi yelled, they both immediately stopped. "Naruto, how did you learn those jutsu?" Kakashi asked.

"Well…" Naruto started talking to Kakashi as Sasuke and Sakura watched Naruto talk to him.

"Kakashi has a point, how did Naruto learned those jutsus?" Sasuke asked, no response. "I mean, he's Naruto, the dope, how did he learn just advance jutsu already?" still no response. "You know, Naruto, the most idiotic person alive." STILL no response. "Sakura?" he looked at her and she had those spaced-out, loving eyes, like Juliet looking at Romeo taking a bath. "Sakura?" he asked slightly more worriedly, he faced where she was looking and he saw Naruto's…

Sasuke quickly shut his eyes. "MY EYES! THEIR BURNING!" Sasuke yelled but Naruto, Kakashi, Tazuna, and Sakura ignored him.

Sasuke stood and looked at Sakura again and quickly snapped in front of her and she… SNAPPED out of her trance (Hahahahahahaha! snapped! get it?... screw you… just kidding). Sakura blinked multiples times before she saw a napkin in front of her.

"What this for?" Sakura asked Sasuke.

"You drooling." he said simply.

Sakura blushed and quickly wiped her drool. "Sasuke Uchiha, if you tell anyone…" Sakura was saying.

"I won't tell anyone…" Sasuke said and started to walk away. "…except Naruto." he quickly said.

"Wait, WHAT!" she ran to Sasuke.

"Tazuna, what happened? We haven't heard that there are shinobis after you." Kakashi said. "Our mission was to simply protect you from thieves or gangs." Kakashi explained.

"Yeah, Kakashi-sensei has a point." Naruto said, they all stare at him. "This mission now became a b-rank… hey just like you said Sakura-Chan!" Naruto said, Sakura smiled.

"Exactly, I don't know why, but I'm sure you had your reasons, but it causes problem when you lie about your missions." Kakashi said.

"So you're saying we should give up?" Sasuke asked, slightly disappointed.

"Mh…" Kakashi looked at Sakura, because of the little tornadoes, she was covered in dirt. He gave a perverted grin which no one notice because of his mask. "We'll continue but Sakura, you need to take a bath, they won't be any place to take a bath for a long time." Kakashi asked. Sakura looked at herself and saw all the dirt there.

"Alright, I'll go…" she was walking towards a lake nearby but suddenly stopped. "Sasuke, Naruto, do not, peep at me… alright!" Sakura said in a dangerous tone, they both nodded then she walked to the lake.

5 minutes passed since she went to take a bath. "Guys…" Kakashi started. "I need to go somewhere, I'll be back soon." Kakashi said and left.

1 minute passed. "I'm going to look for Kakashi-sensei, stay here and don't… do anything emo." Naruto said, Sasuke popped a vein.

Naruto started to walk towards the direction Kakashi went. He found him looking through some bushes, Naruto walk towards and looked at what Kakashi was looking at.

Kakashi was looking through the bushes and was watching Sakura take a bath, Naruto eyes popped out of his socket as he looked at Sakura's curves, at her perfect skin, her nice butt, if only she would turn around to stare at the women pride and joy.

A certain part in the boy anatomy was reacting in Naruto for the whole thing, until he notice who he was watching this with. "Ka… Ka… Kakashi-sensei! What are you doing?" Naruto whispered with a comical expression.

"Mh?" Kakashi looked at Naruto. "I am peeping at Sakura, what else, idiot." he admitted, taking down notes.

Naruto was going to reply until he heard the ringing of his final hour. "N-Naruto? K-Kakashi-sensei?" came a feminine voice, they both knew who it was from but they both wouldn't dare turn, but they eventually have to.

They both saw a completely naked Sakura who for some unknown reason, wasn't covering herself and they got a good look at her… ahem, womanhood. Naruto would've fainted but Sakura intense stare made him forget about fainted and focus on living his life to the fullest in the next 20 second.

"Were you… were you peeping at me!" Sakura asked.

"Naruto's idea." Kakashi said quickly and bolted out of there.

Naruto stared disbelievingly at Kakashi before he decides to look at death in the eye.

"S-Sakura-Chan, I-I swear to kami, it wasn't my idea, Kakashi-sensei left and I went to look for him then I found him here, I-I looked at what he was looking at and saw your… still… naked body." Naruto said, drifting off for a few second before deciding that now wasn't the time to get a boner.

"So… you didn't peep on me on purpose?" Sakura asked slightly disappointed.

Naruto didn't catch the disappointment in her voice. "Yeah, I would never do that to you Sakura-Chan, I swear." Naruto said, his eyes drifted to her parts, one part disappoint him but the other got his full attention as he was looking in the part intentionally, too intentionally that Sakura notice.

Sakura blushed madly seeing staring at her private part, part of her think that she can easily get him by being naked, and another part think this is too embarrassing, that part of her won. "NAARRUUTTOOOOO!" she yelled as she lifted her right fist.

Naruto, hearing his name and seeing Sakura move, prayed to kami that he will remember her figures for the rest of his unnatural life, and then the pain came.

(With the other)
Sasuke was with Kakashi-sensei and Tazuna, waiting for Naruto and Sakura to return, he was sitting on a rock and enjoying an apple… until an unconscious Naruto crashed into him, also knocking him out, Sasuke fell to the floor with swirly eyes with an unconscious Naruto on top of him, Sakura came shortly, somehow getting dress during the 20 yards Naruto flew.

"Kakashi-sensei, come on, let's go." Sakura said with a blush. "Wait a minute." Sakura said to herself. 'The hell! Naruto was seeing me naked! I could've used that opportunity to have sex with him! Shannaro!' Inner Sakura yelled, Sakura mentally kick herself. 'Damn, she's right!' she thought.

"Sakura…" came a gentle voice, she snapped out of it and looked at Kakashi. "… uh… can you help me carry these too?" Kakashi asked, Sakura looked down to find Naruto and Sasuke still unconscious, she sweats dropped.

"Sure Kakashi-sensei." she said, Kakashi walked towards Naruto. "WAIT! SENSEI!" she suddenly yelled, Kakashi stopped immediately and gave Sakura a questionable look.

"What is it Sakura?" Kakashi asked.

Sakura ran to Naruto. "I'll carry Naruto Kakashi-sensei, you carry Sasuke ok?" she said.

Moment of silent. "You're in love with Naruto aren't you?" Kakashi asked.

Sakura blushed and looked away. "So what if I am?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi's eyes turn to that weird upside-down U's. "Nothing, I think it's pretty cute." Kakashi said and continued to walk away. Sakura blinked a couple of times before she put Naruto on his back and used the opportunity to squeeze Naruto's butt, she sigh happily but no one heard her.

(A couple of minutes later)
Naruto and Sasuke finally woke as Naruto kept rubbing his butt in pain.

"I swear guys, it's like someone was squeezing my butt repeatedly, and it hurts!" Naruto said, sakura giggled silently but Naruto, due to his great hearing, heard her. "What's wrong Sakura?" he asked.

"Huh? What do you mean Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"Well… you were giggling weirdly." he said, Sakura blushed, Sasuke, Kakashi and Tazuna turned.

'H-How does he knows that?' Sakura asked herself. Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"Sakura, why would you be giggling so… odd like?" Sasuke asked.

"I-I was not!" Sakura said.

"But I heard you." Naruto said.

"N-not possible." Sakura said.

"Sakura…" they turned to Sasuke. "Your blushing and sweating." he pointed out.

Sakura eyes widen. "G-g-guys! Duck!" Sakura suddenly yelled.

"Sakura, I know what…" Sasuke was saying until Naruto grabbed Kakashi and Tazuna and threw them to the floor, he tackle Sasuke and Sakura down and a giant sword came flying at them and got stuck to a tree.

"Wow, good eye Sakura." Kakashi said, slightly nervous that his head almost got his head cut off.

A man landed on the sword as he turned to look at them.

"Well well well, if it isn't the hidden mist's missing-nin Zabuza Momochi." Kakashi said.

Zabuza looked at them as if he just saw the ticket to his freedom. "Everybody get back. This one's on a whole other level." Kakashi explained, he bought his hand up. "Against him…" he started, everyone was staring at Kakashi dramatically. "I will be a little tough unless I use this." Kakashi raised his headband to show am eye with red irises and three tomoe spinning lazily around his eyes.

'What is that?' Sakura asked.

'Wait a minute.' Naruto thought.

'That's the…' Sasuke was thinking.

"The sharingan." Zabuza said dramatically.

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