Chapter ?: Author's Goodbye

Me: Hello everyone and my amazing fa-

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura: WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!?

Me: *Flinch* I...guess I got some explaining to do... I'm not writing anymo-

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura: WHAT!?

Me: Shut up! Let me finish! *Sigh* Sorry about this, but my drive for writing went down the drain very fast after I finish writing "Hidden Love", I guess "Once again from the start" was just an attempt to get the drive back, unfortunately it never returned. No matter what kind of new story ideas pops in my head, the amount of time that I have on my plate is very low, especially with college...

Naruto: The hell's college?

Me: If there's one thing I'm proud of is the fact that I was actually able to finish a story and that so many people love it, no matter how dirty and random it is. But alas, that didn't last, I can practically feel the disappointment(?) some might be feeling reading this, especially when so many actually liked this story and they're still people favoring and following Hidden Love.

Sasuke: Guess they love perverted Sakura...

Me: Anyone, just to be repetitive, I'm very sorry for the news that they won't be a sequel to this story but to be fair I did put in my profile that I'm not writing anymore, I'm not sure if people still read that but it's there...have been for a long while. But I am thinking (If someone wants to) to give someone the rights to continue my story in whichever they seem fit... unless they want to kill off all characters in a hate-filled fit then I'll be sad... anyway, if anyone wants to continue where I left off then please contact me by DM if you don't... then I can't help it. And now, from me and from my crazy characters that I horribly changed in my stories.

Me, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura: *Bow* THANK YOU for reading my story "Hidden Love" until the very end, I love each and everyone one of you!