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Chapter 10


Kurapika asked confusedly, though silent, as she met him again, while taking care of her front yard.

It begins at 6.00 am, as her nowadays routine, when she woke up in the morning before she proceed to her yard, or going to work at the Cotton Millers across the town.

Kurapika started with watering her front yard that consist many flowers she choose back at the shop.

Starting off with irises, then to her lilies, and roses before she goes to her marigold bushes.

Once she finished watering them, she goes on to check on the schedule if they need extra treatment, fertilizer, perhaps. Nope, they didn't need it right, and the manual of doing flowers she bought before came here tells her exactly what she needs so, she began to walk to her backyard where she planted her tomatoes.

However, when she ought to turn her back, a familiar voice startled her from behind, and that pure shock expression was plastered on her face as she figured who is the familiar person.

"I'm so glad to see you again", exclaimed the voice in gentle tone, at this point exactly, Kurapika felt her knees wobble and shaking, but she decided to smile anyway, since she could not utter any words to the person.

When his onyx eyes fell to her yard, he put a smile in surprised gesture,

"Such a beautiful yard, you have", said him in awe, eyes dancing in amazement as he saw those well-treated flowers on her private garden, again at this remark, Kurapika could only gave a smile as she put her watering can behind her and walks to greet him properly, remembering she lives in a village now.

"How could he possibly found me?", she asked within herself, and again, as always, she can't find herself a suitable answer.

She opened her fences him and gestured to him to followed her in, while trying her best not to hear any of her neighbor whisper even though they talked so loud, gossiping about her, and the young man who is her guest.

She heard them thinking that they were in relationships, while some elder woman thought that the young man must be her long lost husband, who just came back from the army, secretly to meet his wife in the village.

And as much as she wants to scream to tell them that their relationship isn't like that, Kurapika knows she could only say them silently.

The young man lips was forming a thin smile as she gestured on him to coming in, but when he overheard her neighbors, he certainly found it was amusing if they put it like that, though his only reason to come here was only to search for her and get the answer for her cursed letter.

She pulls out her notes, she brought it yesterday during her first arrival on this village.

"Coffee or tea?", she asked him through her notes, he was chuckled lightly, remembering how nice it is to have her talking to him through her notes.

"Coffee, and some cakes or cookies I guess, I'm starving", he simply replied her question, then watching as she spun on her heels to the kitchen, a couple minutes passed and she's return with a tray on her hands, serving a cup of coffee and a plate fills with sunny side egg, toast, and some sliced bacons.

"Enjoy your breakfast first, I have to work on my backyard", she said on her notes, then closed it and put in on the table as she saw him nodding, eventually, she left to the backyard.

When she's return after some more couple of minutes, her sandy colored dress was already stained with mud, out of guessing, he could only think about her doing yet another farming things, and got herself into a trouble that messing around with her dress, and he gets more certain about the issue as he saw the crumpled look upon her face, she looks like a frustrated mother as of now, and once again he could find it was quite amusing to his senses.

Kurapika was almost forget about her guest until she heard his amused laugh, in a low tone, as if he doesn't want her to heard him laughing but hell, she started to notice that since she's become mute, all the voices around her started to being so loud, and as the said thought crossing her mind, she could only think of Senritsu, her motherly comrade, now is the time where she could understand her uneasiness when it comes to something loud like yelling things.

Come to think of this, eventually she felt a little guilt to her, well, apologize to Senritsu for being such a yeller would be her top priority when she's back some day.

Nevertheless, Kurapika tried to ignore the young man and heading straight to her bedroom to get herself washed and some fresh clothes to wear.

After taking shower for at least 15 minutes, she got out of the bathroom in her bathrobe, and going straight to her wardrobe, looking for something to suit her meetings with him.

It took her another 10 minutes to pick herself a plain soft turquoise colored sweatshirt with long sleeve, and then she wore her blue jeans to complete her outfits along with her house sandals.

She was heading downstairs, to meet him, and found the said young man now sitting on her terrace, eyes thrown to the window with that distant look, which somehow bothers her.

She cleared her throat, letting he knows that she's already there, a kind of supposed to be greeting things.

Once he turn his head, he found her on the last step of the stairs, looking at him; as if on cue, he's then heading back to the tables where she served him breakfast several minutes ago.

"How do you get here?", Kurapika started off through her notes, as he read them, he found himself smiling yet again,

"I'm looking for you, of course. Starting with going nowhere until I had this kind of feeling, like the times I woke up on that wasteland", he gave her the answer, pointing straightly at the means,

"So you call this a hutch?", she asked him again, eyes looking right to his obsidians, demanding for answers,

"Perhaps", he said to her, in a gentle yet cold tone upon his baritone voice, as if he was holding something on the back of his mind,

"Get the crap out of here, what exactly are you want to say?", Kurapika said in written, and for some reason he wants to figured later, he could heard hissing tone on the said words she write, as if they were something that she says,

"You right", he started things off while pausing a while to add the tensions, and see how she would react,

"From the moment when you left me… that notes, I want a serious confirmation, Kurapika", he's saying with a serious tone upon his voice that used to be gentle towards her, she swallowed on this, something just made her scared,

"I.. I've told you", is all she could say to him, even if it's through her notes, where she should have said more, "All of them was true, really", she added through her writings, Kuroro read them all carefully, then he asked her again,

"Off why did you telling me all those stuff? I demand an answer, Kurapika", he simply asked her, his voice actually comes civilized, as he could never high the tone in his voice on her, but to Kurapika, the words he spoke was leaving her to get intimidated at the second it was said, and she's started to turn her head down on this, so down until her aquamarine eyes could meet the wooden floor she's standing on,

"Look, I'm sorry", it was Kuroro again who say things as he saw the look on her face, her bangs may have covered her bleary eyes, but still, he could tell that it hurts her, the things he says.

Unbeknownst by him, however, the things that keeps hurting her now was the fact that all she were saying through the letter are true, but they were said, to keep him away from her, to walls up the world between them.

They weren't meant to be together, and she believe on it, she never wants to change the fact that before the meteor attacking them, all that they did were find a way to slit each other throat, but then again….

"I've fallen for him, am I?", she asked herself, without uttering any single words after he was saying sorry to her.

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