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Explanations/Rant: Not much of a spoiler, since it's a small twist and rearrangement of what happens from Ch256, 260 and 261. This may end up as a semi-crossover with the plan I'm going with this story.

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Summary: Getting changed into the oppsite gender and getting raped by the enemy was the least of her worries now.

Warnings: AU, OOC, OC, genderbending
Warnings: Small Spoilers, rape

Italics Flashback


"Ah. You're awake."

"Hn." the woman grunted as she slowly opened her eyes.

Blinking, she saw someone hovering over her. Her eyesight was still blurry so she could mostly see a mix of white and purple. When she saw who it was she gasped.

"You!" She growled in shock and rage as she remembered what had happened moments before.


"Cloud Man! Behind you!" Chrome yelled as she doved another attack.

Hibari and Chrome were still stuck after being delayed by Byakuran and the rest of the Funeral Wreaths. Tsuna and the other had teleported back to Namimori after Hibari growled at them to leave, while Chrome said that they'll find a way to get back. However, after they had left Byakuran ordered most of the Funeral Wreaths to go after them. Then , it was just Hibari, Chrome and Murkuro from Vongola against Byakuran, Daisy, Zakuro on the Millefiores side. Mukuro immediately went to fight Byakuran, while Zakuro went after Chrome when she tried to help Murkuro. Hibari and Daisy fought, but Daisy was easily defeated, and Hibari took his ring. Hibari moved and decided to help out Chrome. It wasn't long before Mukuros illusion faded out leaving Hibari and Chrome to go against them.

"Shit." Hibari cursed as he barely dodged the attack.

Chrome and Hibari were beginning to tire as the fight went on. Suddenly, when Hibari was distracted Byakuran got behind him.

"Cloud Man!" Chrome shouted before getting hit by one of Zakuros attacks.

"Got you now, Kyoya~" Byakuran said as he held out a gun, firing a bullet at Hibari.

"Damn!" Hibari said when he turned, wide-eyed.

"Night. Night." Byakuran said smiling.

The bullet hit Hibari in the chest making him fall back. Hibari felt bursts of pain racing through him. Steam rose out from him as his form began to change. The last thing he saw was Chrome rushing towards him.

~Flashback End~

"Yes, me." Byakuran said smiling over her.

"Get off." Hibari growled.

"No. I'm going to play with you, Kyoya-chan~" Byakuran said.

"Get. Off." Hibari growled glaring at him while trying to push him off.
"Now, now. Kyoya-chan. I might get violent if you don't cooperate." Byakuran said before he pinned both her arms down.

Hibari then began to struggle. Trying to kick him off her, so she could get away. Then she stopped, her breath got deeper, her body heating up. She saw him smirk above her, eyes glinting in a way that she knew he knew what was happening to her.

~Rape/Sex Scene Start~

(Skip if no like)

"What *pant* did you *pant* do." Hibari growled, forcing the words out her mouth.

"Ah. You finally noticed, Kyoya-chan~. Aphrodisaic, the scents' been rolling around in the room since you woke up." Byakuran said moving her arms so he could tie them to the headboard.

"Don't!" panted Hibari.

"Ah, but there's nothing you can do now." Byakuran said using his now free hands to remove her clothing.

It didn't take long before Hibari was fully nude before him. Her blushing face as she tried to get her hormones in control. It didn't help that every touch made her want more.

"S-stop!" Hibari said weakly trying to catch her breath.

"No." Byakuran said cheekily, sliding his hands up the inside of her thighs, spreading them.

His right hand sliding against her sex. He started to fondle her down there, wetting her up a bit. His mouth nipping the side of her jaw and down her neck. Hibari tried to hold in the groans that were escaping her mouth with each touch. he moved lower, placing little kisses down. Moving his mouth to her right breast he lightly nipped the bud, eliciting a yelp. He chuckled and began to suck her nipple making it hard while his left hand fondled her other breast. Hibari couldn't control the moans coming from her mouth. He then slipped a finger in her.

"Ahn!" moaned Hibari, moving her head to the side.

"Cute." Byakuran stated before slipping another finger in.

Byakuran moved his finger sensually in and out of her, rubbing her insides harshly. Drawing out moans and yelps. His thumb would push against her clit, rolling it slightly, making her buck her hips. It wasn't long before three fingers were pumping in and out of her. His mouth near her sex, he licked her.

"Ah! No!" moaned Hibari.

He then nibbled her clit.

"No! AHHN! Hn!" Hibari moaned out, her back arching as she came.

She layed there panting from her orgasm.

"I believe you should be loosened up by now Kyoya-chan~" purred Byakuran as he stripped himself of his clothing.

He then lined himself up, his tip touching her opening. he paused and looked at her. Making sure he caught her eyes. He slowly pushed his way into her, breaking her hymen. Loving the way she cried out, her eyes rolling back, back arching. When he was fully seated inside her, he felt her clench sporadically against him.

"P-pull it out." Hibari grunted out.

"No." he drawled out loving the expression on her face.

Hibari glared at him, growling. Byakuran then started to move, pulling out slowy before slamming back in fast.

"Ah!" Hibari cried out as he felt him faster and faster.

Byakuran thrusted in and out nonstop. He then moved and untied her wrists from the headboard. Shifting he grabbed the underside of her thighs before changing their position.

"Ah! Ah! N-no! T-too much!" Hibari cried out as she felt him move deeper inside of her.

"Ah. Yes." Byakuran hissed out as he felt her clench against him more.

Hibari was seated on his lap, legs raised by his arm as he thrusted upwards into her. Gravity pulling her back down, making him go deeper. Hibari had wrapped her arms around his neck for stability. Byakuran could feel himself about to come so he reached one hand down. He timed it exactly right so that he could pinch her clit.

"Agh! Ahhhn" Hibari cried out as she came again.

She clenched tighter around him. His thrusts becoming more frantic.

"I'm about to cum." Byakuran groaned out, moving faster.

"No! Pull it out. Don't cum in me!" Hibari yelled as she tried to move away.

Byakuran held tight to her waist, keeping her close. Giving one last thrust he came deep in her.

"Ah! N-no." Hibari whimpered at the feeling.

~Rape/Sex Scene End~

After he felt the after effects of his orgasm leave him. He pulled his limp member out. Cum oozing out her sex as he did so.

"I *pant* hate you." Hibari growled, still having a bit of fire in her eyes as she glared at him.

"I know you do, Kyoya-chan~" Byakuran said smiling.

He then moved off the bed and began to put his clothes back on. After getting all his clothes on correctly he watched her move and sit up, clutching the sheets close to her bosom.

"I'll be leaving you alone with your friend now Kyoya-chan~" Byakuran said before moving towards the door.

"I hate you, bastard." Hibari said once again, glaring at him with all her might.

He just chuckled before exiting out the door, but not before letting the Vongola's Mist Guardian, Chrome get into the room. The door shutting behind him.

"C-cloud man." Chrome said sadly, clutching her trident close to her.

"Don't tell anyone. Just don't tell anyone." Hibari said, her hair hiding her face slightly as a few tears slipped down her face.

"O-okay. I won't tell." Chrome said before moving closer to Hibari.

The next day, all four left teleporting back to Namimori.



- Right this is not over yet there are still more chapters no matter how I just ended this first chapter right now.

- The bullet Byakuran used changes your gender.

- Yes, Hibari did get raped no matter how the scene ended up looking. You have to understand large doses of aphrodisiac will do that to wil. Making you lose your senses, feeling hot and all that. You can think of it as viagra or exctasy or something.

- Yes, I'm using SHE for Hibari since I did basically turn Hibari into a girl. It's probably less confusing if I did so.

- Chrome was basically in a different room. She didn't know what happened to Hibari until after she entered the room. Yes, she already knew Hibari turned into a girl.

- Daisys' Mare Ring: That was taken and hidden by Chrome, when she reached Hibari in the flashback. Remember last thing Hibari saw was Chrome running towards her. What he doesn't know is that she managed to sneak the ring off her and into her possession so Byakuran doesn't get it.

- Spoiler explanations: Hibari defeats Daisy the same way he defeated him in chapters 260 and 261 that's the rearrangement part. I just twisted chapter 256 on how they were supposed to leave.