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A woman with long black hair and kind gray eyes was holding a small bundle in her arms. Her black robes tattered and torn with blood spatters.

You could tell she has gashes all over her body by the way she walked and the blood pooling around her feet. Still she held the bundle close to her chest to protect it.

She was nearing her destination, a shabby candy shop that was secluded. Once at the steps she looked up at the sign, it read 'Urahara Shoten.' Smiling to herself she looked down at the small bundle and kissed it.

She laid the bundle on the top step in front of the store, along with a note explaining everything. Looking at her daughter once more with love she knocked on the door.

Stepping back on the sidewalk she let herself fade away. A moment before the door opened she disappeared altogether leaving no trace of her existence.

A man with shaggy light-blonde hair and gray eyes opened the door. He looked around before glancing down. There he spotted wrapped in a pale pink blanket was a baby girl, no older than ten months.

He bent over and gently picked up the child and cradled her to his chest. The note slipped free and fell on the ground. Noticing the piece of paper he picked it up and headed inside.

He called out to his assistant. "Tessai can you please come in here?"

A tall, tan man with black hair and glasses walked in. "You called for me Urahara-san."

"Yes, could you please hold this child for a minute while I read what this says?" He said while holding up the paper.

"Yes sir. May I ask where this child come from?" Tessai gently took the child from Urahara holding her close.

"Someone knocked on the door and when I went to answer she was laying on the steps with this letter." He answered him. He unfolded the paper and started to read the contents out loud.

To Whom ever finds this child,

Please take care of her as if she is your own. For I cannot take care of her as I am not here in this world anymore.

She is a special child as you will see once you examine her. I know that you are all once Soul Reapers as I was once was. So when I tell you her parentage you would understand.

As I said I was a Soul Reaper so she is half Soul Reaper from me, her mother. Her father was something completely different. He was what we would call an Arrancar, a Vasto Lorde that removed its mask to gain Shinigami powers. His name was Arturo Plateado, but he is long since dead. So she is also half Hollow, an Arrancar to be more precise.

I fell in love with him even though it was forbidden. We hid in the World of the Living for three years before I conceived nineteen months ago. She was born on July 16 and I named her Chitsuki Plateado.

Just to give you a heads up she has a mask fragment that she was born with. It is around her neck like a choker, it is an upper jaw bone. She also has almost pale white skin like her father and his yellow eyes with small slit-shaped pupils. She has my black hair but I noticed she has streaks of turquoise mixed in.

I ask you once again please take good care of my daughter and protect her. There are those who would wish to enslave her and experiment on her. I leave her in your hands and tell her everything about her parents and past when she turns fifteen. Tell her that her parents will always be watching over her and that we loved her very much.

Aiko Saito-Plateado