Chapter 1: New Friends, and a New Home

Once upon the same earth, beneath the same sun, long before you...Before the ape and the elephant as well, before the wolf, the bison, the whale, before the mammoth, and the mastodon. In the time of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs where of two kinds, some had flat teeth, and ate the leaves and trees. While others had sharp teeth for eating meat. They preyed upon the leaf eaters. Then, as nature would have it, the leaves began to whither and die. The mighty beasts, who appeared to rule the earth, where in fact ruled themselves by the leaf. Some dinosaur herds struck out toward the west. Searching for the Great Valley. A land still lush and green. It was a journey toward life. It was a march of many dangers. Sharpteeth stalked the herds. Preying upon any who dared stray too far. The leaf eaters stopped only to hatch their young.

It was among these young hatchlings, that the strangest herd was formed. A longneck, a flyer, a swimmer, a spike tail, and a threehorn. All seperated from their families by the Great Earth Shake that seemed to shake the entire world. So, with nothing to lose, these unlikely youngsters started off in search of the fabled Great Valley. And this, is where our story begins.

Five year old Harry James Potter had been wandering the jungle for many days and nights. The young human was sure he wasn't in his own time anymore. Somehow, someway, he had time traveled into the past. Into the time of the dinosaurs. It had been a real shock when an elderly sounding long necked dinosaur apologized for almost stepping on him. Then he came across his friends. Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike. They where searching for a fabled haven for leaf eaters known only as the Great Valley. Cera had serious doubtys about the Valley's existence but with perseverance and courage, all six of the mismatched "herd" had journeyed across treacherous mountains, tar lakes, and even battled a sharptooth that had been hunting them all the way. Petrie, the flyer of their little herd, was unable to fly for some reason. But, when they finally defeated the sharptooth, he learned to fly. And saved Ducky, the swimmer, from drowning with Sharptooth when they managed somehow to push the powerful beast into seemingly bottomless ravine filled with water.

They had begun to give hope as they climbed over yet another mountain range. Then, the next morning...

"Littlefoot!" Harry shouted eagerly shaking the older longneck awake. "Wake up! We made it!"

"Wha?" The young dinosaur asked as their other friends.

"Look!" Harry pointed down the mountain. And the six friends all saw several herds of leaf eaters grazing in the Valley below.

"We did it!" Littlefoot said eagerly. "We did it together!"

The children cheered and ran down the mountain eagerly. Seeking out their sepearate families. It turns out that each of their families had made it to the Valley days before they did. ("Momma! I'm flying!") And Petrie's mother was so happy that he had finally learned to fly.

Seeing all of these families made Harry finally realize something. He truly was alone in this world. It wasn't his own. But he didn't know how to get back. He started to leave the Valley.

"Wait!" Littlefoot protested. He came running up to the human that had become like his little brother on their journey together. "Grandma and grandpa said you can stay!"

"I can?" Harry asked in confusion. "But-"

"No buts." Littlefoot added. He grabbed onto Harry's shirt with his teeth. "Come on." He mumbled with his mouth full of cloth.

Harry couldn't help it. He smiled.

To Be Continued...

I thought it over and decided to write a new LBTHP cross. The other didn't make much sense. Harry is still going to be paired with Shorty thought ^^

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