Chapter 3: The Great Longneck Migration Part 2

Shorty and Littlefoot had been at odds with each other since they met. Harry could understand why though. Cause Bron was like a father to Shorty and suddenly Littlefoot was getting more attention from him. Even Harry got a little attention from the older dinosaur. It was almost like having a dad of his own. Eventually, Harry had enough. Not only was Shorty trying to keep Littlefoot out of Bron's way, he was trying to take him from Littlefoot as well.

After a few days of this, Harry had gotten them to agree to a compromise. They would try to get along for the human's sake. Harry was like the little brother Littlefoot never had, and Shorty liked the human a lot too. Their jealousy of each other was driving him insane. Eventually, the herds reached the cliffy area were something was going to happen. Harry had been having the dreams every night since the migration began.

"What's going to happen dad?" Littlefoot asked Bron one afternoon as everyone looked up to the sky and saw something heading toward the earth.

"I don't know Littlefoot, something wonderful." Bron said as Harry automatically began to walk up to the ledge of the highest cliff.

"Harry what's wrong?" Littlefoot called out to the young human.

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Harry's eyes suddenly dialated and a breeze kicked up all around the longnecks. A transparent yellowish aurora slowed the objects path. All the longnecks gazed in awe as Harry spread his arms and slowed the meteorite even further. The cosmic fires that surrounded it creating a rainbow of colors in the field around Harry. He felt something inside of him rush through his body and embrace the meteorite The magic in his body instinctively reacting to the danger he was in and BOOM! TH4e meteorite exploded into a million little pieces that showered in sparkles that shone brightly in the sunlight. The flames died away and the brilliant lights died away as well.

"Wow." Littlefoot said as he came up behind Harry. What was that? He ran to catch Harry as the young human toppled sideways. He layed against Littlefoot's side.

"M sleepy." He moaned

"I'm not surprised, that was quite a bit of power you displayed." Grandpa said proudly as he and Grandma came up. The elderly dinosaur picked Harry up by his tail and layed him across Littlefoot's back. The boy went to sleep on his big brother as they went to their nesting area for the night.

That night, Harry dreamed of a very pretty woman with dark red hair. She held onto him and told him how proud she was of him. She had bright green eyes, just like his.

Cera, Petrie, Ducky and Spike where slightly mad that they went on a new adventure without them, but they got over it very quickly with Littlefoot's vivid descriptions. Harry was still exhausted for some reason. So he couldn't join his friends in saying goodbye to Bron and his herd. But Littlefoot told him that Bron had decided to adopt Shorty, and Harry. Much to Harry's shock. He'd never had a dad before. At least that he could remember.

Adopted by a dinosaur. Harry thought that night as he watched a star shower while Littlefoot and their grandparents where asleep. Who'd have thought? He smiled as the last star flew across the sky in his eye reflection.

End of The Great Longneck Migration

To Be Continued...

Keep in mind that I haven't actually seen The Great Longneck Migration. When I post the "Hogwarts Reads" story I will post Part 1 and Part 2 together.

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