Title: Under Certain Circumstances
Rated K+
Pairing: one-sided OC/27; 18/OC
Genre: Action/Romance/Drama
Who knew a tragic heartbreak could lead to so much more?

Unlike everyone else, he saw her heart-broken expression that she hid from everyone. Sawada Tsunayoshi and Sasagawa Kyoko had announced their pathetic herbivore relationship.

Her sandy brown bangs shadowed her teary gray eyes, but her body stiffened, her knuckles clenched white, her pearl white teeth biting harshly down on her lower pink lip, and her knees trembled.

Hibari Kyoya saw what the other herbivores didn't see. He watched on as she excused herself to use the bathroom, and he slithered out to follow her. When she stopped in front of the mirror in the middle of hallway, her knees buckled beneath her, and a sob tore out of her.

Hibari stopped, and leaned on the wall behind her, his eyes closed and silent as always.

"W-why is it her...?" She asked no one," Why is always her? Why not me or, at least, Haru? Why?" At this, Hibari opened his eyes. "WHY?"

She slowly stood, and wiped her eyes clean of the tears. She turned around, only to stop short when she saw Hibari gazing at her intensely.

"K-Kyoya," she breathed out in shock. Hibari pushed off the wall, and released a snort at her expression.

"Suck it up, herbivore." Hibari advised gruffly, ruffling her hair. With a swift yet harsh peck on her lips, Hibari walked away, licking his lips contentedly.

And he left behind a shocked and bewildered Tsubasa.

Everyone was left confused when Hibari walked in a bit different and Tsubasa shortly afterwards in a daze. When Yamamoto asked him what was wrong, Hibari only smirked secretly, throwing a quick, almost unwatchable glance at Tsubasa.

However, a certain Tenth Generation Boss caught it, and concern for Tsubasa's well being took over. After all, she's his Win Guardian, and he has to take care of her, right?

But Hibari beat him to the young woman, his hand grasping her hand and whispering something into her ear. Tsuna froze as a thought came over: W-was he flirting with Tsubasa? Tsuna paled at the visual of it.

"T-Tsubasa-chan," Tsuna started to say, and Hibari watched him like a hawk. Quickly, he grew uncomfortable. "A-are you okay? You've acting sort of strange since you came back after Hibari..."

Thankfully, Tsubasa noticed his uncomfortable stance, and guided him somewhere else. Somewhere they could talk in private. Once they were alone, Tsuna's mouth opened but Tsubasa beat him to it.

"Before we met, I've been in love with you. While everyone knew you as No-Good Tsuna, I knew you as someone else. I saw something in you that no one else did, and I wish I had that. In many ways, you became my courage, my drive to never give up and keep going. But when Kyoko and Haru grew closer to you and I didn't, I lost myself in my jealousy and became a person I didn't know. However, when Reborn introduced me to you all, I found myself gaining new hope," she began.

She continued," And I didn't care. But I was too careless and blind to know what fate had in store for me. Strangely enough, Kyoya was there for me when no one else was. He didn't quite help, but he made me realize that you weren't everything to me. Everyone including Kyoko and Haru, my rivals in love yet my best friends, wormed their ways into my heart, and I began to hold them dear to me."

Tsubasa faced him, tears streaming down her cheeks. "From the very beginning and now, Tsuna-kun, I've been in love with you. And I know you'll never return my feelings. I'm okay with that. I'll always be there at your side, supporting, protecting, and risking for you as a friend and as your Wind Guardian," she finished, her words coming out as sobs now.

Tsuna's face fell, and his whole body grew limp in shock. He wished he noticed her feelings earlier. Much to her surprise, he wrapped his arms around her, and he buried his face into the crook in her neck.

"I'm sorry," his smooth voice whispered into her ear, his warm breath fanning across it. "I'm sorry, Tsubasa-chan. I'm so sorry..." He repeated this over and over again.

Tsubasa cried into his shirt, and her nails clawed onto his back, clenching into fists.

"Break it up, herbivores," a cold voice interrupted, slicing through the air like a knife. Tsuna and Tsubasa ripped away from each other in shock.

Hibari stood in the doorway, eyes narrowed into slits.

"K-Kyoya," Tsubasa mumbled, and Tsuna released her and walked towards him.

Putting a hand on Hibari's shoulder, he stopped momentarily while smiling regretfully. "She's all yours, Hibari," Tsuna stated, and he left the room, closing the door behind him with a soft, quiet click.

After the herbivore left the room, Hibari directed his slate gray-blue gaze on Tsubasa who returned it with a silvery-gray. Her mascara seemed to be all over her cheeks, her eyes were pink and puffy from crying, and her cheeks were flushed.

Slowly, Hibari advanced on her while she took a step back. To Tsubasa' chagrin, her back hit the cold wall, and she gasped, her head snapping to look at her. One arm blocked her right while another arm blocked her left.

Her head slowly turned to face the predator, and she was left breathless. Literally. As soon as her head had turned fully, his mouth pressed against hers so suddenly, the breath was knocked out of her.

It didn't take too long before Tsubasa was wanting more from Hibari, in spite of her feelings for Tsuna.