Title: The Facts
Rated K+
Genre: Romance
Pairing: 18/OC
She loves Hibari, he loves Tsubasa.18/OC. Hibari's a tiny OOC.

Author's Note:
I 'awe'd at this because it seemed so cute. Can't you picture breaking down Varia's front door and storming inside and just slinging Tsubasa over his shoulder and walking away? xD

And it took her that long to figure it out. She only noticed when he kissed her without hesitation. This is cute, right? HE FINALLY SAYS HER NAME!

Tsubasa loves Hibari. It's an honest and obvious fact about her. She hasn't told anyone, but people started to notice. They would occasionally tease her about them, but Tsubasa would brush them off politely and walk away.

She has a name, she wanted to tell Hibari. She wasn't "herbivore" or "degenerate", she was Arata Tsubasa. It wouldn't hurt him to at least call her that for once, would it? Tsubasa knew she had low self-esteem when it came to fighting or mafia, but she was strong enough to carry of burden upon her shoulders.

The Wind Guardian needs to be able to do that, and she could. When her mother died of drug overdose, everyone ditched school to go with her to the funeral. Surprisingly, Hibari didn't stop them. After she graduated Middle School, he moved on to high school with her on one condition: she visited the middle school with him. And of course, Tsubasa couldn't refuse him.

She was sent to college in Italy, and Lussuira offered to stay with them. She accepted. She begged everyone else not to tell Hibari or he'll just stop her from going. Unfortunately for Tsuna and her, Hibari beat Tsuna into talking where she was.

Tsubasa didn't know he had done that, and couldn't figure out how he got to Italy or how he found her. She was eating on morning, and the front door was smashed down by him and stalked right in. Of course she saw him, she nearly choked her food.

He ignored the shocked stares, and slung her over her shoulder and commanded Lussuira to pack her stuff and send to the address he gave the Varia's Sun Guardian. Being as dense she was, Tsubasa couldn't understand why he was doing this stuff.

It took her until Christmas that year to figure it out. He kissed her underneath the mistletoe and murmured he loved her while kissing her.

He wanted to have sex with her, but she wouldn't let him since she had to finish a project for college. Hibari backed off of course, but went to her teacher demanded he postponed her project. And he got want he wanted.

When an enemy family challenged the Vongola and Tsuna was majorly injured, Tsubasa cried her eyes out because she felt responsible for it. Hibari had to literally drag her out their room to visit Tsuna in the hospital, so he could assure the Wind Guardian it wasn't her fault.

It turned out everyone, even Tsuna, saw it coming when the two first met. They immediately saw the chemistry to the two had before they noticed it themselves.

"Kyoya!" Tsubasa exclaimed in shock when he appeared before her. Her eyes were filled with tears, and Hibari noticed this, eyes narrowing into slits.

"What happened, herbivore?" He asked, growling quietly when she refused to spill. Tsubasa rushed past him when she heard the one held responsible's voice.

Hibari gritted his teeth in a feral snarl, and pounced as soon as the guy turned the corner. No one hurt Tsubasa, that's what he was supposed to do.

The next day, Tsubasa was shocked to find Mochida bowing on the floor and apologizing for what he did and said to her covered in bandages and injuries. Tsubasa smiled and forgave him, and asked who did this to him.

Mochida said he couldn't but Tsubasa didn't need him to. She knew the only person who would do such a thing.

At lunch, Tsubasa found him on the roof, sleeping. The sandy brunette grinned at the sight, and approached him. Hibari's eyes flashed open and Tsubasa froze with a metal tonfa pressed against her neck.

"K-Kyoya," she gasped in alarm, and Hibari glared at her. Tsubasa smiled nonetheless, and shyly wrapped her arms around him.

Instantly, Hibari stiffened at the hug, but reluctantly wrapped his arms around her.

"Thank you," stated Tsubasa loud enough for him to hear. Hibari smirked. "Anytime, Tsubasa." Tsubasa thought it was unlike Hibari to say anything like that, but didn't say a word as she decided to enjoy this as much as she could.