Meeting, Loving, Departing


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Hermione's POV

"You can't be serious!" I exclaimed.

"Miss Granger, we must all accept the consequences of our actions, preferably without howling like a Banshee."

"WHAT? Since when does adding a little originality to a spell entail receiving a detention? I've done it before, you didn't have a problem then, why is it such a big deal now?"

"Simply for the reason that this time you've gone too far. I cannot condone it." She pushed her spectacles up her long, rigid nose, twitching her mouth while doing it. Witch, I thought to myself.

"Please, I beg you to see reason here! You asked us to change our stools into Hawks, I made them Eagles. There's hardly a difference!" A lie, but still, the point stands. "Perhaps you've had an inconvenient encounter with an Eagle before, yes that must be it. That's the only plausible explanation for such an irrational nuisance!"

"MISS GRANGER! How dare you speak to me in that manner! I am extending your detention to three hours! You won't be doing any essays, instead I have something else in mind I'd like you to do."

"And what might that be? Conjure a hundred Hawks?"

"Actually, Miss Granger, I was thinking perhaps lines would be suitable, but this is a much better idea! But three hours doesn't seem right for one hundred Hawks."

"Wha-? Well, yes, I mean no. Definitely not. I mean, it's me, it'll take –"

"Much longer. Yes, most definitely. Logically speaking, one hundred Hawks is a lot, even I would have trouble conjuring that number of animals in just three hours. You'll be here for at least four and a half hours, I expect you here on Saturday at 1:30 sharp."

"This is unbelievable! Impossible!"

"Improbable, actually. But as far as I'm concerned, we're done here. Class dismissed. You're all permitted to set your Hawks free, but you must make sure you feed them first. And trust me when I say, I will know if you feed them or not. If you please, you may also attempt to turn them back into stools, but only if you're confident in your Transfiguring skills. Miss Granger, perhaps you better sit this one out."

And perhaps you should go die in Azkaban.

If you're slightly lost, I'll catch you up. Basically, McGonagall told us to change the stools we were sitting on into baby Hawks. I decided it was simply not challenging enough for me so, without permission, I Transfigured it into an adorable baby Eagle instead. But of course McGonagall got highly offended, and therein started the inane rambling about my inability to follow instructions. Bloody McGonagall. And that all landed me with a 5 hour detention with this wonderful professor...great.

While we all piled out of the classroom, everyone else clutching onto their new 'pets', I squeezed on last dirty look in McGonagall's direction, she returned it with a smug and slightly warning one of her own.

No, not perhaps, she should definitely go die in Azkaban.

Draco's POV

"Hey, Pansy, fancy being my partner? Zabini ditched, he's gone after Zamira." Snape told us to partner up with someone for the duration of the Potions class, normally I'd prefer Blaise, but he's got his eye on some new blonde, so I was basically stuck with Pansy. Fun.

"So, what? I'm your last resort?" She retorted with folded arms across her chest.

I pretended to be affronted…I pretended to care. "No! Of course not! Just, you know…my second…" I trailed off, hoping she wouldn't hear the artificialness in my voice.

"Sure, whatever Draco. Take Carlos' seat, he left to go join Katara." I made a face at this. "I know right? It's disgusting. That freak is like 3 feet, and I don't mean vertically. Even though she does slightly resemble a House-elf height wise." She sniggered at her own joke and turned to her cauldron.

I myself couldn't suppress a chuckle, despite my dislike for Pansy. She was right, Katara was an exchange student this year and she was positively revolting. I would pick on her daily if she wasn't in my own house, but even I have standards.

As I sat in the stool on Pansy's left, the remnants of Carlos' cologne smacked my right in the face. I almost gagged at the strong odour. I wondered how Pansy lived with the stench, but the answer reached me before I asked. She's been sitting next to him since first year; her nose is probably used to it by now. She's lucky.

While I was pondering the side effects of slipping Carlos a potion, basically disabling him from applying cologne to himself, I realized Pansy's conversation with herself had drifted to how interesting it would be to make a stun potion and try it out on first year Hufflepuffs, or better yet, Gryffindors.

"Yeah, sure, totally, should we get on with this? The more we make, the more we have to try on unsuspecting kids!" I honestly didn't care about the damn potion, or the 'unsuspecting kids' we'd stun, I just wanted to shut her up. Her voice irritated me too much to bear.

After glancing at the board, Pansy offered to get the ingredients. She had to shout above all the noise, everyone was talking either about the needed quantity of Dragonroot or about how frightened the first years were at the Halloween ball the other night. The seventh formers made the most of it, dressing up as ghouls, ghosts, goblins etc. but honestly? I just thought they were pathetic, and mildly offending. But then again, that's my opinion on just about everything.

While Pansy was gone, I lit a fire under the cauldron with a simple spell. The flames spat out sparks which conveniently landed on my new robes. In a few short – too short – minutes, Pansy returned, her arms piled high with ingredients.

I unloaded half the ingredients onto the table and let her dump off the rest.

"Okay, let's see," I started off, picking up random ingredients and examining them. "First it's a pinch of Dragonroot –"

"Um, Draco? I think that says a 'dash of Dragonroot'." She stated nervously, clearly uncomfortable with correcting me, and so she should be.

"Who cares? Pinch, dash. Dash, pinch, same thing."

"Hardly! A dash is a lot less than a pinch, Draco! If it blows up I'll be cleaning out this cr –"

"Okay, okay. Just think about it this way, if we add a bit more Dragonroot, then the potion will be stronger and the effect on the kids will be stronger." That won her over.

"Fine, whatever. Let's use a 'pinch' then." She carefully removed the golden lid off a transparent vial. She tipped a reasonably small amount of the hair-like maroon substance into her hand and then into the cauldron.

"Okay, now for some gillywee – huh, that's odd, why do we need gillyweed for a stun potion? Anyway, Snape must know what he's doing. So, a tablespoon of gillyweed..."


"What is it this time?"

"I think that says teaspoon."

"I reiterate, who cares? Remember – stronger potion equals more effective on students. Isn't that what you want?" I let my irritation seep into my voice this time; she was seriously annoying me at this point.

"Yes, of course, Draco. It's just I don't want this potion blowing up in my face; I'll have to spend a month cleaning out this guck from my hair! And by this point it's boiling so we'll both get burnt. Not to mention what it could do to my flawless skin!"

"Flawless? Yeah, as flawless as Longbottom's arse!" It was a low blow, but still, her vanity had it coming to her.

Unfortunately, I hadn't realized we had caught the attention of the entire class, I wish I knew. I might have stopped this argument before it got out of control.

"You jackass!"

I was actually taken aback, she's never said anything like that before. Ever. So I replied: "Slut!" Yeah, I went there.


And that broke mine. I whipped my wand out faster than Snape could say "Malfoy! What do you think you're doing?"

"Expelliarmus!" I yelled with my wand facing Pansy's face. I must've put more force into it that I thought, because she flew back, her head being the first thing that collided against the rocky wall behind her. I immediately regretted, feeling a pang of guilt. That was a stupid move, and I knew she'd never forgive me.

But honestly, who can blame me? She exposed one of my deepest secrets to an entire class! A secret, coincidentally, that she only came to know about because she overheard me telling Blaise. It was never meant for her ears and then she went and screamed it out to everyone. On top of that, it was a secret that was only valid for like a month, it was a phase. I obviously don't like McGonagall anymore, reality hit me when I heard how old she is actually is, it's disgusting basically, she's like a century old.

However, this was the first time we've used offensive spells on each other…yeah, its official. The second she gets out of the Hospital Wing, I'm transferring to Durmstrang. No way am I staying under the same roof with a girl who I simply know is going to be out for my neck for damaging her 'flawless skin'.

I stared at her limp body for a full minute – even though it felt like an hour – before Snape ran into the picture. He swiped his wand over her body and exhaled. I hadn't realized he was holding his breath. He slowly turned to face me.

"Malfoy, detention, Saturday, 6:30, be there or it's Sunday for five hours. Understood?"

I stared at him blankly before nodding jerkily. Then I ran. On my way out, I glimpsed the faces of my classmates; they were either impressed, disappointed or disgusted.

I sped up. I knew where I was headed, but I had no idea that someone else was going to the exact same place at the exact same time as me.

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