Chapter 1: Hime Blues

Yokai Academy-Boy's Dorm

Tsukune knew he was dreaming or at least he is aware that the hazy distorted quality of the world is nothing but a dream. It's rare occurrence after all if everything in this surreal environment interpreted by his in black in white! However, regardless of how weird it is, it was a contrast to the drab and unholy depressing landscape that is Yokai Academy, a school ironically full of monsters. He has been in school and survived for half a semester already without the student body knowing his secret that he was in fact human. After all, he still wanted his hide intact considering that humans are not allowed in the school what so ever. If he was found out being as such, humans were to be terminated with extreme prejudice on sight. Now that's rather depressing too isn't it?

So why does Tsukune survive the half the year and continue to stay despite the challenges that he faces everyday? Why that's easy my dear reader, it's because of a girl! Considering the fact that he is baring his neck on the guillotine blade of discovery every time he shows up to class then she must have been some skirt and might be worth something! In fact, he actually acquired a few fangirls/friends while he was at it...

First there was the succubus Kurumu Kurono whom declared our intrepid hero is her mate of fate. The voluptuous, blue haired, and extremely desirable Kurumu was at first trying to enslave every male in the student body but that plan was thwarted as Tsukune convinced her that it was a foolish venture and essentially saved the succubus' life. From then onward, she has constantly and literally threw herself at the boy and constantly and deliberately teasing him with her feminine wiles. With every chance she gets, the bluenette smothers him with her ample bosom in which he secretly doesn't mind at all. In fact thinking about it, in a dream no less, gave him a nosebleed that rivaled the arterial spray of classic japanese cinema...

Then there's Mizore Shirayuki the quiet and reserved yuki-onna. She was a lonely, depressed, and misunderstood girl whom Tsukune befriended. After saving her from an obsessed teacher that abused her, she has declared that Tsukune will be the one who will save her dying race from extinction. However, Kurumu has also set her sights on him and the two bicker and argue almost everyday because of their rivalry for Tsukune's affections. As much as they argue, they won't admit to each other that they are really good friends...

Yukari Sendo is an 11 year old genius of Yokai Academy. Being a witch, she is constantly discriminated against but after saving her from some bullying classmates, she has fallen for him as well. Now the little girl's dream is to have a threesome with Tsukune and another girl who she has fallen in love with. Ruby Toujou is also a witch whose hatred of humans began when her parents were killed in a car accident. She was a part of a plot to destroy human kind after they have designated her sanctuary into a garbage dump. However, her attitude towards humanity changed in large part due to Tsukune...(hmm seeing a pattern here) and turned against her master. Now she resides in Yokai Academy and becoming the Chairman's assistant and filling in various jobs as warranted.

Last and certainly not least, Moka Akashiya, the number 1 beauty and she is the reason why Tsukune risks his neck everyday. The pink haired vampire is exceptionally sweet and kind and she was the first student that Tsukune met. She took a liking to him after she tasted his blood and has admitted to him that she is quite addicted to it. The Rosario that she wears when pulled by Tsukune unlocks Moka's Vampire powers and releases her true personality and self. While the Outer Moka was sweet and kind, the silver haired Inner Moka is the complete opposite. This Moka is aloof, cold, arrogant, and extremely prideful in the power of her race and she is not above reminding Tsukune of that fact. Despite having a split personality, (and because he thinks she's cute) Tsukune decided to stay in school only because of her.

But it still remains that Tsukune is dreaming, how in the world he fondly thought of his friends especially his beloved Moka, is besides the point. He wonders and looks around the bleached white quality of the environment as if he were in a pencil drawing. Then he saw her from off the distance. The brown haired boy knew the person is a she considering that the tall, long haired, goddess was stark naked. Then it hit him...


The mysterious lady who didn't seem to mind that she her well proportioned, toned, and certainly naked body was seen by a boy. And perhaps for the second time in a dream no less...Tsukune had another massive nosebleed. While Kurumu certainly boasts and flaunts her enormously soft and ample pillows that is her assets to their mutual friends/rivals, this mysterious lady certainly rival the succubus' girls and she is not certainly ashamed to show it that's for sure! Her silky, waist long hair billowed with the wind. Tsukune could see a sadness in her big eyes and when he looked into them, he felt lost at the vastness and infinite canvas that is her soul. Tsukune felt drawn to her and want to drink and partake in the knowledge that is behind those mesmerizing eyes and he had to force himself to look away lest he drowns in that ocean. The mysterious lady noticed his courage and smiled sweetly at him...

"U-um miss, if you don't mind me asking...what are you doing here?" Tsukune asked.

"It is because I am looking for someone," the lady replied.

"I guess you haven't found him yet huh?"

"Indeed you are perceptive young man.." She said smiling. "You are correct, I am still looking for him."

"Then I hope you find him soon and that your reunion will make you happy!"

"Thank you my dear, I certainly hope so as well..."

"Oh, how rude of me my name is Tsukune Aono. Nice to meet you..."

"Well met, Tsukune Aono. You may call me Mina."

"Well then Mina-san I really do hope you do find who ever it is that you are looking for."

"And why such concern for a stranger you just met Tsukune Aono?" Mina smirked.

"It's because you looked so sad..." Tsukune then blushed. "And I don't like pretty ladies looking so sad."

Mina looked at him in surprise and blushed lightly but then just as quickly she smiled at him in appreciation...

"I see..."

Then Tsukune opened his eyes and found himself in his dorm room. It was about 6:30 am and it was time to get up anyway. With the bizarre dream fading away fast, he showered quickly, dressed himself and had enough time to put some jam on his toast and ran for the door. He walked slowly trying as he might to remember his weird dream but to no avail. But he certainly remembered that she was pretty but as much as the Lady was such a hottie, Moka will always be the Goddess in his eyes. And speaking of Goddesses, here comes the pink haired Vampire now...

"G-good Morning Tsukune!" Moka said shyly.

"Good Morning Moka-san!" Tsukune replied. "And how are you today?"

"I'm fine thanks for asking." Moka replied. Then asked in concern. "Are you ok, you didn't look like you got sleep last night, did you?"

"Had a weird dream that kept me tossing and turning last night."

"Oh really, what was it about?"

"Funny thing is I can't remember..."

"Weird, don't worry then because it might be nothing at all."

"Ya maybe you're right..."

While the two were making small talk and discussing Tsukune's misadventures in his dreams or lack thereof, Kurumu saw them and ran towards her friends...

"Oh Tsukune!"

"Oh hey, Kurummmm..."

Tsukune found himself smothered in the succubus' soft and considerable assets. The brown haired boy comically waved his hands up and down as he tried to gasp for air while Moka protested her indecent actions. Kurumu enjoyed this ritual in the morning and her and the pink haired Vampire's electrified gaze met. Tsukune who thought it was rather annoying that she would do this...ahem..."assault" on his person and figured that the succubus would have grown tired of this routine by now but apparently not. Although it's rather enjoyable at first, it certainly gets old and he actually wants to breathe at the moment. He didn't survive this long in the Academy only to die by breast suffocation although some guys would consider dying happy if it happened!

"Let go of him you boob woman!"

Ice kunai suddenly flew from the bushes not far from them and hit the succubus in the forehead making her comically bleed. Then a mid sized pan appeared above the injured Kurumu and hit her on the head. She swayed to and fro like a drunken sailor before she fell to the ground. A satisfied Yukari dusted her hands while Mizore appeared upside down hanging from a tree and then gracefully flipped forward and land right beside them.

"Thanks Mizore-chan, Yukari-chan that was too close!" Moka told them.

"No sweat anything to put Kurumu-chan in her place!" Yukari replied.

Mizore nodded response...

Kurumu came to...

"What's the idea you pint sized squirt!" Kurumu said irately. "And don't think you're going to get out of this scott free stalker girl!"

"Humph, serves you right for molesting Tsukune so much!" the little witch said smugly. "Moka-chan and I are the only ones allowed to do that so you know!"

"Ha who wants to touch a flat chested pipsqueak like you anyway!" the succubus said smirking as she crossed her arms accentuating her chest and thus proving her point.

"What did you say! I'll make you pay for that you!"

"Well I think those big boobs are addling your brains too much." Mizore said monotonously. Then she blushed when she continued. "Besides, I'm sure that Tsukune would prefer me to molest him since he is going to be the father of my children after all!"

"Um I'm right here you know!" Tsukune said sweat dropping.

"What was that?" the three girls said simultaneously and then glaring comically at him.

"Uh never mind me," he deadpanned. "Even though the person whom you're talking about molesting happens to be standing right beside you and all!"

As it turned out Moka too got involve in the rather noisy and embarrassing argument. Tsukune sweat dropped, since they were going to be late for homeroom and the passerby were staring at them with morbid curiosity. Then out of nowhere Ruby showed up unannounced and scared the bejeezus out of him...

"Geez Ruby-chan don't scare me like that!" Tsukune scolded her.

"Gomen, Tsukune I didn't mean to do so." Ruby said blushing.

"It's ok just don't do it again please." he replied. "So why in the world are you in that get up anyway?"

What Tsukune meant was the maid outfit complete with fishnet stockings the disappeared up the voluminous and ridiculously short skirt...

"Damn woman don't you feel a draft from under there or something?" Tsukune thought. "But the outfit does look good on her though..."

"Oh this, I'm in a middle of an errand for the Chairman..."

"And he made you wear THAT?" Tsukune thought. Then he said to her. "Oh I see..."

"Do you like it, I think it's rather cute myself don't you think?"

"Yes it does..."

Then Ruby came close and whispered in his ear seductively. Tsukune was taken aback and blushed at her unexpected action...

"Between you and me though if you like what you see then perhaps you can be the one who can molest me when you chain me to the bed..."

Nose bleed of arterial proportions ensues...

"Y-ya, I'll keep that in mind Ruby-chan!" Tsukune stammered

"We can do it later if you want, the whips and the hand cuffs aren't for show you know!" Ruby said innocently.

"Ah ha ha Ruby-chan you're such a kidder!"

"Who said I was joking?" she said seductively.

"Ruby, what the hell are you doing to my Tsukune?" Kurumu demanded. "The only one who he'll be molesting is me dammit!"

"In your dreams cow udder woman!" Mizore replied.

Tsukune sighed and sweat dropped at their shenanigans. They're at it again as usual this early in the morning and they're being very explicit about it for some reason. But these beautiful ladies were arguing about him though and what guy wouldn't take pride in that? The group of friends arrived at school still bickering when they heard a horn blow and they quickly moved to the side. Tsukune wondered who the VIP person who was inside as the Academy rarely gets visitors. Then time seem to slow for Tsukune as the a pair of big crimson eyes stared and their eyes met. He felt lost in the seemingly endless void that was that person's soul. The limo passed and the weird feeling of eternity that seized him was suddenly gone. He shook his head and said nothing as he and his friends entered the school.


Once upon a time, a little boy asked the queen of the monsters a simple question...

"Why are you staring so sadly out in the world for? The boy asked. "And how long will you keep doing so?"

"If you grant my wish then I will stop being sad." The queen replied. Then she continued.

"But if you do not fulfill your end of the bargain and break your promise to me, then I will have no choice but to eat you. So knowing the consequences my dearest boy, will you still make your promise?"

The boy paused for awhile but after a few seconds he replied without hesitation...

"I will do my best for you..." he nodded vigorously

The queen of the monsters smiled and was taken aback by the boy's reply. Her crimson eyes searched for any deception on his part but he only stared back at her in wonder. Finding only innocence in those brown eyes, the queen was impressed by his bravery, patted the boy's head gently...

"Perhaps he will be able to fulfill what I have long for..." she thought. Then she replied to the boy. "Then I will tell you. I wish..."

Mina Tepes opened her crimson eyes calmly, sighed, and relieved that she was in the back seat of her limo. It was another troubling and recurring dream that has been plaguing her for the last few nights. Perhaps the stress was getting to her considering that she has a lot of work left to do. After all, planning in creating your kingdom is a full time job! That she nodded off but a little is a testament to the energy she is putting into this very important pet project that for all intents and purposes will hopefully either be her peoples extinction or salvation! Sometimes it's hard to bear the cross of the hopes of millions. The last statement however, is somewhat ironic considering the fact that she is not a very religious person and that she is after all, the queen of all vampires!

At first glance, Mina seemed to look like a prim and a properly raised aristocratic little girl of foreign descent. Her long blond hair were adorned in pink ribbons and her long silky blond hair were tied in pig tails. The ruler's large crimson eyes were pensive as if she was somewhere else but she was alert and nothing escaped her scrutinizing gaze. She wore a black black dress with layers of lace befitting a noble of her standing or it's just the queen's weird taste in clothing! And like a proper lady, her short legs were crossed and were off to the side. Though she may look like a child, she didn't act like one as practiced grace and fluidity were in grained in her movement. Her attitude didn't reflect a child's more innocent and playful one and she displayed an aura of maturity and practiced grace that belied her seeming age.

"Are you feeling well Hime-sama?" the female driver asked.

"There is nothing to worry about Vera." Mina replied.

"Very well. We are arriving at Yokai Academy in a few minutes ma'am."

"Excellent, inform me we have finally arrived will you?"

"Yes ma'am..."

"Sigh, speak your mind Vera. You know I won't bite you..." Mina said smirking. "Unless of course you want me to?"

Vera stifled a giggle and ignored that last remark...

"Hime-sama if I may speak freely?"

"You may..."

"What are we doing here highness when there is so much work to be done back home?"

"I'm just following a few leads that was passed on to me that Akira might be here." the queen answered. "Besides, aren't you curious how this...Yokai Academy works? It was nice of the Chairman to invite me to his school full of monsters I might add."

"Monsters highness?" Vera asked curiously.

"From what I understand the Academy is almost like a sanctuary for these...monsters. It's purpose is educate and full integration into human society since they do far outnumber us after all!"

"It's almost similar to..."

"Yes, Vera it is very similar to our proposed Vampire Bund. The only difference is we will not be hiding from the humans for too long."

"I see..." the black haired Vampire said. "Ah it would seem that we have arrived ma'am."

"Excellent, now we shall go down to business then..."

Vera honked the horn to disperse a few stragglers in front of the limo. As they passed the students by, Mina saw a plain brown haired boy whom she probably should have dismissed. However, her curiosity got the best of her and cracked the window a fraction down and her sharp Vampire eyes took his very essence in.

"How curious, for supposed school for monsters, that boy suspiciously smelled like human!"

Actually that couldn't be accurate either because Mina could have sworn that she smelled Vampire on him as well. Her nose may not be sharp as the Earth Clan's (Werewolves) but she can tell that the boy is human or rather a mix of both. A hybrid perhaps, this possibility of inter-species cross breeding is highly possible considering that Vampires are an amorous bunch so it would be safe to say that a parent is one of her subjects. Still her curiosity gnawed at her and she decided that she wanted to meet this boy in person...

"Hmm, how very curious," she thought amused. "So it might not be a wasted trip after all!"

The limo continued all the way to the Chairman's office. When they arrived, they were greeted with pomp and circumstance. A red carpet paved it's way all the way to where the Chairman waited on top of the stairs. A wall of ceremonial guards saluted and formed a bridge of swords as Mina passed through. The Chairman met her halfway and the little ruler extended her arm and the cloaked man took her dainty hand and kissed it. She then grabbed a hold of his arm and walked the rest of the way and entered the building and talked along the way. Vera was few paces behind them and followed the two discreetly...

"I trust that your trip was pleasant your highness?" The Chairman asked.

"Why yes Mikogami it has been an eye opening and rather uneventful adventure." Mina replied.

"Very good, I have arranged a room for you and your servant for your stay. Lunch will be served shortly considering your long trip you must be famished."

"I would gladly join you for lunch..." the blond girl said. "Just give me time to get changed out of these stuffy clothes."

"Very well, your highness...If you need anything or need any assistance all you need is to ask."

"Thank you Mikogami that is quite sweet of you."

"I but humbly try..."The Chairman answered.

"Oh out of curiosity do you know a boy with brown hair, brown eyes, rather plain looking, and he had five girls all over him by any chance?"

"Maybe why do you ask?"

"He has peaked my interest for some reason and if it's no trouble I would like to meet him..."

"Then I will sent for him when lunch is over and you and your companion has settled in?" the man said. "Is that to you your satisfaction highness?"

"Indeed, I am looking forward to having lunch with you and catch up with old times and to interview this curious young man."

"Very well your highness and welcome to Yokai Academy!"

to be continued...

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