chapter 5: Interview with a Vampire part II

Somewhere in Romania





"They are certainly lively this morning..." somebody said chuckling.

"Oh Wolfgang-dono..." the sergeant saluted.

"At ease soldier. Now tell me what's the status of the troops?"

"All is well sir! The troops are honored that they will finally be able to fulfill their jobs protecting the Queen! We are still waiting for a couple of regiments to come back and we should all be in full force in 72 hours!"

"Belay that and order those regiments to go back to their posts. Mina-sama has requested that we move out in about half the time and waiting for them to arrive will only delay us further."

"But Wolfgang-dono one quarter of the troops we have now have little to no battle experience. We can't just toss them into the fire and expect to come out of it alive?"

"Well they're going to have to learn sometime...Sergeant don't worry so much Beowulf is made of sterner stuff. If these troops are too weak to protect the Queen then they deserve to die. We live and die in protecting Mina-sama, I suggest you remember that!" Wolfgang said sternly.

"I haven't forgotten sir!"

"Good, now give the command and we will move out tonight!"


Thus two thousand proud soldiers of Mina Tepes' personal guard Beowulf, entered the transports that would take them to Japan and then to Yokai Academy. Hopefully, Mina-sama would not take it too kindly for having an entire regiment at her disposal and their numbers wouldn't be looked upon like some invasion force. Wolfgang was not taking anything to chance with his mistress's life. Mina had a lot of enemies and he knew that they were a devious blood thirsty bunch who would like nothing to see his Queen dead. They may try but not at his watch!

Then the old man's thoughts strayed upon his long lost wayward son, Akira's whereabouts. If he wasn't missing and had taken his duty seriously to protect Mina-sama then; he wouldn't have to scrounge around for troops to do his job! He cursed at the fates and wondered where the hell did his son holed himself up in anyway?

"Dammit Akira! Where the hell are you?"

But the only thing that answered was the biting chill of the winter wind. He sighed and paid heed to the details in moving soldiers and material assets in such a short time. The old wolf hoped that Vera-san and this Tsukune Aono will do enough to protect the Queen until he arrived. That's the only thing the veteran soldier is counting on or can even hope for...

Yokai Academy-the next day

Saya Miyamoto walked the halls of school with pride as she convinced that idiot Gin, the president of the Newspaper Club to let ILMT club to assist them with the interview of the diminutive Queen. She smiled as she used her feminine wiles to convince the stupid wolf that it was in their mutual benefit and best interest to assist each other in this historical interview. Disgusted that she had to flash him a few times-she did wear a thong for that special occasion-but she was dignified enough to refuse the perverted wolf's advances and had to literally beat him silly trying cop a feel. Even she had high standards when in comes to males and Saya was a very picky to say the least! Nonetheless, Gin ended up agreeing and she is on her way to tell the "exciting" news to all her club members.

The only thing far more stimulating and would make her feel better is when she goes to ladies room so she could scrub herself of that perverted wolf's stench and having Mina Tepes' head on a platter! Now that will truly make up for her very lousy day! But before she could make it to the C.R., the very object of her hatred is actually passing her by in the same hallway. Saya suppressed her urge not to go and kill her on the spot and tried desperately to get out of there as soon as possible. She didn't want her lungs polluted by her putrid stench after all! As she passed both of their eyes met and black haired girl couldn't help but stare and feel disgustingly fascinated by the boundless abyss that she saw in the Queen's crimson eyes. Mina looked at her briefly, smiled, and then turned around and comically barked orders to Tsukune which the boy dutifully obeyed.

"Tsukune get your ass over here or we're going to be late to class dammit!"

"Yes Mina-san." Tsukune deadpanned. "I'm coming Mina-san!"

Saya's heart almost skipped a beat as Tsukune Aono sheepishly looked her in the eye and she almost melted into goo as he smiled at her...

"I apologize Minamoto-san. I hope that Mina-san didn't bother you too much?" Tsukune asked.

"N-not a-at...Saya get a hold of yourself girlfriend!" Saya thought to herself. She deeply breathed and then with a smile of her own replied. "Not at all Aono-san. It seems that you're quite busy for I do not see you in gym class for the past few days."

"Tell me about it. A certain little blond imp so happens to be monopolizing my time as you can see..."

"Well it does seem that Mina-san has your attention lately." She said with a subtle hint of jealousy. "If she's being too pushy I say you should say no..."

"Why Minamoto-san is that a verbal barb coming from the president of ILMT club?" Tsukune asked chuckling. " quite shocked!"

"I-I d-don't know what your talking about!" Saya muttered in response.

"I'm just teasing Minamoto-san!"

"Tsukune what the hell are you chit chatting with her for? Last time I checked you belong to me during school hours and you can flirt with her whenever you want AFTER I'm done with you!"

"Yes ma'am!" he said drolly. "Well Minamoto-san it was nice chatting with you. As you can see my little slave driver is getting antsy!"


"Ah! I'm so sorry Mina-san!"

He then politely bowed low to Saya and bade her farewell...

Saya lingered a little further and looked longingly at Tsukune Aono. He was the only bright star in this hell hole of an assignment and she wanted him so very badly! She never did have the courage to approach him herself due to the fact that his harem would have shooed her away. His attention was always divided between those sluts and the biggest whore of all-that damned Moka Akashiya-has captured his heart to her endless annoyance! Maybe when she finally burns Mina at the stake; she might target those annoying girls clinging to her precious Tsukune! And everything will be alright once she has him all to herself. Uh, the things she could do with chains and handcuffs! Thinking about ropes and the pleasures it would bring only made her frustratingly hot and bothered to say the least!

Then it occurred to the black haired beauty that little bitch was ordering the object of her affections like some kind of slave driver! Not only that he is clearly being coerced in following the little bitch around! Poor baby! Here she was trying to work up the nerve to ask him to be her boyfriend and this little blond harpy just comes swooping in one day and had her Tsukune snatched from under her and had him waiting on her hand and foot! Well dammit, she wants to Tsukune to wait on her too and to do certain "things" to her body that would be most pleasurable to both parties! Why is the world so unfair! And yet another little transgression to add to the long list of "crimes" that Mina Tepes has to answer for! She gnashed her teeth comically in frustration and bowed that she will have her revenge soon!

"Tonight that bitch is going to burn!" Saya declared menacingly. Then she let's out a maniacal laugh that made the students around her sweat drop and gave her wide birth as she passed by...


Mina observed the girl who passed her in the hallway and had a talk with Tsukune earlier. She may look like the typical female student of the school but for some reason, the black haired girl gave off an aura of deadly intent. Normally, the Queen would have confronted this stranger head on and if she was proved to be a threat; she had the justifiable right to dispose of her...rather permanently. But so far the young woman has not slipped that treacherous slope just yet and the diminutive monarch did not necessarily want to use violence to solve every problem at hand...well at least not yet. Then she looked at a few students to her right who were arguing most vehemently about something obscure and then of course it came to blows. Oh...the Queen forgot that she was at Yokai Academy where violence is the number 1 past time. She sweat dropped...

"Is everything alright Mina-sama?"

"Oh it's you Vera..." Mina said still gazing at the student.

"I am here but to serve, your Highness. Tell me what it is that is bothering you so?"

"It's that student..."Mina pointed discretely at the walking girl. "For some reason I feel great killing intent from that one."

"Another assassin perhaps?" Vera asked. "Shall I shadow her my Queen?"

"Aww hell you might as well. But you must not let her see you or she'll know I'm on to her. I want to have the best leverage possible when all goes down hill later..."

"Understood my Queen." Vera said then she paused.

"Didn't I tell you to speak freely?" Mina chided gently. "What's on your mind Vera?"

"Are you sure about this interview Highness? You are aware that tonight will pose a high security risk to your person. And with such a large audience, there is a possibility that there will be assassins among them."

"Why did you think I agreed to do this interview? I wanted to know where all the little bugs are so I can crush them all in one fell swoop!"

"Very clever Highness but if you're going to have me spy on this girl who will protect you in the mean time?" Vera asked.

"Tsukune will be more than enough protection don't you think?"

Vera hesitated...

"Oh come now Vera, you yourself can feel the power inside him. I witnessed how strong he is and he will do very nicely. Trust me in this..."

"If you say so Mina-sama. I still don't know what you see in Aono-san but if you trust him then I must put my faith in him as well. By your leave Highness..." Vera saluted. Then she disappeared amongst the shadows.

Tsukune finally caught up to the little blond and was curious as to why she was talking to Vera and then the black haired beauty disappearing in darkness...

"Is there something wrong Mina-san?" Tsukune asked the girl.

Startled half to death, a tick mark appeared on the blond girl's head and she grabbed his cheeks and proceeded to comically stretch them most painfully...

"What did I tell you about going behind my back and startling me?" Mina demanded.

"Ugh donged doh ith?" (Uh, don't do it?)

"Very good and to answer your question it's nothing you have to worry about, understand?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Good boy...that's why I like you so much. Now stop dawdling there like an idiot and let's go to class already. I know you like ogling my perfect body and all but aren't you going to get in trouble with your harem for looking at another woman?" she said teasing.

Tsukune shuddered at the imagined accusing looks and the evil glares of Kurumu and the others. It was especially more painful when an imaginary Moka-san puffed her cheeks and looked away from him. He could have sworn that he heard the accompanying "Hmmph!" as well. But even despite the fact that this was all wild imagination, she still looked so damned cute! Then for some reason Inner Moka had somehow escaped the confines of her prison, grew about 20 feet, and gave him her most hateful and evil glare that she had ever given in her life. This giant Moka's smile almost cut her face in half as it reached nearly to her ears and the shadows enhanced her crimson eyes so much that it almost glowed malevolently like a spawn from the depths of the abyss! Thick black Yoki surrounded the beautiful Vampire and made her even more menacing than ever. He comically fell to pieces and suddenly found Mina's face too near for comfort. She was about to slap him silly because he just blanked out on her. Tsukune then laughed out loud and sheepishly scratched the side of his head...

"Never mind Mina-san." Tsukune said. "But we should hurry then. I think it was you who suggested that we get to class on time so we should get going?."

"Hey are you trying to say it's my fault or something? Mina said menacingly.

"Nope didn't say such a thing Mina-san!"

Tsukune then speed walked and lef hert...

"Tsukune get your skinny behind back here so I can kick your ass!" Mina screamed after him.

"Nope, if you want to do that you're going to have to catch me first!" Tsukune called out behind him.

Not surprised with the outcome, the students gave them wide berth and parted like the Red Sea. It was almost a daily occurrence that Mina chased Tsukune around campus for some perceived slight or imagined insult that the brown boy carelessly said. It certainly helps that the little monarch was screaming bloody murder while she chased the hapless Tsukune and probably would have hunted the poor boy down to the ends of the Earth if she had her way (like she always did.) However, to an expert observer, it seemed that all the bluster and the dramatics were rather insincere as it looked like those two were having the time of their lives playing tag about every other hour. That said expert would also notice that both of them had grins plastered in their faces as if they enjoyed the game a little too much! It was just too astonishing a sight that they grudgingly accepted it as a regular everyday occurrence in school. Because this is Yokai Academy after all!

Later that day...

The auditorium was near capacity and still there were more students coming. Gin imagined a low key and intimate Q/A session but could quite imagine this was the spectacle Saya Miyamoto had in mind. People were frantically dashing everywhere in last minute preparations till show time. Still it pleased Gin the positive buzz this little project was generating. As soon as he made an announcement that The Newspaper Club with the assistance of ILMT Club was conducting to interview the darling little Queen of the Vampires, the school was in an uproar and there was an unrestrained excitement that bubbled throughout the rest of the day! Certainly when the last bell rang, the students immediately made their way towards the auditorium in anticipation of this historic event. It's not everyday that one gets a glimpse of royalty let alone a charming and cute one at that! Large groups of the students held up signs that said along the lines of "I love you Mina Tepes!" and "Vampires Rulz!" among other things! Hopefully it will start without a hitch and it will be a memorable event that the student body will cherish and talk about for the rest of their lives. Little did the werewolf know that it would be one hell of an interview alright!

"You shouldn't worry about so much Gin, it's going to be just fine."

"Oh it's you Saya,..." Gin said frowning. "And how would you know that?"

"Rest assured that I have taken care of everything..." Saya said smiling. "I guarantee it!"

"If you say so...Now how about you and me get some coffee afterwards and get to know each other better?"

"Nice try but I have plans after so you're out of luck."

"Ouch, got shot down cold..."

"It's alright, I'm sure that there are other dimwitted females you can mess around with later. But if you will excuse me, I have other things to do."

She walked away but he noted that there seemed to be a seductive sway on her hips that he figured was deliberate on her part...

"And she's cold hearted." Gin said. "I think I'm in love..."

"Ha that's what a perverted wolf like you would say!"

"Kurumu-chan...I am insulted." Gin snorted as he closed the gap and tried to grab her shoulder and pressed her too him. "You know, I would rather have you as my bride and make you deliriously happy than have a cold hearted fish for a wife."

"Please you're not even the same league as my Tsukune." Kurumu replied. "And you better let me go or lose the hand, understand?"

Gin immediately complied with the demand and Kurumu crossed her arms across her assets and looked indignantly up the ceiling...

"And since when did Tsukune ever belong to you huh boob woman?" Mizore asked.

"Oh it's only a matter of time before he does belong to me. So just give it up now stalker because you don't have a chance!"

"That's rich because I don't see that ever happening when Tsukune isn't even here and hanging around Mina-san as always. So to me you just got one upped by a Loli AND she's royalty to booth. How do you beat that?" the snow woman countered.

"Uh..I-I...Don't remind me, it's so damn depressing!" Kurumu said morosely. "And shut up, it's the same for you too!"

Mizore almost dropped to her lollipop as she realized that the succubus was right...

"I hate it when you're right..."

"There, there ladies...If it doesn't work out I'll take care of you..."

Gin received baleful glares as a reward instead...

"Or not..." Gin said depressed.

They all comically sighed simultaneously...

Then the noise began to subside as Ruby walked on to the stage. She was wearing a long but tight black dress that accentuated and hugged her feminine curbs and had a plunging neckline that emphasized her assets. Her shoulder length hair was upswept which gave a delicious view of of slender white neck. The black haired girl blushed as she walked the stage and the male audience whistled and shout out their appreciation making some rather enthusiastic cat calls. It was decided- after drawing some straws- that the older witch was to be the one who would interview the Queen. Considering that the other 4 would not be as fair nor would not be as candid because of their particular attachments to a certain brown haired boy. Ruby would be more objective and will probably illicit a more positive response from the little Monarch if she wasn't openly hostile or being interrogated by the others. Besides the older girl was an budding actress. Even if she had little grudge with Mina about Tsukune, she would let her feelings get in the way of her job.

"Good Evening fellow students and welcome to this very special event. Tonight for the first time in our esteemed Academy's history; we will be graced with royalty. In the short time that she has been here, she has taken the school by storm. Turning heads where ever she goes, admired and adored by the student body, and a stunning beauty despite her age; she is the Queen of the Vampires: MINA TEPES!

A cacophonous roar and cheers were heard from the audience as Mina in a simple long midnight blue dress and her two pig tails trailing her. She walked with confidence and sensual grace that made all the male population trying to staunch nose bleeds while their female companions and girl friends hit them up side the heads and glared at their rival with jealousy. The little queen then gave Ruby a hug which surprised the older witch and they both sat at the two plush seats that were on stage. The older girl then served poured a cup of tea on the table provided and the interview more or less commenced after the cheering and the whistling stopped mostly...

"I LOVE YOU MINA TEPES!" someone shouted.

"Aww thanks I love you too!" Mina said smiling blowing a kiss to the person who said it and winked at him. That said person swooned with delight and the females sitting right next to him then comically beat him up and kicked up clouds of their little scuffle. Mina, Ruby, and the audience sweat dropped...


"Get back to me in 200 years and maybe I'll consider it!"

The audience tittered at her joke...

"Now Tepes-sama how are you this evening?" Ruby asked.

"I am doing really well and I glad to be here!" Mina answered. "I like that dress, don't you guys think that it makes Ruby-san so naughtily sexy?"

The crowd cheered embarrassing Ruby...

"Oh stop it, you look very stunning tooTepes-sama!"

"Thank you and please my friends call me Mina so I expect you to call me that as well!"

"Ok then Mina-san to start things off where were you born?"

"I was born in the near Carpathian Mountains of Romania in Europe. When I was a little girl, I used to play with a friend in the valley surrounded the mountains. The rolling hills were alive with diverse flora and fauna, big game if you like hunting, and hilly plains a far as the eye could see. Yes, isn't it surprising that Vampires would love nature so much? Contrary to popular belief we as a race are not as arrogant as all of you assume."

"So you are a Queen correct?"

"Yes I was just crowned recently to tell you the truth...ever mother passed away."

The audience were stunned with that revelation...

"I-I s-sorry Mina-san. I didn't mean to open up something personal..."

"It's ok, my mother was a proud, strong, and a great leader. I hope one day I will be able to emulate half her accomplishments in service to the Vampire race. Someday I hope I could be the beacon of hope that my people could be proud of." Mina said passionately.

At first there was clapping then cheers rippled through the auditorium...



Mina then stood up and curtsied in appreciation of the audience support...

"So leadership has been thrusted upon you by necessity and so early an age. Tell me if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"

"Oh come now Ruby-san you know as well as I do that it's rude to ask a woman's age!" She said playfully. "Let's just say I'm old enough and leave it at that!"

This earned a titter from the audience...

"Fair enough, how about how long have you been serving as the Vampire's Queen then?"

"Hmm, let's see I think about 200 years give or take a decade or two."

"Ok if you've been queen so long how come you look so young?" Ruby asked surprised.

"That's-my-little-secret!" Mina said in sing-song. "Seriously, it's a matter of national security so I am not at liberty to discuss the matter. My head of security would probably tear his hair out if I happened to blab it out. In fact, he'd probably have a cow if he found out I am conducting this interview without him having my personal guard patrolling the area..."

"So what is it like running a Vampire Kingdom?"

"Like babysitting!" Mina smiled.

The audience laughed and gave a big round of applause. When the audience calmed down a bit, Ruby continued with the interview...

"Explain to me and the audience how running a kingdom is like babysitting?" Ruby said chuckling.

"You got to hold their hand most of the time and tell them what to do. You got to feed them. Discipline them when they do something stupid which is 90 percent of the time. Like I said, full time babysitting. But I will set the record strait, I don't do diapers ok! I have people to do that for me!"

Another laugh and round of applause from the audience and then Mina continued...

"With all seriousness running a kingdom full of Vampires is a big challenge, especially if I have to take care a population of millions. As I said we are a proud race and we do things a little differently than others will find strange. I pretty much leave my people alone to do as they please just as long as they are loyal to me and follow the rules that was set forth for our survival mind you, even before I was Queen. I like to keep things simple and I have a wonderful staff that helps me keep things running and up to date with current events and issues that may rear it's ugly head once in a while. But other than that my people pretty much don't want to rock the boat as it were, they have been very supportive of me, and I would like to think that they like a cute little blond Queen right?"

"Yes indeed..."


Tsukune looked nervous which is ironic considering he wasn't the one being grilled by Ruby-chan. Surprisingly though Mina seemed to be very at ease with talking in public and it looked like she has the audience enraptured by her wit and disarmed them with her girlish charm. Still he can't stay still for some reason and it he went back and forth looking down on the floor and then his eyes darted to Ruby and the Queen, and then scanned the audience for anything out of the ordinary. Mina warned him to keep his guard up as the enemy will again send assassins and will take this golden opportunity to take her out being unguarded as she is at the moment. He asked her where Vera-san was but the woman was apparently doing an errand for her at this time and she should join them shortly. With that in mind, he was now charged of guarding her life...

Flashback-15 min ago...

"Are you serious! I don't know anything about that sort of thing Mina-san!"

"Oh don't be such a baby, I know you will do just fine!" Mina told him. "Trust the power that is inside you and you won't go astray. You're a Vampire as well are you not?"

"Well technically I'm a Ghoul but still..."

"Ghoul, smule so fricking what! The fact is my dear Tsukune-kun you are the only one I can count on until Vera and my personal guard gets here. I wouldn't be entrusting my safety and my life in your hands if I didn't know you are capable of doing so right? So please do it for me!"

Then she gave those devastating cute pouty look that all beings of the female persuasion are so damn good at to get what they want. It wasn't the big sad coke bottle eyes nor was it the way her lips curled in a way that made her look so moe. Oh no it was the fact that she looked so much like a helpless little girl in need of help and he was the only one who was a sucker enough and willing to aid someone who is begging for his help. Not only did it tug on the heart strings, it also tap his instinctual need to protect his friends. And the minute she started to blink her eyes and gave him an even more sadder but oh so damn cute look, he knew he's going to regret this later as she got him hook, line, and sinker...

"Did someone ever tell you that you are one evil little girl?"

"Why thank you!" Mina said smirking. "I'll take that as a compliment!"

"Ugh...fine you win. I just know I'm going to regret this later..."

"Oh I assure you the service that you render will most definitely be rewarded..." She said seductively in his ear. Naturally he blushed. Then she said. "You should be honored, it's not everyday that a Queen comes around and acknowledges your great deeds you know."

"Ya after somebody scrapes off what's left of me on the ground why don't you." Tsukune said sarcastically.

"Frowning doesn't become you Tsukune-kun..."

"Well it's my face and I'll frown if I want to thanks!"

"Come on you promised!" Mina said pouting. "PLEASE FOR ME!"

"Fine, fine...don't get your panties in a wad!"

"Why Tsukune-kun I didn't know you liked looking at them?" she said in mock shock. Then she said in a whisper and almost purring. "I'll show them more to you if you Loli-loving freak you!"

"No thanks don't need the trouble of being accused of one."

"Oh you're such a party pooper! Well it looks like it's show time, I'm counting on you to look out for me. Watch the shadows because that's the obvious places an attack will likely come from. These people are professionals Tsukune do not underestimate them. If you move in you go for the jugular. Show them no mercy because they will not give you the same luxury! If you need to kill then so be it...better them that you and I, am I right? Observe the audience carefully because I know a number of them has infiltrated the school and disguised themselves as students, so you have to be on your guard, pay attention, and then move swiftly without hesitation. The minute that you do there will be a lot of casualties..." Mina said grimly.

"W-wait you're serious aren't you?"

"Of course I'm serious idiot! I am presenting myself to these bastards without the benefit of personal guards. I will be defenseless and you are the only one I can count on to back me up. So are you in or not?"

"Of course Mina-san, I'll do my best even though your confidence in me is misplaced!" Tsukune said.

"Either you do or you don't. It's up to you my dear Tsukune. Remember Vampire blood runs in your veins now. You underestimate too much the gift you were given. If not for me then do so to validate the power of the Vampire who gave you your power."

"You are like so evil trying to use Moka-san against me!" Tsukune complained. "That is just soo wrong!"

"Hit a nerve did I?"

"Sigh, fine Mina-san I will give my all for you and for Moka-san's sake as well! You're lucky I really luvs you because I don't just do this for anyone!"

"Aww you're so sweet!" Mina said gushing. "Come on it's show time and I put my life in your hands because I trust in you!"

"Ya ya you better hurry up or you're going to miss your cue!"

She mockingly bows and then blows him some kisses while Tsukune rolled his eyes upward while he scratched the back of his head...

Tsukune sighed and now he's a bundle of nerves trying to figure out where the bastards were going to attack from which is giving him a headache. He was so distracted that he didn't see someone walking up behind him. The stranger hesitatingly reached for the distracted Tsukune's shoulder and said...

"Umm excuse me..."




"Y-yes...I'm sorry Tsukune I didn't mean to scare you!"

"It's ok don't worry about it..." he said his brow twitching.

"Anou what are you doing anyway?"

"Tryingnotgetaheartattack!" Tsukune thought then he said. "Mina-san has charged me in protecting her life Moka-san."

"Oh so that's why you've been a bundle of nerves eh Tsukune?" someone said.

"GAAAHHH!" he said comically.

"Wow you need to chill out." Yukari said. "You're going to get an aneurism or something!"

"Ha ha very funny!"

"So the little shrimp decided to have you as his body guard huh?" Yukari asked. "Why is that? I thought that was Vera-san's job from what I understand."

"I think Mina-san sent her on an errand or something. I don't really know. She didn't exactly provided any details you know."

"S-still, s-she shouldn't have asked you coz you're only a student!" Moka said.

"She does have a point Tsukune. Your job is suppose to show her around the school. That was not in the job description and the little shrimp is overstepping her authority if you ask me. Queen or no Queen you aren't her subject so technically you don't have to do what she says all the time."

"That's beside the point Yukari-chan. She is a long far away from home and she is a stranger in this school. Hell some people are trying to kill her and that does not sit well with me! Someone needs to look after her so...You know I would have done the same thing for you, Kurumu, Yukari, Ruby, and especially you Moka-san."

"Well saying that I don't have any right to object." Yukari said blushing.

"I...I-I'll h-help you." Moka said quietly. "S-so you don't have to bare the burden alone."

"I guess I'll help too..." Yukari said. "You may never know but this might be fun!"

"This isn't a joke Yukari-chan. Mina-san says that these people are ruthless..."

"So what, you have my magic, Ruby-san is out there as well as Kurumu-chan and Mizore-chan. And if all else fails you can always release the seal on Moka-san and you know she'll kick anybody's butt no problem. You have to believe in us too you know!"

Tsukune surprised and touched by Yukari's sentiment blinked at her and looked at Moka who nodded in agreement. Well it seemed that he wasn't alone in this after all...

Back to the interview...

"So Mina-san what is the purpose of your visit to our esteemed Academy in the first place?"

"I wanted to look how the reconstruction was doing but it seemed that it was on schedule. This place was a mess when I first took a glimpse of it last semester and I'm glad that it looks good as new."

"Wait why would you interested in rebuilding the school?"

"Because I was the one who put up the bill to rebuild this place and in exchange The Headmaster was kind enough to provide a guide so that I can take the tour of the premises when the construction was finished. Truthfully I am impressed and I actually inspired me to build an school of my own someday..."

"Fair enough, I'm sure there's some other reason that you graced us with your presence..."

"Oh and I'm trying to track down a very annoying person for the last year because he disappeared quite suddenly without saying a goodbye to me and I'm very miffed about it. An informant here in the school may have the information I need to track him down so I can put my dainty foot up his butt-excuse my french-and give him a piece of my mind!"

"Boyfriend perhaps?"

"W-well I can't really say for sure..." Mina said blushing.

"Then what is this person's relationship to you that your Highness wanted to find him so badly?" Ruby asked curiously.

Truth be told, that little revelation sort of peaked her interest and she wanted so badly to know the details. The older witch eyes darted towards the audience and they too were eagerly awaiting the Queen's answer. It was interesting to note that the "not-so-little" little girl actually fidgeted and hesitated before she answered. When she was ready, the confidence in her voice returned and gave her a smile...

"Why he's my childhood friend and he would have been standing behind me as my personal body guard and most trusted servant, if things turned out differently..."

That's interesting and Ruby wondered if she could pry anymore information about this "servant." Actually hearing that little bit of news made her feel little more secure about Tsukune's "temporary" servant status. Once the Queen has found this informant then perhaps she will leave and hopefully without a fuss while Tsukune's service to her will be terminated at the end of her visit. She's sure the entire female population and her friends will give a collective sigh of relief once the little monarch leaves.

"And does this servant have a name?"

"I guess Akira-that dork-wouldn't mind if I mention him I guess."

"And what was Akira like before he mysteriously disappeared?"

"Come now Ruby-san a girl has to keep a few secrets right? Let's just say he's really hot and leave it at that ok?" Mina said blushing.

"Ok moving right along...So what do you personally think of the our school's goal of a peaceful coexistence between humans and monsters?"

"I think it is a great idea and that I commend your Headmaster's forward thinking and thus achieves the ultimate goal of survival of all monsters through peaceful co-existence. Certainly infiltrating human society and learning their customs, beliefs, and laws while maintaining a human disguise will facilitate that transitional phase and thus integrating monsters into the fabric of humanity as smoothly as possible. But I believe that hiding behind a disguise is counter productive if the goal is co-existence."

"Why do you say that?"

"Although it is necessary to hide the monster race and perpetuate that existence of monsters are but a myth, I believe that way of thinking is unnecessary and in most cases counter productive to the goal."

"But the human reaction if we reveal ourselves will be war." Ruby said.

"True but why hide your true nature just to please the status quo? Fear and violence is a natural response for something they don't understand. Instead of hiding why not give them an abject lesson that they are not the only ones who lives in this world and that we monsters have the right to live in it as well as they do. That's why once my plans and preparations are complete, I will reveal the existence of Vampires to the world at large! I for one am proud being a Vampire and hiding myself and cowering in the dark is not something I will not do. My people have existed in imagination, books, movies, and other types of media. It's time to step out of the closet and reveal ourselves. I'll deal with the fallout of our coming out party as it happens..."

There was an audible gasp from the audience that had everyone talking all at once. That revelation certainly shocked the students who were encouraged to hide who they were from prying eyes and to peacefully insert themselves in society without rocking the boat too much. The implications and consequences that the Queen proposed would be unknown and of course human reaction to such news will be at best unpredictable. Future events would be interesting that's for sure. Ruby recovered and signaled the audience to silence. When everyone calmed down enough for the interview continued..."

"Besides revealing Vampires to the public...What are your plans for the future of the Vampire race?"

"I have the best scientists and experts gathered together and charged them of making a blood substitute that we Vampires can safely consume so that we don't need to feed on human's no longer. After a few false starts, the team has developed, synthesis, and actually produced a promising breakthrough called "Stigma." Once it is thoroughly tested and rigorously experimented on for it's safety, nourishment value, and no after effects, it will be massed produced as soon as next year."

"That is great news your Highness. Is there anything more exciting that you are at liberty to reveal to us?"

"I just recently bought a 21 mile landfill off the coast of Tokyo. Once we have cleaned it up

and fill more land to expand it even more; I will build upon it. Thus it will fulfill my late mother's dream of an independent and self governing Vampire nation my people will be able to call home, a Vampire Bund!"

The audience gawked at her and was somewhat speechless. As monsters, they have been forced into hiding for as long as could remember. They were told that in order for them to get along with humanity they have to blend in and live among them and hide who they really were. In order to protect their freedom and their race; they had to keep a low profile and as long as they can keep that facade then their secret will be safe and the balance will not be upset too much. Mina was proposing to expose monsters the world over or so many of them thought. Ever perceptive, the young Queen sighed and addressed the audience to allay their fears and keep them at ease...

"You guys are so silly. I SAID that I was going to announce the existence of Vampires. When did I ever say that I would compromise the delicate balance between the humans and monsters? Or in other words, I won't rat out my own kind, I'm not THAT cold hearted! Humanity might rule the Earth (or so they think) but they are not the only creatures that lives in this world. Think of this as an opportunity to gradually acclimatize the humans to our existence and by announcing that Vampires are real, it would open the door for the rest of monsters to eventually come out of the wood work and proudly represent the monster race and interact with the humans. The Chairman had a great idea and he has done a good job keeping your secrets in the shadows for this long. I however, prefer the direct approach so that when it's all said and done there would be no miscommunication nor misgivings that they are not as alone as they might think they are and they are not the only ones who live in this planet!"

At first there was silence but one by one the students clapped until noise became a roar of approval and became a standing ovation. It figured that the Vampire would lead the way to open the door that was closed to the monsters for centuries. The Queen did have a point and with her leading the way surely they can finally stop hiding in the darkness and go into the light. But as much as there were among them who applaud the bright future that will take place, there were a few dissidents who did not like this announcement nor did they applaud the news at all. In fact, they were glaring at Mina in hatred and only their discipline and their orders were the only things that were keeping them in check.

Having charmed the audience, Mina has wrapped them in her little finger. Attacking her now would have been tantamount to suicide as they would have to contend with the Queen herself, Tsukune Aono, and the entire student body. Still this was a ripe time for them to finally end Mina Tepes and crush her dreams of integrating with into humanity. As far as they are concerned, humans are nothing but scum that scoffs the bottom of their shoes. They do not deserve this world and they will usher in a new era where monsters shall inherit the Earth. It is a glorious and wonderful plan that will surely come into fruition once the Queen meets her doom. All they need to do is be patient and wait for the proper signal...

Ruby waited for silence but the audience was still cheering rather enthusiastically and it seemed that they would continue to do so if no one did something to settle them down. The older witch looked that the little blond and met her eyes. Mina nodded and signaled for calm. Eventually, audience complied and they became a rapt and attentive once again. Ruby blew a sigh of relief and mouthed a thank you to the Queen in which she simply nodded in acknowledgement...

"And now for a special segment of our interview, Mina-san will pick someone randomly in the audience and that lucky person will ask her Highness a question in which she will answer the query to the best of her ability. Is that alright with you, your Majesty?"

"Oh why the heck not, I'm game! I think it's going to be fun!"

The audience eagerly and enthusiastically participated in the quest to get Mina to answer one of their questions. While half of them looked on in amusement at their fellow classmates' antics, the rowdy bunch did everything they could think of to get her attention and therefore resulting in being picked. Mina covered her mouth with a dainty hand and tried not to snicker too much. A student who was jumping rather high got her attention. She pointed at the said person and a spotlight shined on the lucky chap which made everyone stop in anticipation of his question...

"M-mina-san can you tell us what you're measurements are?"

Without hesitation, Mina obliged him with a strange answer...

"Oh that's easy, I believe the last time I checked it was B-38 W-26 H-34..."

The male student looked at her in astonishment then his imagination ran away with him as he had a perverted look about him as his imagination ran wild. Everyone in the audience sweat dropped...

"Umm Mina-san how can that be when you're...uh you know?" Ruby asked.

"Oh you mean looking like this?" Mina replied. Then her eyes hardened and her voice changed into a low timbre..."Well, it's one of those secrets that I can't quite tell you all. If I did, I might have to kill you!"

The audience gasped in fear. For a brief moment, her demeanor became menacing and her voice had a callous and cold quality that told them that she was serious and she will not hesitate to carry out her threat. Her crimson eyes seemed to glow ominously as she glowered at the student body whom were so petrified that they were transfixed and couldn't help but gaze at Mina's large orbs. But just as the Queen turned into a predator quite suddenly, Mina returned to the provocative, funny, sweet, little monarch again...

"Just kidding..." Mina said smiling. Then she winked and blew a kiss that effectively floored the male audience and made the females squeal in delight. The blond monarch sweat dropped. Wasn't she just threatening them a minute ago? "Bunch of frickin weirdos!"

Ruby recovered and smoothly diverted the audience's attention and had them ask Mina another question...


Saya Miyamoto was in a hurry through the main halls of the Academy. She was after all telling Gin the truth when she told him that she had errands to do. Even though those "errands" happen to be a plot to assassinate the Queen of Vampires but that's just sweating the details! She has been walking the dimly lit corridors for five minutes now and she felt the sensation that she was being watched. The black haired beauty stopped and whirled for the umpteenth time to look behind but all that greeted here was the dark silence of the hall. She was one of those practical people who don't believe in superstitions and ghost. Because after all, a ghost is nothing more than a kind of monster and to an academy full of monsters that's kind of redundant to say the least. Still she couldn't help the feeling that someone or something was stalking her and it was getting on her last nerve! The president picked up her pace and turned around a corner...

Vera was hiding amongst the shadows stalking her target when she suddenly turned right at the end of the hallway. When she got there, her target has disappeared. She emerged from the darkness and crouched down to the floor and looked carefully at the cobblestones. She adjusted her Vampire eyes so that she could see footprints come ablaze continue down the hallway.

"So she did come this way..." Vera said to herself. "But how could she have gotten ahead of me when I was tailing her so closely,I wonder?"

She followed the footprints for about a minute and realized that something was up when the tracts suddenly turned left, right, and continued ahead...

"Dammit, she knows she's is being followed!"

The centuries of instinct and fighting finally paid off when she suddenly leaned back low to the floor as a weapon sliced through where her head used to be. She then planted her hands and with great strength and dextrous grace, performed a backflip as the same weapon returned to try to bisect her as she hit the ground. Performing a few backhand springs, she finally stopped and with practiced discipline, she went on a fighting stance and immediately her eyes darted everywhere for potential escape routes, avenues where the enemy will likely strike, obstacles that she could use as weapons to aid her, and all the little details that would give her an advantage in the fight. Then she heard someone clapping...

"Bravo, and very well played. The rumors weren't exaggerating and now that I have seen your skills myself; I am truly honored...Veratos!" Saya clapped enthusiastically.

"So you know who I am." Vera replied. "But the question is who are you?"

"Saya Miyamoto from Class 2-B and president of the "I Love Mina Tepes Club" at your service!" Saya said mock bowing.

"That's a bunch of bull and you know it Minamoto-san! Here let me refresh your memory for a moment. From what your teachers and fellow students tell me, you just blended in the crowd and didn't utter a word to anyone. Then it was only when Mina-sama's visit that you suddenly did a one eighty and started the ILMT club and started recruiting for members in the last few days. I also checked your members backgrounds but from what I found they were just ordinary students. However, when I tried look for your records I found something interesting. You my dear Saya by coincidence just happened to transfer here only this semester. When I looked even further, I found out that there was a Saya Miyamoto that went to this school but she has mysteriously disappeared...50 years ago. So tell me "Saya" who you are you really and who do you work for?"

Saya's demeanor went from mocking to hatred in a space of two seconds...

"I see that your reputation precedes you! I'm sorry to do this but you have said too much and I'm going to have to silence you!" she said coldly. "If you will excuse me I have a little twerp to assassinate!"

"Why you...wait!"

"You may kill her now!"

Saya then disappeared in the shadows.

Vera took up a stance and smoothly turned to the left as a sword sliced through the air. She viciously countered as her right knife hand penetrated her assailant's torso and sprayed fountains of green blood on the wall, the floor, and on herself. The attacker was killed instantly and she looked briefly to see what she was dealing with...

"Great, the bitch had to use Goblins to do her dirty work for her!"

She tried to call Mina but she remembered that the Queen was in the middle of an interview. It was a good thing that she got Tsukune's cell number yesterday seeing that he could be trustworthy as he had already saved Mina-sama's life on a couple of occasions. If the Queen has decided that he was to be her servant then it was only logical that they communicate with the other so that they could coordinate if need be. Though she hopes that the brown haired boy have the damn thing with him! She frantically made a call and when she finally went through she could only say a few sentences before an arrow darted through the air and snagged the phone from out of her grasp and then impaling it on the wall behind her. Faint traces of blood, slowly trickled down Vera's cheek as she instinctively, moved her head as she heard the "twang" of the arrow through the air. As her Vampire eyes fell on the most likely spot where the attacker took a pot shot at her, she wasn't really too surprised when she counted about 25 of the nasty bastards surrounding her amongst the shadows...

"Well boys, what are you waiting for?" Vera said grimly. "Bring it on!"

The Goblins didn't need to be told twice as they simultaneously attacked the calm and waiting Vera in the middle of the hallway...

To be continued...

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