Well here we are, my first ever fan fiction. I want you all to know that this was just a random idea that popped into my head the other day but I still find my self compelled to write it so here we are. Please read and review it and tell me what you all think ok^^ now lets got on with it. Also, now stop of if I'm getting these terms wrong, this is non-cannon, AU to the Rosario + Vampire series so bear with me.

Stepping off the old, hot yet oddly comfortable bus was Youkai Academy's newest freshmen, Jaclyn or Jack for short.

Jack walked down the old dirt road on her way to her home for the next three years, looking around at the dead trees and tombstones that adorned the roadside and most of the surrounding area." What a weird place…even for a school for monsters…"she thought as she slowly made her way down the road, the large sack with all her things slung over her shoulder.

It wasn't long before the other freshmen students that had arrived earlier started to come into view, all dressed in there new school uniforms. Jack looked at the uniforms with her topaz colored eyes and then looked down at her own cloths which consisted of a, starting from head to toe, an old WW2 German's officers head, no markings on it tho, which hid her long lower back length raven black hair. A long back leather officer's coat, currently done up which hid her blank T-shirt and large chest and most of her semi-baggy black jeans and a pair of blank combat boots. After looking her self over she new she stuck out like a sore thumb but didn't care one bit.

She made her way passed the now very large crowd of fellow new comers and to the main building, a massive Gothic mansion looking place, and to the main assembly hall for the opening ceremony, checking in her bag with one of the staff to have it sent to her dorm room later on. She made her way through the doors and quickly found a seat and sat down. She watched as a tall man dressed in white robes took the stage and looked out over the sea of students. "Welcome to Youkai Academy. A school for monsters by monsters!" He boomed to all those present in the auditorium, some people nearest to him having to comer their ear's. He went of to give your average welcome speech before dismissing everyone to there homerooms. Jack was one of the first to leave the auditorium and into the halls of the school. On the inside the place looked like her old school back in the human world which she found to be rather comforting, a small smile appearing on her lips as she walked.

Wile she walked down the hall to her homeroom Jack could hear a few of the students talking about her.

"See the guy..what a weird outfit" said one blond.

"Yeah..totally against school rules..and look at how pale he is…like he's right out of the grave!" said her friend.

This only made Jack smile as she walked, happy to see that her boy-ish appearance had everyone fooled something she enjoyed a lot.

It wasn't long before she was at her homeroom. She walked in and saw that it wasn't that different then her old one. She quickly found a seat in the very back by the window and took her seat and waited for the teacher to arrive. As she waited Jack began to look around the room at her fellow students till one in particular caught her eyes, the girl sitting immediately next to her. She looked her over from the corner of her eyes from the girls soft purple-ish blue hair, her solid blue eyes and her soft pale skin. It wasn't till Jack saw the girl looking over at her then she turned her eyes away, a small blush forming on her cheeks from being caught spying.

Soon the teacher walked in and stood by her desk and smiled to the class. She looked like your typical blond and a neko. "Hello everyone! Welcome to Youkai Academy. The place where you'll lean to get along and blend in with humans." She then went of about the school rules, like not being allowed to show your true form to anyone else at the school.

After going over the rules and the short welcome Ms. Nekonome, the teacher, started the introductions and made everyone stand up one by one and well introduce them self's, though some of the students just ignored her, like the girl sitting next to Jack. Once it was her turn Jack stood up and cleared her throat and began to say" Hello everyone. I'm name is Jack Van Wolfgang" with a German accent and a very deep voice that made her sound like a boy. She took a quick look around at everyone and then sat back down, content with her introduction.

There was no actual work assigned for that day so after all the introductions and formalities were done with everyone was released to go find there dorms. Jack took her leave from the main building and started to follow the little map she had been given that lead to the dorm building, unknown to her a second shadow was following her. Due to a shortage of room Jack had been put in the boys wing of the building but was thankful that it was a corner room.

After making her way to the dorms Jack noticed that the building looked like it came from the slums she saw in an old anime she used to watch. With a shrug she walked passed the line of pay phones that were by the stairs that lead up to the third floor and walked down till she stood out front of her dorm room door. She fished around in her pockets for a few moments before finding her room key and unlocking it. She walked in and closed the door behind her and looked around at the small place. There was a small futon bed on the floor by the back wall, a desk and chair to the right of that and across from that there was a small fully equipped kitchen with a mini fridge and her bag placed on the bed with her uniform, a boys uniform. She walked over and picked said outfit up and shrugged" Guess they went by how I looked when they saw me…works for me"

After looking her new uniform over she went about placing it and the rest of her cloths away in the small dresser located next to the desk before she went about removing her hat, letting her long flowing hair down and coat and placed them on the hooks by the door. She then went over and sat in the desk chair and spun around before she let out a long yawn and looked up her window, failing to notice the pair of eyes that were watching her, and saw that it was getting late. "weird..guess I most have spent more time looking for my room then I thought…"she said as she stood up and got undressed and then into a pair of all blank silk PJ's, the type of the button up top and then got into bed. "Well here is the start of a new chapter in my life…"