Chapter 1 Ancestors and Hard Truths

11:55 pm

July 30, 1996

Little Whining, Surrey

'Five minutes to my birthday,' thought Harry as he looked at the red numbers on his repaired digital clock. 'I wonder what scheme Dumbles will come up with this year. He never leaves me any peace.'


Harry normally wishes himself Happy Birthday at midnight on his birthday. This year however magic has a surprise for the young hero. As the clock turns to midnight, Harry is encased in a cocoon of swirling colors. Red, silver, green, gold, blue, yellow, purple and black swirl around him as he drifts off into what at first he believes to be a pleasant dream…

12:00 am

Harry's dream

Harry opened his eyes to see a beautiful flower filled meadow. As he looks around he notices a group of eight figures approaching him.

'They look familiar but from where?'

As the figures get closer he realizes there are 4 men and 4 women. One of the ladies has wavy brown hair and blue eyes. The second has curly blonde hair with blue eyes. The third has long black tresses and violet eyes. The final lady has long wavy red hair and green eyes and is the most familiar in appearance to Harry.

The men all have similar builds. Two have dark locks, one with hazel eyes and one with green. The third has red curly hair and brown eyes. The last has long silver hair and grey/blue eyes.


'Yes Harry," Merlin answered.

"What…Why…Where am I?" asks Harry.

After a closer look at the group Harry realizes he recognizes the entire group from portraits at Hogwarts and one couple from personal photographs.

"Mom…Dad is that really you?" asks Harry.

"Yes Harry. We have watched as you grew up. We are so proud of you son." says James.

Lily wraps Harry up in a tight motherly hug and just holds him letting him absorb the warmth from her touch.

"Harry we have much to tell you and a limited amount of time while your magic heals your body and completes the change." states Merlin.

"What do you mean heal and change sir and um.. Where are we? Are you who I think you all are?"

"Who do you think we are Harry?" asks the man with green eyes and black hair.

"You sir are Salazar Slytherin." Pointing to the man with red hair he states, "You sir are Godric Gryffindor." Pointing to the lady with brown hair he says, "you ma'am are Rowena Ravenclaw." Moving to the blonde he calls out, "She is Helga Hufflepuff and I think she is Morganna Le Fey but I am not sure about that one."

The lady with violet eyes responded with a bow, "I am Morganna."

"You Harry are our last heir. Over the generations our lines have intermarried many times and tied us closely to the Potter family. We have some facts to set straight and truths to be told," explains Merlin.

"Dumbledore has bound your incubus creature inheritance. His family has worked for generations to eradicate creatures from the magical world but in doing so they are killing off magic." explains Merlin.

"What do you mean I am in incubus?"

"Harry," James starts, "I was an incubus. Remus and Sirius were my Tribe Protectors. That is why we were together all the time. Lily was the only breeder I ever managed to find thanks to Dumbledores' meddling. That is also why Sirius is your godfather. They are bonded as your protectors. It was Dumbledores fault they were not able to raise you."

"What do you mean Tribe Protectors? What is a Tribe?" asks harry.

"A Tribe Harry is the name of the family group for an incubus. Vampires have covens and werewolves have dens. All creatures have names for their particular family groups. Tribe Protectors are your sub-dominants. You will be the Alpha-Dominant in your Tribe. Your breeders will all be perfect submissives. You will be the final authority for all decisions regarding the Tribe," explains Merlin.

"Harry," starts Salazar, "There are true histories and culture books in my secret chamber that only I can tell you how to access. When you wake the knowledge of where it is and how to get in will be available to you. Also before we forget, once you wake you will need to go straight to Gringotts claim your inheritance by requesting an inheritance test. The test will prove you are all of our heir. Having a creature inheritance and being the sole member of your family will allow you to become emancipated. Emancipation gives you access to all properties and vaults. Choose one of the large properties and move their right away. You will also be able to use magic without the ministry trace."

"Being emancipated and moving to a property has many bonuses but the main one for you right away is that you will link with your protectors on the first night after you wake. Being in a safe place will allow your creature to be at peace while you work through any issues that may arise with your Protectors while you sleep. The link will form in your sleep and the three of you will share experiences and memories. Do not worry. Your Protectors can not use your memories against you. Their own creature will not allow them to. Yes, Harry, they will have creature in them as well. Because incubi are classed as grey creatures you will have a dark creature and what is normally classed as a light creature for protectors. Being classed light does not always mean innocent though remember that Harry.

After you have all worked out any issues you have and arrange a place and time to meet the next day you will fall into a dream sleep which will show you images of your breeders. Do not panic is you know some of them. Once you introduce yourself and announce why you want them to join you your creature will awaken any creature blood they may have locked away. Their creature will not allow them to deny the love and protection of a family group. All creatures long for acceptance and love. Family guarantees both and safety." explains Godric.

"Ok, Harry," continues Merlin, "don't pass out with the next bit of information. You will have six breeders; four witches with possible creature heritages (one representing each founder), one light and one dark creature for balance. Like Godric said you will dream about them and awaken any creature blood they have when you approach them about the Tribe. They will not be joining out of pity or for responsibility. So forget that thought. Yes. I read your thoughts on that one."

Helga took over from there, "Dumbledore places a binding potion in the beverages at Hogwarts so no matter what students drink they will not come into their creature inheritance at school. This only affects creatures that would come into their inheritance while in school. Any who have birthdays over the summer will come into their inheritance but because of the view of society they will hide once they come back to school. Many will never acknowledge their creature side and this will cause them great harm in the long run. Your friend Neville is Wood elf and he would do well to acknowledge his creature and let it find his mates for his and their benefit. We are counting on you and your Protectors to reverse this potion and bring creatures back into the main stream of magical society again where they belong."

"Harry," Lilly quietly intrudes, "your Protectors will be older than you. I can see that in my dreams but please give them the chance to explain their lives before you preach to them. I cannot see faces. I can tell you that you will realize that sometimes hate is portrayed outwards when people don't understand why they feel the way they do. Remember your dad said he was always close to Sirius and Remus. His instinct told him they were important but he didn't know why yet, having older protectors they will have been confused about why they felt like they did and will likely have lashed out at you to protect themselves from reprisals from Dumbledore. Oh and Protectors are always male sweetie. No matter what Vernon and Petunia have told you being bi-sexual is not wrong not immoral. It is normal in wizarding society.

As Alpha you will bind your protectors to yourself and the future Tribe by having sex. I want you to know this in advance so you will not freak out later, also you and your protectors will need to have sex together with each new breeder, because of this need I suggest you only bind one at a time to the Tribe.. Breeders can become pregnant only from the dominant males in the Tribe. You, my little incubus son, will need to be the first to penetrate each breeder. This act will tie them to the Tribe. Then your Protectors will each need to have sex with them on the same night. Honestly, your breeders will likely become pregnant the night they are bonded to the tribe.

So you and the Protectors will be the only fathers in your group but you can allow other groups in to be part of the Tribe as a whole. You may want to find a creature Healer and admit them and their mate so you have a dedicated Healer. Your Breeders will be educators and valuable members of the family they will not be baby factories. I know you were worried about that I could see it in your face, sweetie.

All members of the Tribe will have a job of some sort that they perform for the better of the tribe some will work outside the Tribe in order to improve public opinion; some will work standard jobs just to be able to make friends and contacts in other family groups. Inner-species relations need to be maintained and that is accomplished by members working with others outside the Tribe. Never think you will be the sole provider or responsible party. You can and should ask your Protectors and breeders their opinion on things if you need advice. They will always be honest and help you make tough decisions. Don't try to do everything son, it will exhaust you."

Lily finished her speech and remembered how she watched Harry's face go from white to oatmeal to ashen while she was explaining then red when she mentioned sex.

"Son," continued James, "most of this will be instinctual. We don't want you worrying about it, so we are warning you in advance so you know what will happen. Don't worry instinct will kick in and you will know what to do and how to treat each partner so that you both enjoy yourselves."

"Can I take a break? I need to assimilate some of this before I go loony. This is so much to take in in such a short time."

"The incubus information is done for now. Do you remember what to do when you wake and why?" asked Rowena.

"I need to go to Gringotts for an inheritance test, choose a property to move to so when I go to sleep I feel safe enough to make contact with my Protectors. Work out issues with them and set up a meeting, go to the Chamber via the secret outside entrance and gather information on other species in order to be prepared and release the information to the public as lost works by the founders found by a new heir. Get someone, hopefully Professor Snape, to help me create a counter potion for the creature binding one in Hogwarts. Did I miss anything?" answered Harry.

"Harry," starts Morganna, "you also need to know that incubi are sex demons, meaning you will have a need for sex daily. Think of it like a new type of appetite. You need food for the body and sex for the mind and psyche. You will need to have sex with all of your breeders and Protectors weekly, at least until any pregnancies may inhibit then physical closeness will satisfy your creature until they can. Your creature will not let you endanger your breeders or children. And unless you want pissed breeders do not make a schedule..Unhappy breeders make for a unhappy home. Some helpful advice from a breeder for you, Harry, I hope."

"Now Harry," Merlin starts, "we each have a gift of some sort to give you. I give you the gift of languages. You will be able to pick up any creature tongue or human tongue instinctively. This gift will improve your ability to negotiate between the family groups and repair any discords among them."

Next was Morganna, "I give you Harry a dark phoenix as a familiar to aid you in times and need and provide invaluable potion ingredients in hopes they will aid in breaking the creature potion. Galadriel will find you once you have moved into a residence. Don't worry she already knows."

Next in line was Salazar, whom Harry had almost forgotten was there, "Harry in my secret chamber you will find several rare snake eggs. Hatch them and train them to protect your home. They will know your Tribe members by your scent on them and will give you all shed skins and allow you to milk them for venom which can be used in potions; Runespoor, Basilisk and magical Boa's."

"Harry," Rowena begins, "my mind is a many splendid thing ans as such I gift you my ability with the mind arts. You will have natural occlumency shields when you awake, be able to perform ligilemency on any person without their notice of anything, have a photographic memory and be able to connect telepathically with all members of your Tribe at will."

Helga was next. "I give you the knowledge of all herbs and plants muggle and magical in the hopes they will aid you in breaking the potion binding magics' creatures. Good luck young Harry."

Godric hands Harry his sword. Once the handle is in Harry's hand Godric begins chanting in Gealic. When he is done he looks at Harry and smiles. "I have given you all my knowledge of weapons and battle which will aid you in protecting your family and Tribe. My sword is yours to call in time of need hold out your right hand and call... It will come and act as your wand and a sword while in conflict. It will not let you down."

"Mom… Dad?"

"Harry," starts James, "I give you all my knowledge of the current politics and the laws on the books at my time of death. May it benefit you in abolishing the creature laws and creating new ones for their benefit."

"Sweetie, I give you the capacity to love without fear and to protect those you love even ro kill for them without feeling remorse. I can sense you will need to be able to forgive yourself for deaths you may cause. As long as they were in protection of your Tribe and family they will not weigh on your mind."

"Merlin, Dad? Will I be able to allow Remus and Sirius into my Tribe or will their protector status confuse my Protectors and breeders?"

Merlin decided to answer. "Harry as long as they have new mates they will now confuse anyone. Your breeders will only be bound to you and your Protectors. They will be able to sense them as members of the Tribe but instinctively will know they are only that… members. If you want your Tribe to flourish then allow them in and allow their new mates or their mates when they find them so they can help with the Tribe over all. Bothe would be excellent teachers in the Tribe and Sirius has political power he can use for the Tribe as well."

Lily walked up and wrapped Harry in a hug once again. "Harry you will wake soon. Your magic has finished repairing the damage and awakening your creature. Don't panic when you wake you will have some physical changes to get used to. You will be able to make some changes to your appearance to hide until you are emancipated. Just look in a mirror and think what you want changed. It will almost be like a metamorphmagus but you can only change facial features so you appear different."

"Ok, mom."

"Time to wake up Harry." He hears them all say.

"Bye. Love you mom and dad. Thank you everyone. I will work hard to fix Dumbles mess. I will miss you all."

As Harry feels his body lighten he closes his eyes. Once his eyes are closed he begins to feel heavy and sweaty. Before he opens his eyes he decides to do a post Vernon thrashing inventory to discover any lingering aches and pains…

Move feet and legs…check

Move hands and arms… check

Patting down torso…no new extremities here…

Touching face he notices something odd. Two small horns protruding from above his eyes in his hairline. Ok those are new. Why does my lower back hurt so much?

Rolling onto his side to see if that helps he realizes it does and decides to feel to see if he can discover the problem. Feeling his way across his hips from front to back he realizes there is a new something on his lower back. Running his hand across it and feeling it extend from his spine and extend down he realizes what it is…

I HAVE A TAIL! Then he fades into the darkness again.

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