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Chapter One

Grimmjow opened his eyes slowly blinking in the light caused from the overhead light that he had forgotten to switch off last night. He got up from his bed and walked over to the switch and dimmed the lights a bit till his eyes were used to the brightness. He sighed thinking about yesterday. Aizen had told him that today he would be getting a new fraccion since all his old ones were just about all dead. It was weird that Aizen had forgiven him so easily when he came back but he expected that he was going to get back at him with this new fraccion he mentioned.

"Tch why does he have to choose my followers?" said Grimmjow while leaning on the wall.

He was brought out of his thoughts when someone knocked on his door. He walked over and pulled open his door. There was his greatest rival. He was not sure but he hated this man's guts with a passion but maybe it was because of how he always followed Aizen's every wish.

"Grimmjow you are to follow me to Aizen so that he may present your new fraccion" said Ulquiorra

See I told you he follows Aizen's every wish like a little dog...

"Why did you have to come and fetch me?" Grimmjow almost growled," I can find my way there without your help."

"Do you think I am necessarily enjoying fetching you?" replied Ulquiorra in his monotone voice.

"Hah well as Aizen-sama's lap dog you should."

"I will wait for you to put on some proper attire then we shall proceed to Aizen, we are already late so hurry up"

Grimmjow promptly stepped back and slammed the door in Ulquiorra's face enjoying his shocked expression then turned around to get dressed. No matter how much he despised Aizen he did not want him on his case. He slipped in the shower and then got dressed. He opened the door and stared walking hands shoved in his pocket giving him his signature slouch.

Both him and Ulquiorra then went to Aizen's personal hall. Ulquiorra knocked on the door and waited for the commanding voice of Aizen to allow them in.


Ulquiorra opened the door and mockingly bowed to me while gesturing to get inside.

"Well Grimmjow I hope you are prepared for my little gift that I have for you?"

"Yes I should be ready" Grimmjow replied mockingly

"Good, Gin bring in the girl!" called Aizen

Gin then appeared by one of the side doors with his hand pulling something behind him. They were both in darkness due to the overhead lights until Gin came through one of the light shafts and Grimmjow was able to see the little 'gift' Aizen had prepared for him. It was a girl although she appeared no older that a teenager of about her high school years. She had long blue hair and very light blue eyes and she had very light coloured skin although not as white as Ulquiorra. She seemed too fragile for him and was about Aizen when-

"Her name is Hikari she may seem to be weak looking for you but believe me you will be in for a surprise once you start he training."

"What training?" asked Grimmjow surprised. He had not heard of this before.

"She has been trained to fight but we need her to get from a shinigami's level to a espada's standing. Also she has been out in Hueco Mundo for quite a bit so she is a bit on edge with her fighting and the goal of the training is for her to become an espada."

"So this little girl is going to become an espada?"

"Yes Grimmjow she will and when she does she will probably be stronger than the strongest vaste lord."

"Right..." I say while rolling my eyes.

"Really Grimmjow,now i would like you to go and show Hikari around Las Noches and also get her uniform for her. Since her room is still not ready she will be staying with Halibel who will be her female mentor and you are to work peacefully with her understood?"

"Hai Aizen-sama" I replied with a short bow.

"Right Hikari" He now said turning to her, "If you are troubled with anything please come to either Gin,Tousen or myself but otherwise you should be fine with Grimmjow and Halibel."

""Hai Aizen-sama" replied Hikari, "Thank you for everything" with that she bobbed a bow and walked up to Grimmjow.

"Pleasure to meet you Grimmjow-sama"

"Humph come little girl time for your tour"


With that Grimmjow unexpectedly picked the girl up by her belt with one arm.

"Are you sure about this Aizen?" eyeing Hikari and ignoring her wriggling.

"Yes I am quite sure" concealing a grin.

"Okay" sighed Grimmjow walking out the door and preparing himself mentally for what was about to come.

Grimmjow continued walking for quite a while before finally putting down Hikari.

"What was that for?" she asked angrily

"Oi don't get mad at me little girl!" warned Grimmjow.

"I can if I want, please why did you pick me up?"

"I was weighing you to tell the truth"

"Really and why would you need to know my weight?" sounding rather annoyed "A woman's weight is her one and only most important secret!"

"To see if you could actually move me with a punch" ignoring her irritation.

"And pray tell what is your judgment?" she asked tapping her foot slightly.

"I am not sure"

Next thing Grimmjow knew Hikari's fist was inches from his face then- Boom!

He was thrown in the air and into the the dust had cleared from where Grimmjow had been thrown into the wall he emerged, very surprised on how much strength was in her punch and also from the fact that she had the nerve to punch him. He might be able to get along with her although she seemed a bit spirited and obviously did not know the people here yet she had punched him because nearly everyone does not want to fight with him but she might be able to handle him especially since he would be having to train her. He looked up to see her trying very hard not to laugh.

"Sorry I just couldn't resist..." she giggled.

Was she actually giggling at him? People don't laugh at Grimmjow Jaggerjacques Sexta Espada...But he would forgive her this time.

"Just don't do that again or else"

"Aye sir!" she suddenly stood straight and saluted him.

"Tch stop with those imitations that humans do they are annoying!"

They had been walking in silence for a while now and had almost reached the first destination of the 'tour'. Finally the double doors of the cafeteria appeared and Hikari suddenly got excited.

"Is there food in there?"

"Yes this is the cafeteria where most of us hang out most of the time"


"The rest of the espada's"

"Oh okay will that other espada be in here?"



"I think she might if Stark is in here she might come in"

"Is she nice?" she asked suddenly sounding nervous and was shuffling her feet and her eyes were looking down.

"I do not really know but I suppose we will find out" reaching out to open the doors.



"Don't you hang out together with the other espada's?"

"No not necessarily no,look little girl us espada's are not a group of friends we are hollows who have fought with everything we have to conquer all to get where we are now no we are only neutral allies who work together when Aizen tells us to got it?"

"Hai" suddenly fearful of her one mentor and unsure of how to reply otherwise.

He opened the doors and they stepped in together while those inside looked up to look at the newcomers.

Inside there was Stark and Lillenette lying on the couch and of course here was Hallibel standing by the nearest window and someone was in the kitchen. Hikari who did not know who everyone was yet looked up questionably at Grimmjow.

"Grimmjow I-" she started but he had already got the message.

"Alright the guy lazing on the couch who still looks asleep is Stark and the little girl beside him is Lillenette." She gave them a quick formal bow.

"Hi I am Hikari, pleased to meet you"

"Pleasure is ours" replied Lillenette with a bow.

"Then this by the window is your other mentor,Hallibel"

"Nice to meet you Hikari" said Hallibel in her semi-deep voice

"The pleasure is all mine Hallibel-sama I hope that I can work hard for both you and Grimmjow"

The person who was in the kitchen area suddenly came out. It was Nnoitra.

"Hey Grimmy-san what have you brought in today?"

"Nnoitra stop talking to me as if I am your pet cat" he growled as he spoke," This is Hikari,she is new and Aizen has put Hallibel and I in charge of her"

"You guys sure you can handle her?" He asked with a leering smile making Hikari uncomfortable.

"Back off Nnoitra" intervened Hallibel

"Calm down shark-girl" Nnoitra said while putting up his hands.

"Right well Hikari are you hungry by any chance?" asked Hallibel pushing Hikari away from the two now angry Espada's.

"No not one bit" she replied back smiling although straight after she said that her stomach growled.

"It appears your stomach speaks the truth" said Hallibel laughing under her breath

"Humph" Hikari said while folding her arms and blushing,"Can I quickly make myself something?"

"Yes of course you can!" said Lillenette suddenly popping her head from Hallibel's waist.

Grimmjow sat down on one of the couches and Halibel went to go sit next to Stark and they both watched Hikari move around to make a sandwich

"Tch yes but hurry we need to go get your uniform"

"Has she not got one yet?" asked Hallibel

"No but it is going to be fun showing her the clothing system"

"Yes I agree"

"I remember the first time I went is almost a girl's dream come true" said Lillenette with a dreamy look on her face coming to sit down after showing Hikari where everything was.

While this going on they were all being watched by Aizen in the control room as well as Gin who was working the controls.

"Aizen what do you think?"

"I think that my plans have almost been set" He said with a smile but with cold eyes.

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