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Quinn stepped up to the hotel room, she had done this many times before, and it had never felt weird. She slowly reached up and knocked on the hard wood of the door. Why did it feel weird for her now?. All she was doing was helping Sam baby-sit, that was all this was. She had done it while she and Finn were dating, and just because they were over it didn't mean she couldn't help Sam out why did it feel weird?

It wasn't supposed to.

She couldn't have feelings for Sam anymore, she knew that, she didn't deserve to have those feelings.

She knocked again, this time slowly letting out a breath that she didn't even know she was holding.

Sam opened the door a minute later with his shirt off showing his glorious abs, and his hair was wet pressed around his face in a messy way.

Damn! Quinn may have gasped a little, and now she may be staring.

"Hey, Quinn," Sam said.

Quinn shook her head from her thoughts and looked into the boys face, "hey...I know I'm a little early, but my mom was using the car and I really didn't want to have to I had her drop me off."

Sam shrugged, "it's cool. My parents haven't left yet, but they'll be leaving in about five minutes." He stepped out of the doorway, "here, come in," while she stepped inside and he closed the door he said, "we're watching The Land Before Time V right now."

Quinn smiled as she made her way over to the bed in front of the Hotel TV. Once Stevie and Stacy realized who was here they leapt off the bed to meet her, "hey, Quinn!" Stevie hollered, while Stacy's was more of a "yay, Quinnie!"

The older blonde girl smiled as the kids attacked her with hugs, "hi, guys!" She hugged them back before they each grabbed one of her hands and pulled her off toward the bed in front of the TV. The two young ones jumped back onto the bed while Quinn laid in the middle in-between both of them (they both wanted to hold her hand).

Sam had headed back into the bathroom, his parents hadn't left yet...right now they were outside getting money for the date of job searching they had planned together. They needed the money to stop at McDonalds and eat the dollar menu burgers when they got hungry.

Sam hated this, he hated living in a hotel, he hated borrowing clothes from the guys like Kurt (Finn and Puck also loaned him some, but still), he hated having to ask Quinn to help him baby-sit...he just couldn't handle both of the kids alone.

He had asked Mercedes originally. She declined saying she was busy. It turned out that Friday night was his girlfriend's family night. So instead he called Quinn. Mercedes had no idea Quinn was there, he sure as hell hoped that if she found out, she didn't care.

She shouldn't, Quinn is just a friend.

That's all she is to him.

That's all she should be to him, she did cheat on him and then lie about it...that's all she is to him.

Sam was combing his hair while drying it with a towel and thinking about these things, he had put on a muscle shirt that Puck had given him, along with a pair of shorts that he had owned previously to the parents losing their job thing.

He was thinking about her.

And not his girlfriend her was her.

The her currently sitting in his fake living room/bedroom/kitchen/whatever the hell else there was in a house.

Yeah, he was still one hundred percent completely in love with Quinn Fabray, and he knew it as soon as he opened the door revealing her standing there with her newly short blonde hair that the moon shown off of perfectly and her eyes being lit up...the very same hazel eyes that took his breath away each time he looked into them...and he felt bad because he shouldn't have these feelings, he was with Mercedes now. Mercedes was good people, but he didn't like hiding the relationship...maybe Mercedes was ashamed of dating a poor white boy, maybe she didn't like him.

Sam sighed as he set the comb down and then he made his way out of the bathroom.

He noticed Quinn was standing by the door with his parents talking. He decided to join them.

"Ah, there he is." His father laughed.

"Taking all the time in the bathroom as usual," His mother added on to further the joke.

Great Quinn was laughing.

Sam shook his head, "come, on! I'm not always in the bathroom," he could feel himself readdening.

His father shook his head, "sure,'s hard for any of the rest of us to get time for a shower," he said to Quinn who was still smiling brightly. He leaned in a little closer to her, "...we normally have to take them while he's asleep or at school!"

Quinn laughed, "yeah, my sister's the same way!"

Mrs. Evans nodded, "oh, so you know what that's like?"

Quinn continued smiling, "well I did, but she's gone now...yeah, all that showering finally drove my parents to throw her out."

Mr. Evans let out another laugh, "be careful Sammy boy, you don't want that to happen to you now, do you?"

Quinn looked at Sam who couldn't help but think about how adorable she looked when she bit her lip nervously, he shook his head, "no...I'll try to make it better." He shook his head while sweeping a hand through his hair.

His parents had been gone for an hour now, Quinn was sitting beside Sam on the floor in front of the bed leaning back against it. Stevie and Stacy were still laying on the bed watching the rest of the movie. Quinn glanced up at Sam, he was currently staring at the TV intently. She couldn't help but sigh, why'd she let him get away?

That's when she remembered the stuff in her jacket pocket, so she reached into it and pulled it out...two candy bars; one Snickers and the other a Twix, the third thing was a box, the one Sam had given her with the ring.

"Here," she whispered lightly shoving the box into his hand. "I thought you might want it back. I just couldn't give it to you before."

Quinn didn't wait to see Sam's reaction as she sat up and looked at the two on the bed, "I brought these for you..." She told them. Their eyes lit up as they saw the chocolate bars. Quinn shrugged, "...but you can only eat them if you promise not to get all crazy wild and stuff." She laughed, "I know what sugar does to you."

"We promise!" Stevie swore.

Stacy nodded, "yeah, promise."

Quinn nodded, "alright, here." She handed the Snickers to Stevie, and Stacy got the Twix.

She gave it back...

...he didn't want it back.

Stevie and Stacy got candy bars, and he got a lousy promise ring that obviously meant nothing to her.

He didn't want it back. He wanted her to still be wearing it, he wanted them to still be together.

He wanted a lot of things.

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