As I went back and read through this story I realized the name "Adventures In Babysitting" didn't really suit it so much seeing as it wasn't really about babysitting know...whatever...

...Last Chapter...

Quinn and Sam had been back together for a month now, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday they would go on dates, those were the only days Sam had off of work and the days that he had money as he was paid every Saturday.

They made it a habbit to go bowling every week on Tuesday even though Quinn wasn't a big fan of bowling; Sam was and she'd do everything she could to keep him happy. The food at the bowling alley was pretty expensive so they never ate there, they always went to Breadstix for dinner on that day.

Thursday's were the day they reserved Quinn's house and stayed up late watching movies and cooking their own dinner at the house. Actually Quinn did most of the cooking, she learned early on that Sam could never cook without burning everything.

And Sunday's they did church work together, working in the Sunday School area after their own church services and then they took the Sunday School kids home in the church van before going to lunch at The Rose Garden a fancy restaurant that opened that summer, Quinn normally paid for their meals on Sunday afternoon and Sam would pay Sunday night as they ate take out while babysitting Stevie and Stacy.

Yes, they had created a routine, but it was one that they were both completely comfortable with, and with them as a couple nothing ever got boring.

On the fourth of July they threw their Glee pool party bash at Quinn's house, her mom went over to the Lopez's for the night (Santana and Quinn had to do a lot of begging on that part, but their mother's finally agreed).

"Quinn this party is sick," Blaine smiled. He wasn't really in their Glee Club but Kurt was and since they were dating they allowed the Warbler to join in on the fun.

"Thanks," Quinn smiled, "it was Sam's idea."

"Bottle Rockets!" Puck cried as he stepped outside with a handful of the rockets. "Who's with me?" He questioned.

Finn stood up, "I am!"

"Hell yes," Mike nodded rolling Artie over.

Blaine looked at Kurt who shook his head, "you go." Blaine gave him a smirk as he stood up and joined the guys.

"Yeah, us girls would rather watch." Rachel said.

Quinn patted Sam's shoulder, "go," she pointed toward the boys, "don't want you missing out."

Sam gave her a kiss on the cheek before he stood up and joined his friends.

Santana made her way over to Quinn and sat down, "hey, hey," She smiled. "How's life in the Fabrevans world?"

"Fantastic." Quinn gushed, "I love him so much."

"It's so obvious." Mercedes giggled.

Contrary to the popular belief on facebook Mercedes did not nor ever will hate Quinn for 'stealing' her boyfriend away. Mercedes always had a feeling her and Sam would never last, and she was truly happy that both he and Quinn seemed to be so happy together.

There was no bitterness between the three whatsoever.

Kurt jumped at the sound of the screeching Bottle Rocket as Puck shot it out of his beer bottle.

"Did you just jump!" Rachel laughed.

Kurt shook his head, "no." He sighed, "never."

"Oh, you so did." Tina laughed as Kurt continued to shake his head in argument. "haha."

"Smoke Bomb!" Brittany cheered as she lit the thing and threw it down inbetween Santana and Quinn.

"Brittany!" They both squealed getting up, Quinn coughing as she inhaled a little.

Brittany smiled, "what?"

"You're not supposed to throw them at people."

"No, that's what these are for!" Finn cried throwing a snapper down at the girls' feet.

"Ow!" Santana gasped with a laugh at the thing popped against her skin.

"Ooh, let me try!" Brittany giggled bouncing over to Finn.

As Finn handed the box of snappers over to the taller blonde he watched Puck light up three Bottle Rockets at once before watching them launch into the air with their screeching before they popped.

"What's that one thing," Santana said looking at Quinn, "you hold it in your hand and it launches into the air a few times sparkling things or whatever."

Quinn folded her arms across her chest as she shrugged, "Roman Candle?"

"Yes!" Santana snapped her fingers, "do you have any of those? I used to launch them with my dad all the time."

"You can check the bag, I'm not really sure what all my mom got us." Quinn told her.

"Oh there's a lot in there." Puck said as he gave Mike the lighter so the guy could shoot his Rockets.

"Ow!" Finn laughed as Brittany threw a few snappers at him.

The blonde laughed before running away and throwing them around the Fabray's yard.

Ten minutes later Santana was out in the middle of the yard with Quinn and they were setting off the Roman Candles while Brittany and Tina were having a snapper fight and Rachel and Kurt were playing it safe messing with the sparklers.

"Hey Finn, come help with the grill." Sam said as he and Puck started lighting the thing.

The taller boy left Artie with his soda and walked over to the blonde and the mohawked guy and took a look at the grill. "What'cha need?" He asked.

Puck shrugged, "just need the food. Quinn said her mom put it in the fridge, you wanna get it?"

Finn nodded as he made his way into the Fabray house to get their food.

"Quinn?" Rachel questioned as she and Kurt made their way to the girl's, "did you're mom get anything for me?" She wondered, "not to be greedy or selfish it's just that I-"

"I know." Quinn nodded, "we all know you're a vegan Rachel and that's why the boys are putting a veggie burger on for you."

The shorter girl smiled, "oh great! Thanks."

Quinn gave her a smirk before she turned back to Santana, however she ended up facing the short brunette once more, "hey Rachel?"


"Thank you for talking to Sam," Quinn said, "he told me that you and Finn met up with him at the park a while ago and I just wanted to thank you, because whatever you said seemed to work."

Rachel could only smile, "it's no problem, when I see things need fixing, I try my best to fix them."

Quinn smiled as Kurt handed Rachel another sparkler, "here!" He said, "it's time to be the maestro of the sound of music."

"What music?" Mercedes laughed.

Kurt shrugged, "it's always in my head."

The dark skinned girl sighed as she sat back down in one of the lounge chairs.

"This is a pool party, isn't it?" Santana asked after a moment.

Quinn shrugged, "yeah, why?"

"No one seems to enjoy the pool." Rachel pointed out.

"So." Quinn shrugged once more, "no one has to get in the pool. It's not like there's a rule."

Santana glanced over toward the grill, "how many guys does it take to work that thing anyway?" She hollered over as she noticed Puck, Sam and Finn were now joined by Blaine, Artie and Mike.

"Too many." Mercedes groaned as she closed her eyes and took a sip of her iced tea.

"Ooh, Bumble Bees!" Brittany could be heard from outside as she dashed toward her friends, "San, are these the things that spin around in like the air as they change different colors?"

Santana eyed the bees a moment before shrugging, "I don't know, Britt, could be."

Brittany then looked at Quinn, "are they?"

Quinn shrugged, "I think so, maybe."

"Cool." Brittany grinned, "then these things are so awesome." She then set it on the ground, "Santana light it."

The Latina did as she was told before they all stepped back watching the bee work its way around. When it was finished Brittany jumped in place clapping her hands cheerfully as she went. "Yay!"

Once the food was done and cooked up and they had finished eating Sam walked over to Quinn as she stood by the poolside table, "having fun yet?" He asked her.

She smiled, "it's been amazing." She then shrugged, "couldn't ask for any better."

Sam gave her a quick kiss wrapping his arms around her before he swiftly threw her into the pool.

When she came up from the water and gasped in surprise she glared at him, "I can't believe you did that!"

"It's a pool party babe!" He laughed.

"Damn straight!" Santana agreed before she pushed him in.

When Sam came up he looked at his girlfriend as she smiled, "that's my best friend." She said.

He then shot a glare at Santana who gave him a wink.

The night ended quickly as they finished their own fireworks and the food and swam in the pool. As they sat in the lounge chairs and around the poolside they looked up at the sky and watched as it lit up with the firework display that was happening in the park.

They were all staying the night so no one had to worry about getting home quickly as they all sat together.

Sam looked around as he lay on one of the chairs holding Quinn against him, earlier this year he had all of these friends and a sort of rival with Finn after he stole Quinn away, but right now, in this moment as he noticed Brittany and Santana holding hands as they looked up at the sky laying on the ground, and Kurt and Blaine tangled in each others arms along with Finn and Rachel curled together on the chair opposite them he couldn't ask for anything better either. He had Quinn.

He had amazing friends.

And so far, he had a pretty damn good summer.

And there's the end...

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