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Chapter 3!

So Sam and Quinn had watched the movie; the entire move. they were too afraid to be hit in the head if they talked (well, at least Sam was). So they watched the whole movie, not that it was a problem for either of them, because they clearly enjoyed them, so it worked. They just didn't realize that the younger kids had fallen asleep halfway during the film.

Quinn had ended up sliding down to where she was laying on the floor on her back. Sam was still sitting (it was easier for him to slip the occasional glance toward the girl, in his sitting position). The looks did not go unnoticed by that said girl, and she was all giddy inside (he was looking at her).

After the credits finished Quinn sat up, "are we continuing?" She asked.

Sam shook his head, "no." He pointed to the bed, "they're asleep."

Quinn scratched her head as she also noticed the kids, "hey, so..."

Sam nodded, "yeah."

Quinn stood up, "I'm gonna use the restroom."

Sam smiled, "yeah."

Just as Quinn entered the bathroom the hotel phone began to ring. Sam quickly stood up to answer it before it woke up his siblings.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Hey!" It was Mercedes.

Sam's eyes widened, "hi." Oh, no!

Mercedes laughed, "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?"

Sam rolled his eyes (though it wasn't intentional), "I thought you were night?"

Mercedes let out a sigh, " just still need help with the kids?"

Just tell her, Sam thought, "uh..."

"I was really wanting to see you," Mercedes pressed on, "we haven't seen each other in a while."

That was true, "yeah...I could use the help." And he immediately felt like an idiot. What about Quinn?

He could hear the smile in his girlfriend's answer, "awesome, I'll be there in about ten minutes!"

Sam smiled; since when did it become forced? "Great."

As soon as he hung up he stared at the phone. He shook his head before he looked toward the bathroom door, the only person he wanted to be around, the only girl that actually existed in his mind, the one who unknowingly had his heart was behind that door, and she'd be gone in only a few short minutes.

Inside the bathroom the blonde was staring at the mirror, staring at the girl looking back at her, "this isn't me." She whispered. She shouldn't be letting herself get mixed up over a guy. She wasn't that girl, no matter how hard she tried to be. She was the girl with the dorky glasses who stared at the hot guy from afar (she always did that as Lucy). She'd be lying if she said she didn't miss it.

Yeah, not looking like that, and not being made fun of for looking like that was so much better than always getting picked on however, she missed not risking her feelings all the time, she missed never having to put her heart on the line for a guy because back then no guy gave her a second glance (hell they rarely ever gave her a first glance). She put her heart on the line for Finn, well, it was more like the train track for him and that train just crushed it twice, she did it with Puck and was left broken hearted and last it was with Sam...yet another heartbreak (not that she didn't deserve all the heartbreak...some of it was her fault). She just hated who she had become, at least now...she wasn't the girl who cheated, she wasn't the girl who lied, she wasn't the girl who made fun of others, it just wasn't her. She used to be nice and caring...and now she was trying to get that back...she was trying to redeem herself.

Just because her name and face had changed, it didn't mean her heart and soul had to also.

Once Quinn came back out Sam walked over to her. He had a guilty expression, Quinn didn't like it, "what's up?" She asked warily.

Sam shrugged, "um...I appreciate you coming over to help Quinn, it means alot, but..."

"Are you asking me to leave?" She didn't mean to sound hurt.

Sam hated the sound of her heartbreaking, it's like it was right in his ear...she still liked him, and he knew it. he shrugged, "it's just that Mercedes called, and we've kind of been..." Tell her! His mind all but shouted at him, "...putting something together for Glee Club." He shrugged, great job moron!

Quinn looked behind him at the door, she was wearing a confused expression, "but school's over, it's summer...there is no Glee Club right now."

Sam shrugged, "yeah, but we've got a surprise thing...and you and I talking about it kind of ruins the affect of the surprise." He smiled lightly.

Quinn frowned, "oh."

Sam's smile faltered (she was normally so good at hiding her feelings...why wasn't she today?), "you okay?"

She nodded, "oh, yeah...I'm fine."

She turned to walk out the door, "tell them I said bye...and uh, call me if you need more help." She nodded, " know all that stuff." Sam nodded, "yeah...thanks Quinn." He closed the door behind her.

It had only been a fourth of a second and his heart missed her already.

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