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A/N: This story is based off of the idea that Chibi-Reaper and Majin Hentai X, Naruto the Videogame and Naruto: Game of the Year Edition. A friend of mine, TheSilentJackofallTrades made his own story using the same idea but using Halo as the subject called Death's Favorite Game (Check it out if you are a Halo fan).

This will end up a Harry/Harem or Harry/Multi. There will be some Ron bashing, Dumbledore will be a manipulator but not truly evil, Snape will be like his true character roles that had been represented from books one through six, Harry will be proactive in his life, and several other characters will be portrayed differently.

The title means that there will be more encounters with magical beasts and encounters will be scaled up, giving Harry much more to deal with as there will be more than canon battles.

Also, this will eventually become a super!Harry in terms of how many abilities he gains. There will be many types of AU and crossover magic so don't be surprised if you see things from games, anime, or other books.

(7/11/11): Here is a rewrite after a very correct review that was given to me. I have cut the harem in half down to seven girls. Sadly some of the girls that I cut were ones that I was personally hoping to give some flushing out to but 14 was just too many to write for in the long-run. Some of the fixes in this story are thanks to shouldabeenadog.

I answer nearly all of my reviews that are sent to me (even flames though only the ones that point out actual issues) so if you have questions don't be afraid to ask.

Also, Ginny is not being bashed in this story. This is a plot point that will be revealed later in the story so please keep an open mind

Normal speech/writing


Game writing

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.


It has been a year since Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort and the war was finally over...or it would have been but the beliefs that Voldemort inspired and promoted had dug too far into the minds of the Pure-bloods and those that had once been neutral had succumbed to the bigotry and fear that this modern day Hitler had implanted into the peoples minds.

The Ministry of Magic was turned into a base for the hatred of Muggles and Muggle-born magicals. It was almost daily that Muggles and Muggle-borns were burned, hanged, or slaughtered just outside of the Ministry as the cobbled roads became dyed in the blood of the innocents, so much so that the path had been dubbed as The Bloody Cobbles by Muggle-borns and Half-bloods.. The Magical world had fallen into turmoil and nothing anyone could do would change it.

In time, Harry Potter became the most wanted by the Ministry and was forced to go into hiding along with Ginny Potter, his wife. It was nights like tonight that Harry wondered why he had fought so hard to save the Magical world when things were worse than if Voldemort had actually won.

A noise similar to thunder resonated in the room he was relaxing in as the door was blown off of it's hinges. In the doorway a figure in a black cloak, similar to that of the Death Eater's, walked in with their wand raised.

"Avada Kedavra!"

A sickly green beam of light shot from the end of a wand in the hooded person's hand. Harry watched as the green light slowly traveled from the wand and at him. Time nearly froze to a standstill and Harry knew that he couldn't avoid it in time, this was his beginning into the next great journey.

The world had gone black for Harry and nothing filled him but anger. After his years growing up with the abusive Dursley family, having to save the Philosopher's Stone, kill a giant Basilisk, fend off around a hundred Dementors at once to save his innocent Godfather, compete in the Triwizard tournament, betrayed by his best mate, escape from a newly revived Voldemort, handling Umbridge and her bigotry, fight several Death Eaters through the Department of Mysteries as well as Voldemort possessing him for a time, having to see his Godfather die before his eyes, Hermione going postal on him over a potion book, having to deal with Dumbledore's death, looking back after the man's death and see how much he had controlled his life, quitting his final year of Hogwarts to travel the countryside in search of Voldemort's Horcruxes, being betrayed by Ron again, nearly dieing at Voldemort's hands, and then finally having to deal with a bigoted society that he had saved from Voldemort that supported the psycho's views and took them steps farther. It was at this moment that Harry knew he was dead, he couldn't feel any of his magic surging from him like it did when his emotions flared and his anger fell away to acceptance, there was nothing he could do about his death.

The world that had gone black echoed with a sad tune of a flute, returning Harry's attention to his surroundings as the words "Game Over" reached his ears. Suddenly, the same words as what he heard appeared in front of him in red letters for a minute before slowly disappearing. In its place, more letters in white appeared and formed a list or sorts.


Reached age 18: 180 points

Survived the Dursleys: 50 points

Made Friends (28): 140 points

Spells learned (16): 160 points

Expecto Patronum mastered: 150 points

Protected the Philosopher's Stone: 80 points

Saved Ginny: 100 points

Slayed Slytherin's Basilisk: 200 points

Rescued Sirius an Buckbeak: 140 points

Finished all three challenges of the Triwizard tournament: 100 points

Won Triwizard tournament: 500 points

Destroyed Horcrux (All): 1,000 points

Defeated Voldemort for a final time: 1,200 points

subtotal: 4,000 points

Hogwarts letters destroyed (10 max): -100 points

Allowed life to be controlled: -1000 points

Lost Sirius: -150 points

Trusted blindly (20 max): -400 points

Married Ginny(?): -150 points

Lost [?] to another: -600 points

Lost [?] to another: -400 points

Lost [?] to another: -400 points

Lost [?] to another: -400 points

Lost [?] to another: -400 points

Trusted "The Betrayer": -350 points

Failed to notice "The Knowledge": -600 points

Failed to notice "The Black": -400 points

Failed to notice "The Bird": -400 points

Never met "The King": -500 points

Never met "The Broken": -400 points

Never met "The Abandoned": -400 points

Never met "The Betrayed": -400 points

"The Black" killed: -800 points

Acted inappropriately towards relationships: -150 points

Failed to Graduate Hogwarts: -2,000 points

Died young: -600 points

subtotal: -11,000 points

Final Total: -7000 points

Rating: #$%!

Alignment: Pure Light [Self-sacrificing Savior]

Continue? Below that was two boxes, one saying Yes and the other saying No.

'What is this? Is this what Dumbledore meant when he said that death was the next great adventure? This looks like the muggle video games that Dudley used to play when I was at the Dursleys over the summers. What the hell could this mean though...was all my pain and suffering just some video game? Was my entire life just a lie that someone experiences for their own enjoyment?!' It took a moment but Harry cooled down a bit, or at least as much as he could in order to make a rational decision. He noticed that nothing was happening so he took it upon himself to move forward.

Harry walked over to the Yes box and pushed his hand against it. The Yes box lit up and slowly the darkness changed into a field with Hogwarts appearing off in the distance. "Hogwarts? But...I thought it was almost fully destroyed in the last battle against Voldemort?" Harry felt a tear run down his cheek. He walked forward to try to get to Hogwarts but he was stopped as he hit an invisible wall of sorts. Harry was confused until Harry Potter appeared in front of him and under that appeared:

New Game




Feeling numb from his former anger Harry pulled in his Gryffindor courage and, remembering what he had seen in Dudley's games, Harry pressed his hand against New Game. Everything that Harry could see began to blur out into black. A melody filled Harry's ears, one that had a magical feel to it's tune (Play the Hedwig's Theme to know what it is). A feminine voice filled his ears.

In the Magical World, the balance of good and evil can be shifted by even the lowliest of paupers with the right amount of will and dedication. The Dark Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters led a campaign against non-magicals, muggle-borns, and non-humans in order to restore the supremacy of the Pure-bloods.

In his lust for power and domination, Voldemort turned his attention to a family of three, the Potters. On Halloween night of 1981, Voldemort broke into the Potter family home and killed James and Lily. When he turned his attentions to young Harry though, his spell backfired on him, sending him from the world of the living.

On that night, Albus Dumbledore left the young boy at the doorstep of his only remaining family, the Dursleys. The Dursley family was comprised of Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley, none of them cared for things that exceeded the norm. Unfortunately for Harry, everything about him was special or, as the Dursleys told him, freakish. All of Harry's past soon caught up with him as Dudley's 11th birthday came about.

Harry watched as the setting around him changed to that of the cupboard that he had spent his early life in, not only that but his body changed to that of his nearly 11 year old body. The day played out the exact same way as it had before with the zoo and Dudley falling into the snake enclosure, only this time Harry did it on purpose. When he was ordered to his "room", Harry sat down as he attempted to sort through his feelings on what had happened. He had been killed by some robed assailant, found out that his life was similar to a game, and that he was now back to the time when his Wizarding life began. The one thing that had help Harry calm down was that he was in complete control of what was going on and was not being controlled by anyone.

As he sat in his "room", a screen popped up. Thank you for starting a New Game. You have unlocked the Perk: Wild Wild World.

Perks: Perks are powers, abilities, improvements, or random chances that improve and alter the game and how you play it.

Wild Wild World alters the reality to allow change from your last playthrough making no two events the same. Events from now on will occur due to your stats, abilities, story progression, the way you interact with others, and even at random.

Well, at least that insured that his life would never be boring.

The next day brought a familiar event, one that Harry was eager to change. "Boy, get the mail!" The voice of Harry's uncle was not something that he believed anyone could mistake so he did as he was told. He handed the mail to Vernon, but not before pocketing a rather old-fashioned envelop into his pants pocket.

Heading back to his "room", Harry pulled out the letter as soon as the cupboard door closed. Inside the envelop was the same message that he remembered from all those years ago, written in the same green ink. This was his acceptance letter to Hogwarts but there was a problem now that he had the letter, Hagrid wouldn't be tracking him down and be able to take him to Diagon Alley to get his supplies as the Dursleys would rather lock him away in his "room" to keep him from anything that was magical. As he relaxed a bit to think of a solution, a sound of flute filled his ears as the world around him lost all color. Quest Complete: Get your letter! +1 Intelligence, +2 Agility, +1 Luck

Remembering that he could trust McGonagall to take his letter personally rather than hand it to Dumbledore, he used a piece of paper to write down a reply that he would give one of the owls once the Dursleys left the house in hopes that the owls would be able to get it to McGonagall. He couldn't trust Ms. Figg despite her being the easiest option due to her being a believer that Albus Dumbledore could do no wrong. The man was not evil but people had forgotten that despite all of his accomplishment and abilities, Dumbledore was still just a man and could make mistakes.

Dear Professor McGonagall,

I am writing to you in hopes that you would be able to help me get to Diagon Alley to get my supplies as my relatives seem to be against me going. I would love it if you could help me as I have don't know the way to Diagon Alley.

Harry Potter

It was short, to the point, and something a child his supposed age would write. As night fell and the Dursleys fell asleep, Harry walked out the front door and handed the envelope to one of the owls that had stuck around to take any letters a prospective student had.

All that Harry could do was to think back on what he had experienced. He had seemingly gone back in time, back to a week before his Eleventh Birthday and before he learned that he was a wizard, after being killed by some Death Eater wannabe in his own home and finding that his like was something like a Muggle video game.

'Okay, first thing I need to do is to think about everything that has happened since my "death" and now. I've seen Dudley play games so there should be something like a stop screen or a pause...' At the thought of "pause", the world around Harry stopped and the color turned to different shades of blacks, whites, and greys. 'What the bloody hell?' In front of Harry the word "Pause" flickered in and out of sight at a set interval. Below "Pause" was: "Resume", "Load", "Grimoire", "Extras", "Options".

'Grimoire? That could be interesting.' As Harry pressed his hand against "Grimoire", the rest of the selections disappeared with the "Pause" still floating above. In Harry's hands appeared a large, leather-bound book with phoenix depicted on the front cover.


The Grimoire contains all the information that is gained over the adventure from stats to a synopsis of the adventure up to the current point. The Grimoire can be accessed at any time during the adventure at the player's convenience, even outside of the Pause Menu. The Grimoire will update automatically as events happen and cannot be effected by any spells and knowledge of the Grimoire can not be discovered by Legitimancy. Anyone other than the player (or his party) that tries to read the Grimoire will only see notes that would be found in a the beginnings of a personal Grimoire.

As the words disappeared, a list of selections appeared on the paper that seemed to be hand written.










'Now that's useful.' Harry pressed the Help icon and he finally had some explanations. 'So, the Pause screen freezes everything but myself but I can't personally touch any person while in Pause Mode. While in Pause Mode, I can access the Pause Menu. In the Pause Menu, I can leave the Pause Menu, Load a previous Save (I'll have to look at that next.), open the Notebook, access the Extras (I'll need to look that up as well.), or alter the options. Well, it seems like I have my work cut out for me. I need to plan what I need to do while I am in Diagon Alley. First of all, I need to head to Gringotts to collect some money from my vault and then the next important thing is to get Hedwig before someone else buys her. After that, I can collect my things and maybe rent a room at the Leaky Cauldron.' With his plan in mind, Harry went into his "room" to go to bed. 'I can't wait to leave this cupboard behind.'


Since it seems like no one notices, pay attention to the (?) after "Married Ginny". This is very important so don't jump to conclusions.

There is the end of my first chapter. I would like to here your ideas for Something I am going to call Perks in the story. I got the idea from playing too much Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Here are two examples of what I am looking for:

Double Tap - For the price of reduced spell strength, each spell used sends out a second at the same time.

Overcharge - For the price of extended casting time and extended cool-down time, each spell strength is increased by a factor that is the result of how long the spell is charged.

Please give:

A name

A description of what it does

How many tiers it has

What each tier gives

The description given for in the story

Level 1: Base stats

Health: 200

Mana: 200

Strength: 10

Perception: 14

Endurance: 15

Charisma: 20

Intelligence: 18

Agility: 19

Luck: 9

Level 1: End of Chapter

Level 1

Health: 200

Mana: 200

Strength: 10

Perception: 14

Endurance: 15

Charisma: 20

Intelligence: 19

Agility: 21

Luck: 10