A/N: Response to the "Dramatic Monologue" challenge.

Look at me, my Lord.

Now look at them.

They won't meet your eyes. They're shielding, or trying to – foolish of them, to try to Occlude against the greatest Legilimens that ever lived.

They're hiding. Fear. Horror. Shame. Disgust.

They are unworthy.

My Lord, my mind is open to you. I welcome you, invite you in. I have nothing to hide. All my memories, all my mind, all my most secret thoughts -

(I want you I want you I want you Iwantyou)

- are yours. Peel away the layers, look into my deepest thoughts, my soul. I am open to you, naked, completely

(my mind my body my mind my body my mind)


I can feel you. Subtle, like a whisper, like the gentlest of touches.

(mind body mind body mind body mind)

My Lord…

I am yours.

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