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Shadow Hearts: Soul Wars

Chapter One: The Beginning of the Young Harmonixer

The infamous Titanic sunk down to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912. If not for that, the world would have been in complete turmoil and chaos. All because of a girl who became part of my story.

Loki Conrad, 1917

April 14, 1912, The Titanic upper deck, Atlantic Ocean

Loki Conrad closed the door of his bedroom and tiptoed quietly towards the stairs. He is a bright, curious boy of seven years old, with a baseball capped head, hiding his messy corn silk blonde hair, and has mysterious, emerald-green eyes. His parents always commented that he looks handsome in any way, which, by the way, annoys him. He doesn't want to be a kid anymore.

Loki at last saw the door leading outside. He was happy to see the sun again, always cramped in that dark room when he was in Russia. The upper deck is still empty apart from a few birds pecking away to find some scraps from yesterday nights buffet that was held here. Loki inhaled the ocean breeze and sighed happily. He wants to get away from batty old ladies like his aunt Ellen and from snooty old guys like his uncle Claro. They were his only relatives after his mother died and his father disappeared and never came back. They are rich and very boisterous of their money and wealth. When Loki arrived in their doorstep two years ago, he was forced to scrub every nook and cranny of the mansion and wash the dishes and sweep the floors and mop them up and tend the garden and everything that needs to be cleaned, scrubbed, washed, mopped, swept and tend to. It was a surprise to him that he was coming with them to their vacation to New York City in America. Maybe because they don't want him touching any of their possessions in the mansion.

Loki sat on a bench that is slightly wet from yesterday's rain. Maybe because they want him to stay miserable with them. Loki sighed at that thought and played with his white top for a while. That was when he heard the deck doors open. Loki suddenly stood up and quickly hid his top in case the person is either Aunt Ellen or Uncle Claro, demanding that he should call room service and clean their room. Instead, it was a young little girl with short, cute strawberry spin hair, and has sapphire blue eyes. She wears a white t-shirt with a cartoon character he doesn't know of, blue shorts, and light blue sneakers. "Hello. Beautiful day isn't it?" The girl said to him, smiling with her head tilted to one side. Loki felt his face burn red. Though he and his pals tease and trick girls this one is definitely not some girl to trick with. He nodded to her and tried his best to smile, but it only resulted a tiny grin. "Yeah, thought I just take a walk and look at the sun." Wait, that was stupid. Look at the sun? That was incredibly stupid. But the girl smiled again and clasped her hands as if in a prayer. "My name is Xion Marquez. What's yours?" Loki managed to crack up a small smile at her.

"I'm Loki Conrad. Loki for short."

"Conrad, huh? You're the guest of honor, right?"

"Whaddya mean? I'm just a servant boy."

"Really? The host said that the guest of honor is the Conrad boy, meaning you. Why would you be a servant when you're a rich and famous person in the whole world?" Xion replied, confused as him. Now he knew why Aunt Ellen and Uncle Claro brought him along, so they can snag some free tickets for themselves. Loki felt used and deranged. He hated it when they're using him for their selfish needs.

"It's very nice meeting you, but I have to go. Thank you I have the chance to meet you. If you ever need to talk to someone, my room number is 404 at deck number four. Good-bye, Loki." Xion waved and bowed and left. Loki just stared at the sea. He is the guest of honor, but then why would he be? Xion said that he is rich and famous. Maybe she's talking about his aunt and uncle. "I couldn't be rich and famous. I'm just an ordinary seven-year-old boy." Loki cheered himself up. He turned around to leave, only to go face-to-face with a cloaked figure. It towered over him, about 6 ft. tall, his cloak black with a hint of purple. Loki gasped. It doesn't have eyes. He was staring at an endless sucking dark space that eyes should have been. "W-who are y-you?" Loki stuttered, backing away with a terrified look in his face. The figure was quiet, his robes blowing in the breeze. Loki couldn't stop staring at the eyeless sockets. Finally, the figure raised a gnarled finger at him, straight at his heart.

"The question is, who are you?"

The question is like a bomb that exploded in him. Wait, who really is he? If he's rich and famous, why would he end up being a servant boy? Life had been really weird to him, the dreams, the people he kept seeing in the mirrors, the whispers he have been hearing in his head, and it all ended up screaming. Is he going insane? Is he going to die? More importantly, is he even a human being?

"Ow, my head…it hurts!" Loki yelled, clutching his head like a vice. Blood pounded in his veins in his temples, thinking that he is going insane. The figure just stood in front of him, staring him down with distaste. Loki's head is full of images of his memories. The time he was beaten up so badly he got bruises for a week, Uncle Claro whacking him with his belt when he accidentally spilled hot coffee in his polo shirt, his friends leaving him behind when they found out he was a servant boy, the time Aunt Ellen screamed in his face for breaking five plates and threw him in the cellar for a month, the time his dog, Zack, died because Aunt Ellen didn't want to feed him, all those painful memories that happened to him are real. Loki rolled and doubled over, screaming at the top of his voice, tears running down his skinny cheeks. "Make it stop!" He yelled, rolling around the deck floor, almost pounding his head. He then felt hands grasping him, clutching him, and someone slapped him. And someone was screaming to wake him up. "Wake up, stupid boy!" A sharp voice yelled over Loki's shouts and screams. Loki opened his eyes.

He was lying on the deck floor, drenched in cold sweat. Kneeling next to him are his snobbish aunt and uncle. They glared at him with fury he has never seen in his life. Uncle Claro looks like a cross between an old man, and a sun-bleached man. He has thick black hair and a thick black moustache, blue watery eyes, and a large nose. He wears clothes that look tight, but were incredibly loose to him. Like his last year's flannel shirt and cargo pants. Aunt Ellen just looks like a skeleton with a bit of meat, blood, veins, and flesh. She has silver gray eyes, brown, bushy hair, and has a pair of dentures that's got some spinach stuck in between. She wears a shabby blouse that matches her skeleton-y look, a long skirt that reached her ankles, and a pair of brown work boots. They have to look as poor as possible so that they can enter the free tickets spree. Beside him are a couple of people who have woken up because of his screams. Loki felt weird. He was quiet and clammy from screaming for such a long time. But the most important question is, where is that figure?

"Oh, Sebastian, my dear, we are so worried about you." Aunt Ellen gave him a reluctant hug, with Loki struggling to get away from her pointy, polished fingernails.

"Get off me! I'm not Sebastian! My name is Loki-"

"Oh, Sebastian, my son, you are tired that's why you're saying such words. Of course you're Sebastian De Laurel." Uncle Claro said quickly with a hint of pride in his voice. "Go on with the story boy! Now! Or I will use my belt later on you." He added dangerously at him. Loki has no choice but to go along with it. He nodded all the way, making finer points to what his Aunt and Uncle will agree with. Finally, when they are a good hundred feet from the host's table, Aunt Ellen shook him harshly. "What were you doing boy?"

"Your aunt has been trying to find you all morning and you do this?" Uncle Claro snarled at him.

"Well, speak up!" The both of them yelled at him once they were in the elevator. Loki at last broke his trance and stared hard at the both of them in the eye.

"Why did you tell them that I'm Sebastian De Laurel? Why did you use me as a ticket free-giver to you? Why did you even bother to bring me along when you have a lot of money to spare? Can't you at least give me a bit of truth about myself?" Loki said quietly and calmly.


Aunt Ellen is a fierce woman with fierce sides. So she doesn't like sweet talk. "How dare you? How dare you talk all those nonsense about yourself in front of us? How dare you trash talk us when we're the ones that gave you clothing that you have worn today, food that is now in your stomach, education that is now in your dimwitted head!" Aunt Ellen screamed at him fiercely like she has the top of her game. Uncle Claro stood by the other side, trying to sink in the feeling of Loki being tortured, again.

The elevator ride is not smooth. Loki wanted more than ever to take the stairs than taking the elevator with his evil aunt and uncle. His left cheek is red and he tried to restrain the tears from slipping out of its ducts. If his aunt and uncle really hated him, then it's time for the time of his life, his freedom.

There's only one bed in their suite, a twin bed with fluffy pillows and a warm blanket. Aunt Ellen and Uncle Claro sleep in the twin bed, while Loki sleeps on the floor. He has a thin, ragged pillow and a dirty rag for his blanket. The lights were out now, leaving his aunt and uncle snoring at the top of their lungs, and Loki stuffing his fingers in his ear canals. He has to get away from this place, anywhere, just away from his terrible aunt and uncle. Maybe he should talk to Xion first before taking a small boat to the main land. No, she'll only stop him. But then maybe, she can come with him. Loki liked the idea. Together, they can travel around the world and get away from their families. He'll tell her that tomorrow. Loki smiled at that thought and rolled to his side to sleep.

"Xion, you really sure you want to come with me?"

It was noon already and the Titanic was speeding away into the cold Atlantic Ocean. Loki managed to sneak away from his relatives and, luckily, found Xion sitting on a bench, happily reading her favorite book.

"Of course I'm sure. You know I should have thought of that a long time ago. But the problem is, we're still kids, Loki." Xion said sadly, slowly settling her book down.

"How old are you, Xion?"

"Seven. I just turned seven today."

"What? Your birthday's today? Why won't you just say so?"

"Seven, huh? I'm seven-years-old too. But you know you're right. A couple of seven-year-olds travelling around the globe, that's a great story." Loki continued, right hand at the bottom of his chin and left hand supporting it.

"Maybe we should just wait for the ship to stop at the mainland and when no one is looking, we could escape." Xion suggested, reading her book again. That lit Loki's light bulb.

"Xion, that's a great idea! You're really smart, for a seven-year-old." They both laughed at that thought. Then suddenly, a man walked up to them. He was a strange man indeed. He wore a tucked in checkered white-and-blue shirt with a collar, brown cow-skin pants held together with a leather brown belt and a silver buckle, stylish white cowboy boots, you know, with the loose strings and the numerous aglets, a brown cowboy hat, a white kerchief held in the breast pocket, and, alarmingly, two silver pistols held in holsters at his sides. Xion skittered away from the bench and stood behind Loki, who was staring at the guy with slight interest. The man held up his hand, to shake.

"Hello, mate." He said in a strong, Australian accent. "My name is Anthony Fullbuster. Just thought I could chat with you two little folks." Loki frowned. This guy, he just came out of nowhere and just came here to talk to them. Something's up.

"What's ya name, kid?" Anthony said to Xion. The girl jumped when he spoke to her.

"X-Xion Marquez, Sir Anthony." Xion stuttered bashfully, staring at her feet.

"Aww, no. Just call me your good all mate, Anthony, kay? What about you, sonny?" It's Loki's turn now. He gulped before he spoke.

"Loki Conrad, Anthony." Loki said quietly, his mind racing for something. This guy is kinda familiar…

"Say, since we now became friends, let's says I'll treat you dinner later on the night. You allowed going out, Loki?" Anthony said to him, his eyes twinkling. Loki slowly nodded at that thought, thinking that he can abandon his evil relatives for a while.

"Good, then. I'll meet you two folks at the upper deck of the ship. Mind you, I want to give the two of you these." Anthony held up an assortment of leaves, talismans, keys, carvings, and feathers. He gave the strange objects to the both of them, examining each object one by one.

"This here is a Thera Leaf. This can heal your wounds." He examined a green leaf then gave it to Xion, who accepted it curiously. "This is a Mana Leaf. It can restore your magical power." He also gave it to Xion, which is a blood-red, maple leaf shape thingy. Loki wondered why he is giving that when they don't even have any magic. Maybe this guy is crazy. "And this is a Pure Leaf. Makes ya calm and less panicky when you're frightened." He held up a white leaf and also gave it to Xion. Loki pointed out the other objects. "Is that, a Soul Benediction?" He pointed at the golden carving of a woman with long hair. Anthony seemed to frown a little. "Yeah, but how do you know, Loki?" Loki shrugged.

"My mom used to scatter those in her table when she comes home late at night. She said that it keeps her away from poison and from panic…" Loki's voice trailed off as he looked down, too embarrassed to say anything else. "And not just from Poison and Panic, but also Petrification, Paralysis, Seal, Mental Breakdown, and Apathy. Don't forget the Deadly Poison when you're struck down with the Poison twice." Anthony said suspiciously at him. There is an awkward pause after that, that is, until Anthony shattered it.

"Well, I guess I should give the other things to you." He mumbled, fumbling into the objects. He pulled out a light, blue feather as he gave it to Xion.

"A Phoenix Feather. Can relive physical pain, but that is different from wounds. You'll get to that later." Anthony gave a tiny smile and took the talisman from his arms. "A Talisman of Luck. This will wake you up for an I-don't-know purpose. And lastly, a Third Key." He gave the talisman to Xion and held up a bronze, three slotted key. "Let's say that it speeds up your timings. This one's for you kid." Anthony placed the Third Key in the palm of Loki's hand.

"Why are you giving us these?" Xion said, placing all the objects in her hand-made pouch, which fitted snugly.

"You'll found out, later on tonight. See ya all later, Loki and Xion!" Then the guy stepped away from him and disappeared into the shadows.

"What a weird guy…" Loki whispered and Xion nodded.

"Are we going tonight?"

"Yeah. Something's up, and I wanna find out." Nikko said firmly, staring at the key.

"Okay. I'll meet you at the Star Hall at exactly 6:30. That should take some time for me to get out." Xion wondered and Loki agreed.

"We have been waiting for you, Loki…"

Loki opened his eyes and found himself in a graveyard. Not just any graveyard. It's his, graveyard. It was like his dream when his father was still around. The river of blood near the nearly-destroyed church, the gravestones with their proud symbols of different colors. Red, Blue, White, Violet, Brown, Green, and a new one. A black gravestone with somebody's name on it. Loki gulped down chocked tears. That somebody's name is awfully familiar…

"Big Brother!"

"No. You're not, him…" Loki hardly said it audibly, for he knew who that is behind him and he didn't even want to know.

"Big Brother, why won't you look at me?"

"Because I don't believe that's you…" Loki felt a tear ran down his left cheek, which he hastily wiped it away.

"Big Brother, you shouldn't be afraid of me, or them."

Loki was walking away now, towards the rusty, worn-out gates. But he stopped when he heard what his brother said.

"Who do you mean them?"

"Your souls, Big Brother."

"Wake up, Boy!"

Loki felt harsh tapping and got up as soon as the tapping reached his head.

"I and your aunt are going to the theater to watch Romeo and Juliet. You are to stay here." Uncle Claro said snootily.

"Yeah, you go ahead."

"You are not to ruin the sheets, pillows, or the bed."


"You are not to order any room service or touch the kitchen or even the mini bar."


"And I'm going to lock the door."

"You do that then, I don't care." Loki said as he closed his eyes, feeling the glare he received from his uncle. Two minutes later, he heard the door slam and a click of a lock being turned. Loki made sure that his aunt and uncle are really out, because sometimes they come back in the house forgetting their bag, jewelry, extra-makeup, polished shoes, and such. When he was really sure they're not coming back, he broke all the rules his uncle gave him. He opened the refrigerator and took a bunch of junk food and placed it in a knapsack he found under the bed. He popped open a fizzy drink and guzzled the whole can. Loki managed to open the mini bar cupboard with his Swiss army knife (He took the liberty in taking this from his uncle last year) and raided the Belgium chocolates. He also put some cash he found in a vault his relatives wanted (He knew the vault number which is very easy: 1, 2, 3, 4) and took at least five thousand cash. He knew this would be stealing, but it was enough to put all the damage they did to his life for two years. And lastly, in the vault stood a new, silver revolver. Loki, though seven years old, was not afraid of weapons much anymore. His father used to come home with a bazooka he found one night in some foreign land. Loki pocketed the revolver, a small wallet with change, (this is actually his aunt Ellen's, now he is stealing) and the Third Key that Anthony guy gave him. He almost forgot the dinner they're having tonight! Loki managed to fit everything he needed for the long journey he and Xion are going to have, and went to the closet for a change of clothes. Strangely enough, there are also clothes for seven year olds like him. He ripped his peasant clothes from his body and chooses comfortable, normal clothes. He chose a navy blue undershirt and a dark blue jacket, which he rolled up the sleeves because it's a bit too long for him, brown leather pants, and brown leather boots. He took off his baseball cap of his head, showing sprigs of messy, corn-silk blonde hair. His aunt Ellen always fussed about his unruly hair and took him to the barber's ever now and then. He replaced the baseball cap with a dark blue hood he found on the jacket. Now he looks ready for dinner.

Loki managed to open the door of his suite and quietly strode towards the stairs. Taking an elevator would be too risky and there's a catch that he'll run into his evil relatives there. Loki checked the clock next to the host's table. It's already 6:35 so he's five minutes late. Loki quickly walked towards the Star Hall, where dinner will be served at 7:00. He scanned the area for Xion or Anthony when he felt a sharp poke on his right shoulder.

"Ow, hey who's-?" Loki started but his mouth clamped tight with another hand. He realized it was Xion. She was wearing a purple coat with sleeves so big and long that ended up as giant cuffs on her arms. Under the coat she wore a leather top fastened with brown strings and a belt, she wore a pair of short, leather, brown shorts with the pouch she had earlier fastened to the belt hooks. Her blue sneakers were replaced with a pair of flaming red boots that cuffed by the rim. Her hair is no longer strawberry spin, but a deep black one, and it was braided into long pig tails that trailed from her hair to her thighs, her eyes were no longer sapphire blue, but deep burgundy orange. She also looked a little older now, like about, fifteen-years-old. Loki thought she looked a bit a 'stand-out' to the crowd, but her eyes were telling him something, something serious.

"Shayon? Wut tis it?" Loki muffled, not trying to get away. Xion took Loki by the elbow and steered him towards a corner. There in the shadows stood Anthony. His face worried and panic-stricken.

"Loki! I'm so glad you're alright!" And Anthony did the weirdest thing he had ever done. He hugged him. Loki struggled to get away from the guy and ended up landing on his butt.

"Ow, this hurts." He moaned painfully as he was supported by Xion, who said, "Anthony, we have to get out now! They're coming…" Xion whispered, scarred of letting the words out of her mouth.

"Who's coming?" Loki asked, not getting anything that's going on.

"Luxord and Luxy. Twin siblings that posses Dark powers. They're coming to get you." Anthony pointed to Loki, who stood dumbstruck.

"W-why? What did I do to them?" He almost yelled it out, not completely believing it.

"Your parents were the ones who killed their parents. That's why your mother died at no such notice, and your father disappeared because he's in hiding." Xion replied, shifting her eyes from the left to the right.

"Anthony here has saved my life when a shadow tried to eat me."

"Wait, a shadow tried to eat you?" Loki said incredulously.

"Yes, that's true. Anthony shot down the shadow and told me everything, the part of the dinner, the strange dreams you're occurring, the people you can see while others cannot, the graveyard…"

"You knew about the graveyard in my dreams?" Loki shot his question to Anthony, who nodded.

"But right now, we really need to get out of here and get to the mainland as quickly as possible. Oh my god…" Xion's eyes bugged out as if it was ready to pop out of its sockets. "Anthony, they're here." Xion said finally, visibly shaking.

"Right. Loki, here take this." Anthony gave him a necklace, with a blue, shell-like crystal hanging. "You have to wear this, it'll give you protection. And also this," He then handed out a pair of shining, black gloves, with a small diamond encrusted each on one finger to the other. "It's your father's, they'll be very useful if you lost us. Okay then, let's get outta here." Loki put on the gloves, which gave him warmth from the air conditioning. He then swiftly followed Anthony and Xion out of the crowd, from the Star Hall, from his relatives…

"Brother! I found him!" A girlish voice came from the other side of the corridor Anthony, Xion and Loki were in. The shadows melted away, revealing a young woman standing near the doors. Loki and the group stopped. The young woman looked very pretty, except the fact that she and her brother are gonna kill hm. She had curly black hair tied into a long braid behind her back and had deep lilac eyes. She wore a black dress with a gauzy look of someone who is going to be executed.

"Ahahahaha! Now look what we have here, hmm? A couple of scum who entered a death's trap, hmm?" She especially eyed Loki, who was glaring so fiercely that he couldn't see a thing.

"Hello, Conrad. I haven't seen your mother and father for awhile, hmm? Ahahahaha! Well, why would I? They are lower than scum anyway. Ahahahaha!" Loki couldn't take it anymore. Because of this woman, this woman, she had hunted his father for two years, all because of revenge. And now she's here, mocking him and his parents like they're nothing more than lowly scumbags.

"You…" Loki started, slowly, deliberately, and angrily pointed his right finger at her, the golden diamond twinkling in the light. "You…you…" Anger pounded in him, and unknown to him, a dark aura is forming around him, casting of a black eerie glow. "You dirty, low-life, fucking bitch!"

If a mother found out her child is speaking dirty words, of course she'll discipline them. But not in this situation.

At those words, Loki's body shattered in millions of pieces, fragments. Xion and the woman in black gasped, while Anthony stared, anxious and a bit excited. From the spot where Loki was, a new figure began to form. And it looked exactly like Loki.

"Xion, this is the original Loki." Anthony whispered excitedly.

The 'original' Loki did look like Loki, except that he's as old as Xion and he had flaming red-orange hair and his emerald eyes have turned into jade green ones. The clothes he has been wearing were changed into something more suitable for his age. Like a black jacket with white fur trimming, black shirt, black leather pants, and gold-trimmed black boots. The necklace he had been wearing turned white with the chain gold. He also wore wide, triangular, blue-tinted glasses, which shields him from too much sunlight. This Loki is very different from the old Loki.

"Heh, backing out now, bitch? For that, I'll take you on." Loki gripped the black gloves firmly in place, eyes glinting for battle. The way he said it, so laid-back and relaxed that he is facing one of the most dangerous dark masters in the world. "How dare you call me that?" The woman screamed in fury, ball-fisted and clearly wanted to rip him limb by limb.

"I already heard that from my stupid aunt Ellen a million times already, so no harm done." He sneered, almost laughing.

"Don't you know who I am, dimwitted boy? I am Luxy, daughter of the greatest dark magicians of the world!" Luxy shouted proudly to the heavens, laughing maniacally.

"Well, who cares? I am Loki, son of the parents that you hunted down and I'm out for revenge and am currently going to kick Luxy's greatest dark ass in the whole world!" Loki countered back, ready to fight, grinning from ear to ear.

"Xion, this is our cue!" Anthony called out to her, who nodded, taking out her whip. Anthony meanwhile, took out his pistols and loaded them up with golden bullets.

"Huh? You wanna fight with me?" Loki asked the two, who nodded quickly.

"You are going to be sorry, Conrad! When I wipe that smirk from your face, I promise that you will never live again!" Luxy screamed, taking out a wand with a skull at the grip.

"Fine then, I won't care. Because I know you're not gonna live to do that anyway." Loki said, nonchalant. His black gloves have turned into blades for punching and his insides are excited to fight again.

"You little brat! Fated Day's End!" Luxy pointed her wand to Loki, and fireballs appeared from the sky and began hurtling him with their fiery spheres. Loki dodged most of it, but got four hits in the end. At that point, Xion jumped from her spot and landed a hit at Luxy with her whip. Blood spurted at the floor, making it wet and sticky. Anthony casted 'Rage' and 'Shield' at Loki, who, in turn, punched and kicked Luxy at the gut, which took of massive damage thanks to Anthony. Luxy then pointed her wand to Xion. "Stupid girl! How dare you lay a finger on me! Black Hole!" The corridor lost its light and a huge black hole opened under Xion's feet. Xion screamed as she was sucked in and air was quickly sucked out of her. "Guys, help…me-!" Xion choked, clearly almost out of breath. Anthony surged forward to help but was stopped by Loki's arm.

"No, you keep hitting her. I'll help Xion." Anthony nodded as he shot Luxy with his pistols. Purple lines shot up to Xion as she choked. It reached her thighs, then her stomach, up to her arms and shoulders-

"What the hell? Xion, its okay. Come on, look at me." Her eyes were heavy now, as the purple lines finally reached her neck and sprawled over her face. "Loki, please…" Xion breathed heavily. Loki, for the first time, felt sorry for someone. For someone he cared since yesterday, at the upper deck, which is precisely noon, in a seven year olds body. "Come on, Xion. We're gonna bust out of here, right? You promised that, remember?" Loki tearfully smiled at her, forgetting Luxy and Anthony and the fight they got into. All it mattered to him now is to protect Xion from anything. Xion smiled weakly. "Help Anthony, I-I'll be fine. A s-simple soul benediction will soothe t-this…" Loki gave her a last small smile before he took off, screaming "I don't even own this crap!" and landed a punch on Luxy's face. Luxy staggered away, her face contorted in rage and blood sputtered from her cheeks. "You bastards…I'll let you go away for now. But if I see you all again, I won't do the same mistake." Luxy breathed heavily as she melted away in the shadows, giving off a maniacal but somewhat shaky laugh. "And I won't do the same mistake twice too! I'll kick your butt the next time we see each other." Loki yelled at her, expecting a response, except that it got quiet.

"Loki!" Anthony shouted at him, beckoning him to Xion, whose body seems to be in perfect condition. The purple lines disappeared and she looked calm and peaceful.

"How is she?" Loki strode towards them and checked Xion's pulse.

"She's fine. The soul benediction took off the lines and I boiled her up some Thera tea. She'll be alright if we got to the mainland." Said Anthony, who is wiping his hands with the kerchief from the sticky Thera tea paste.

"Okay, then. I'll carry her and you find a boat." Loki added. Loki stooped down low, gently placed his hand under Xion's head, the other one supporting her legs, and easily lifted her up.

Suddenly, the ship began to shake, and water sputtered from a pipe next to them and drenched Anthony with cold water. Loki would have laughed out loud or stare at him apprehensively if not for the loud, sickening groan they just heard from the lower deck. Then they heard a formal voice coming from a speaker. "Passengers of the Titanic, we are experiencing major problems here in the gear section. We would like you to escort yourselves calmly to the middle deck and please evacuate the premises as soon as possible." Anthony and Loki looked at each other, their faces flushed with horror. "Damnit! Of all the things that they are experiencing," Loki stressed the word while running in a flight of steps towards the middle deck boats. "We are running with our heads filled with stupid imaginations of us dying. Well, that can't be helped." He said as they reached the boats. Tremendous crowds of people waved in, trying to get to the boats first while kicking their captor's heads once in a while.

"How are we going to the mainland now? There's too many of them!" Anthony particularly yelled when a woman bustled away, punching him square in the nose. Loki stretched his mind for an answer, which by the way was annoying him. But something lit his light bulb.

"Anthony, I got an idea. Follow me." Loki whispered excitedly, trying to break the crowd and taking the flight of steps towards the upper deck. The cowboy curiously followed. Soon, they came upon a large balcony, overlooking the bright, silver moon. Loki then handed Xion to Anthony. "Here, hold her, and watch this." He closed his eyes and drew all the power he can take. Soon, blue light danced around him as his body parts began to change. His ears were tall and long, his legs covered with webbed covering, his fingers flexed, showing of four pairs of sharp blue talons, he had magnificent, soft blue wings that stood to his side, his eyes changed to a dark, velvety purple, all in the while that his body color is now midnight blue. Finally, the light ended and he emerged as a half bird, half reptile. "Whoa, must be a new soul then. Come on, hop on to my back and we can fly to the mainland." Anthony had his mouth gaped.

"What kind of soul is this?" He said while he securely hoisted Xion up on his back, which is surprisingly big and flexible.

"Must be a new wind type. I dunno, I'll check it up later. Now then, shall we?" Loki stretched his wings and took off. Cold wind blasted at them as he soared away from the ship. Anthony managed to look back, and to his horror, the ship was now half sunk to the Atlantic Ocean. "You know, we could have helped…" He sorrowfully whispered, clutching Xion and Loki firmly. "What was that?" Loki asked, his head turned to him. "Nothing."

Thus, the Titanic sunk down to the cold waters of the Atlantic. Some people who had evacuated successfully have told rumors about them seeing a creature fly off to the sky with a cowboy dressed man, and an unconscious teenage girl. Such occurrences of these are rare. It was true that the cowboy man and the teenager were checked in the Titanic, but it said that they died. These records were burned and were recovered, somehow, strangely, by the two with a young man, who had no knowledge that he truly existed in this world.

-Anthony Fullbuster, 1917

So, how was that? If you compare it to MisterNiku's story, they're kinda the same right? I said KINDA okay? If there's some reactions... And, yeah. Loki is Karin's and Nicolai's son. Confusing right? You'll get to that point later on in the next several chapters.

Characters so far (Sorry, I got this from MisterNiku too.. Hey I'm not a copy cat, yet.)

Name: Loki Conrad
Element: Dark
Weapon: Diamond Encrusted Gloves

Name: Xion Marquez
Element: Water
Weapon: Whip

Name: Anthony Fullbuster
Element: Fire
Weapon: Twin Pistols

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