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Shadow Hearts: Soul Wars

Chapter Five: The Magimel Brothers and Kou Delka

"I never knew you're interested in gay guys, Loki."

"Shaddup! I'm not interested at all!"

- Flynn Bracker, Loki Conrad, 1919; Respectively

Loki and Flynn are getting some average results.

First of all, the village they were supposed to find isn't actually here but at the jungle, meaning they have to through it to go there. Secondly, nobody has been there since the shadow incident, meaning Anthony is right about it. Now all they need to do now is to find a map towards the village, meet up with the other two and get going.

"Hey, wait up dont'cha…?" Loki huffed and wheezed. It was already in the afternoon but it is still stifling hot. Flynn seems to show signs of exhaustion too. "Almost there now." He said encouragingly. Loki just gave off a sour look. "How come you're so calm at this time of day..?" Loki asked him, clearly in the brink of collapsing. The other walked towards him and let him borrow his shoulder, saying, "Because I'm not a crazy lunatic like you. Besides, you have to think about that Ring Soul thing, it might give some time off." Then the two continued to walk towards the inn when Loki spoke again. "Follower of my path, huh. Load of bullshit to me."

"You shouldn't disrespect someone or something so mighty; they might even do things unbelievable, just like that Attack Boost." Flynn grinned just as Loki snorted.

There was this wide path that leads them to the inn Anthony was talking about. But on their way there, they spotted a caravan blocking their path. There was someone there on the other side of the caravan.

"Yes! Thank you for helping me move this…this…thing! My brother just went to the other stores to get some help repair this…thing but we can't thank you enough!" Someone with a somewhat, gaudy voice pierced the atmosphere. The caravan began to move to the side of the road, causing the two see the scene.

"Loki! Flynn! Back already?" Xion smiled at them, making the Harmonixer's' cheeks flush bright pink. The girl is standing next to a man with thick blonde hair and a very blonde and thick mustache. His clothes seem to be a trend to 1914 or 1915 and very late fashioned. Loki couldn't get a second glance. Somehow, the way that…man is looking at him is making him feel a bit of uncomfortable and irritated.

"Friend of yours, Xion?" Flynn asked her, accidentally letting go of the Harmonixer. Loki let out a yelp and tumbled to the ground, felling face first. "Oh, sorry Loki." Flynn shrugged and bent down again to help him.

"Oh, Flynn, Loki. Did you gather some info?" Anthony walked towards them, his shirt nowhere to be seen as he wiped his sweaty brow with his hand. The man ogled at him.

"Oh Mr. Anthony! Your abs is so hot! I-I-I mean, you have been working out have you, M-Mr. Anthony?" The man continued to gaze at him with awe and, Loki seemed to be the only one who noticed this, lust. The man seems to turn his attention to the two new arrivals. "So, Lady Xion, who is that hot cutie over there?" The man giggled like a…girl as he inquired Xion. "Oh, they are my friends I've told you about. That's Loki and Flynn. Guys, this is Pierre Magimel. He used to be the family tailor of the original Marquez family." She said heartily to them.

"Yes, little Miss Xion is even the most beautiful of the Marquez heritage. Yes, yes, yes, she has the most slimming of all bodices I have ever seen!" Gerard kept rambling about Xion's other constructive and pretty points, keeping Loki and Flynn (and Xion) more blushed than before.

"Okaaaaaaaaayy … Pierre. That's enough of the praising. He he he…" Xion quieted him, her face already flushed with embarrassment. Flynn, however, seem to take notice at what Xion said earlier.

"Hey, you said something about, 'Original Marquez Family'. What does it mean?" He asked the girl who turned to him and replied, "Well, when my mother died, my dad married another woman who had a son. My dad took a trip to the Philippine islands but his plane crashed unexpectedly at the landing track. The woman who my dad remarried took over the Heritage then," Xion sighed softly. "I'm the only living blood line of the original Marquez heritage. The only one who has the original family blood that runs in my veins." Her eyes lingered to the ground where an awkward silence met. Then-

"GAAAAAARGH!" Loki suddenly shouted as he ran off and hid behind Xion, whose eyes is as bewildered as his. "Loki..? What happened?" She asked the Harmonixer pointed at Pierre. "That guy just pinched my butt from behind!" He yelled just as the group guffawed at this gesture.

"Don't you get it Loki? Pierre is a G.A.Y!" Anthony laughed out loud as Loki ran away from Pierre, who tried to get closer to him again. "Get away from me!" He ran for his life when he suddenly bumped into another man.

"Ow! Oooh, my poor head…"

"Oomph… That hurt, Yo."

Loki stood up to meet the stranger as Xion introduced him to her other friend. "Loki, this is Pierre's brother, Gerard. He is a salesman and this is his caravan." Gerard stuck out his hand to shake with his toothy grin and swaying gesture. Loki thought this guy's another gay as well (pretty obvious with the lust in his eyes) yet he shook his hand and greeted, "Yo. I'm Loki." him with one of his silly grins.

"…" Xion tensed.

"…" Anthony's jaw dropped.

"…Er, Loki? Are you…?" Flynn started yet he is afraid of what he may say. The man in question just turned to them with his eyebrows arched. "What?" Then everyone laughed.

"My name's Kou. Kou Delka. I'm the Magimel brothers' apprentice." A young girl about 14 years old bowed down in front of the group. She's attractive for someone so young, even Flynn is ogling. Her hair's raven brown and braided and tied with a yellow bow. The yellow sundress she wore made her even more pretty even with that plastic slippers and that fake flower on her ear. Anthony flushed pink when she smiled at him. "Well, Lady Xion, do you still collect memorabilia?" Pierre purred while Loki turned away and gagged his mouth while no one is looking. Xion, however, took no notice at Loki and smiled to the vendor. "Why, yes, of course. I still kept that charm you made for me, Pierre. It was beautiful piece of art, and so is your other works." She said while the young girl in the yellow sundress inquired, "Pierre's very busy with his 1915 Magimel Collection, so I will be taking care of his other business; his handicraft making. Please feel free into asking me any questions you have in your mind." She bowed again and smiled at the pink-faced cowboy who's trying to smile back. Loki seemed to notice this as he nudged him and smirked. Anthony just glared at him then continued listening at Xion's conversation.

"Kou, do I have to pay you before giving me one of Pierre's fine works?" Xion cheerfully asked her as Kou's face went embarrassingly red with utter embarrassment. "Oh, actually, I was, kinda hoping to have a flower… a rare kind of flower." She said bashfully, staring at her feet. Anthony thought that this is kinda cute of her. He was actually hoping to have a date with her if their mission is a success and if she agrees.

"Hey, no problem! What flower do you want?" Loki grinned lazily just as he received an awful punch in the shins by, to his surprise, Anthony. "He meant to tell you what kind of flower you would like." The cowboy said apologetically and smiled a little uneasy. His face is still pink but he mustered up the courage to talk to her.

"Well, since you have such a promising face, I think it's best to know what kind of flower you want." Flynn added, arms crossed while Loki grimaced, "Yeah, yeah…"

"Oh, thank you very much!" Kou smiled and bowed again. "Usually, I love flowers by season, but there's this beautiful flower somewhere in an island in the Adriatic Sea near Italy. It's called the Adriatic Magnolia. Please bring me back that flower!" [Start of 'The Adriatic Magnolia Quest' {Xion's Quest}] She pleaded just Xion nodded. "Alright, if we're ever near Italy or that island, we'll go get that flower." Loki then turned to Gerard, who is saying something, "Well, now that we are good friends, let me give this as a token of our friendship." He then gave Loki a point card.

"What's this?"

"That? That's a very special card you can use at any shop at all! If you have one of the, you can build up points whenever you go shopping. The more points you collect, the bigger the discount you can get! Isn't that just fabulous?" Gerard literally purred which made Loki gag.

"Y-yeah, thanks. I guess..?" He muttered pointedly. He then looked at all the objects on display in the caravan. "Hmm, we need five Thera leaves, four Mana leaves, two Pure leaves, a Phoenix Feather, five Talismans of Luck, and those Bike Gloves for me. What do you guys want?" He asked the others just as Xion shot her hand up, child like. "Oh! I want that Battered Lasso and a Shell Bracelet!" She said excitedly just as Anthony perked up.

"Hmm, nice one, you got Harvey's Dream. Handmade by Harvey himself but I think it's more powerful than my Twin Shots. So, a pair of Harvey's Dream and a Coral Lariat."

"Grass Arm Blade for me…" Flynn muttered a bit loud to Loki just as the said young man paid for all their stuff with a ten percent discount. "Hit the ring first." Gerard said mysteriously at Loki, who raised a brow. Suddenly it occurred to him that there's a ring area that needed to hit at the right area, to get his discount.

"You can do it Loki!" Xion cheered.

"Yeah it's only ten percent it will be cake!" Anthony pressed on. As expected the ring appeared, and Loki was ready. He expertly hit all the ring areas (a wink passed to Xion) and posed, grinning from ear to ear. Gerard is not much pleased.

"We will be staying here for a while until we can repair the caravan but feel free to browse to our stuff until then." Kou told them brightly and waved. "Alright, we'll stay for the night at the inn and we'll head out first thing in the morning." The team walked towards the inn, except for Anthony, who stood near Kou, kissed her wrist and smiled sweetly at her, who blushed. "Hope to see you some time, Kou." He winked at her, mimicking what Loki did to Xion earlier. The young girl blushed cutely as Anthony waved at her again while walking his way to the inn, where his team members are looking at him with their grins. Xion was first to react.

"That was so adorable, Anthony." She teased him lightly, making the Australian Cowboy blush bright red.

"He he, hooking up with girls like her, eh, Anthony? Never knew you're into that kind." Loki smirked warmly, nearly able to put his friend into a head nick. Unfortunately for him, Anthony dodged it, making the Harmonixer fell, again, face first into the cemented floor. "You, on the other hand, are a nuisance and you like gay guys." Anthony snickered just as Loki stood up from his spot and glared at the cowboy. Flynn cocked an eyebrow at him.

"I never knew you're interested in gay guys, Loki…" He muttered a bit audibly for him to hear, for him to glare back at him.

"Shaddup! I'm not interested at all!" Loki shouted, and everyone laughed.

Meanwhile, sitting close to the shadows, is a black creature, watching the group intently with its emerald like green eyes. His companion sat next to him and said in a hoarse whisper.

"Is it them?" It said plainly, enough to make the creature look at him with its scary eyes.

"Yes, but we need to be careful. Two of them are Harmonixers… They will be out by morning." He replied, turning his back on them as he and his companion walked back into the surrounding darkness of the jungle.

As Anthony led the group inside the inn, he thought he heard something from the jungle. Whispering? Is somebody there? He stared at the jungle for a while, and then shrugged when he can't find anything of interest to him.

"Yo, Anthony, hurry up!" He heard Loki call out to him from the inn as he slowly walked towards there.

"It had been a very weird day for me, for us, but mostly it is weird for me. We're nearly there to kick that Shadow's ass with our new stuff. I just hope those Magimel brothers won't get in my way. Kou is kinda cute, but then again, I have Xion and Kou's for Anthony. Hahaha! Flynn's a loner!"

-Loki Conrad, 1919

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