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Hello! This is a drabble collection or one-shot collection. Please enjoy this fic, since I have did my best to make NaLu one-shots. This is merely fan made, and is a challenge to me by my friend. The maximum would reach 50 one-shots or drabbles and the minumum would reach 20 drabbles. This would be inspired by songs, quotes or either just because my mind wanders so far off. Please support my fic, since I have done my best. Do Enjoy! Please leave out reviews for me to read!

~Love Stories

Chapter One: This Love

Natsu let out a large yawn. He opened his bleary eyes and looked around the room from his bed. His eyes caught sight of a calendar on the wall.

"The fourteenth of February today, huh?" he mumbled sleepily and his eyes slowly began to close again…

"THE FOURTEENTH!" Natsu shouted out loud and toppled out of bed onto the floor.

He scrambled to his feet and and ripped the calendar off the wall.

"Already! But how?" he cried, staring at the paper in panic.


Happy flew into the room happily, circling around Natsu's head.

"Are you ready Natsu?" cried Happy, "Today is the day!"

Happy looked down at the calendar.

"Natsu…" Happy began, "Lucy's not going to be happy that you destroyed her calendar."

"What!" Natsu cried, dropping the calendar, "Aren't we at home!"

"No," said Happy, "You fell asleep at Lucy's house remember?"

"Oh no! We better get out before Lucy –"


"Too late," mumbled Happy.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM! GET OUT!" Lucy screamed and kicked Natsu hard in the cheek.

The force sent him crashing out her window and onto the pavement outside.

Natsu stood up, rubbing his head as Happy followed him out the window with a bright red mark on his cheek.

"You shouldn't have got her angry Natsu," grumbled Happy, picking himself off the ground.

Natsu's mouth went firm and eyes stared into the distance. He fiddled with his hands.

"Natsu?" Happy asked, flying up to his face, "You're not chickening out are you?"

"I AM NOT!" flared Natsu, flames firing out of his mouth as he stamped his feet.

"Well then let's get to the guild!" Happy cheered.

"Wait…," Natsu said, "I have to get something first."

An hour later Natsu arrived at Fairy Tail. The guild was decorated from top to bottom with giant hearts, streamers, flowers and candles. The tables were covered with red and white table cloths, and each had a slim vase with a single red rose. From the stage, romantic music played.

"Mirajane went all out this year, didn't she…?" said Happy, awestruck by the amount of decoration.

Natsu nodded and gulped.

"I think it's really annoying,"

Natsu and Happy watched as Gray came towards them. A few paces away Mirajane followed.

"I mean, all this decoration for only one day?" he continued, "It looks messy. And what's with that music? Who designed this anyway?"

Mirajane who had just arrived next to them stopped dead still. Her bubbly smile broke and tears filled her eyes.

"Umm, Gray…" Natsu said, pointing behind his shoulder.

"Oh! Mi-Mira! You did this!," he stuttered, "I didn't mean to make you sad! It's really very nice! Really it is! I love red and pink together!"

Gray wrapped his arm around the crying Mirajane and hugged her, still blurting out his apologies.

"Natsu," hissed Happy, "There she is!"

Sitting on a stool by the bar was Lucy. She sipped casually on a drink and didn't seem affected by the festivities. In fact, she still looked pretty mad from the morning.

"Go on Natsu!" Happy cried, "Go ask her out!"

Natsu gulped.

"You know what Happy, I think I'll go get a job instead," Natsu said, hurriedly and began to run towards the request board.

"No Natsu!" cried Happy and pulled him by his ear, dragging him back.

"Just one job!" he yelled, pulling against Happy, "Then I'll ask her!"

"If you don't ask her now you never will! And maybe somebody else will ask her first!" explained Happy.

Natsu stopped struggling and looked over at Lucy.

"You're right," nodded Natsu and exhaled.

"Have you got the things from the store?" Happy asked and looked down at the bag in Natsu's hand.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot about them."

Natsu pulled out a small box from the bag and threw the bag away.

"Are they chocolates?" asked Happy with a smile.

"Yep. Do you think she'll like them?" Natsu said, feeling his confidence rise.

"I think she'll love them," said a voice from behind.

Natsu and Happy both turned around and both their jaws dropped.

Standing in front of them was Erza, with her most grandest outifts ever.

She was wearing a huge gown, that had puffy sleeves, and a gown that trailed on the floor behind her, and had huge hearts attached to the gown in every place.

But what was the most incredible thing was Erza's hair.

It had been placed in a heart-shaped kind of style.

And both of them both knew that it was heavy, but Erza probably didn't feel it.

"You both don't like it, don't you?"

With no response, Erza had requipped into a shorter gown, that was blue and was below her knees. Erza's hair was now left in two chignon buns and was wearing blue sandals.

"Now that I've changed, are those chocolates for Lucy?" Erza asked.

"Yes they are," Natsu said, fiddling with the box.

"Well you might want to be quick," Erza said, "Lucy has many admirers."

Erza walked off towards the tables, ogled by her own admirers.

"Erza's right Natsu," Happy said, "You better be quick before someone asks Lucy."

"Ok." replied Natsu and began to walk towards the bar.

Natsu made it to Lucy and was shaking like a leaf. For a dragon slayer, he wasn't very good at holding back his nerves when it came to love.

"Hey Lucy," he said shakily.

"Do you really think I want to see you now?" Lucy said without turning around.

"But – I – I – I-"

Suddenly the curtains were drawn and the guild was dimmed. A spotlight shined on the stage. The curtains on the stage drew back and Gajeel emerged wearing a white suit. And holding a guitar.

"NOOOOOO!" Natsu screamed.

"This song is for a very special person out there!" Gajeel announced and strummed a screechy note on the guitar.

"Get him off!" cried Wakaba angrily waving his fist.

"We just repaired the guild, we don't want him tearing it down again!" yelled Maccao.

"Couldn't agree more!" slurred a drunken Cana from behind the bar.

Gajeel went red and he gritted his teeth.

"Don't!" cried a voice belonged to Levy who hopped onto stage and threw her arms out to the crowd.

"Let him play!" Levy cried angrily, "Why are you always so mean to him!"

Despite not liking Gajeel that much, the guild members had a soft spot for Levy and reluctantly let him sing his song.

"It's time to shooby do bop!" Gajeel cried and the whole guild - excluding Levy - cringed as he began his song.

It took a great amount of self restraint to stop the guild members from throwing their chairs at Gajeel and his soppy love song. Once he was done, everyone let out a large sigh, except Levy who cheered and asked Gajeel who it was for.

"…It… was for you…" mumbled Gajeel who turned a bright red.

Levy gasped and went pink as guild members hooted and cat called at them.

That's when Natsu felt a tugging on his ear. Happy was pulling at him as hard as he could.

"Natsu!" Happy cried, "Gray is talking to Lucy!"

Natsu whipped around to find that Lucy had left her seat and was talking to Gray on a table.

"Oh no!" Natsu cried and crept closer to listen to them.

"Lucy, I have to ask you a question," Gray began, scratching his head, "I'm not sure what your answer will be,but I still want to ask. You can take your time to answer, I don't mind."

"Natsu!" Happy hissed into his ear, "Are you going to let Gray take her like that!"

"No way!" Natsu yelled and prepared a ball of fire in his hands. He was about to throw it when a stream of water flew over Natsu's shoulder and into Gray.

Lucy screamed as Gray flew into the wall.

Natsu turned to see a red faced Juvia breathing hard.

"Gray will be Juvia's," she cackled madly, "Not Lucy's! JUVIA'S!"

Gray stood up and saw Natsu still with his fireball.

"You want to start a fight, you stupid dragon!" Gray yelled, "If it's a fight you want it's a fight you get! Ice Make Cannon!"

Seeing a battle forming, the other guild members instantly took a side and joined in. Streamers ripped from their places, tables along with their decorations were overturned and a poor Mirajane weeped behind the bar for her lost efforts.

"Fire Dragon's Wing Atta-!"

"Natsu! Stop!" Happy pleaded, "Look at Lucy!"

Lucy stood rather confused staring down at Loke, who decided to appear on his own.

"Lucy," Loke announced, "I have to ask you a question."


Natsu let out a manic cry and dived at Loke. Both of them skid across the ground and smashed against the wall.

"Natsu!" Loke cried, confused and hurt.

"Lucy!" Natsu called and ran up to her.

"Lucy!" Natsu repeated, "I have to ask you a question!"

"Why does everyone have to ask me a question today!" yelled Lucy, "What do you want?"

"I-I-I-" Natsu stuttered.

Was he going to get cold feet now? Now that he had her all alone! Happy wasn't around to bail him out this time either.

"Lucy…" Natsu started, "I-I-I wa-wa wanted to as-ask you…"

Slowly, he took out the box of chocolates from his back pocket. Not that they looked like a box of chocolates anymore. They looked more like a smooshed box found on the street. The chocolates had melted and were leaking out from the side.

"Is that for me?" Lucy gasped, her face going pink.

Natsu nodded shamefully at his pathetic box. Lucy took it off him and looked at it with a mixture of happiness and disgust.

"Natsu…" Lucy began and her cheeks reddened, "Were you going to ask me to be your Valentine?"

Natsu nodded exhaustedly.

"You're very sweet Natsu," Lucy said, her cheeks now a deep crimson, "Meet me in front of my house at seven."

She kissed his cheek and bounced out of the guild.

Happy finally managed to find his way out of the fighting people and hovered next to Natsu.

"Did you ask her Natsu!" Happy asked.

Natsu didn't answer. Instead he jumped onto the stage and began to sing 'Shooby do bop" with Gajeel.

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