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Damn it, I don't think I want to.




Okay, so I've done those other chapters last weekend, and I think I wouldn't continue the chapter with the title: Rainbows I. I think I have made it clear enough? But if it wasn't, here it is:

Natsu's in a relationship with Lisanna. And that, Lisanna died. He had made a vow that he wouldn't get any other girl. He never breaks his promises. Never. And then, Lucy helped him out of his pain. And now, he's in love with her. And she's in love with him. And, in that day, he was sick. Lucy had to care for him. Then, Lucy's heart had been left broken. And Natsu's love was one of them. In the end, Natsu broke his promise. They got married.

Oh, and you can think of any possible endings. I don't care. As long as you don't resurrect Lisanna and that Natsu comes back to her. Oh, you could also make any sequel to this chapter, just as long as you credit! I'd read it big time, And of course to make it fun, I'd be choosing the winner, I don't know what I 'd giving in return if you won, but I'll think of something.

The reason I chose the title was because:

Because, likeā€¦ have you ever wanted something or someone, and that you couldn't have? That's the reason. Rainbows are like happiness and like, sunshine. It appears out of nowhere, just right after a storm or a rainy day. It makes you feel happy. It's also what God had promised to us. Whenever he makes rain/ a rain storm, he promises to always put on a rainbow after every shower. So let's just think Natsu saw a rainbow, and confessed, making Lucy as happy as ever.


Okay, so for the next chapter!

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Chapter 16: (Some Summary, I guess. Dunno what came into my mind, but it felt weird.)

Actually, they both didn't know when/how/where they even met. They just did it. They didn't know how they've done it, but it felt like magic. It was like a stroll in the park, a journey to somewhere and that's it. They just found each other. They started out as enemies, fre-nemies, friends, BEST friends, then as the time went on, they've found jealousy and romance in the air around them, and suddenly, they've gotten drunk and made love on a cheap-sack bed with all their clothes on the floor, and when they awoke, they confessed. And suddenly, love had blossomed. A new love-story unfolds.

Weird, I didn't know why the hell I even did this.

Guess I'm turning into a huge crap-bull-shit.

I have to make more NOT weird chapters.

I have to go.

Forever will be a bull-shit weirdo,