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Her prise was in sight. The dark girl had been chasing the sent for months now and had finally tracked down the owner. She had visited many different states, chasing for what she craved most. This day, she strikes. She is the reason Andy Biersack will be different to his band mates, and to most of the people in the world.


"We are the black veil brides, goodnight!" Andy shouted into the microphone, just like he did after every concert. The crowd screamed back, just like they did after every concert. The five band members went to meet there fans, like they did after every concert. After an hour and a half of hugging, signing and receiving gifts the men went back to there tour bus, like they did every night. But tonight was different, tonight something unusual happened. A figure, covered in black skinny jeans and a long hooded coat, approached the temporary home the four men and one woman where in. it wasn't a determined fan, trying to get some extra time with there hero's. No, this was something dark, beautiful. Something misunderstood and in constant pain.

The figure stood outside the tour bus door, holding up a hand and loudly banging on it, seven steady times. The men and woman all looked at there front man.

"Fine I'll get it." Andy sighed, in defeat. He got up and left his friends to open the door. "Um, hello who are you?" a confused Andy asked the cloaked stranger after opening the door. The person that stood before him slowly lifted there hands to there hood and removed it from there head. Underneath were the fine features of a girl. She didn't look to much younger then Andy but was a lot shorter, like most people. Her hair, sitting just above her shoulders, styled to look scruffy. it was crimson in colour. Her soft pale skin was flawless. A thin layer of eyeliner circled her emerald eyes and her lips where covered with deep red lipstick.

Andy looked the girl up and down, meeting her eyes. He watched as the green became paler and paler. They started to look colder and colder. Andy knew he should turn back to the safety of his tour bus; he had a strong feeling this girl was dangerous. But before he got a chance the girl had got a tight grip around the singer's wrist. She pulled him out of the tour bus with ease and yanked him down to height. Andy tried to get away; he struggled and tried to call for jinxx or Sandra but had lost his voice to shock. The girl flicked Andy's long black hair over his shoulder then hesitated before sinking her two long fangs into the 6'2 man. All struggling stopped as the tall man felt his legs buckle underneath him. He was in agony and wanted to scream out but now felt too weak to do anything.

It wasn't long before the stranger had drunk Andy dry and replaced his blood with special venom. She gently put him down as he looked at her with sad eyes. He was shivering violently, in a state of pure shock. All the girl could do was look away as guilt ate away at her conscience. She tuned back at the sound of jinxx's voice.

"Shit, Andy, what happened? Are you okay? Shit!" He was crouched down by his friend, trying to think of a way of helping him. Panic plastered his face as he shouted for every one to come out and help. "i-i cant breath." Andy stuttered weakly. Sandra was now there, trying to keep everyone calm, and then spotted the girl, who now had her hood back up. "What the fuck did you do?" Sandra spat, standing only inches from her face. Ashley and Jake had now joined jinxx in trying to calm Andy down as he tried to suck in some air. "Look, I promise you, he is fine. He is just in shock but should be okay within a few hours. I'm Eternity by the way." Eternity was very well spoken. "I don't care who you are! What did you do to him?"

"Well, I know you won't believe me but I have turned him into a creature of the night. I have turned him into a vampire."Sandra looked at the girl in disbelief then brought her hand up and slapped Eternity. There was no reaction on the vampire's behalf though; she just stood there like nothing had happen. "Please, I know how to calm him down, if only you would let me talk to him." Jake was now beside Sandra and shaking with anger. "No fucking way!" he hissed at her. "I promise you. I know how to get him out of this panic."

"Guys he's not breathing!" jinxx had tears rolling down his cheeks as he watched his friend arch his back and fidget in agony. He was no longer in shock, he was suffering. The pain he was in was like fire coursing through his veins. Sandra and Jake were now kneeling over Andy. Sandra was panicked and trying to find a pulse. "There's no heart beat. How is he still alive?" Sandra asked, tears also in her eyes. "Call an ambulance!" she shouted. "Please there is no need for that." Eternity said, now standing over everyone.

This was the first time she had transformed someone into a vampire. She knew it was cores trouble but didn't know it would be this bad.

"What the hell do you suggest we do?" Ashley screamed at her. She knelt down and cautiously put her hand on Andy's cheek. "Don't you dare touch him!" jinxx whispered. But Eternity continued none the less. She then moved her hand to her mouth and bit down hard on her index finger, drawing blood. She moved the wound towards Andy's mouth. He desperately sucked, feeling immediately relieved of most pain.

After Eternity withdrew her finger she told the others that it would be best to take Andy inside. They were all surprised they hadn't attracted any attention from the other bands touring with them.

"Okay, we have this under control, now leave us alone. I don't EVER want to see you again." Sandra spat at the mysterious girl. She only nodded and turned around, starting on her way out. "wait." Jinxx called, now a lot calmer then before. The vampire girl stopped walking but kept her back to them all. "Will you help look after him until he's better?" jinxx asked, still worried for his friend. "What the hell are you doing?" Sandra hissed at him but he ignored her. "Please?" he asked again. Eternity turned on her heel to look at them all. "okay." She said then walked over to Andy to asses what state he was in. she looked over him as his eye's shut tightly and he fell to sleep. He was still feeling confused, shocked and weak but the girl was sure she could help him. She had been through the same thing.

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