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Choices: Light or Darkness

Senate building (Normal pov)

A senator was seen in his office drinking as he looked out the window enjoying the view. He went back to his desk and poured himself another glass till he heard some noises outside. He wondered what it was so he went to check on it. But before he did the doors opened and a young man was thrown into the senator's room towards his table.

"Owwww son of a…okay yep that really hurt," the young man said as he got up slowly and had his hand holding his back. He got up to the senator the young man looked to in pain. The young man saw the senator who had the bottle on one hand and a glass cup on the other. The young man took the cup and looked at it which still had some liquor in it. "I haven't drank in almost a month since my girlfriend asked me to quit. But what the hell I could die tonight so why not have one last drink…or two."

Just then two clones came in and aimed their guns at the young man. "Hands up Jedi," one of the clones said.

The senator was now confused and scared by what was going on. One minute he was relaxing in his room, the next a young man who the clones called a Jedi.

The young lifted his right arm and the clones soon were lifted into the air choking. The young man drank from the glass and sighed. "Next time that old man really should learn to stop using people to fight his battles it's really annoying and not good for him," the young man said as he poured himself another drink which he finished quickly then threw the clones to the wall knocking them out. "Thanks for the drink and you might want to leave since this whole place is about to get interesting."

Once the young man left the senator looked at the unconscious clones and back to his bottle still confused by what happened. He then assumed this was because of the bottle so he put it back in his desk. He then grabbed his coat and hat before heading towards the door thinking this whole thing was a dream, so he decided to head home and come back tomorrow thinking it was nothing.

Jedi Temple

Back at the temple the Jedi were so far keeping the clones from taking the temple. Once the Jedi took out the clones that were in the temple and were cut off from the other half of the army, the Jedi began to focus on keeping the clones from getting in the temple. So far they have held their own including in the upper levels where Ventress and Serra were.

Ventress and Serra were on the upper levels taking care of some of the clones that managed to get in a turret. Ventress and Serra were hiding behind some columns as the clones kept the two from making a move. Ventress looked over and saw some boulders nearby. She motioned for Serra to use the boulders while Ventress distracted the clones. Ventress came out from her hiding spot and began to deflect the clone's blasters and dodge the turret from hitting her. Serra concentrated and used the force to lift the boulders while the clones were distracted. Serra concentrated and had the boulders aim at the clones. One of the clones managed to graze Ventress shoulder and the turret hit near Ventress knocking her off her feet. Ventress was send flying till she was halfway from where Serra was and she hit the ground hard. Serra saw this and used the boulders to hit the clones and take out their turret.

Serra then ran over to Ventress who was still alive, but was injured. "Don't move I'll get some help," Serra said as she was going to leave till Ventress grabbed her by the arm.

"Don't bother, I'm sure everyone is busy keeping those clones out of the temple," Ventress said as she got up slowly despite the pain she felt.

"You're hurt and you shouldn't be moving. Let me take you to Master Shaak Ti to help heal you," Serra said as she helped Ventress.

"You can drop the act sister, I know you don't care about me and I know you would rather have saw me get blown up then help me," Ventress said as she pulled away from Serra and leaned near one of the Jedi statues. "I know you're only assisting me because Michael and Zachary asked you to."

Serra sighed and knew that was true, she doesn't like Ventress. Especially after all the evil things she has done especially since she's a Sith. However she trusted Michael and Zach's decisions, especially how they have saved her in the past during some of her missions with them. She trusted them, and if they say Ventress could be trusted, then she would try to trust her. "Look yes it's because of the guys that I'm helping you, but so far you have proven you have changed. You've even proved it when you helped me against those clones."

Ventress was a bit surprise that Serra was talking down on her and almost smiled till they saw more clones coming in. Serra and Ventress activated their lightsabers but Ventress was still hurt to move fast. The clones aim their blasters and were about to fire when they heard something behind them. They turned around and saw three Droidekas appear from behind and killed the clones. Ventress still kept her guard up surprised even more to see Droidekas in the temple.

"Relax Zach brought them from his mission against Dooku. He hacked into their system and they are now one of the two guards that defend the Jedi temple from intruders or invaders," Serra said as she approached the Droidekas who deactivated their shields. "See, not bad huh? Zach and Michael suggested they be used to protect temple from intruders."

Ventress approached the Droidekas and was amazed that Zach managed to control them. "Huh I guess that idiot actually did something smart. I wonder what else he included to defend the temple."

"Oh trust me you'll know along with those traitor clones," Serra said as she knew what else Zach had brought to the temple.

The Omega (Barriss's pov)

I had heard of many crazy ideas from Ahsoka, Michael, Zach, and Skywalker. But this has got to be the craziest idea I've ever heard. "You want to crash the ship into the death star? That's insane!" I said surprised that Ahsoka's plan was to crash this cruiser we were on into the space station.

"Come on Barriss it's not that insane, besides if we leave chances are the death star would disappear. This is our chance to take it out or rather damage it. We'll get the rest of the clones to evacuate and then plot a course for the ship to hit the death star," Ahsoka said as she told her plan to Barriss. "Once that happens we run like hell back to the ship and get off the cruiser."

"I like it master it's a good plan," Jay said who liked the plan.

"A bit insane, but I have to agree with it it's not a bad plan master," Makai said as he turned to his mentor.

"I'm not saying it isn't a good plan, I just think it's a bit risky. I mean what if the other cruisers try to keep the ship from crashing into the death star?" I said knowing there are other cruisers out there that would try to keep this ship from crashing into the death star.

"I know, but don't worry we'll raise the shields so that it would protect the shi, at least long enough till it reaches the death starp. Once we do that the ships will have trouble taking this ship down and trust me I know Michael's ship, it's shields can hold," Ahsoka said who is confident that Michael's ship can hold.

"But master if big brother is alive wouldn't he get mad that you blew up his ship?" Jay asked.

"Well maybe, but I think he would understand this was for the greater good," Ahsoka said knowing Michael wouldn't be mad at her.

"Well I suppose if the shields can hold then I suppose the plan would work," I said as I agreed that the plan would work.

"I doubt your plan would actually work and even if it did it wouldn't matter. The chancellor would rebuild another after he has dealt with your Jedi friends," Tarkin said who was handcuffed. "Perhaps if you let me go I will ask the chancellor to make all of your deaths quick and painless."

"Funny you're not actually going to be talking to the chancellor and to anyone ever again," Ahsoka said as she looked to Barriss knowing what she was going to do.

"Ahsoka no this is not the Jedi way," I said knowing what Ahsoka was going to do.

"He tried to kill the guys, Jay, Makai, and me. He knew what the chancellor had planned and he was going to let it happen. He deserves this," Ahsoka said who wanted to kill Tarkin.

"I know that Ahsoka but killing him will not make it better. Kill him and you will prove him right," I said as I tried to keep Ahsoka from killing Tarkin.

"Master she's right I want to make him pay for what he did, but I don't want to kill him," Jay said who agreed with Barriss.

"Sister they're both right you can't kill him, he's not worth it," Makai said who agreed with Jay and Barriss.

Ahsoka wanted to kill Tarkin for all that he did. Almost killing the guys, the kids, her, and even working for the chancellor who is planning on trying to kill the Jedi order. She wanted to kill him; she could sense it and she could feel the anger she had. But she looked at her friend, her brother, and padawan. She soon saw this wasn't her and she knew she couldn't kill Tarkin. This wasn't the Jedi way and she knew she couldn't kill Tarkin. Ahsoka lowered her lightsaber and reattached it to her belt. "You're under arrest Tarkin for attempted murder and conspiracy to committee murder."

"Let's go Tarkin," I said as I went to grab Tarkin he hit me with his shoulder in the gut and then grabbed Jay.

"Let her go Tarkin," Ahsoka said as Barriss and her activated their lightsabers.

"I don't think so Jedi, drop your weapons or the child dies," Tarkin said as he moved towards the door with Jay. His hands despite being cuffed he still was able to grab Jay and hold her around her neck.

We could see Jay trying to get out, but the more she struggled the more Tarkin tighten his grip around her neck. "Let her go Tarkin or else."

"You're in no position to give me demands Jedi," Tarkin said as soon more clones came. "Shoot the Jedi they are traitors to the republic."

The clones opened fire on Ahsoka and Barriss as Tarkin got one of the clones to get him out of the cuffs. "Make sure the Jedi don't escape," Tarkin said as he grabbed a blaster from the clone and ordered him to kill the Jedi.

Jedi temple (Michael's pov)

I looked around for Anakin as I tried to find him. When the elevator crashed I looked around to see where he went. I saw some blood meaning he got injured trying to get out. I followed the drops of blood till I found it leading the training room. I opened it and entered cautiously. I could sense Anakin was in there and I could tell he was somewhere in the room. I walked towards the middle of the room and closed my eyes to sense where Anakin was. I could sense his anger, his pain, and his fear. Fear was the feeling I was sensing, it wasn't fear for himself but fear for Padme. I knew he loved her a lot like I do with Ahsoka. I knew he was worried about losing her and he is afraid to lose someone he loves. I know he exactly he felt. But that shouldn't excuse him for doing all of this; this shouldn't excuse him for trying to kill people. I know I have to keep him from doing this otherwise he will regret it for the rest of his life.

I could then sense Anakin was behind me and he didn't seem to be in a better mood either. I turned around and saw Anakin coming out of the darkness where I saw a white cloth on his right arm where I assumed is where he got hurt. "You're lucky I held back when I threw you into the elevator. Otherwise you would have been too dazed to have escaped from the elevator in time."

"Then why didn't you? Why didn't you kill me? Why are you holding back against me?" Anakin said confused on why Michael wasn't fighting him with everything he had and angry thinking Michael is not fighting him with everything he has.

"Because Anakin despite what your trying to do your still my friend. I don't want to kill you, I know you don't want to do this, I know your still good Anakin, and I know you don't want to kill anyone" I said as I tried to get through Anakin again.

"I didn't want this to happen either Michael, but I have no choice the Jedi tried to kill the chancellor and I don't want to lose Padme," Anakin said who didn't want to lose Padme.

"Okay first of all the chancellor is the Sith lord we've been looking for Anakin, he's evil and second do you honestly think Padme would want to be with you when she finds out what you did to Alex or when she hears you killed the Jedi?" I said as I tried again to get through to Anakin hoping he would listen to me. "She won't, she wouldn't want to be with you and don't tell me she will understand, she won't and she wouldn't want her kid to be around a child killer like you."

"Shut up!" Anakin said as he activated his lightsaber and charged at Michael who activated his lightsaber. Anakin began hitting Michael with some hard strikes. Michael continued blocking all the strikes and even blocked some of them. Michael ducked and rolled away from Anakin then he used the force to push Anakin back. Anakin charged at him again as the fight led out of the training room. Both men continued fighting all around the halls with Michael dodging Anakin's strikes which had Anakin's lightsabers hit the walls. Both men's sabers collided as Anakin pushed Michael back. Michael push Anakin back then twirled his lightsaber as he tried to go for some high and low strikes against Anakin. Their lightsabers collided again this time Anakin pushed Michael off then punched him. He tried to hit Michael with his saber but Michael blocked the strike with his left hand. He tried to hit Anakin with his right arm, but Anakin blocked the strike with his other arm. Both men continued trying to get their arms with their sabers free.

Michael headbutted Anakin right on the nose, Anakin backed away and Michael approached him. Anakin tried to slash him, but Michael ducked then deactivated his lightsaber before hitting some jabs on Anakin's right side. Anakin tried to slash him again, but Michael ducked again and punched him in the gut. Anakin backed away and Michael began several strikes at Anakin right in the gut, sides, and face all while Anakin tried to fight back. But Michael was too fast for him and Michael ducked the last saber strike, jumped up high and swift kicked Anakin across the head sending him across the hall. Anakin got up but was dazed. Michael then used the force to push Anakin all across the hall towards the wall.

Once Anakin was down I relaxed a bit as I tried to rest. I was tired and I was hoping Anakin was still okay. I hope I didn't hurt him too much as I walked over towards him. I noticed we were near the hanger which was good. I noticed Anakin getting up and he did not look happy. He looked to be more pissed off than ever. "Okay let's go," I said as I activated my lightsaber as did Anakin and we continued with our fight.

Senate building (Zach's pov)

I really hated the chancellor, not only was he ugly, he was a coward as well. I was blocking several clones' blasters as they tried to kill me. During the fight I manage to get the best on Sidious as we took the fight from the now ruined office to the hallway, to finally the rest of the senate building. During the fight several clones came to see what was going on, Sidious ordered the clones to shoot me saying I was a traitor. So now I've been fighting some of the clones in the senate building while Sidious watched from behind. It was getting annoying and it was getting to be a pain in the ass as I could see the Sith lord who was smirking. I redirected the blasts back at the clones hitting them on the shoulders or legs since I didn't really want to kill them.

"Is this all you got old man? I could do this all day," I said as Sidious motioned for more clones to appear. I sighed and knew this was a waste of my time. I know what he was doing; Sidious was trying to weaken me by having me fight so many clones. "Unfortunately I don't got all day soooo," I used the force to lift the clones and then I threw them towards the wall knocking them all out. I then charged at Sidious who used his force lighting at me. I blocked the force lighting with my lightsaber. I continued blocking the attack as it began to hit the walls and the ceilings taking out the light. I continued pushing forward and Sidious continued using his force lightning as he tried to stop me. I kept pushing till I finally got close enough I pushed him back and deactivated my lightsaber. I punched Sidious in the face and then punched him hard in the gut. I then grabbed Sidious by his hands and then I drove my knee into his gut hard. Sidious was out of breath. I continued punching him in the gut and face with Sidious unable to fight back. I then delivered an upper cut sending Sidious flying and then he fell to the ground.

I felt a bit satisfied by what I was doing. I had fought against strong opponents, but none seemed easier than this guy. I soon saw Sidious getting up slowly making me rethink maybe this wouldn't be as easy as I thought it would be. "Heh you're tough old man I'll give you that."

"You haven't seen anything yet," Sidious said as he reactivated his lightsaber.

"Yeah I know," I said as Sidious jumped over towards me and we continued fighting with our lightsabers.

Sidious tried several strikes but Zach kept blocking all the strikes. The fight continued till two clones appeared and began shooting at Zach. Zach pushed Sidious back and redirected the blasts back at the clones killing them. Sidious took this chance to attack Zach who tried to block Sidious attack. However Sidious hit Zach's lightsaber cutting it in half. Luckily the crystal wasn't destroyed but Zach was now without a weapon, which made Sidious smile knowing Zach was unarmed.

"Looks like you're going to die again Zach, only this time I'll make sure you stay dead," Sidious said as he went for the kill till Zach pulled out another lightsaber except this one was purple. "What the" was all Sidious could say as Zach pushed him back. Sidious soon recognized the lightsaber and realized it belonged to Mace Windu.

"Surprised? When I was coming towards the building I ran into my old friend Windu who I assumed it was you who send him flying," I said as I held Mace Windu's lightsaber in my hand tightly. "I didn't like him, especially how he was towards Michael and me. But I still respected him for being a great Jedi and for being a great man." I aimed the lightsaber towards Sidious and became serious. "He asked me to finish what he started and that's what I'm going to do old man. I'm going to take you down."

"I killed him and three other Jedi as well. What makes you any difference?" Sidious said who kept his guard up.

"The difference between the Jedi and me is that when my friends need me I never let them down," I said as I became serious. "The second thing that is different from the Jedi and me is that when I make a promise I will keep it. But I guess the third thing that makes me different from the Jedi is that I never backed down from a fight especially if it's one that has my friend's life on the line."

"You think the Jedi are your friends but you're wrong. They are liars and are holding you back. Join me and I will show you a much greater power than what the Jedi can give you, and you will be able to do what you want with no restraints," Sidious said as he tried to offer Zach to join him.

"I say take that offer and shove it up your ass old man," I said not interested in Sidious offer.

"How dare you," Sidious said angry that Zach turned down his offer but disrespected him.

"Save it, the Sith offer nothing but miser, pain, and suffering. My master told us about the Sith and how you guys are nothing but liars. I don't know what offer you made to Anakin, but we both know you won't deliver it and he'll find out then turn on you," I said as I grabbed the crystal and put it in my pocket. "Once you're gone then there will be true peace."

"So be it boy prepare to die Zachary," Sidious said as he got ready to fight.

The Omega (Normal pov)

Tarkin was running down the halls with him holding Jay in his right arm while he had his blaster in the other arm. Tarkin was running down the halls at he headed towards the bridge and so he can figure out what to do with the Jedi who somehow got through the clones he left to kill them. He luckily had more troops keep them busy but he could overhear their screams and them getting killed, meaning he wouldn't have long till they caught up to him. Jay struggled to break free of Tarkin's grip which was starting to anger the Admiral. "Stop struggling child right now."

"No I won't not till you let me go," Jay said as she tried to break free of Tarkin's grip.

"Sorry my dear but you're not going anywhere, at least till after I deal with your friends. Then I'll deal with the Jedi as well," Tarkin said who seemed still confident things will turn out well for him.

"My master and big brother will stop you, just you wait sleemo," Jay said who knew her master and brother would stop Tarkin.

"You're big brother? Ah you mean Michael, well if that fool is somehow alive then I'll have to kill him again. It was soooo easy to fool him, I guess he was one of those weak Jedi who didn't deserve to be in the order if he was able to get fooled so easily," Tarkin said which now ticked Jay off by what Tarkin was saying to her big brother. Jay grabbed Tarkin's fingers and bit down on them hard. Tarkin screamed in pain as he tried to get Jay off of him. Jay kept a tight grip on Tarkin's fingers till he hit her in the face. Jay let go and got up running off. "Stupid child get back here."

Tarkin chased Jay down the hall while clutching his finger. Jay ran down a long hallway where she entered the room at the end of the hallway. Tarkin followed her and entered the room where he saw it was the room where they dumped the trash. Tarkin looked around and couldn't see the girl, he could leave the room, but he knows without the girl he doesn't have anything to stop the Jedi. "Little girl come out wherever you are?" As much as Tarkin hated looking for the girl in the trash he knew without her it won't stop the Jedi from killing him.

What he didn't notice was Jay was near the door entrance. When she got into the room Jay despite how disgusting it was dove into the trash and hid near the door. Once she saw Tarkin was that Tarkin was halfway into the room she quietly moved towards the entrance and got out of the room. Tarkin heard some movement behind him, when he turned around he saw Jay behind him sticking her tongue out. "Tricked ya," Jay said as Tarkin ran towards her but Jay closed the door and locked it.

"You stupid brat open this door right now!" Tarkin shouted through the door as he banged on the door demanding that Jay opened the door.

"No you tried to kill my big brother, my friends, my master, and you called them names," Jay said who refused to open the door.

"Open this door right now or- (CLANK!)," Tarkin heard a loud clanking noise in the room. He realized that the room was getting ready to crush the trash. "Child open this door and I promise I'll let your friends go then apologize to them for what I did." Tarkin hated what he was doing, but he knew if he didn't get out soon he would die.

Jay didn't want to open the door, but she could sense he was indeed worried about something. Jay knew she could leave him in there, but she knew her brother wouldn't want her to do that. Especially if he is asking nicely and is asking please, "Fine," Jay said as she was going to open the door when a blaster hit the door panel and nearly hit her. Jay looked over and saw it was a clone. Jay ran as the clone tried to blast her and chased off after her.

Tarkin heard the commotion outside and tried to get the clone to open the door, but then he heard the walls were activated and were now closing in on him. Tarkin tried to open the door by blasting it but it ricochet off the door. The blast then hit Tarkin on the leg injuring the Admiral. Tarkin tried to stop the walls by grabbing what he could to stop the walls, but it was no use. The walls came closer and closer to Tarkin who tried to use his arms to stop them. Unfortunately as the walls came closer the walls began to break his arms as the bones snapped and soon Tarkin began to scream as he was slowly being crushed to death. The walls soon began to crush his whole body as Tarkin let out a huge loud piercing scream before finally the entire ship became silent.

Jay kept running through the hall as the clone was shooting at her. Jay tripped and fell on the floor. Jay heard the clone aim his blaster at her as Jay closed her eyes waiting for the clone to shoot at her till she heard a groan. She opened her eyes and looked over to see her master had arrived and had killed the clone.

Ahsoka turned off her lightsaber as the clone fell to the ground. "Jay are you okay?" Ahsoka asked as she checked her padawan. Jay nodded and hugged her master relief that she came to save her. Ahsoka returned the hug and lifted her padawan into her arms. "It's okay I got you it's all right."

Barriss and Makai soon arrived and were relief to see Jay was okay. "Jay you all right?" Makai asked hoping Jay wasn't hurt.

"I'm okay thanks to my master," Jay said as she was set down happy to see her friends were okay.

"Jay where's Tarkin?" Barriss asked noticing Tarkin wasn't around.

"I locked him in the room where everyone dumped their trash," Jay said as she told the others where Tarkin was.

Before Ahsoka could ask anything all three Jedi soon began to notice a foul smell coming from Jay. They all covered their noses and backed away from Jay. "Um Jay did you go into the room?"

"Yep why I don't smell that bad do I?" Jay said who didn't notice how bad she smelled till she sniffed at herself and realized she does smell. "I guess that's what I get for hiding in the trash huh?"

"Yeah it looks like I'm going to have to give you a long bath when we get home," Ahsoka said as the others nodded, but Jay pouted since she didn't like taking baths. "But first we need to get everyone off of the ship. Barriss you and I will go to the bridge…while you two get back to the ship."

"Awwww but master," Jay whined as she wanted to stay and help her master.

"No buts Jay, you need to get back to the ship and wait there for us while we get everyone off the ship," Ahsoka said who didn't want to put her padawan and little brother in more harm.

"I agree Jay we need to get back to the ship and have it get ready for takeoff," Makai said as he agreed with his sister.

"Oh all right," Jay said who agreed with her master and friend.

"And while you're on the ship maybe you can take a bath," Barriss said who remembered Zach adding some showers on the ship.

"Fine, but only because I want to take a shower, not because you guys want me to," Jay said who for once agreed to take a shower.

"Good now get going and we'll catch up," Ahsoka said as the kids nodded and took off to the ship while Ahsoka and Barriss took the command bridge.

"I hope your plan works Ahsoka," Barriss said who was hoping things went well.

"Me too Barriss me too," Ahsoka said who agreed with Barriss.

Jedi temple

Shaak Ti was in the medical wing of the Jedi temple as she was protecting some of the wounded Jedi who got injured during the war and was assisting with some of the wounded who were being brought it from the fight in the temple. So far she heard everything was going well that the Jedi were able to keep the clones from taking the library and how the upper levels were secured. But the clones were still coming making it almost impossible to end this fight.

"Master Shaak Ti there are clones heading this way towards the medical wing what do we do?" asked a young Jedi girl who was Shaak Ti's new padawan. She was a young Zabrak girl who had small vestigial red horns, her skin was pale to dark, and she had long black hair that was braided, yellow eyes, and was wearing a gray Jedi outfit.

Shaak Ti knew the guards of the temple and several Jedi were protecting the entrance of the medical wing, but she feared they have died. Shaak Ti knew some of the Jedi in the medical wing were either padawans or were still learning so they can become padawans. She couldn't risk them getting involved so she made her choice. "I'll go you stay here and protect the wounded."

"But master I want to help, please let me help you," the young Jedi said who wanted to help her master.

Shaak Ti knew her padawan wanted to help her, but she knew it was too dangerous for her to fight. "I know you want to help, but I need you to protect the wounded and make sure they are safe. Maris please do this for me."

"Okay I promise master," Maris Brood said as she was convinced to stay and protect the wounded.

"Thank you now I promise I'll be back," Shaak Ti said as she left the medical wing to help her comrades.

When Shaak Ti arrived she saw some of the Jedi were hiding behind some columns of statues since the clones had a turret and were using it on the Jedi. Shaak Ti carefully hid behind where the Jedi were to check on the situation. "How many men did we lose?"

"Three, we got some wounded and we were trying to fall back, but then the clones brought out the turret making it impossible for us to get through," one of the Jedi knights said to Shaak Ti.

"Okay I'll distract them and you get the wounded out of here," Shaak Ti said as the Jedi nodded. Shaak Ti waited for the clones to stop firing before she made her move. She lifted up a rock and threw it distracting the clones. She then came up and charged at the clones. The clones opened fire on her but she dodged the blasters and jumped over where the clones and the turret was. She killed the clones and destroyed the turret allowing also the Jedi to get the wounded into the medical wing. Shaak Ti continued fighting off the clones and protecting the Jedi when one clone's blaster grazed her leg. She was hurt, but she didn't stop soon however the clones began to push her back till she saw one of them aiming a rocket launcher at her. Shaak Ti jumped out of the way as the rocket missed her, but the blast sent her towards the statue breaking it and then she fell to the ground. Shaak Ti tried to get up but saw the clones aiming their blasters at her. Shaak Ti in her mind felt that she failed her friends again and was now going to die.

"Leave her alone," the clones and Shaak Ti looked over and saw Maris Brood standing at the entrance to the medical wing.

"Maris get out of here now!" Shaak Ti said who didn't want her padawan to die.

"I won't stand by and let you die master, and neither will our friends," Maris said as she pulled out a whistle and blew on it hard as it echoed all around the temple. The clones didn't know what the girl was doing and aimed their blasters at her till they heard a loud howling echoing around the temple. The clones wondered what it was till they heard growling and some snarling appearing all around them.

They looked behind Maris as several Anoobas creatures appeared. They then heard some surrounding them. Then near Shaak Ti stood two older looking Anoobas creatures that had collars on them one said 'Beth' and the other said 'Brian'. "Sic 'em," Maris said as the Anoobas attacked the clones who tried to open fire at them but they weren't fast enough as the Anoobas attacked and killed the clones who let out several screams before becoming silent. Soon all around the temple the Anoobas began to attack more of the clones and assisting the Jedi. Maris ran up to her master helping her stand up. "I know I know I should have stayed where I was I'm sorry master, but I just wanted to help you that's all."

Shaak Ti was indeed a bit mad at her apprentice, but she knew she meant well and knew she wanted to help. "Well I'm a little mad, but I'm glad you came thank you Maris," Shaak Ti said as she thanked her padawan.

Maris smiled and was glad to help her master. Brian walked up to Maris and licked her on the face. "Thanks master, and also good boy Brian and good girl," Maris said as she petted both the Anoobas creatures.

Hanger Bay (Michael's pov)

Anakin and I continued fighting through the hallway till he grabbed me and threw me towards the hanger bay where some of the clones were getting in, but were getting taken down by the Jedi who used the force to take out the gunships. Some of the Jedi saw me and wanted to assist me, but I told them to leave so that I could with Anakin alone and no one gets hurt. Anakin came in and he saw the Jedi leaving which left only me and him.

"You should have let them stay Michael, after all once I kill you they're all next," Anakin said as he approached Michael.

"Can't you sense it Anakin? Your boys are failing, the Jedi is taking them all out and it won't be long till all of them are defeated" I said confident that the Jedi can win this fight.

"So what, there are plenty more clones where they came from and more will come to kill those traitors the Jedi," Anakin said who didn't seem worried that his men were losing.

"Okay it's official you're not Anakin Skywalker, he wouldn't treat the clones like they were nothing, he would treat them all the same as normal men," I said knowing Anakin cared for his men and respected those who earned his respect, and also have proven themselves.

"I do care about them, but right now they are disappointing me that they can't handle a bunch of traitors. Once I deal with you then I'll take care of the Jedi myself," Anakin said as he charged at Michael who once again was on the defensive.

I knew I had to lure Anakin to the senate building somehow. I had hoped talking to him would help him turn good, but that didn't work so I hope the plan I had would be the one to help him see the light. I pushed Anakin off and used the force to push him back. Once he backed off I picked up a starfighter with the force and threw it at Anakin who jumped out of the way. Once that happened I got on a speeder and powered it up. I then flew out of the hanger where I saw Anakin getting on a speeder too and followed me. That was the good for me since I needed him to follow me, now I hope Zach can finish his part of the plan soon before Anakin whoa.

Anakin hit the front part of his speeder on the rear end of my speeder. I accelerated the speeder all the while dodging the other speeders in Coruscant. Many of them flew out of the way quickly many almost near accidents or almost causing an accident with them nearly hitting the other speeders. I know I would get in trouble on how I was driving but I continued heading towards the senate building, till Anakin jumped off his speeder and got onto my speeder as he grabbed me by the neck then tried to choke me. I drove with one hand while I tried to get Anakin off with the other. So far that wasn't working so I hit the break as Anakin flew over me and landed on the front part of the speeder where he held on as I once again hit the accelerator. Anakin tried to grab me as I moved the speeder from right to left to keep Anakin from stopping me, but also trying not to get Anakin off of the speeder since I need him for the plan to work.

Anakin used his right robotic hand to break through the speeders engine damaging it and causing us to fall. Anakin and I jumped off the speeder and fell on a nearby building roof. I saw Anakin grabbing his lightsaber so I used the force to get the lightsaber. Anakin however used the force to throw me off my feet causing me to drop our lightsabers as they fell off the roof. Anakin charged at me as he tried to punch me, I ducked the hits and punched Anakin in the face. But then he grabbed my arm and kicked me in the gut then punched me with his right hand right on my face. I fell on my back from the punch since his hand was robotic. Anakin then lifted me with the force and tried to choke me. I concentrated and used the force to break free of Anakin's grip. I then used my force lightning on Anakin as I shocked him. Anakin however didn't let that stop him as he got up and repelled back my force lighting then used the force to throw me nearly off the roof. I got up quickly and saw a nearby speeder. I ran over to the speeder and jumped on it surprising the driver.

"Hi how you doing?" I said to the driver who was a Twi'lek girl and she was surprised by what just happened. "Could you please drop me off at the senate building?" I looked back and saw Anakin doing the same thing as I did. He jumped on a nearby speeder and I think was threatening the driver. "Oh and could you step on it please."

The driver hesitated but agreed to help the Jedi as she drove towards the senate building.

The senate building (Zach's pov)

Sidious and I were fighting now near where the senators debated and talked. Sidious lost his lightsaber when I used Windu's to destroy it. Sidious was using his force lighting to try and stop me. I blocked the attack using Windu's saber which was absorbing the attack. I knew this fight had gone long enough, once I was close I redirected the blast to the ceiling where the lights were all destroyed. I then grabbed Sidious hoisting him up on my shoulder. I rammed Sidious body towards the wall near us. Then I rammed him towards the other wall damaging it and hurting Sidious. I continued this back and forth till I held on to Sidious tightly and ran towards one of the walls where we broke through it and we landed on the senatorial pods where the senators used to speak. I could tell I really hurt Sidious to the point where I think I may have knocked him out.

"Hold it right there," I looked behind me and saw several clones as they opened fire on me. I jumped onto another pod and activated it flying out of the way of the clones who were blasting me. I flew around as the clones got into one of the pods and chased me around. I saw another clones getting on another pod and they followed the other clones so now I had two pods following me and shooting at me. I knew I had to get these clones off my tail so I decided to end this. I moved the pod to fly upside down as I got behind the clones, once I was behind them I waved at them as I distracted the first pod to crash into the other pods while the second one barley dodged the hit. I stopped and used the force to stop the second pod. I then began to move the pod around and around as it caused the men on the pod to be thrown off or get dizzy. I stopped as the remaining men seemed to be getting sick. I used the force and I send the pod towards some of the pods taking the men out. I sighed in relief till I saw one of the pods heading towards me. I jumped off the pod and landed on some of the pods except I hit my arm and then fell towards the ground where I landed.

I was still alive, injured but alive. I slowly got up but stopped when I felt a sharp pain on my left arm. I knew it was the arm that landed on the pod and I could tell that I broke it. As I tried to rest a bit I hit from behind my Sidious who used his force lightning at me.

"You weak, pathetic, disrespectful brat, you tried to make a mockery out of me," Sidious said who was also hurt, but still managed to still have some fight left in him. Sidious then used his force lightning again to shock Zach who kept himself from screaming, but still groaned in pain. "I gave you a chance to join me, but no more you disrespected me and tried to make a fool out of me. So now I'm going to kill you, nice and slowly."

"Heh before you do I got to say some things first. First of all congrats you got me, I didn't think I could beat you but then again you were right. I let myself get sooo confident I could beat you because you are a sith lord and you are indeed superior than me in every way no matter how old you are," I said as I lied to Sidious, but needed to make it look like I was kissing up to him. "Guess I should have taken your offer, I'm sorry for not listening to you."

"Well now it seems now you see what I've been telling you. A bit too late though because now you will die. But thank you for the compliments," Sidious said as he was about to attack Zach again till Zach spoke.

"Wait aren't you going to tell me how you did it? I mean I got to know how in the world did you manage to fool everyone from the senators, the people, the Jedi, Michael and me, and hell even Skywalker. How did you do it? How did you manage to fool us all, take control of the republic without us knowing who you are? And took control of Skywalker?" I said as I tried to get Sidious to reveal his entire plan to me.

"Very well, I suppose as your final request I will tell you everything," Sidious said as he revealed his entire plan to everyone.

I sighed and was glad he was going to tell me everything. I looked over and saw my camera droids were all set up and they gave me the signal they were ready.

Senate building (Michael's pov)

I made it to the senate building where I thanked the Twi'lek who took off just as she saw Anakin arriving as well. I looked over and ran towards the senate building as Anakin ran behind me. I only hope Zach had everything set up for the plan to work otherwise everything we did was for nothing. I made it to the building where Anakin tackled me and began to choke me. I managed to get out of the chokehold and kicked Anakin away from me. I then had force pushed him back before I finally said something.

"Anakin wait please there's something I need to show you," I said as I got Anakin to stop. "I have something to show you, you said the Jedi are liars and they are the traitors rights?"

"That's right, you all are traitors," Anakin said as both Michael and him were out of breathes and were covered in injures.

I then saw the hologram form of Sidious appear near us as the transmission was working as I planned it would. Anakin looked at the hologram as Sidious spoke. What Sidious didn't know was that the transmission wasn't only being broadcast in the senate building, but it was being broadcast all over Coruscant from the upper to the lower part of the cities. Anakin along with everyone watched and heard Sidious reveal everything. From how he tricked the trade federation to attack Naboo so he could convince the queen to help him become chancellor, how he turned Dooku to the dark side to have him then create problems in the republic by forming the separatist, then had the clone army be made so when war came he would be granted emergency power, how he also used the war to keep him in power and in charge of the republic, how he also gave information to Dooku to help keep the war going.

This went on and on as I saw the look on Anakin's face when he realized that the man who he thought was a good man was a liar, manipulator, and used the people for his own personal gain. But what ticked him off the most was when Sidious revealed how he used a young man and his feelings for a senator who Anakin knew Sidious was talking about him and Padme. How he used Anakin to help him against the Jedi and how he lied when he said he was going to help save his beloved from death.

I could sense Anakin was mad. Anakin used the force to break the machine that transmitted the hologram. He let out a loud rage when he did this and then began to bang on the broken machine with his right hand over and over. I knew Anakin felt betrayed that his close friend lied to him and used him. I knew why Anakin now turned to the dark side, he wanted to save Padme. I approached Anakin and placed my hand on his shoulder to try and help him.

"You were right, he was using me, he didn't care about me or Padme. I'm sorry Michael, I'm so sorry," Anakin said as he calmed down and apologized to Michael. "I can't believe I let him use me like this, I'm such an idiot, I betrayed everyone and for what? For something that I was never going to get, he told me he could keep Padme from dying, and he lied about it. There is no way to keep her from dying."

"You don't have to apologize Anakin I know you didn't mean for this to happen, I know you did it for Padme. But listen I know you love Padme, I know you would do anything to keep her safe and keep her happy. I know you thought doing this would keep her safe and happy, but the thing is it wasn't going to," I said as I tried to lift Anakin's spirit. "The future is not written, we make our own future and you know Padme is a fighter, the chances of her dying of giving birth are slim to none. Trust me she won't die I promise she won't."

"What if it you saw Ahsoka would die giving birth to your child? Would you have done the same thing?" Anakin said who still felt terrible for what he did.

I was a bit surprised Anakin knew about Ahsoka being pregnant, but I knew now wasn't the time to ask him how he knew. "During our fight I thought about that and if I knew Ahsoka would be dying I would do everything to make sure it doesn't happen…but only if I make sure it's something Ahsoka would want and I know turning evil, killing younglings, and turning my back on everyone is not the way she would want me to do it," I said knowing Ahsoka would never want me to turn evil to save her. "I know you think this is what Padme wants, but ask yourself and I mean really ask yourself this. Deep down do you honestly think Padme would want you to turn evil for her?"

Anakin was going to say what he has been saying before 'she would understand', but he knew deep down she wouldn't. She wouldn't approve of what he was going to do. Killing the Jedi and turning on everyone is not what she would want him to go through, and he knows if he went through with this she wouldn't want to be with him.

I sensed Zach is hurt and he needs our help. "Anakin please we need you, we both know you have to stop him. If we don't more innocent lives will be lost," I said as I tried to get Anakin back to fight with us. "Please Anakin we need you"

"I-I don't know if I can help you guys, I've caused enough trouble trying to kill you and everyone else," Anakin said who was unsure if he should help.

"If not for us than do it for Padme, if Sidious escapes he'll come hurt her too. You know he'll do anything to have you as his puppet. Even if that means hurting the people close to you," I said as I saw the look on Anakin's face. He knew I was right and he knew if they didn't do something now everything would be lost. "Come on let's do this." I extended my hand and waited for Anakin to grab it.

(Zach's pov)

Man this Sidious guy really likes to hear himself talk, I had to keep him talking long enough for everyone to hear what he has done and hoping Anakin was around for when the message began so he can help us take down the old man. Sidious had just finish telling me on how he was going to use the excuse on how the Jedi tried to kill him and take over the republic. Plus on how he was going to create a new empire for him to rule from now on.

"Wow emperor huh? I got to tell you that is an amazing plan. I never thought the Jedi could have not seen this coming especially with how close you were with them," I said still surprised at how well Sidious plan could have gone if Michael and I hadn't arrived.

"The plan would have gone smoother if you hadn't arrived. But no matter once the senators see the damage you created to try and kill me then they will believe me in the end," Sidious said who despite all he went through still feels like he is going to win.

"That's true, but then again I doubt they would believe that since they would wonder how you killed me or rather or is it is I didn't kill you? The people are smart Sidious they won't fall for this whole thing," I said as I tried to get the people to believe us more if they are watching right now what Sidious said and is saying.

"The people are weak and pathetic, when they see something dangerous occur they will come to me like the frighten people that they are. They begged me to stay on the senate since the war began because they know without me they are nothing and they know without me there is no republic," Sidious said who believes the people needed him and he knew that they would come to him. "Once I deal with you the people will fear the Jedi and they will forever need me, just like that weak boy did when he came to me as he needed me to save his wife."

"You honestly believe that huh?" I said as I was about to reveal my little surprise to Sidious. "Why don't we ask our audience?" I pointed behind where Sidious saw a robotic droid with a camera. Sidious face soon turned to a shocking expression as he looked around and saw more droids with cameras that have been surrounding him all this time and he didn't notice. "I got to tell you if you knew about the cameras you could have done something about that ugly deformed scrotum face of yours."

Sidious now realizes what Zach made him do. He tricked him; he revealed his entire secret, plans, and everything to the entire republic. Sidious was now beyond being pissed off. He was enrage that all of his plans, everything he worked hard to achieve has been thrown out. Sidious turned to Zachary and shot off a huge force lightning as he hit Zach with it. Zach began to scream in pain as Sidious continued hitting him with force lightning. Sidious continued for another minute before he stopped. Zach was on the ground writhing and groaned in pain.

"You ruined everything now I'm going to make you pay," Sidious said as he in rage that Zach tricked him, made a fool out of him, and caused him to ruin his plan which he worked on for years to be ruined. "And now you will die nice and slowly." Sidious shot off another force lightning at Zach who screamed as loud as before despite him trying to stop himself from screaming. Sidious continued till he was thrown away from Zach. Sidious got up and saw it was Anakin and Michael.

Michael ran towards Zach and checked on him. "Zach you okay?"

I was in immense pain, of course I wasn't okay, and I was the opposite of okay. I was still in too much pain to respond and Michael knew it. He grabbed my hand as I clutched on his hand hard to try and keep myself from shaking too much from the pain I was feeling. He could sense my response and he knew how I was.

"Yeah sorry about that buddy, but hey the plan worked right?" Michael said as he tried to lighten up his friends mood, which didn't work since he still had the 'I'm going to kill you look' on his face. "Okay well just rest we'll take over from here."

"Anakin what are you doing here? And why are you with him?" Sidious asked as he pointed to Michael.

"Quit with the acting chancellor, or should I call you just Sidious? I know you used me from the beginning and I know you were never going to save Padme. You lied to me about everything, even when I was a child you lied to me and used me."

"Anakin that isn't true, I'm your friend and they are lying to you what I said wasn't true they tricked me and-" "Shut up! I know what I heard you lied to me, you don't know how to save Padme cause she doesn't need saving. Padme won't die and I know it, but you on the other hand you will pay for everything you have done," Anakin said as he interrupted Sidious who knew he had lost control over Anakin. He saw Michael helping Zach up and snarled at them blaming them for his plan to be ruined. "Darth Sidious you are under arrest in the name of the republic."

"I am the republic boy, I am ruler over all, and I am DARTH SIDIOUS!" Sidious shouted as he shot off a huge blast of force lightning at Anakin who blocked it with the force, but due to his fight against Michael he didn't have enough to stop the blast completely. Sidious continued pushing Anakin back who was losing his grip on the force.

"Damn it we didn't think this through Anakin is too weak to stop him," Michael said blaming himself for hurting Anakin too much.

"We…have…to…help…him," I struggled to say since I was still feeling the effects of the force lightning.

"You got enough to help out?" Michael asked hoping his friend had something left to help them.

"Hell…yeah," I said as Michael helped us over to Anakin and we placed our hands on his shoulder we concentrated and helped combined the force with him.

Anakin noticed the guys helping him so he used the combined force we were giving him as he was able to push back the force lightening. Sidious struggled to push his force lightning back at Anakin, but he was losing his grip. Anakin, Michael, and Zach concentrated enough to finally push the force lightning back at Sidious which caused him to be thrown towards all the walls of the senate before finally falling to the ground where the Sith lord finally met his faith.

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