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Aftermath of last night

Republic base (Michael's pov)

I woke up feeling a bit tired but was also feeling pretty good. I looked over and saw the time it was early in the morning. I knew I had to get up but when I moved I felt someone's arm around my waist. I looked over and saw it was Ahsoka sleeping. I smiled when I saw her sleeping and could tell she was happy. But then I felt a bit of a breeze and realized I was naked as was Ahsoka as well. Then memories of what happened last night came flooding back in. I remembered what happened, Ahsoka and I made love…we had sex for the first time.

I happy but then felt worried, the girls told us about the drug and what the side affect would be. I was worried that last night Ahsoka didn't know what she was doing. If so then if she remembers how would she react? And would she still love me after what we did. As I thought about this I got my clothes back on and made sure I didn't make too much noise. I looked behind me and saw Ahsoka was smiling as she slept. I could sense she was happy, but I was still worried she wouldn't remember what happened last night and would hate me for letting it happen.

I decided to try and think this through some more so I grabbed my lightsaber from my desk and walked out of the room quietly. I closed the door behind me and tried to sense if the small noise woke Ahsoka up. To my relief it didn't, but then I heard another door opened near me and out came Zachary who looked worried about something.

"Um hi Zach" I said nervously as I was worried Zach or Barriss could have heard Ahsoka and I made love.

"Oh hey Michael…uh what's up?" Zach said who also sounded worried.

"Nothing…how is Barriss feeling?" I said worried Zach may know something.

"What's that suppose to mean? She's fine, shut up" Zach said snapping back at me which surprised me.

"Um Zach what's going on? What happened?" I asked wondering what was wrong.

Zach sighed and knew he had to tell his friend. "Okay um remember when the girls told us about that drug to look out for?' Zach said which made me feel nervous because I know what it did to Ahsoka.

"Ye-yeah why?" I asked.

"Well it turns out some of it may have gotten into Barriss…and let's just say things got a little heated afterwards" Zach said.

I was surprised to hear that some of the drug also got into Barriss and I guessed if the same thing happened to Ahsoka. Then the same happened to Barriss, which meant one thing. "Let me guess she acted weird when you went to see her then she kissed you, and you two ended up doing it right?"

"Wait how did you…..let me guess Ahsoka got some in her right?" Zach said surprised that I knew what happened and assumed the same happened with Ahsoka and me.

"Yep" I said as we were both silent for a bit till Zach walked towards me and then slapped me on my arm.

"Congratulation mans I was soooo worried I was the only one it happened to. Woooo so glad I wasn't the only one hehehe" Zach said as he congratulated me.

"Um thanks but I think we need to talk about what happened last night?" I said which caused Zach to have a weird look on his face.

"Okay dude I don't want to know what you and Ahsoka did. I mean I know you two had sex but I don't want to know what you two were-" "No not that jackass, I mean about how if the girls knew what they were doing. You know if they were aware of what happened?" I said interrupting Zach.

"Oh that right…well I also was thinking about that too. Think we should ask the doc if she knows anything we should know about?" Zach said who understood what I meant.

"I think so, I don't know what would happen if Ahsoka wasn't doing this by her own will" I said worried Ahsoka would be mad if we had sex and she wasn't in control of her actions.

"Okay well then let's go, it may be late but I think we still have time to the doc before she goes to bed" Zach said as we headed off to see Erica to see what she knows about her drugs.

(Ahsoka's pov)

I began to open my eyes and I saw I was in my quarters. For some reason my body felt a bit sore and tired. But also my body felt good for some reason. I sat up and stretched out my arms when I felt it was cold. I looked down and blushed when I realized I was naked. I covered myself up and tried to think of why I was naked. Till I remembered about what happened and blushed even more. Michael and I finally did it…we made love. I thought realizing Michael and I took our love to the next level. I remembered the drug was the cause of us having sex. But for some reason I wasn't mad at myself for not stopping. I was happy because Michael had become my mate, someone who would be there for me and someone to be with the rest of my life. I could tell Michael cared for me and was gentle when we did it. It was something I don't think I will ever forget.

I then remembered we needed to get Erica out of Felucia before we ran into trouble with the separatist. I sat up but felt my legs wobble a bit. I waited a minute before I had the strength to stand. I picked up my clothes and got dressed just as I heard a knock on the door. "Ahsoka it's me Barriss can we talk?"

It was Barriss I told her I would open the door in a second as I quickly made the bed. Then made sure there wasn't anything that would show Michael and I had sex. Once I was sure I opened the door and saw Barriss who seemed worried about something. "Oh hi Barriss what's wrong?"

Barriss quickly pushed me back in the room and locked the door. "Do you know where Michael is and when he would be back?" Barriss asked.

"Um I don't know he left before I woke up. Barriss what's wrong is everything okay?" I asked concern by what was wrong with Barriss, which was starting to make me worry.

"No it's not, last night I did something stupid, something that is going to get me kicked out of the jedi order. I don't know what to do this is bad very bad" Barriss said as she began to panic which is something I have never seen her do.

"Barriss calmed down and tell me what's wrong?" I asked as I shook Barriss a bit to get her attention and calm her a bit.

Barriss calmed down and walked towards the bed. "Ahsoka…do you remember when I said I wanted to wait till the war was over so Zach and I could…well you know."

"Um yeah I remember…why?" I asked almost knowing what happened.

"Zach and I….well we did something last night. Something I wanted to wait till we were ready. I don't know something came over me and I couldn't wait any longer so…..we yo know did it" Barriss said as she lowered her head ashamed for what she allowed to let happen.

"Oh I see….Barriss I need to tell you something too. Remember when Erica said about the vial we cut ourselves with yesterday?" I said as Barriss nodded her head. "Well it seems to have been the reason you and Zach did it…just like it happened with Michael and me?"

Barriss raised her head with a surprised look on her face when I told her what Michael and I did. "You and Michael…I see I guess I wasn't the only one who was affected then" Barriss said.

"I can't believe just a drop of that drug could have affected us so much. I tried to control myself, but my body just kept heating up more and more till I couldn't take it" I said as I remembered how my body felt when the drug affected me. "Yet Erica said it would only last for 24 hours…it hasn't been that long right?"

"Hmmmm perhaps because it was a drop it would only affect us for a short time. But yes I felt the same way. I thought I was going to lose my mind till Zach came and well…Ahsoka what should we do?" Barriss said who seemed worried.

"What do you mean aren't you happy you no longer have to wait till the war is over?" I said.

"Well I am glad but wait hold on your okay with what happened? Despite us wanting to wait, you're okay with what you and Michael did?" Barriss said.

"Well yes, because even though I know we shouldn't have done it. A part of me, that small part of me told me it was the right time to do it. I can't explain it Barriss but the moment we began I knew there was no other person I would rather be with than Michael" I said as I tried to explain to Barriss why I knew last night was the right time to take the love Michael and I have to the next level.

Barriss kept quiet thinking before responding. "I know I felt the same way with Zach. But I'm afraid Ahsoka. I mean what if we end up pregnant? What if we are pregnant and the council find out?" Barriss said which did make me feel worried too since Michael didn't use a condom.

I remembered telling him I didn't care if we didn't have a condom or that if I got pregnant. But now I'm starting to regret saying that. I would have told Barriss I don't think we're pregnant but I remembered Michael and I did it two more times last night before drifting off to sleep. So there was a good chance I might be pregnant. "Um Barriss how many times did you and Zach you know…did it?"

Barriss blushed hard and seemed nervous about answering the question. "Um it's not really important but um probably….se-sev-seven times" Barriss said embarrassed by what she just said.

"SEVEN TIMES!" I shouted surprised that Barriss and Zach did it seven times while Michael and I only did it three times.

"Well when you say it like that it does sound bad. But the thing I may have found a book about sex since I wanted to learn more when Zach and I would do it. Unfortunately the one I bought contained several…positions that I remembered doing with Zach" Barriss said even more embarrassed by what she was saying.

"Okay never mind Barriss I don't want to hear what you and Zach did in your room. Okay I think we should right now go to the medical room and see if we're okay" I said not wanting to imagine what those two did.

"You think we're already pregnant?" Barriss asked.

"Can't hurt to check right?" I said thinking we might as well find out if we're pregnant or not.

"Ahsoka what if we are? Should we try to terminate the pregnancy then or…" Barriss said worried that if we were pregnant would we have to kill our babies.

I looked down and placed my hand on my stomach. I knew if we were pregnant we would have to make a choice. Kill our children or keep them and get kicked out of the order. If we did kill them then I doubt Michael or Zach would ever forgive us. "Barriss let's just be sure first before we think about that."

"Okay" Barriss said as she opened the door and I followed her as we headed to the medical room. I knew we were pregnant I would have to make a choice. One I hope I didn't have to make.

Erica's lab (Zach's pov)

Michael and I were at the lab talking to Erica who had just finished with her new drug. She told us she hadn't tested it yet but she hopes it will work. Once she took it back to Coruscant of course. Anyways we were talking to her about the drug she warned the girls about and asked her without letting her know the girls had sex with us. What the affects were? Like if they would remember and if they were in control of their actions? To our surprise she told us what we needed to know and what else she knew.

"The drug I made was design to increase our desires. Our inner desires that are very small, the drug helps our inner desires grow till they are impossible to ignore or stop" Erica said as she told us about the drug. "At least that was in theory I never had a chance to test it. However if I'm right which I am almost never are the subject should be aware of everything but gives in to their desire."

"Why?" Michael asked. "Why do they need to give in why not resist?"

"If it was a man or a woman they're lower regions would heat up. I don't need to tell you what that means but I can tell you that the affect won't go away for 24 hours…or until they fulfill their desires" Erica said.

"So if they want to eat they will need to eat a lot till they are satisfied?" I asked.

"Exactly and if you need to have sex well you have sex as many times as you need to till your desire is fulfilled" Erica said who didn't seem to mind saying that in front of us guys. "Now then why are you guys asking me this?"

"Oh no reason the girls told us about the drug and we wanted to ask you about it out of curiosity" I said lying again.

"Oh okay well just make sure to keep any of it off you. One drop and that will be enough to turn on anyone's desire as quick as drinking it" Erica said which had us worried now.

"Oooookay then well moving on we should get going before-" "General Zachary we just got word that separatist ships are coming out of hyperspace" one of the clones said as he contacted Zach.

"Ah great here we go again. Okay Erica ma'am we need to get you to safety. Get all that you have that's related to your drug and let's leave" Michael said. Erica nodded and Michael turned to. "Zach stay here with her I'll be back."

"No I'll go you stay, just contact the girls and get them ready" I said as I told Michael to stay while I went for battle stations.

"Got it and Zach be careful my friend" Michael said as I nodded before running out of the room.

A few minutes ago (Barriss's pov)

Ahsoka and I were at the medical room which was empty with only one medical droid. We were checking if Ahsoka and I were pregnant. Although it was a bit early to check if we were pregnant it wouldn't hurt to check. As we waited for the droid to tell us what we needed to know I looked over and saw Ahsoka was sitting on a chair tapping her feet as she seemed impatient on finding out the results.

"Ahsoka be patient the test won't take too long" I said as I was trying to get her to calm down. That and because her foot tapping was getting annoying.

"I can't help it Barriss I want to know what the results are. I want to know if Michael and I are going to have a kid or not" Ahsoka said who wasn't one who liked waiting for something important. How she became a knight was a surprise to everyone who knew her personally.

"The test won't take long and once we find out what the results are we'll talk to the boys" I said as my test results were finished. "Okay let's see…oh that's good it says I'm not pregnant" I said relief that the test was negative. I then deleted the info from the test and destroyed it just in case.

"Great, what about mine?" Ahsoka asked.

"Hold on it should be coming so-" "Barriss, Ahsoka you there? Listen separatist ships had just come out of hyperspace. I'm going to help Erica get to her ship. Zach needs you to help out with defending the base" Michael said as he contacted us.

"Got it be careful Michael" Ahsoka said as she responded.

"You too and watch your backs" Michael said as he cut off transmission.

"Let's go then" I said.

"What about the results?" Ahsoka said as she pointed to the machine to find out about her results.

"We'll see it later now let's go now" I said as I activated the droid to destroy the results and erase it's memory of the test as we ran out of the room and headed outside.

(Zach's pov)

I just saw the girls run out of the medical room at quick speed. I wondered why they were in the medical room so I walked in and saw a droid holding something. "Hey droid what cha got there?" I asked the droid.

"Test results of the pregnancy test sir" the droid said which surprised me.

"Pre-preg-pregnancy what?" I said shocked and almost speechless from what the droid told me. "Um whose test is that?"

"Not sure sir, General Offee told me to erase the memory and I was just getting started on it" the droid said.

"Well is it positive or negative?" I asked wondering since I assumed it was Barriss's test result.

"It's positive sir" the droid said which made my eyes widen in shock and left me practically speechless.

"I see" I said as I looked around the room before cutting the droid's head off. I took the results and destroyed it along with me crushing the droids head. "Okay Zach well this is another fine mess you got yourself into…" I sat down on a chair forgetting almost everything when I realized something. Something I thought I would never thought I would think or say. "I'm going to be a daddy."

Over the planet of Felucia

"Sir we're over the republic base. But our readings show a shield over the base. Which will make it impossible to bombard it or land on the base" the droid commander said to General Grievous.

"I don't want the base destroyed yet. I need to get the information from the woman first. And I don't need to land in the base just near it" Grievous said as he stopped before leaving the command bay. "Make sure I land near the base commander or else."

"R-Roger roger sir" the droid said worried what Grievous would do to him if he failed. Grievous soon left the room and went towards his pod for landing. Where he would find Erica, take the info on her drug, and kill anyone who stands in his way.

(Ahsoka's pov)

We soon got top side where we saw the clones on the walls shooting down the enemy that were trying to get into the base. We approached one of the commanding clones to get some news. "Commander what's the situation?" Barriss asked.

"It's not good General. When we got word separatist ships came out of hyperspace. The droid army suddenly began to make their move and attacked the base" the clone commander said as he told the two jedi generals the situation. "We're holding them back as long as we can, but we don't know for how long."

"What about the ships can't they send backup?" I asked.

"They are currently holding the enemy ships back, but we did get word that General Secura is coming to back us up" the clone commander said.

"What about the cannons?" Barriss asked.

"The cannons were taken out when the attack occured. We have some of our tanks holding their tanks back, but it won't be long till they break through" the clone commander said.

"Guess we'll have to hold them off long enough till Master Secura comes. How long did she say she was going to get here?" Barriss asked.

"Half an hour, do you think we can hold them off for that long general?" the clone commander asked.

"I think we'll manage" I said knowing we could outlast the droids. "Commander contact General Zachary and tell him we will need his…" suddenly we saw something coming from the sky. "What is that?"

The clone commander took out his scope and was able to see what they were. "They look like pods sir."

"Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to be good?" Barriss said concerned as was I on what could be in those pods.

"Michael can you hear me?" I said as I tried contacting Michael.

"Yeah I'm here Ahsoka what's up?" Michael said.

"I think we got trouble, is Erica safe?" I asked.

"Yeah she's safe I put her in a safe room she made. No one can get to her without the code, which only she and I have" Michael said as he told me that Erica was safe.

"Good because I think we're going to need backup" I said as we heard the pods landed not too far away.

"I told Zach to head on up to help you. He's probably lost in the base I'll contact him" Michael said.

"That's okay we'll contact him just make sure Erica stays safe. And Michael stay safe too" I said as I told Michael to stay safe.

"I will, promise me you'll be okay too and don't do anything crazy okay? And I love you" Michael said as he told Ahsoka he loved her.

"You got it and you don't worry I won't do anything crazy…much I love you too bye" I said as I cut off transmission and turned to Barriss who ordered the clones into battle position. "What's the plan Barriss?"

"Our forces are going to be able to hold off the enemies from the west and east side. But we are needed to help the front gate, since that's where the enemy is pushing more of their droid forces towards" Barriss said as she told us the plan.

"Are you sure we should be leaving the base alone?" I said worried if we left to protect the front gate the enemy could get past the west and east side taking the base.

"I got it" we looked behind us and saw Zach coming out of the base. "Sorry about taking so long, got a little lost down there."

Weird Zach never admits he get's lost. He usually makes up an excuse about being late rather than admit he got lost. I thought surprise to hear Zach say he got lost. "That's fine hold the line here and make sure no enemy get's through."

"Gotcha kid now get going" Zach said as I headed off towards the front gate while Barriss stayed.

"Zach about last night…" Barriss said as she wanted to try to talk about last night.

"Barriss we'll talk about it later. Right now we got a job to do and they need you" Zach said as he told Barriss they'll talk later. "I promise we'll talk about this when it's over."

"Okay be careful and I love you" Barriss said as she ran off to catch up to Ahsoka.

"Me too…" Zach looked around and knew this was going to be a long day. "Well well what do we have here?" Zach looked over and saw on top of the wall was someone he didn't think he would ever see or meet.

It was General Grievous. "A jedi well I knew the council would send a jedi to protect the little doctor. But the one who defeated Count Dooku and his ex-assassin" Grievous said as he laughed a bit finally getting his chance to face the boy Zachary he had heard much about. "This day is starting to be a good day for me General Grievous."

"Well if it isn't General Grievous. I have to admit I saw you on the hologram but I never thought you would be twice as ugly in person" Zach said as he took out his lightsaber. The clones in the base saw Grievous and were prepare to open fire when Zach stopped them. "Leave men this is between General vs. General."

The clones nodded and went off to defend the base from the enemy. Grievous stepped off the wall and landed on the ground hard causing a crater. "I have been looking forward to finally meeting you Zachary. I have heard much about you, including how you defeated Dooku's ex-assassin Assajj Ventress and how you defeated the good count. Very impressive resume you have boy."

"As of last night I ain't a boy anymore" I muttered. "So you're Grievous huh? I didn't expect you to be ugly and stupid looking."

"Another disrespectful jedi, just like your friend Michael, but not to worry once I deal with you he's next" Grievous said as he took out two of his lightsabers and got ready to fight.

"Sorry metal man I got plans and those plans don't involve me getting killed by a freak droid like you" I said as I activate my blue lightsaber.

"Well then let's get started Zachary" Grievous said as he activated his green and blue lightsabers.

"Bring it on tin man" I said as I got ready to make my move.

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