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Chapter Four

Aria POV

The past four years at Hogwarts have been pretty eventful. Ron became best friends with Harry Potter, fought off Voldemort and even came face to face with serial killer Sirius Black. I really hope this is just a quiet year for them. Cale and I became close friends with Hermione, Ron and Harry's best female friend. George and Cale are so close to dating now. When Sirius Black tried to get into the Gryffindor Common room, and we all had to sleep in the great hall, they fell asleep holding hands. They also kissed on the twins birthday, but they don't know that I know.

We're all sitting in the great hall ready to start our fourth year. Dumbledore was telling us about the Tri wizard tournament and the two school that will be joining us this year. Beauxbatons Academy pranced in first. All the guys couldn't stop looking at them, I kicked Fred under the table and Cale kicked George. My heart dropped when a brunette from Beauxbatons kept looking at Fred. The Durmstrang boys arrived next. Everyone gasped when they saw Viktor Krum, but he only had eyes for Hermione. She just rolled her eyes and went back to staring at the Staff table. The feast was awkward. The brunette kept staring at Fred. Cale & Katie kept trying to talk to me, but quickly cottoned on to what was up. We dashed ahead to the Common Room after the feast. I exploded when we got to our dorm.

"THAT TART!" I screamed. "she hasn't even been here an hour!" The three of us burst out laughing. We got into our pyjamas and sat gossiping on our beds until there was a knock on our door.

"It's lonely down there without you girls." Fred, George and Lee were all at our door pouting. Cale went over to George in an instant. I knew that Katie really wanted to go hang out with Lee. They all looked over at me.

"I'm just gonna call it a night, you two go." I urged them, they just sighed and headed down with the guys. I burst into tears about a minute after they left.

For the past four years I have slowly been falling in love with Fred Weasley. They way he runs his left hand through his hair when we're studying, the way he would always escort me places at night, and especially the way he would always calm me down with hot chocolate when I'm either stressed or upset. Looking out at the moon shining over the lake, I could see the Durmstrang Academy's ship in all its glory. I sat watching the ship for about twenty minutes when there was a knock at the door. Fred was standing there with two hot chocolates in his hand. He walked over to the window seat I was sitting on. He handed me a steaming mug.

"Are you ok? You seemed distant at the feast." He sat down next to me.

"It's nothing, I'll be fine." I smiled up at him, but he wasn't fooled. He wrapped his arm around me.

"Four years and you still suck at lying Aria." I kept gazing out the window. "There are other ways of me getting information out of you Miss Wallace." He smirked down at me. Before I knew it, I was thrown on my bed, with Fred tickling me.

"Fred stop it!" I squealed

"Not until you tell me what got you so upset." He retaliated. His face was now inches from mine. My heart rate doubled. One of his hands reached down and put a strand of hair behind my ear. He leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"Nervous are we Miss Wallace?" The blush on my cheeks became deeper. He slowly leaned down so we were now nose to nose. He looked me in the eye. I moved my face so my lips could meet his. As they were about to meet, Hermione came barging in.

"That boy! I swear one of these days I'm gonna…" She looked at the position Fred and I were in. "Go rant to someone else." and with that, she ran out of the room. Fred looked down at me and smiled.
"So, I'm gonna go find the boys." He started walking towards the door, but then turned back to the door.

"That brunettes got nothing on you." He kissed my nose and left me dazed on the bed. That's how the girls found me when they came back to the dorm. I knew Hermione had spoke to them as they both had identical smirks on their faces. I told them what happened after Hermione left. Cale jumped on my bed.

"He nearly kissed you!" She jumped on her spot. Katie laughed at her. We fell asleep after our little chat. We met the boys at breakfast the next morning. They all had smiles on their faces, but they disappeared when we were handed our timetables. All the boys looked at each other and yelled at the same time.

"Aria's my potions partner!" We all laughed them. Fred put his arm around my shoulder. The other two sulked.

We had muggle studies first. George and Cale were walking informs of me and Fred slightly and I could see his hand kept brushing over Cale's. It was so sweet! Fred saw what i was smiling at and whispered in my ear.

"I give them till the Yule Ball. I heard that a Ravenclaw wants to ask Cale to the ball." I looked up at him in shock. He just nodded and guided me into the classroom. Now that Fred had mentioned it, Blake Sinclair, the Ravenclaw keeper kept looking at Cale with a weird dreamy look on his face. I wondered who else could see it, because I knew with George around, Cale certainly won't notice any other boy on the planet. I kept the observations of Blake going all day and all he done was stare at Cale. At first I thought that it was sweet, but now he's border lining stalker! I told Fred and he just looked at me.

"Stay out of it A, George needs to learn that Cale isn't gonna wait around for him for ever.". Fred headed down towards the gang at the table.

"That's where your wrong." I whispered trailing behind him. Dinner was awkward. I kept going to tell Cale about Blake, but every time I went to, Fred would quickly change the subject and glaring at me. This was strange, he had never gave me a look like that before and I didn't like it. When I headed up to the common room, George tapped my shoulder.

"Hey Aria, can you do me a favour?" I nodded at him. "Can you grab me a book from the library, I have detention with Snape." I nodded at him and headed down to the library.

"Wallace, nice to see you without Weasley." He gave me a brief hug. Draco and I had known each other since we were kids. My mum knows his aunt, and even though all the rumours about his parents being death eaters, I had to spend a lot of time with him during summers. We don't let a lot of people know we're friends, so we don't get grief about it.

"So how's your schedule this year?" I asked, he just frowned at me. "that bad" he just nodded. I stood there talking until Hermione came out of the library. She looked at me shocked. Draco just smirked, winked at me and walked away.

"What the hell was that!" She screamed at me.

"Calm down, he was just asking if I had notes from last year he could have. Old family friend." That shut her up. The two of us walked into the library and got George's book for him. Everyone was in the common room when we got back. I threw George his book and sat next to Cale. Her and George were having this really strange staring contest. I looked over at Katie who just shrugged her shoulders saying she didn't know either. I grabbed Cale and dragged her up to the dorm.

"Right what is going on?" I asked her when Katie came in.

"I was talking to Blake after Defence against the dark arts and George dragged me away and started grumbling about the Yule ball and kept calling Blake names. Blake hasn't done anything to George." Katie and I burst out laughing. We headed back down to the common room, still laughing our butts off, causing everyone to look at us. I whispered to Hermione, and she joined us in the laughing our butts off.

The rest of the night was spent going over potions with Fred. He wouldn't concentrate. Everyone had headed to bed and Fred and I were the only ones left. He stopped and turned to me.

"Aria, would you ever lie to me?" Well that was unexpected.
"Never Fred, why?" He just shook his head.

"I'm gonna call it a night." He kissed my forehead and headed to bed.
What the hell?

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