Wally sits in a meditative position in the woods. Cooper and Kasey were sparing, without their powers. Wally had told them that if for any reason your power doesn't work, you'd need to know how to fight. He did this so he could find inner peace. When he was at peace, he was stronger than when his mind was in chaos. He sighed quietly. It was days like this he remembered why he created Valio.

It was before his dad and uncle fought. His dad claimed to be a sorcerer. His uncle didn't believe him. He believed he was crazy. So did his mom and the rest of the family. He was taken away from his dad so he could be taken to a mental institute. He remembered how innocent he had been. So venerable. He remembered how he first discovered his own powers. He had gone to bed. Without dinner. He was waiting for his dad to show up for the dinner he promised him.

He remembered that it was a new moon. He saw what he thought was a shooting star. He reached his hand out, as if to catch it. Well, in his hand was something warm. And it was glowing. He opened his hand. In it was a little, angry, and glowing person with bird wings. It was a boy. No older than him. On him was a note. It was in his dad's handwriting,


You need to know the truth. I was going to wait till you got older but you need to know now before I leave. When you were born, I found out that your mom's side of the family doesn't quite accept my kind of people. Your kind of people. Magic folk. Magicians, sorcerers, mages, witches, warlocks, wiccans, enchanters, you are the last line in our family. Everyone else has had unfortunate accidents. The small creature that was carrying this note was the magic I was able to draw from you when you were young.

Wally looked at the little creature. It looked like him. But it had blue hair.

You probably don't believe me. But you looked a lot like this little thing when you were little. Your hair turned red because of your lack of magic. It will probably stay red. But you were born with the lightest hair color.

Wally looked at his hair. He liked its brilliant red hues. But he was always jealous of his dad's natural hair. It was blonde with streaks of black. No one could explain it. But it was natural.

You have a long and difficult journey ahead of you. If you ignore my part of the family, it'll buy you time. But more than likely you will be killed.

Wally reread the sentence. He didn't want to read more. But his face was glued to the page.

If you embrace my side however, you can live a long and prosperous life. But it will be full of secrets. Ones that you must only let the most trusted of trusted know about. In one month, your alignment will be upon you. Your little magic will take you where you need to go.

The month that passed was difficult. He had to hide his little gift from his dad from his uncle, aunt and mother. The little sprite followed him everywhere. As if it needed to be near him. Most mornings he woke up to the little creature gripping onto his index finger.

He remembered how he learned first hand how deep the disbelief in magic ran. He tried to talk to him uncle but he just went on a history and science lecture saying that there was only science. It was June when he needed to decide if he wanted magic or not.

He wasn't like most kids. He didn't just want magic. In fact it frightened him. He had seen too many movies where people go bad. But he decided to go when he noticed his little guy looking ill as he flew off into the woods at night. He followed. His mom, uncle and aunt were all asleep. He remembered how hard he ran. Until the little guy stopped. There was a fire going. It was a camp ground.

Two families were there. Two kids were fighting over who owned a small rock they had found. The small sprite flew out to the fire. The two kids jumped back. Wally walked up to the fire.

"Sorry, but my friend's sick," he said nervously.

"You're the new transfer," said the boy, "I'm Cooper."

"I'm Kasey," said the girl. Wally looked at both of them. They were victims of bullying at there school. Cooper had a cut at the corner of his mouth. And Kasey had a bruise by her neck. He had heard that they were attacked by older kids.

"I'm Wally," he said. The small sprite groaned. They all ran up to it, forgetting the small rock. The small creature looked at the sky. Wally didn't know that this was it. Coming here, he'd fully excepted his power. The small creature jumped onto his chest and disappeared. Suddenly, Wally felt light, yet heavy. A warm bubbling feeling filled his body. His hair, his hair fell over his eyes. It was white. He jumped, and did not come down. He started to freak out.

It ended alright. He turned back to normal in a few minutes. But to this day, he didn't know exactly what happened.

He did know that it was the day he made his two most important friends. He opened his eyes. Kasey had Cooper in a head lock. He decided to have some fun himself.

"Newtis," he said sternly. Just then they were pulled apart by the wind. Not a terribly strong one, but one that relaxes the body.

"Really?" they said at the same time. Wally smiled. When will they just admit they like each other?

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