Chapter 1

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The Artistry of the builders of Abe's home kept with the culture of Turkey through out the interiors and exteriors combined to create this enchanting retreat., on the sparkling waters of Smuggler's Bay. Allowing access to the sea and safe harbor for Abe's sailing ships. This estate known to all as 'The Embassy of Turkey' is designed for Grand entertaining and comfortable living. The 25 bedrooms offer a private morning room for relaxing, while provides ample space for the guest.

Rich Mahogany lined interior walls a offers a glorious shiny luster visually pleasing to the eye. Hosting a dramatic formal dining room capable of seating 20 to 200. With a grand ball room for special events throughout the year. Along with a wine cellar housing over 4000 bottles of wine. Beautiful design kitchen is a cooks dream come true. With a floating dock for access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey being called the crossroads of the Mediterranean. Noted for its mix of European and eastern cultures. The coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Ibiza is the name of the Island that Rose's family live on, one of the largest of the Balearic Islands. A real piece of heaven with beautiful harbors and exquisite white sandy beaches border with turquoise waters.

"Hurry up Rose were going to be late." Lissa said as she was running around the room huffing throwing clothes here and there.

"I'm not going." Rose declared, remaining seated in her chair as she watch Lissa curry around the room.

Knowing that in less than two days her freedom would be none existent. Her father who until the last few years was non existent in her life due to his business dealing.

Ibrahim "Abe" Mazur a very flamboyant Turkish business man accuse of being a pirate but no one could ever prove any illegal dealings, who loves to dress in bold colors and wears scarves, with dark brown hair and eyes has a full beard and the gold earring in his ear,he almost looks like a well dress pirate.

Known for his knee cap breaking methods and no nonsense way to conduct business. He had manage to arrange a marriage proposal with two suitors, for his daughter when she turned 18.

One to Adrian Ivashkov age 21 years old at 6'1" not bad looking but not nothing to brag about. On the other hand with his arrogant, overbearing, haughtiness, smokes and drinks enough to sink ships. If that wasn't enough to turn your stomach is well known to be a womanizer from England. And the second to a Dimitri Belikov from Russia who no one seems to know anything about him, except his family is rich and powerful in Russia.

"Yes you are." Lissa said.

The world renown Vasilisa Salina Rhea Dragomir at 5'4" Platinum blond hair with Jade green eyes a petite frame, but never the less beautiful. Having strong when it came to what she wanted. Tragedy fell upon her, a couple of years ago, she lost her entire family mother, father, and brother to a pirate attack.

Rose's parents took her in to live with them until she was 18 and came into her inheritance now she has her family's home and is betroth to Christian Ozera from a prominent family from England. And will be married next spring.

"No Lis I am not." Rose said firmly, frowning at Lissa and her persistence on her going.

Rose Mazur an 18 year old beauty standing 5'6" with brown eyes and dark brown hair down her back. Athletic build with a very curvy sexy figure. Rose has been describe as the beautiful exotic desert princess from Turkey. She has trained for years with her father guards in the art of self defense with swords and hand to hand combat. Loves to climb and ride horses. Rose has vast knowledge in sailing, and navigation. Was notorious of sneaking out of her second story bedroom by climbing down the outside wall to go to the stables. Rose and Lissa graduated from St. Vladmir's finishing school.

"Rosemarie Mazur, I know you are upset that your father has arrange your marriage, but you need to go and enjoy the time you have before you have to chose one of your suitors and marry them. Maybe you can talk them into a summer or winter wedding or something." Lissa threw her hands over her head raising her voice.

"Fine, I'll go." I said earning a smile from Lissa has she help me into my ball gown with is layered and embroidered, full ball gown skirt. Sweetheart neckline and clinging to her figure in a very flattering way in rich satin fabric. Lace-up corset back. Gorgeous detailing in sparkling beading and tiny sequins. Full built in petticoat for fullness in a rich purple. Rose chose diamonds and amethyst matching necklace and earrings, Lissa done her hair to cascade in soft curls down her back and applied make up in smoke and deep purples to her eyes, a little blush and simple clear lip gloss. As Rose look into the mirror she was stun at the beauty that look back at her.

Lissa was wearing a similar dress in soft green with the same type on embroidered, her necklace was emeralds and diamonds. Lissa blond hair was pin up with a few loose locks here and there. As she finish with her getting ready. Rose walk over to the window that overlook the harbor and wish for a simple life where she could choose what happen in her life.

"Ready?" Lissa asked handing Rose her mask that match the purple of her dress with sequins and beads along with feathers. Lissa's was the same except in green.

"As ready as anyone who would be walking to the gallows." Rose said in a defeated voice, but then placing a small smile on her face as she headed towards the door. And headed downstairs for the Masquerade Ball her parents were putting on.

CXPOV (Captain Xzander point of view)

"Would you please remind me why we are here again?" I asked.

"Well as you know Mazur is one of the most powerful and rich aristocrat here in Turkey and so it doesn't hurt to know your adversaries." Ivan said as he took two glass of champagne handing the captain one.

"Mmm." was all I said as I look around the ballroom feeling bored in having to be present, thinking of all the work I could be doing instead of being here wasting time.

I look around taking in the rich wood walls, the high arch of the ceiling that towered over the mass of people streaming in through the huge gold ornamented doors. Hanging from the ceiling was a large glittering chandelier, its tentacle rod iron arms hanging dangerously low over the growing crowd. The bright light illuminated the room glowing off the gold surfaces and gleaming floor.

I adjusted the mask I was wearing, and fidgeting in my tux wishing I had my comfortable clothes back on. I was staring out at the silvery shadows of the moon glistening off the water, wanting so much to be out there instead of in here. Ivan handed me another tall frosted champagne flute, its sparkling contents fizzing and bubbling away.

I glance over at Ivan who was taking in everything and everyone with a smile on his face. He was enjoying his self, and I could only wonder how he could enjoy such a boring stuck up event.

As I started to say something to him a hand came up and place it self on my arm. The hand told me it belong to a female. Causing me to turn around to see who this new arrival was. There looking at me with a wide smile on her face, a woman dress in a deep blue strapless gown, with frilly edges sweeping the floor. Her hair was up in an elegant bun, letting a few wisps of coal black hair escape to hang around her face. Even with the mask in place the wintery blue eyes along with the tattle tale scars that marred her left check could be seen from under her mask.

I chuckled, still holding my glass and crossing my arms across my chest.

"Natasha, how are doing." I said smiling down at her.

"How'd you know it was me?" she asked pouting.

'How you know it was me?" I returned her question to her.

With her laughing and shaking her head. "The stiff posture and bored out of your mind look, kinda gave you away," she said at last.

I only rolled my eyes at her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked tilting her head to the side and placing her hand back on my arm. My eyes follow her movements.

I took another sip of my champagne thinking how to answer her question. I simply replied, "Ivan forced me to come."

"Ah so he is here then too?" she asked, taking a look around the room at all the people who had gather in the room.

"Somewhere in here, he was just here a minute ago." I said looking around wondering how he can sneak off without me noticing him. As I watch people milling around talking with a few dancing.

"Why aren't you out there dancing?" she asked gazing at the dance floor.

"That's not my thing." I said with a matter of fact voice.

She just nodded and look away, the silence was becoming awkward between us. This had been going on between the two of us since I had firmly told Tasha I did not like her in romantic way and had rejected her advances. And ever since that time, we haven't really been able to get past it. No matter how had each of us tried.

"So what bring you here?" I finally offer up to break the tension between us.

"Well you remember Christian my distant cousin?" she asked taking a sip of her drink.

"Yes, how is he, and what does that have to do with here?" I asked again with a tad of curiosity.

"Well he is here, because he is betrothed to Princess Vasilisa Dragomir. And he seems to have been very taken by her." she said taking another sip. As I nodded, and readjusted my tux again, why in the world couldn't someone make a tux more comfortable to wear instead of torture.

As we continue to converse about simple topics, about old friends and what they were up to. Leaning against the wall I smiled and nodded as she continue. Once in a while I would glance around the room marveling at its beauty. The stage stood off to one side where the band was playing. In this room the windows were frosted so you were unable to look outside.

The double stairway allowed access to either said of the dance floor with a small extended podium in the middle where a person could go and address the entire ballroom allowing everyone access to see this person.

I was not really listening to what Tasha was saying only once in a while nodding, keeping up the appearance I was listening, but wasn't, when I look up that is when I saw her. I was unable to refrained from sucking in a large amount of air creating a sound of a gasp, my mouth fell open as I took time to view her body.

This catching Tasha attention, she turned and follow my gazed to what I was looking at, she stop what she had been saying and instead all she said was, "She Beautiful," she whispered.

I readjusted my position, so I could get a better look at the woman. My voice caught as I tried to speak. No sound came from my throat.

I watch as the two women stood at the center by the podium, looking down at the crowd, wearing their long ball gowns grasping the polish wooden banister, giggling to each other.

One was dress in light green strapless gown with platinum blond hair style in curls here and there. She wore a matching green mask smaller than most of the women in the room. Her skin reminded me of cream with a little peach color around her checks. She was beautiful. But it wasn't this woman that had took my breath away. It was the other one.

The other woman was wearing a strapless purple gown with sequins and bead work and embroidery through out the gown. With a diamond and amethyst necklace and earrings. Her mask matching the color of her dress with the same bead work and feathers only creating the mystery of the woman. Her dark brunette hair cascaded down her tanned back. She seem to opt out on wearing elbow gloves and so was wearing none. A rebellious move on her part I had to commend her for it. She held herself with dignity, as she remove her hands from the rail and place her arms draped over the front of her dress as if protecting her dress from the railing. Her back arched straight as an arrow in the corset form of her dress.

The mask outline her smokey purple of her eyes, contouring to follow the curves of her face, which took on the look of a hungry mask trying to get closer to it's wearer. She was breathtaking and graceful even in her stillness. I watch as she pursed her delicate rosy lips slightly, as she reach to brush back some hair that had fell forward into her face, with an annoyed expression on her face. This causing me to smile to myself.

As they finally turned to walk towards the stairs as they continue to talk to each other laughing every once in a while.

As she look out across the room our eyes met, briefly, confusion and something else flash through her dark brown eyes. But before I could get another look, it was gone before I even could think about what had just happen. She look away in the other direction, towards her friend.

They proceeded to glide down the stair case with the grace and ease of floating on air. Both of the women were stunningly beautiful in the own ways. But I couldn't take my eyes away from the woman in purple. The gown she wore flow around her as descended the stairs. Her heels creating a whispering click on each stair her foot hit, as her hand caress the wooden hand rail as she came closer to the bottom of the stairs.

I was vaguely aware of Tasha saying something. I pulled out of my private day dreaming of the dark hair beauty. Tasha was pretty, but this woman breathtaking. Utterly stunningly gorgeous. The image of the woman in purple was forever burned into my mind. I was unable to think of anything except her. Her grace, elegance, and the beauty of her the radiated from her. People seem to disappear from my vision as I watch her flow through the crowd.

" know what I am talking about...?" Tasha finish looking straight at me.

I blink a couple of times shaking my head at her. "I sorry what you say?" I asked taking a sip of my drink tighten my grip on the glass. After a few minutes, my gazed wonder back to the dark beauty, she had my complete attention and I didn't even know her name.

She was now standing in the middle of the dance floor, as the girl in green was talking happily to a man wearing a black mask with green trim. The man stood straight with his arms behind his back as he was smiling down at the girl in green leaning forward closing the space between them to become intimate.

I glanced at the dark beauty, she look bored and left out, her eyes showing a weary look even with the brightly color mask on her face, she tried to smile politely at the couple. She only spoke when some one would pass by saying something to her and then turn her attention to anything that caught her attention. The large amount of people who stop to talk were men, who were looking at her suggestively and gaping openly at her form. This causing anger to rise inside of me.

I needed to talk to this dark beauty I needed to know more. I had to, I wanted to hear her voice, to entangle my hands into her dark locks of hair. And hold her delicate body in my arms.

"Tasha, please excuse me, I have to do something." I said finishing my drink and setting the empty glass on the tray of a passing butler. I gave her a sorry look and left in the direction of the dark hair beauty. Taking long strides towards the mysterious woman who had caught my undivided attention, as I came nearer the more breathtakingly beautiful she became.

As I neared her she raise her eyes to meet mine, her eyes widening as I close the distance, as she look me over from top to bottom, inclining her head to the side. I was close enough to smell her now the sweet scent her skin was giving off, it was of honey and roses. I inhaled deeply taken in as much as I could. This causing my heart to beat faster as her scent penetrated my lungs. I could already image what she tasted like.

She turn to face me leaving her back to the girl in green. She cock her head to the side and said."Yes, may I help you?" she ask smiling up at me. Her voice as sweet and soft as if an angel had spoke to me. The sound wrapped around creating a warmth around me. I entertained the idea in my mind of how she could help me, though it was not a nice thought for such a young woman to hear or think about. Although the thought of her running her fingers through my hair and across my chest along with the feel of her skin against mine created a blazing burning fire with in me.

Still looking into her eyes a gave a low pausing bow to her.

"Would my-lady honor me in this dance?" I asked my Russian accent a little heavier than usually, smiling brightly at her. I had always been told that my smile cause many of women to swoon before me. I then extended my hand to her.

She look at my out stretch hand, just for a second. After what seem like forever to me she slip her un-glove hand into mine as soon as her hand touched mine I felt a shock of electricity shoot through my hand up my arm leaving a tingling feeling in it wake. I look up just in time to see she felt it to by the look on her face and in her beautiful eyes. I grasped her hand pulling her closer to me. Cradling her to my chest with one hand on her back and the other holding her small hand. She layed her head against my chest as her free hand was place on my shoulder. As I look at her face it show the perfect tranquility. I breathed in her scent of her perfumed hair, it had an intoxicating effect on my senses. Causing my whole body shiver. Her hair tickling the side of my face as I buried my face into it, as I leaned down closer to get as close as I could to her.

She look up at me as my eyes caught sight of her brown ones I felt like I could get lost there forever. As I look closer at her eyes they were so soft and shiny, that I just wanted to dive into them.

Her tanned skin seem to have a glow about it. Her smile reviled pearly white straight teeth, how I wish I could kiss her and let my tongue explore her mouth and teeth. Her powerful gazed through her thick lashed had my undivided attention, I couldn't look away if I wanted to.

She look up at me smiling and then blushing a little looking down. I took my hand out of her lifting her head up to look at me.

"My lady, don't be shy, I don't mind you looking at me." I said in a whisper smiling back at her. She just nodded her head and then place her head back against me chest. I got the strangest feeling I have ever felt in my life As if I was finally complete.

The band started playing a slower song with a woman singing. As I began to slowly dance with her holding her close. As the woman started to sing so did this lovely creature in my arms, her voice was full, rich and would put an angel singing to shame. The song You Belong To Me.

(Yes I know back then they didn't have planes, but I like the song to much to not use it to) listen to it by going to my profile page.

See the...pyramids along...the Nile
Watch the sun rise on a tropic isle
But just remember, darling, all the while
You...belong to me

"Are you with someone." she whisper I almost didn't hear her. As I look at her to see the curiosity in her eyes. Placing my face back to the place it had been

"Not unless your volunteering." I said smiling in her hair pulling her tighter. I listen to her sing the next few words.

See...the marketplace in old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember when...a dream appears me

"What about you?" I asked hoping that she wasn't. Taking another peak at her.

"Nope." was her only replied and then she return to singing again.

I' so
Maybe you'll be lonesome...too...and blue

I took the opportunity to spin us around to change direction on the dance floor. "That surprises me a woman as beautiful as you and not attach." I said whispering in her ear feeling her give a slight shiver. This widening my smile.

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember till you're home again
You belong to me

"Beauty sometimes comes with thorns, that most men fine offensive." she said back giving me a mischievous smile. This cause me to chuckle at the way she phrase her words.

I' so alone and without you'll be lonesome...too...and blue

"I assure you I do not fine you offensive, captivating, intriguing definitely, but not offensive," I said as sincere as I could.

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
But remember, darling, till you're home again
That me

We finished the dance and waited to see what they played next. Harbor Lights a slow sad song.

I leaned down before the song started and look straight into her with a grin on my face and said. "Are you interested?" I said cocking my head to the side watching for her reaction.

Her eyes sparkling as she said . "I could be...dear sir." I then pulled her back in close to my body as sure continue to sing softly to me.

I saw the harbor lights They only told me we were parting The same old harbor lights... that once brought you to me I watched the harbor lights How could I help if tears were starting Goodbye to tender nights beside the silv'ry sea

"Russian?" she asked looking up at me waiting for the answer.

"Yes, You?" I asked still looking into her eyes.

"Aye, A Turkish Princess undercover." she said giggling. Causing me to laugh at that.

"Well Princess, undercover or not you can be my princess any time you wish." I said bowing my head at her.

This she out right laugh at.

I long to hold you near and kiss you just once more But you were on the ship and I was on the shore

She began to take the lead and so I just follow her as she was taking us somewhere besides the middle of the dance floor. She look up at me looking deep into my eyes causing an intimate atmosphere between us. A warm buzz started to course through my body as the electricity started to flow through us as I refused to look away from her. She closed her and sang the next verse.

Now I know lonely nights For all the while my heart is whisp'ring Some other harbor lights...will steal your love from me

I held her tighter than I had before hoping I wasn't hurting her I just had to be close to her if only for a while.

I long to hold you near and kiss you just once more But you were on the ship and I was on the shore Now I know lonely nights For all the while my heart is whisp'ring Some other harbor lights will steal your

At the end of the dance I dip her backwards and kiss her neck as I raised my head back up and look into her eyes. She closed her eyes and I leaned down placing my lips on her's. They were soft and sweet as I began to deepen the kiss she returned it with as much need as I. I then ran my tongue along her bottom lip and she open her mouth to me allowing me to enter her mouth the flow of the electricity took on an even more electrifying feeling and her taste was indescribable causing a wanting to continue to taste her. I brought her back up straight never breaking the kiss. Until someone clearing their throats broke our kiss. I turn to see Ivan looking ever so smug and a devil look in his eyes.

Our glances meet once more as she tried to remove herself from my embrace. I relented and took a step back missing the warmth of her body against mine, and I bowed to her as she curtsey to me.

"Thank you my lady." I said reaching for her hand and kissing it.

"Thank you sir." she said and then she look over my shoulder, and it was like she had seen a demon and spun around and sprinted off.

"Wait." I yelled causing her to stop and looking at me. "What's your name?" I asked her.

I saw a look of defeat on her face, this causing me confusion she just shook her head no and turn and left before I could even get to her and disappeared into the crowd.

I turn around to see if I could see anything or anyone that would cause her to leave. There was nothing but a clock on the back wall, it was nearing midnight.

"What do I owed this rude interruption...too." I said with a cold tone to my voice.

"Ouch..that's a fine way to greet your first mate...and me having found some interesting information …. tonight to." he said smiling smugly at me.

"Well tell me as we head back to the ship." I said defeatedly knowing I would not see her again tonight. Putting my hands in my pockets as we started our walk to the pier.

"I was talking to several interesting people in there while you were spinning the dark haired woman around the dance floor." he was saying.

"Cut the shit and get to the point." I growled at him.

"Gees, OK I found out that Black Bart would be in the waters here in the next few days. Something about a vengeance thing going on between him and a captain of a merchant ship." Ivan finish looking out towards our ship.

"That is some interesting news we need to find out where this ship is anchor and then her course and wait for her maybe catching Black Bart when he is least expecting us." I said to Ivan I have waited for this chance for years to put an end to him. As we near our row boat tied up at the docks Porter jump up and began to untie the boat as we step into it.

"Have a good ole time Cap." Porter said grinning having a few of his front teeth missing.

"Yes, I believe I did." I said gazing out on to the ocean watching the moon sparkling across the harbor waters and I began to hum that song Harbor Nights song, thinking about the dark beauty in my arms.

This causing my two friends to bust out laughing at me and earning them both a stern look from me quieten them both down.

As I step on board my ship I reach up ripping the bow tie off and holler. "Men, make way to open waters." As I walk to my cabin.

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