Chapter 35

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"Sorry I couldn't let innocent men hang for me. I would never have been able to live with myself Dimitri." she said her voice getting a little stronger.

"I know and I understand. Doesn't mean I have to like it." I said as I frowned at her. Kissing her forehead.

Later that day I went to find my Grandmother to fine what had taken place to cause me to become Russia new king.

"Grandmother it is time to explain." he told as he watch her reaction to his statement. She turn to face me with a small smile on her face.

"A long time ago I married a man who stood a chance at becoming a king if certain pieces fell into place. I told him back then I did not want the pressure that the position would bring and that if by chance he become the king I would leave him. Well fate had it's was and he became king and I left to raise my family in a normal environment to not be pressure into the politics of Russia. Well that how it started the only drawn back to that is offspring I would have there would be a chance for them to become King. Since I only had Olena and she wasn't male save her from that fate, but in turn when she had you and you being the only male offspring by blood to the king you would be next in line when he past. End of story." she let her breath out and look out the window at the country side frowning slightly.

"So what now I don't have a clue on how to be king." he said shaking his head frowning. All he wanted was to be a good husband and father to Rose and their unborn child. And here he is king to the whole country.

"Your grandfather left smart and wise people in place to help you through the role of king. You will do fine just rule with your heart and compassion." she said smiling as she look at me.

"So when do I start will this new adventure?" I ask with the realization that I couldn't get out of the position.

"You started when the crown was place of your head dear grandson." Yeva chuckled.

"Oh.' was the only intelligent word to come to mind.

"Don't be so down son it help you save Roza and your child." she smile brightly.

"Indeed it did and will be beholding to the country and Grandfather for that. I wouldn't know what I would have done if I lost Roza not even the possibility of our child." I said taking a shaky breath it had been to close and to real for my liking.

"So...what now?" she ask tilting her head.

"I send out a task force to round up Tasha and her group and finish this once in for all. But mainly I am here for Roza and our child." I said bringing my hands up to the sides of my face thinking where to send the group.

"I have a strong feeling in a matter of a few days of hearing the news your King she will be close so maybe you start here at home in your search." she said taking a sip of tea.

"Yes you may be right." I said as I left the room to talk to the generals of Russia army.

Few hours later I had several groups looking for Tasha and the pirates that had cause the chaos in Roza and my life.

Several months went by and finally the guards had capture Tasha and the pirates that. The punishment was death for treason and attempted murder of the Queen of Russia. I didn't attend the execution, cause to me I lost my friend a long time ago when this all started and didn't want to go through it again.

As the months past my child was growing inside of his beautiful mother. Roza became more beautiful and radiant to me. The dark hair beauty that had cast her spell on my heart and soul was the only thing I thought of these days. Ivan and Ambrose had excepted positions of being on my personal aid council. Calico and Bailey have become Roza personal staff and take care of her when I am busy with business.

Looking back at the time Roza and I have been together through the whole ordeal has made so much closer to each other. It is natural to finish each other sentences and know when the other is any where close to the other.

I still smile as I remember the first time our child kick and she yell. I ran to her side and she grab my hand and place it on her stomach as the movement became more active. That was the moment in time that makes history. The emotions that ran through my veins was like nothing I had ever experience.

As my fingers run across the mask that Roza wore to the ball as I sit here patiently waiting in the adjoining room for my son or daughter to make their entrance known to the world. The last hour has been the hardest on me hearing Rose's screams of pain ripe my heart with every sound that comes from that room. Ivan brought me some tea and some cold meat and cheese to eat.

Calico and Olena are in with Rose while she is going through the child birthing. Rose didn't trust the doctor so she wanted them in there I had been in a meeting when the news came to me that the time had arrive.

So here I seat waiting and wondering what our child will look like and what kind of life they would experience. I knew that after the ordeal in Turkey with Rose's parents she had disowned them for turning their backs on her and she wasn't going to change her mind anytime soon. And I don't blame her.

My family had made the difference up for Rose and she was contented never mention or missing her family. Lissa and Christian had married and were expecting their first child and had move her to Russia so Lissa could be closer to Rose.

My mind going over every minute I had spent with the dark haired beauty that had entrance me beyond my wildest dreams. Trusted friend a dedicated wife this brought a chuckle out of me thinking about the first months of our marriage. The fights the passion of our love making.

Then...the sound that brought tears to my eyes in an instant resounded off the walls of the room as I jerk my head up and stood making my way to the door that separated me from my family. The sound of a baby that was not to happy about being remove from it's mother warm womb. I know that my face held the brightest smile that any human could possibly have. Ivan came to my side along with Christian and Ambrose. Lissa was in the corner jumping up and down squealing happily. I smiled and shook my head just about anything would make her overly excited.

Then another sound joined my child's cry. Another young voice much stronger and louder. I was confuse as to what the meaning of this could be as I turn to Ivan and Christian. Seeing that they were as confuse as me.

Minutes pass as I stood froze in the place I had stop, when the door open I saw the doctor come out smiling.

"You can come in now your Majesty. Rose is fine and doing well and so are the children." he said allowing me to pass as he left the room.

Two steps and I stop abruptly did he say children? No I must of heard wrong. I continue to make my way to Rose's side still hearing a baby cry's.

When my eyes landed on Rose my breath caught in my chest even after giving birth she look beautiful with a glowing smile on her face eyes sparkling from un-shedded tears. She look up and her smile grew even wider.

"Comrade come meet your son and daughter they eager to meet their father." she beamed at me.

"Son...daughter?" I stuttered out as I couldn't believe what I had heard.

"Yes twins." she said laughing the sound ringing through out my heart, pride swelling in my chest I was a father with a son and daughter.

I reach the bed and their in her arms two small bundles with dark hair like their mother.

She handed me my son first as I took a closer look he had his mother's hair and my eyes. Perfect in every way to me.

"What are we to call him love?" I ask her as I look between my son and his mother.

"Xzander Ivan you like?" she ask her eyes shining. She was going to name him after the name I used when I first meet her and Ivan's as a middle name.

"I believe it will serve him well." I said as I smiled back at her.

I handed her Xzander and took my daughter from her my first look at her and I couldn't breath. She had Roza's hair and eyes and my nose.

"I have been truly bless." I said as I look at the small reproduction of the woman I love.

"And we shall call her Martha Marie Belikov 'Marty' for short." I said as I held my daughter laughing at the faces she was making. This one was going to be a man killer with her looks. I will definitely have my work cut out for me when she gets older.

"I like it that will suit her well." my Roza said as she glance down at Xzander who was snuggling into her body.

"Indeed I am the luckiest man in the world I have a strong son and now I also have two dark hair beauties in my life." I laugh out as I sat down on the side of Rose's bed be easy as not to cause my wife any pain.

"You think you can handle two dark haired beauties?" she ask raising an eyebrow with a mischievous smile.

"It will not be easy. But I feel I am up to the challenge." I said as I wink at her laughing.

"We shall have to see." was all she said.

I couldn't ask for a more perfect life and having Roza and our children in it just made it that much better.

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