How could I ever face him again?

I took my inheritance before he died and blew it on such decadence, Would my father even look at me?

I was agonizing over this when I heard what sounded like footsteps.

I looked up, and what I saw brought me to my knees.

I beheld my father running to me, his arms open wide, tears of love and joy pouring from his eyes. He got to me and fell to his knees to pull me into his embrace.

This was NOT what I was expecting. As I thought this, me father called to his servants "Prepare my best robe and sandals and my signet ring! For my son, whom I thought was dead, is alive! Who was lost is now found!"

My father lifted my face and brushed my tears away and said,

"Son, do you know I still love you? Do you know that nothing can ever change that? Not even every demon of Hell itself could make me stop loving you."

He stood up "Lets go home, Son."

I knew, from then on, That my father truly loved me.

The way the Father received his son is the same way God will receive you if you come to Him.