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Summary: Finn and Rachel have been best friends forever. But when Rachel starts dating a new guy, Finn gets feelings he never expected. Will Finn be able to convince Rachel to leave her boyfriend for him?

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Can't Believe I'm Jealous

Chapter 1

The song Faithfully rang out in Finn's empty bedroom.

Finn was tired and fighting a major hangover. He glanced at his alarm clock and noticed that it was noon.

He groaned, but he answered the phone anyway.

"Yeah Rach? What is it?" Finn inquired. He tried his best to shield his best friend from the irritation in his voice, but he was unsuccessful.

"You told me to call you at noon to make sure that you woke up," Rachel replied in that melodic voice of hers.

Finn thought back to the night before.

He remembered drinking with Puck and Sam and he remembered hitting on the bartender. He didn't remember calling Rachel or getting home.

"I'll take your silence as you not remembering. You asked me when I drove you home last night. You drunk dialed me and I picked you, Puck and Sam up," Rachel said.

Finn briefly remembered all of this, but he decided that if Rachel said it, it must've been true. Rachel rarely lied.

"Do you remember?" Rachel inquired, irritated by his silence.

"Slightly. Thanks by the way," Finn replied. He got up to see how hung over he was. He pulled up the blinds and immediately yanked them shut. He cringed at his brief encounter with the sunlight.

"No worries. I'm just glad that you called. Are you up for lunch?" she inquired cheerfully.

Finn didn't really feel up for it, but he wasn't about to pass up an afternoon with his best friend.

"Yeah sure. A few aspirin and I'll be fine."

"Great. Did you want me to pick you up?"

Finn considered her offer, but realized that he needed time to recover from the night before.

"Nah, Rach. I'll meet you there. Bellizimos?" Finn replied. (A/N: Just made that restaurant up. If it exists, I don't own it.)

"Sounds great. See you there," she said before hanging up.

Finn walked into his kitchen and poured a glass of water. He opened up a drawer and pulled out an aspirin.

He popped the aspirin in his mouth and felt immediate relief.

He went to prepare himself and he felt a nervous thrill at seeing Rachel again.

He immediately dismissed it. Rachel and he were best friends. Just friends.

(At Bellizimos)

Finn walked in and he immediately spotted Rachel.

Although frankly, she wasn't hard to spot in a crowd. She had that presence about her that made his eyes immediately pick her out of a crowd. That was how they met.

He sat across from her at the table. She flashed him her Rachel Barry smile and said, "Rough night?"

Finn nodded and winced slightly from the sunlight coming in from the windows.

Rachel reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of black sunglasses.

When she handed them to Finn, he inquired, "Umm… thanks a ton Rach, but why do you have a pair of men's sunglasses in your purse?"

Rachel giggled and replied, "Finn we've been best friends for 5 years. I know how you sound when you're really hung over."

Finn nodded his assent. She did know him.

"Besides, you were extra drunk when you met me and I recall you hating sunlight the next morning," she added.

Finn smiled at the memory.

He had met Rachel at his friend Mercedes' party. He had attempted to hit on her and he had failed miserably. He then proceeded to get very drunk and call her later in the evening.

She was still there and she decided to drive him home. Except, she didn't know where he lived. So, she drove him to her house and he slept on her couch.

They had been best friends ever since.

Rachel smiled at him and inquired, "So did you get her number?"

Finn looked at her with confused look on his face and replied, "What?"

"The bartender. You were trying to convince her to give you her number when I came to pick you up. Did you get it?" she inquired.

He thought back to his hazy memory of last night.

"I don't know."

"What's that on your wrist?" she inquired.

Finn glanced at his wrist and, sure enough, there was a set of seven numbers scrawled on it along with the name Audrey.

"Her number," he replied nonchalantly.

Rachel chuckled.

"Even when you're drunk you still manage to get the girl's number. Incredible," she said incredulously.

Finn smiled and replied, "It's because I have a dazzling personality."

"No it's because you're six-foot and ripped," she replied rolling her eyes.

"Well, what about you?" Finn questioned accusingly.

"What about me?"

Finn shot her his 'you're kidding me right' look.

"There are like 6 guys here who are ogling you."

"There are not!"

"Yes there are. They haven't approached you because they think that we're dating."

Rachel looked at him shocked.

"No there aren't. That's not true."

"Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. It is. You have no idea how guys react around beautiful girls. I bet you the second you walk away from me at least 1 guy will come up to you."

Rachel blushed at the 'beautiful girls' comment, but Finn ignored it. It was not uncommon for him to call her beautiful. In his mind, there was no denying that she was beautiful.

Rachel gave him an indignant look and got up.

"Where are you going?" he inquired.

"Bar," she replied.

Finn nodded and turned to watch her at the bar.

Sure enough, a guy walked up to her and the two started talking.

Finn examined the guy. He was tall, but shorter than Finn. He had brown curly hair and a cocky attitude.

He motioned to Finn and Rachel turned to glance at him.

She discretely winked at him and turned back around.

Finn smiled weakly. He had wanted Rachel to meet a nice guy. That was his intent.

Finn saw Rachel hand the guy a slip of paper.

Her number, he thought to himself.

Finn felt an odd sensation in his chest.

He wanted Rachel to come back to the table.

He saw her nod enthusiastically and walk back.

The guy watched her the whole way back before leaving.

Finn forced the feeling away and did his best to act happy for her.

"Told you," he teased.

Rachel smiled brightly and sat back down.

"So?" Finn inquired.

"His name is Jesse St. James and he is a teacher and a show choir director for some group called Vocal Adrenaline or something like that. He asked me out for Friday and he seems really nice. You were so right, Finn," Rachel said quickly.

"Rach, calm down. You're barely making any sense," Finn said calmly.

Rachel nodded.

"Sorry," she said, slowly this time, "I'm just so excited. I haven't really met a guy I think I can be serious with in a while. You were right though. He thought you and I were an item. God, I had no idea that people would think that. Weird, right?"

Finn nodded numbly and gave her a half-hearted smile.

Finn felt something that he hadn't felt for a while.

Finn was jealous.

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