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Happily Ever After

Finn hadn't seen his bride for an entire day, so he was nervous.

He didn't once doubt that he loved her or that he wanted to marry her.

But he was a little nervous that he couldn't make her happy or he'd force her to abandon her dreams.

More than anything, he was afraid that when those doors opened and that music started, she wouldn't be there to walk down the aisle.

He didn't want to be one of those married couples who made each other miserable and then divorced.

He truly wanted to be together for the rest of their lives.

Puck and Sam had great difficulty convincing Finn that Rachel would be there and that they'd be happy, but despite his fears he donned his black tux and stood at the front of the church, overlooking his friends.

He saw Quinn rushing around, checking to make things perfect before the wedding. Despite her baby belly, she still looked lovely.

Zizes, as Puck insisted she'd be called, was sitting in the back grinning at Puck, who returned her gaze. She smoothed out her hair, very obviously flashing her engagement ring.

His step-brother Kurt was holding hands with his longtime boyfriend, Blaine, sneaking kisses before the ceremony, where he knew he'd be preoccupied as one of Finn's three best men.

His fiancée had 2 matrons-of-honor and one maid-of-honor too so he didn't feel odd about his three best men.

He spotted Santana whispering something into her girlfriend, Brittany's, ear.

Mike was waiting anxiously in the back for his wife, Tina, to appear.

Finally, Finn spotted his mom and his stepfather, Burt, sitting front row.

His mother already had tears in her eyes and Burt looked proud of Finn.

While Finn missed his father and wished that he was there, he was pleased that his mother had ended up with Burt. He'd gained a new father and a best friend.

He didn't bother looking for Rachel because he knew she wouldn't be there, but he felt no regret that she wasn't in the audience, watching him get married.

Finn noticed Quinn escape behind the Church doors where his fiancée was waiting, hopefully.

Kurt quickly stood and got in place and all of the guests sat down expectantly.

The music began to play and a small child exited and spread flower petals on the floor. She was no older than 4 and she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She smiled at her godfather sweetly and Finn couldn't help, but smile back and cast a glance at her father, Sam.

Soon after, Quinn stepped out with a hand on her belly.

She kept smiling at Sam and Finn was pleased with the result of everything.

She was followed by a very happy Tina, with an almost indiscernible bump, but Finn noticed and smiled lightly.

The last maid-of-honor was the fabulous Mercedes Jones, who was set to tie the knot in a few months. Her fiancée however was ill and couldn't make it.

When all three women were lined up to his right, the music became louder and Finn saw the most stunning woman he'd ever seen stand at the doorway, with both of her fathers on her arm.

She was smiling widely and Finn's heart surged.

A wedding and a marriage had always just been the next stepping stone for Finn. He already lived with her and he already felt like she was his wife. He didn't care about the ceremony; he figured it was more for her than anything else. Being married held no real significance in his mind, but he loved her and he wanted a more permanent situation.

But the sight of her in her stunning white dress, looking at him with love and adoration, made him crave to call her his wife.

Mrs. Hudson had nice ring to it.

She began the slow procession down the aisle and her eyes became teary, but this time he could tell that they were of joy.

Finn wanted to cry himself and he knew Kurt and his mother were crying.

He heard Quinn and Tina sniffling, but he chalked it up to hormones.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that even strong and brave Mercedes was bawling.

He noticed that she was close and she looked slightly apprehensive.

Finn gave her his half smile and hoped that it still had the same effect on her.

She had always said that it made her smile and that she loved it.

True to her word, her smile returned with a renewed confidence.

She reached him and her fathers lifted her veil and kissed her cheeks. They offered him her hand and he took it gratefully.

Her one father, Leroy, whispered, "Take good care of her."

Finn nodded eagerly. He wanted too.

"Hey," she whispered shyly.

Finn knew that he still had a stupid grin on his face, but he didn't care.

"Hey. You look beautiful," He whispered in reply.

She blushed deeply which cheered Finn to no end. After all of these years, she still had no idea how beautiful she was. He thought it was cute.

"I love you," Finn whispered.

"Dearly beloved," the priest boomed, beginning his sermon.

She mouthed back I love you too.

Finn smiled and directed his full attention to the priest.

Finn felt as if the ceremony was a blur, but at the same time that he couldn't say, "I do," fast enough.

He was glad that Rachel wasn't in the audience. Frankly it would've been awkward if she was.

Because then, she couldn't be standing up here, marrying him.

Rachel had tears streaking down her beautiful porcelain face and Finn smiled widely.

"I do," she almost whispered so that no one could hear her.

But Finn could. He smiled earnestly and suddenly he couldn't wait to start their lives together.

When he was asked, he replied jokingly, "I'll have to think about it," earning a ripple of laughter through the crowd and a playful smack from Rachel.

He added, very serious, "Of course. I do. Always."

Rachel smiled and the tears were falling quickly and freely. He wanted to wipe them away, but he restrained himself.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride," the priest boomed.

"Finally," Finn muttered, earning another round of laughter.

He put his arm around Rachel's waist and tipped her back, before kissing her.

It was a sweet, but short kiss.

The crowd cheered and Finn couldn't believe it. It hadn't dawned on him that he had managed to marry the most amazing woman he'd ever seen or ever would see.

It finally became real in a sense when they entered their reception hall, hand in hand, and were announced as, "Mr. and Mrs. Finn Hudson."

Finn looked into Rachel's eyes and knew that she was it for him. She was his one and there would never be anyone else.

They were tethered to each other. Forever.

And forever didn't seem nearly long enough.

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