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Geoffrey hastily walked into the court, bowing before his king who was sitting on the edge of his throne. Next to Uther sat his son, Arthur, who desperately wanted to put Gwen at his side. It was a rather awkward seating arrangement now that Morgana had betrayed Camelot. No longer did the king's alleged ward sit on the other side of Uther; therefore the chair had been removed.

The entire royal court had been summoned immediately at the bookkeeper's announcement. Merlin stared nervous and intent on the elderly man, wondering what this could possibly be about.

"Sire," he finally spoke, opening a giant book to a specific page. "I was skimming over the manuscripts that you requested for me to examine. The Book of Prophets, I believe, has some interesting information that is of grave importance to Camelot, My Lord." Geoffrey glanced at Arthur before continuing. "One Prophet, sire, refers to Prince Arthur in particular. It reads, 'For Camelot's true potential to be revealed, the Once and Future King must appoint a sorcerer concealed. The one called Emrys shall rise up with Arthur. The young Pendragon must shed light on what was once darker. For now, Emrys is in hiding, the walls of Camelot his home where he is residing. It is not until the King takes his throne, that the warlock Emrys shall be known.'"

Geoffrey looked up at Uther, slightly anxious as to how the man would react. "Must these damn sorcerers always speak in riddles?" Uther muttered, and Merlin had to stifle a laugh. Gaius elbowed him in the side, and Lancelot had to keep a straight face while giving a half smile to Merlin.

No one noticed this awkward exchanged, no one except Gwaine who ignored it… for the moment.

"M-more Prophet's predicted similar happenings, but that was the most clear. All of them mentioned the sorcerer, or the warlock, Emrys," Geoffrey offered. "And all of them mention Arthur Pendragon, as well," he said gravely. When the king began glaring, the old man stuttered. "S-sire, the other accounts talk as if this Emrys lives inside of Camelot while you are king. In other words, he is here right now… if the Prophet's are correct."

Uther swore under his breath. Pacing a couple steps away from this throne, he turned sharply to face the poor bookkeeper. "You said that these Prophets' predictions include my son?"

"What does Emrys have to do with me?" Arthur suddenly spoke, glancing at Gwen who was biting her lower lip timidly.

Geoffrey lowered his head. "Yes, and unfortunately, that is not as clear," he said, but stared at Arthur, raising an eyebrow as if saying we will talk later. Receiving this message, the prince nodded once. The bookkeeper knew that if he were to tell Uther what the other predictions said, that would surely push the king too far. Morgana was hard enough on him; he didn't need this burden as well. "But Emrys is supposed to be the most powerful warlock to have lived, possessing power over Life and Death itself."

Merlin gulped.

"We must find this sorcerer Emrn," Uther declared, glancing at his knights, unaware of their nobility status, or lack thereof. "Bring him to me alive. I want see him before he is executed for his crimes. When can you ride out, Arthur?"

The prince was taken aback by the sudden question. "The morning, sire," he answered quickly. Uther nodded once before dismissing the court.

The second Merlin got out the doors a hand grabbed him by the arm, pulling him into a deserted hallway. "Merlin," Lancelot said. "It's me. They're talking about you, aren't they? You're Emrys." The warlock knew that the last statement was not a question. Solemnly, he gave the knight a halfhearted smile. Lancelot grinned for a split second before becoming serious again. "You have to be careful around Arthur and Uther. If you get caught-"

"Oh, leave him alone, Lance," Gwaine slapped the knight on the back. "The king wants you at first guard." Giving Merlin one last worried glance, Lancelot took off for his post at the gates. Gwaine folded his arms over his chest, looking angry.

"Gwaine…?" Merlin asked hesitantly. "What is it?"

"So," he started, brown staring into blue. "You told Lancelot but not me, huh? I suppose Arty doesn't know."

Merlin swallowed hard, looking intently at the floor which had suddenly become very interesting. "I have no idea what you're talking about." But he regretted it the second the words came out of his mouth. That worked on oblivious Arthur, not clever and sly Gwaine. "I mean, it's not like… I'm not… I can't…"

Accepting that he wouldn't get the answer out of him, Gwaine changed the subject. "Come on, Emrys, I'll buy you a drink," he said quickly, but clearly.

Sighing happily, Merlin smiled. "Alright, thanks, Gwaine." The two friends walked to the tavern, the knight smiling darkly. He just tricked the answer out of Merlin and he didn't even notice! How has he stayed alive if he's that oblivious?


The next morning, Merlin was busy packing the necessary equipment into the Pendragon satchel while the prince did some last minute sharpening of his blade. Merlin closed his eyes. It was rather ironic; he was helping his friends kill him. The situation was almost laughable, but all Merlin could feel was fear and worry. The boy tensed up, and of course, Arthur noticed.

"Stop being such a girl, Merlin. We'll catch this Erney and Camelot will be safe again."

"Emrys," Merlin suddenly corrected.

Arthur stopped what he was doing. "What?"

The warlock shrugged. "His name's Emrys."

"That's what I said."

"You said Erney."

"What's it matter?"



A knock at the door interrupted the quick-firing banter. "Enter," Arthur said sternly, glaring at Merlin.

Geoffrey walked in, bowing his head. "I'm sorry to disturb you, My Lord, but this is of great importance regarding your mission at hand." Arthur nodded for him to go on. "It is said that Emrys helps you to become king. He lives in the shadows for a reason, sire."

Arthur shook his head confused. "What are you saying?"

Sighing, Geoffrey responded. "If you kill Emrys, you will not become king, according to the Prophets who are rarely wrong, might I add." Arthur sat down on his bed, and Merlin groaned. He just made that bed! "I know that you cannot disobey the king, sire, but I would like you to consider…" he looked off to a random corner in the room.

"Are you suggesting that I deliberately go against my father's orders? To let the sorcerer live?" The last sentence sounded like venom on his lips. Merlin winced. Geoffrey put his hands together, not daring to look the prince in the eye. "We don't even know who this sorcerer is!"

"Exactly!" Merlin exclaimed. "We don't know who he is, so he could be good."

Arthur raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"W-well, the warlock might mean Camelot no harm and just wants to protect its ungrateful prince who never says 'thank you.'"

Arthur's eyebrows exceeded his hairline, and Geoffrey folded his arms across his chest, looking intently at the supposedly stupid manservant.

"N-not that I would know… or anything… Will we need more socks?"

The bookkeeper shook his head. He was getting too old for this. "I won't bother you anymore, Prince Arthur. All I ask is for you to think this through. Good day, My Lord." He shut the door behind him, leaving Merlin alone with a suspicious Arthur.

"What the hell was that?" Arthur burst out, walking over to his servant.

Merlin scoffed it off with a confused grin. "What was what?"

The prince's jaw almost hit the floor. "That outburst; where did that even come from? He 'wants to protect its ungrateful prince' and he 'never says 'thank you.'' Merlin, do you know who Emrys is?"

The warlock sighed, swearing under his breath. "You choose now not to be oblivious," he muttered to himself. "Alright," Merlin shrugged. "I'm Emrys."

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