Plot similar to Walt Disney's Tangled

On a summer's night the full moon shines as a spirit shot Artemis's arrow from the heavens and landed in a field where a deer with her baby and a huge cypress tree stood tall and proud. The arrow had the powers of heal the sick and poor and the power of the moon. They say whoever uses the powers for evil that family of that person and they shall die along with the bearer if he/she of the arrow breaks the bind of the arrow.

An elderly man and woman (Remember them. They are kind of important) appeared as they began to become greedy from the arrow of Artemis. One day far from the forest in the small cozy small city; in a nice house there lived the Kratt family. But the mother of two brothers Chris and Martin Kratt was about to have a baby, but she got sick, really sick.

She was running out of time, so Chris and Martin worried as they ran to the hospital to find her a cure or at least Artemis' arrow, they found the elder man and woman they walked toward the forest as the brothers followed them, found the forest, and spied on the man and woman.

(Told you they'd be important) See, instead of helping the others, this man and woman Mr. and Mrs. Valona hoarded the moon powers and used it to keep their family young for many years.

All they did was sing this song:

Arrow, gleam with glow

Let the moon shine

Let time go in reverse

Give back what once was mine

What once was mine…

(Well, you get the whole game. They turn themselves younger. Creepy huh?)

As she and her husband walked off and placed the covering which fell out, the brothers gave this a small think as they ran off and found out that Artemis shot her arrow to where the land is free of danger. They know that whenever they that song with the arrow they will be cured.

Knowing that a sick mother is worse than stealing, they have no other choice; they ran back, Martin plucked the arrow, and ran back home. With some help, the sap from the arrow was added to a broth for their mother.

The moon power healed their mother and a healthy baby girl was born with beautiful bright moon white hair. They named her Shannon Kratt, as Martin promised to take care of his little brother and baby sister and keep both of them out of harm.

On the day she was born, Chris and Martin gave her a special necklace in the shape of a moon crescent made of a mysterious moon crystal that they found at their backyard and took her out to the park, where they caught Zach using frogs for his hopping Zach bot. Then that night, after Chris and Martin tucked Shannon in; Mrs. Valona crept in Shannon's room and stole a lock of her hair as she sang her song, but she knows that when she did it, the power starts to die and her hair would become normal.

Shannon cried as her family barged into the nursery to see Mrs. Valona with Shannon in her arms still crying and vanished. The Kratts looked high and low, but above a mansion, the Valonas raised Shannon as their own and they have their magic arrow and now are determined to keep it secret.

She would always ask, "Can I ever leave the house?" Her new mother would say, "No. The world is a dangerous place full of selfish people. You and Marion stay here, where it's safe. Do you understand, lotus petal?" Shannon would reply, "Yes, mommy."

As time went by, the house could not hide her past, she would watch her brother's show on every birthday as she wore the crescent moon necklace. At the end, they would announce the viewers to call them if anyone has found their baby sister… hopefully that one day their youngest sister would come home.

Years later...

18-year-old Marion was hiding as she let out a giggle as Shannon crept to the balcony. Shannon was now a 15-year-old and has still no idea about the past. As she opened the doors Marion covered her mouth as Shannon let down her long hair as she caught Marion.

Marion struggled to be free as she and Shannon laughed as her mother called, "Shannon! Marion! Come down! I have an announcement to make!" As both girls untangled themselves, they ran downstairs and found their mother near the front door and announced, "Girls, I have decided that you two are ready to leave the house."

Shannon and Marion screamed in delight as Mrs. Valona said, "We are going to the park to play." Shannon grabbed her hat as she shoved her long white hair inside, while Marion grabbed her scarf as Mrs. Valona locked the door after the girls were outside. Mrs. Valona walked the eight blocks to the park.

Mrs. Valona brought the girls hot dogs and soft drinks as something caught Shannon's eye. It was her older birth brothers Chris and Martin now adults. And they were chasing a pastry beatnik-styled man with a jar of tadpoles as the beatnik man laughed tauntingly.

Shannon took pity on the two brothers as she got up from her seat and ran towards the evil man and called out, "Who are you?"

The beatnik man introduced himself as Zach Varmitech as Shannon kicked him in the stomach as the jar was sent flying. Shannon ran toward the jar as she super jumped to the jar. Her hat fell off and her hair flowed in the breeze as she landed with a flip in front of the brothers. The brothers have never seen such a jump or a girl with long hair before.

She smiled meekly as she handed them the jar and Zach ran off vowing vengeance. She introduced herself as Shannon and she asked if the boys were named Chris and Martin. They nodded as Marion caught up to them and said, "Shannon, where did you go? I looked for you." Shannon replied, "Here, why?" When she saw the Kratts, Marion gasped in horror as she grabbed Shannon and ran to her mother.

Marion whispered something to Mrs. Valona as she gasped in horror. Chris and Martin came back as Zach came still upset about the stomach. Mrs. Valona realized Shannon did something to Zach as she said, "Shannon, this is Zach. Zach, Shannon is interested in robotics-"

Shannon said, "Uh, no. I'm interested in animals. I rather be with these two guys than this one. I heard all about him. You use animals as slaves, don't you? And wait, didn't we meet somewhere before?" They were all surprised, including Mrs. Valona. Shannon did know who Zach was, he was one of those people who hurts anyone or animals and she has seen him before as a baby.

Then Shannon felt a twinge to run as she followed her instinct and ran away from the park and into the city. Shannon ran off for miles with everyone pursuing her. A silver light caught Shannon's eye as Marion, Chris, Martin, and Mrs. Valona found Shannon crossing the street walking to a girl.

The girl was a brunette and she holding a crescent moon necklace. Shannon took out her necklace. Chris and Marin wondered about her, but Mrs. Valona and Marion worried. Marion and Mrs. Valona knew that the fun is over if Shannon knows where she came from. Mrs. Valona walked toward the girls as the brunette girl gasped as she ran off dropping a baby bib. It was Shannon's baby bib. Mrs. Valona gasped as she remembered Shannon having that since she was a baby. She thought, "Could that girl know about that night?"

Infuriated, Mrs. Valona grabbed Shannon's and Marion's arms and walked home, leaving the Kratt brothers looking suspicious as Martin asked, "Did that little girl looked like our long lost sister Shannon?" Chris wondered, "You don't suppose that-" The boys looked at each other and said, "Nah." and walked away leaving a confused Zach on the street. Back at the Valona home, Mrs. Valona started to nag Shannon about the boys. She ranted, "Never ever go near those men!" Then Shannon walked away.

Shannon ran into her room with her hands in her pockets. She pulled them out to reveal Chris and Martin's hair locks. She placed them in a box. Inside was full of posters, bios, pictures of the boys along with some items and gifts from the Kratt Brothers Fan club she was part online. As she walked into the living room, there was the show the brothers always hosted. After the show, the zoo was showing new animals and the boys will be hosting the animal extravaganza show.

Shannon wanted to see the show, so she ran into her room and pulled out her piggy bank. It had 30 dollars, just enough for one ticket or a second one. She knew her mom would never let her leave now. Then Mrs. Valona walked in and said, "Listen, Shannon. Your sister has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, your father has a meeting, and I have to work overtime at the office, so since your baby sitter has that cold. I will allow you to stay here home alone. I'm sure you will have fun here."

Shannon nodded as she walked into the living room and turned on the computer. She placed the zoo website as she printed the mail order for two tickets. She printed the tickets as she placed the money in an envelope for the mailman to take to the zoo as she placed it in the mailbox from the window she was near. She went into her room and hid the tickets in her dress for tomorrow's fun time.

The next day, Mrs. Valona, Marion, and Mr. Valona left in a hurry as Shannon ate her cereal. Shannon kept on smiling as she took a shower and changed into her dress. She grabbed her purse and did a check: Cell phone, house keys, tickets, and her pocket change. She walked downstairs as she walked slowly to the door. Shannon has never left the house in years. She knew she can't leave without Mrs. Valona. She was scared, but she thought of Chris and Martin as she turned the knob around and opened the door. Shannon gasped at the sights she had missed without Mrs. Valona or Marion.

She danced a little around the gates and walked the 12 blocks to the zoo. Shannon, since she was a baby had a passion to see the world and the animals that live there. As Shannon walked she thought of the boys, then she spotted an outdoor restaurant and a Cajun chef was thinking. Shannon spied on him as she heard him say, "I will sneak into that zoo show and steal all the animals for my next endangered species recipe."

Shannon gasped in horror as she ran to the zoo. As she ran and gave her ticket, she looked for the stage when she spotted a snobbish woman with her helper sketching some animal-type fashion items near the lion den. She said, "Dabio, today we steal these jewels and make them mine." The woman decided to steal the animals too! Shannon had to find Chris and Martin fast! She found the stage, but it was bare. The show start in an hour, but no Chris or Martin, nevertheless, she had to find the she heard a cackle, she sneaked to the reptile house to find Chris and Martin tied up and below them was a rattlesnake. She also found that source of the cackling. It was Zach! Shannon had to do something. She walked toward the reptile house and carefully walked to the rattlesnake.

Chris looked down to see her near the snake; he gave his brother a kick in the ankle as Martin looked down. They saw Shannon holding a dead rat and tossed it near Zach. The snake slithered toward him as the snobbish woman shouted, "The snake!" Zach turned and began to run off, Shannon gave the distraction the special opportunity, as she grabbed the rope and pulled on it.

As soon as Zach came back, he spotted her as he called for the Zach-bots to attack. She quickly untied the boys as Shannon ran off with the bots behind her. Then Shannon tripped and fell. The Zach-bots were getting closer and Shannon was trapped! She needed help, but Chris and Martin were nowhere to be found, so Shannon screamed terrified.

Then a girl appeared out of nowhere, stood in front of Shannon. The Zach-bots appeared; the girl rolled her eyes and said, "Men." The girl pulled out and shot a silver arrow causing them to blow up.

Shannon panted as the girl turned; Shannon realized she was the same girl from the other day.

The girl introduced herself as Nelly as she picked Shannon up. Then Shannon panicked and ran off to see the boys hoping they were okay as she shouted a thank you. She found them to find that they were fine. Martin and Chris looked around to see if Shannon was all right.

The brothers found her to see her fine. okay, she asked, "Are you two okay?" Chris replied, "We're fine. Are you okay? That was great yet silly for going near the rattle snake." Shannon nodded. Then they sneaked behind the stand as she spotted the woman with her henchman, Shannon asked, "Who was that woman? Martin explained, "That's Donita. She's been stealing animals for clothes or other fashion items. Why do you ask?" Shannon said, "Gross. Well, thank goodness I'm here. Because Donita and some Cajun chef are coming and ready to steal the animals." Martin asked, "Chef? You mean Gourmand?" Shannon shrugged and said, "Some chef with a restaurant with a G." Chris nodded and said, "That's him. He steals animals, basically endangered animals and uses them as food."

Shannon exclaimed, "They're coming here to take them now! We have to stop them!" A voice piped up, "No time! They're here!" Donita and Gourmand with an angry Zach appeared from the corner. The voice who was Nelly appeared as she thought fast and transformed them into animals with her bottle of water from her pocket that splashed them in their face: Chris became an eagle, Martin became a lion, and Shannon became a monkey. Nelly asked, "Can you guys please distract them while I help the animals from being caught?"

They nodded as Chris flew off, Shannon swinging away, and Martin running off. Nelly took out an arrow and a bow and ran off. Shannon looked back to see the arrow shining in the sunlight as a memory came back to her: Two boys handing her a crescent necklace and smiling at her. But who were they? To Shannon they looked familiar. Then two hands grabbed her by the tail. It was Donita and Zach! Shannon howled as she tried to kick free from their clutches.

What was worse is that Mrs. Valona and Marion found out that Shannon has left the house without telling them. Shannon stopped and allowed herself be captured as Zach cackled and took her away. Shannon focused as a branch was over her head.

She quickly grabbed on the branch with Zach walking away empty-handed. Shannon realized she lead him to Nelly. She spotted a bow and arrow as she picked it up and shot a direct hit and it blocked Zach's way as he ran off. Mrs. Valona found Zach and asked if Shannon had come to the Zoo. Zach ignored her as Shannon swung away and landed near Gourmand as he grabbed her by the tail.

Shannon howled so loud, her scream attracted Chris as he tried to grab her paws by the talons. Gourmand pulled as Chris tugged. Shannon helped by stomping on Gourmand's face. As Gourmand let go, Shannon was sent flying as Chris flew up to save her. But he was too late, Shannon was falling from the sky, she shrieked as Chris swooped down to try and grab her.

Marion screamed as she saw Shannon fall into the lion pit. Shannon realized that Martin was turned into a lion and he could find her. But there were many lions and she could not find him. Shannon looked around when she spotted a real lion and it was ready to eat her. Shannon screeched loudly as Martin heard her and rushed to her rescue. He growled as the lion backed away from them. Chris flew down and landed on Martin's mane.

Nelly was being pursued by Zach, Gourmand, and Donita as Shannon nodded as she unlocked the door and let Martin out with Chris flying away. Martin charged towards the three as Shannon grabbed Zach by the hair, Chris pulled Donita by his talons, and Martin charged at Gourmand. They screamed and ran off. As soon as they left the Zoo, Nelly snapped her fingers and the animals turned back to the real Chris, Martin, and Shannon. Nelly disappeared with a swish of her cape.

Then Chris, Martin, and Shannon realized that they spent all day and the zoo is closing. Shannon never got a chance to see the show, but she spent her time with the brothers. Before they went their separate ways; Shannon asked, "Martin, will I get to see you and your brother again?" Martin shook his head and said, "No, I'm afraid you can't. Chris and I will be in Indonesia, studying animals." Shannon was disappointed as she said, "Well, it was nice meeting you two, see you soon." Shannon waved goodbye as the zoo closed and three went to their separate ways.

As Shannon left to her house, Shannon sighed dreamily as she imagined her with them forever and forever. She realized she can! She ran home and saw the family car. Shannon gasped, "They know I left! I have to get inside fast!" Shannon ran inside as she ran into her room and packed up her room. As soon as she did, Mrs. Valona ran inside and shouted, "Where have you been? We looked everywhere for you!" Shannon pretended to cry which changed Mrs. Valona's emotion to pity. She embraced Shannon as she cried heavily. Mrs. Valona walked out to hoping that Shannon will calm down, but Shannon cleared her face when she pulled out her heavy backpack as she snickered quietly. She said to herself, "I'm good. Real good."

Mr. Valona was downstairs cooking and said to his wife as soon as she sat in the dining room, "I think we should tell her." Mrs. Valona said, "No, we won't. If Shannon finds out, she will call the police and the moon power will go from us. We need that moon power to live forever." Mr. Valona shrugged and kissed his wife as they didn't know that Shannon was hearing this and asked herself, "Moon power? What moon power?" Shannon went to sleep as she waited for everyone to fall asleep. At eleven o clock, Shannon quietly got out her backpack and her coat as she crept outside.

The moon shone brightly as she walked toward the bus station. The Kratt brothers told her that they were leaving to the International airport to the Indonesian rainforest to examine reptiles. Shannon took out her world phone and ordered a ticket for the 12 am flight which was leaving in 34 minutes and the bus arrived on time as she sat near the exit.

As the bus dropped Shannon at the Inter. airport she was checked in as she walked toward Gate 12, where she found the Kratt brothers. She silently sat near Chris, who didn't notice her. She yawned as she fell asleep as she accidently leaned against Chris. Chris felt her head against his arm and wondered on what she was doing here and why she is here. He spotted her ticket on her hand as it said, "Flight 18: Gate 12- Indonesia - Seat 12" He wondered as he whispered to his brother that Shannon was going with them, Martin looked over his brother's shoulder as he asked Chris, "How did Shannon find us and why is she here?" Chris just shrugged.

As soon Flight 18 arrived Chris carried Shannon bridal style as he handed the boarding passes as Martin carried the bags. Then, Martin helped Chris by placing her backpack into the compartment above them. Both Martin and Chris placed Shannon in an empty seat next to Martin as the boys took their seats. Chris still wondered how Shannon got here and why is she here.

As Shannon slept she had a dream, Shannon was being carried by the mysterious boys on their back. The younger boy looked like Chris as the older boy looked a lot like Martin. Shannon was crying as the older boy handed his younger brother the bottle as they whispered, "We'll protect you. No matter what happens.'' But who were they…?

Shannon woke up by a start as she saw that Chris and Martin fast asleep. Shannon returned to sleep and then she had a different dream, Shannon was being carried by a woman she never met. She cried for her family to save her, but they were too late. But who was that woman…? Shannon couldn't sleep anymore; she woke up as someone was shaking her awake.

It was Martin, he looked confused as he said, "Afternoon." Shannon turned to see Chris looking confused as she said, "I bet you two want to know why I'm here." They nodded, as Shannon sighed and said, "I liked that day when we help save those animals, plus I'm also part of the Kratt Brothers fan club and always wanted to be a zoologist like you guys, but the real thing is that maybe you two can help me solve my mystery." Chris smiled as he said, "Sure, what's the mystery?"

Shannon started her tale, "It started long ago when I was a baby. I saw two boys that looked like you two but much smaller and younger. They gave me this necklace." Shannon pulled out her necklace on her neck causing the brothers to be shocked as she continued, "They said that they will protect me, no matter what happened. But then I cried loudly as I was being carried by a woman and was raised by her. Then over the years I see ads for locating a girl that looked like me and they kept on showing the necklace I have. And I keep having these visions and dreams as if that you two are really my brothers and that the family I'm living are the ones who kidnapped me. Do you think you can help me solve this? It's been bothering me for years now."

Chris and Martin nodded as they said, "As long if you don't get in trouble on this trip." Shannon shook her head and said, "I have been studying animals all my life, so I think I will be okay. You think I could find the Draco Lizard there? I heard they were so cool and I thought I could study on their powers of gliding. I always wanted to see that!"

Chris looked surprised and said, "That's what we're going to do!" Shannon asked, "Seriously?" Martin nodded as he said, "I think we have three explorers on this trip." They shared a laugh as Shannon gasped, "Wait! You don't think that Donita or Zach will be there? You remember what you said about them. Donita could use them as fashion accessories or Zach will use them as slaves or worse Gourmand could use them for a soup or something." Chris and Martin gasped as Martin said, "You're right! I forgot all about them! We'll have to be careful about this trip, Chris. They could follow us and steal all the Dracos."

Shannon looked out to see a pink jet next to the plane as Shannon said pointing, "Don't look round, but I do believe that Donita's here. Look." Chris turned to see her jet and shook Martin to get his attention as Martin looked outside. Shannon whimpered, "What are going to do? If Donita knows we're here, its game over for us and the lizards. How can we get past her? She has a terminal for herself considering she's rich."

Martin raised his brow and asked, "How do you know that?" Shannon rolled her eyes and said, "We're landing near the airport and Donita is a few gates next to us. See?" She pointed as the boys looked outside. It was Donita all right, but she was next to Zach! Zach and Donita are here in Indonesia! And they know about the lizards!

As Chris, Martin, and Shannon got out of the plane and heading toward the exit, Shannon looked nervous. She has never even left the city. Chris and Martin held her hand as they smiled at her. Martin pulled the suitcase that he and his brother were sharing as Shannon held on to her backpack tightly.

Shannon took a deep breath as they left the airport. But Chris and Martin felt a tug as they turned to see Shannon still and pale. Shannon cried, "I can't do it!" Martin knew she was scared. He and Chris walked back as Martin assured her, "Don't worry. Donita or Zach won't hurt you. We'll protect you. No matter what happens." Those words opened Shannon's eyes. Those boys in her dream said them. Shannon smiled as she took her first steps. Chris offered to help with the walk, but Shannon smiled and refused.

Shannon looked up to see everything she has missed again for years. Shannon grabbed the brothers' hands and said, "Let's go!" As they left Zach and Donita spotted them as Shannon turned and screamed, "Run! They found us!" Zach ordered the bots to seize them; Shannon found a bow and arrow shop and remembered Nelly and how Nelly shot an arrow to stop the Zach-bots and how she herself shot an arrow to stop Zach at his tracks.

Shannon ran to the shop and brought a silver arrow and gave her best shoot as she shot the bots to malfunction. Chris stopped a taxi as everyone got in as the driver drove away. Shannon was breathing heavily as Chris asked, "How did you know how to shoot an arrow for such a sweet girl?

Shannon spoke between breaths, "I shot an arrow when Zach attacked Nelly at the zoo yesterday when I was a monkey. It seemed that I learned this before, but I don't remember when or who taught me." Martin said, "Well, when it comes to hunting you are the mistress. That shot got those Zach-bots good." Shannon blushed and replied, "Thanks, but that doesn't tell me on how we are going to examine reptiles without any attacks from Donita or Zach."

Chris said, "You know you're right, Shannon. Martin, how are we going to do this fun activity without any attacks of Donita or Zach?" Then everyone was in deep thought, when Shannon exclaimed, "That's it!" The boys looked at her and asked, "What's it?" Shannon asked the cab driver, "Is there a costume or dress up shop anywhere?" The driver looked at her and nodded as Shannon said, "Take us there! And step on it, please!"

The driver gave her a thumbs up and drove to the local costume shop as Shannon asked, "Have you guys ever dressed up in any clothes on your trips?" Chris replied, "Yep. They have that mood that brings us on our trips, why?" Shannon smiled and said, "I think we should dress up as different people, but I need you guys to find some wigs to keep us undercover, like espionage. That way Zach or Donita can't see who we are and we can have our Draco search." They nodded and said, "We're listening."

Shannon smiled smugly as she pulled the boys inside the shop. Shannon gave Chris a blonde wig and Martin a red hair wig and a set of Khaki clothes. Shannon brought a brunette wig to cover her beautiful white hair and some loose clothes. She said, "Since they believe in anything I hope that they'll believe a couple of tourists will be there."

Shannon brought the clothes as they appeared outside. They looked totally unrecognizable, as they walked Shannon bumped into Zach as her wig nearly fell off. She glared as Chris told her to focus as they walked to the bus to the rain forest. As they arrived, Shannon looked up in wonder at the trees and the plants.

She squealed in delight as Martin asked, "Have you ever zip lined across before?" Shannon said, "Only to a tree, why?" Chris smiled and said, "Let's put those to the test. We're going to zip line to that tree and so on. You ready?" Shannon smiled and said, "Let's fly!" They climbed to the top of the tree as Shannon smiled. As they reached the top, they buckled themselves in tethers as they jumped off the branch. Shannon's heart soared as she soared around like a dove or a swan, but she didn't know is that her clothes became a long white dress.

As Chris looked back, he saw Shannon's new style. He wondered if she changed when they got up to the tree or transformed. The wind was so strong; Shannon's wig fell off and revealed her white hair now longer and shinier than before. She smiled happily as she opened her eyes that turned bright. Chris and Martin's mouths opened wide. They didn't want to admit it, but she was beautiful. Then someone was shouting behind them; it was Zach! He followed them to the tree and he looked furious too and seemed ready to cut the rope that was holding them.

Shannon turned to see him as she realized her clothes changed from her White dress into a Huntress dress. Her new dress was long and blue with a green blouse. She felt something in her pocket and pulled out a silver bow and arrows. It was so shiny; it showed the brothers and her reflection. She had an idea: Zach at some point will cut the rope and she will use it to save the brothers and get them safely up.

For one thing Shannon was right, Zach now had cut the rope and sent everyone including himself down 120 feet down. Everyone screamed except for Shannon who closed her eyes as her hair was flying up from her face. They also noticed that the costumes fell out as they continued to fall. Chris and Martin's wig now fell with the wind. Then she opened her eyes as she shot an arrow with rope on it up a branch and grabbed Chris.

Shannon giggled as she held Chris's hand who held on to his brother's hand as Zach was hanging on to Martin, much to his dismay. But Shannon looked and felt dizzy as she let go and Chris began to grab the rope. But he couldn't help Shannon from falling. But Shannon began to close her eyes as she fell with her arms and legs spread out. Her hair started to grow as it helped stop her fall. She landed near the bottom as Shannon fell near the gully close to the river.

As Chris and Martin began climbing down, they started find their friend. As they reached the bottom, they searched recklessly as Chris worried, "Come on, where are you?" Martin and Chris worried, for such a young girl she couldn't be this hard to find. As for Shannon, she was still unconscious from the long fall. Then two shadows appeared as one felt her forehead.

It was Nelly, she smiled as she carried the knocked out Shannon bridal style. She whispered to the second shadow, "Be a good archer plus sister and help me find whoever was with her." Her sister nodded and walked off leaving her sister with Shannon as Nelly carried her away to whoknowswhere.

An hour passed and the brothers still haven't found Shannon. Then Nelly's sister appeared as she said, "Hey! You guys know Shannon?" Chris and Martin turned to see her as Chris nodded as she said, "My name is Hera. Come with me. And hurry." The boys followed her over the river and through the trees when they found the Village of Delphi. Hera led them through the village as she walked up to a huge temple. What they didn't know is that Zach and Donita were following them.

Hera opened the wide doors to see Nelly holding a bowl of warm water and an older girl with linen towels. Chris and Martin looked at Nelly as they asked in unison, "Nelly?" Nelly and the older girl saw and walked up to them as Nelly said, "Chris! Martin! I'm so glad you two are here! It's Shannon! She's hurt and she's pale! Come on!" Nelly and the girl ran to Shannon's room as Hera led them inside. Shannon was laid as if she was dead with a white dress similar to the dress Chris saw and she was shivering and quivering plus sweating.

The girl soaked a towel with the water from the bowl as she laid it on her forehead. Chris asked, "Where did you find her? We looked all over for her." Nelly said, "I was walking when I found her knocked out near the river. I wondered if she was okay, so I carried her as I sent my sister to find you two. Didn't know if you were with her or not."

The older girl looked at Shannon and asked, "Is Shannon supposed to glow like that?" Everyone looked at Shannon as she still shone of moon light. Nelly gasped as they all heard the door fall. Everyone ran to the front to see Donita and Zach with his Zach-bots. As they were at the front, Shannon recovered as she ran off to see Zach and Donita. She glared at them as her dress changed into the blue and green dress.

Her hair became even longer as it covered her skirt. She pulled out her bow and arrow as Zach command the bots to destroy the temple. She ran in front to defend her friends as everyone including the brothers was surprised to see her recover fast. Nelly and Hera shot the Zach-bots, as Shannon got into shoot launch position as Donita gasped at her dress and asked, "How did you get that? I want a dress like that!" But Shannon refused to tell as she, Nelly, and Hera began charging at them making them run away. But as soon as they left Shannon faltered. She was still in pain.

Chris notice that her eyes began to become weak and that her face became pale, but then Shannon passed out. Martin hoisted Shannon and walked to her room, placing her in her cot. Poor Shannon was still hurt. As night fell, Chris felt that her skin became smooth and thin. Martin soaked the towel as he placed it on her forehead. Chris began to notice that Shannon wasn't wearing her crescent necklace. But it didn't matter, or did it?

They couldn't leave Shannon alone, especially in this condition. Chris fell asleep next to Shannon as Martin snoozed on the floor. Both boys had a dream: They see Shannon looking below and began panicking for her necklace. She said, "That necklace will be able to recover the bearer and if not they will die fast…" They tried to find it but what they only find was Donita and Zach and they have the necklace! As they cackled, Shannon became ghost-like and begging for mercy as they begged the boys to find the necklace before sundown…

The boys woke up to see Shannon still getting sick. Her body seemed to be losing the fat and her heart became slower. Then again the door was broken it was Zach and Donita again, but he had the Valona family with him. They offered them 2,000 dollars for her safe return home. Marion was surprised to see the brothers; she asked, "You two again? What are you doing here?" Nelly, Hera, and the older girl whose name was Yoli appeared with them with weapons at hand.

Chris noticed that Donita had something shiny on her neck. It was Shannon's necklace! Zach must have grabbed it from the fall and gave it to Donita. Chris whispered to Martin about the necklace. They remembered their dream and wondered if that was the cure to save the dying Shannon.

As for Shannon, she began to feel dizzy as she began to fall into a deep sleep. In the darkness, she saw the crescent moon all over, when something hit her. She almost remembered seeing the moon crescent on her crib, the boys aging on each ad and they have a photo of her crescent necklace. Then her mind bursted with realization and revelation. She remembered everything; the silhouette of the boys, their voices, and the day she was kidnapped. It was the Valona family who kidnapped her and Chris and Martin were her real brothers. She has been tricked and lied to!

Shannon woke up in a start and ran to the front hall. Mrs. Valona gasped happily, but Shannon didn't look pleased, she glared at her and said, "You kidnapped me, and I'm the long lost Kratt sister at that, right Mom? Or should I even dare call you that?" The Valonas' eyes widened; Shannon remembers. Mrs. Valona scoffed and said trying to deny it, "Do you hear yourself? Why would you think that?"

Shannon shouted, "It was you three! It was all you!" Marion stuttered, "No, you're my sister really." Shannon said, "This was all a lie! A Lie!" Mr. Valona said, "Everything we did was to protect you." Shannon refused to believe such a lie and said, "Only for my hair! I spent all those years hiding thinking that this world will use me for my power, when all this time, I should have been hiding from all three of you." Mrs. Valona said, "It's not true. We love you. What you are saying is a lie." Shannon turned to Chris and Martin and said, "I'm your sister. I remember now. When I saw your shadows on my crib, they were the shadows of my true family." Chris and Martin smiled as Martin pulled out a photo from his pocket, Martin handed it to Shannon as it reveals herself as a baby and Chris and Martin as kids as Chris pulled out a second photo of Martin rocking Shannon to sleep and Chris holding a bottle. The dreams were true after all. She was a true Kratt!

Angered, the Valonas began to charge at them, but Shannon stood there in pride, but faltered as Chris and Martin realized it was sundown. Chris ran up to Donita and took the necklace by force, as Donita tried to pry him off, but Hera and Nelly pulled out their weapons and scared Zach and Donita out of the temple and of Indonesia. But since sundown passed the necklace is useless.

Shannon fell to the floor as Chris and Martin ran to her side. She had to stop the Valonas from taking her away from her brothers. Shannon lost them once; she doesn't want it to happen again. The Valonas were getting closer as Shannon knew there is only one way, but it will cost her life. But her life didn't matter, not unless it stops the Valonas. Chris gave her the necklace as Shannon wrapped it around her long white hair as she used her brothers' hands to twist it around her hair. They were all confused including the Valonas, who stopped. But when that was done, she whispered, "Pull." As she used her brothers' hands and tugged on her hair as it was hurting her head, but it cut her hair.

Then Shannon's white hair fell on the floor, everyone gasped in shock, but the Valonas gasped in horror as Shannon's white hair turned ebony black appeared on the locks as the Valonas began to lose their youth, Shannon hissed, "I'm connected to the power, now feel the power die." Mr. and Mrs. Valona plus Marion tried to escape, but Hera and Nelly shot an arrow near the bottom of the door with a line of string attached and the three crooks fell down the stairs and to their demise as they rolled down from the village to the river and drowned.

But that didn't comfort Chris or Martin. Everyone gathered around her as Shannon's voice became weaker as Martin halfway lifted her as Chris placed on the necklace. She whispered, "I put you guys in danger. I'm so sorry, guys." Chris panicked and said, "It's okay. We could go home and find a doctor and maybe you can be a Kratt once again." Shannon rasped, "It's too late. The cut was so strong and time is up, it's taking away my health and power. I always knew you two were my brothers all this time." Martin and Chris smiled as Martin sniffed, "We knew you were our sister too." Then Shannon began to sing softly:

Heal what has been hurt

Change our fate designs

Save what was lost

Give back what once was mine

What once was mine…

Shannon closed her eyes for the last time.

They say that men can never cry, Chris and Martin tried to hold their tears, but they couldn't help it. They lost someone they have missed for years and they wanted her back. Chris and Martin's tears couldn't help, or could it? Then something was happening. As they shed tears their drops fell on Shannon's necklace as it started glowing as the room shined brightly in white. They all saw the moon crescent surrounding her body, breath and pulse returned to Shannon.

As Shannon woke up, she said, "Are we here to study the lizards or cry?" Chris and Martin laughed as they embraced her. Shannon smiled as she cried a bit. Her short ebony hair grew longer as, it reached her waist.

They were finally reunited again!

A few days later, after her recovery they all went to see the Draco Lizards and left the village, they bid farewell to Yoli, Nelly, and Hera as they returned home, Shannon pulled out her cell phone and handed to Chris to call their parents.

After Chris told them about the trip, they added that they found their sister. As night fell, the plane landed at the city as the parents waited eagerly near the gate.

Shannon was worried as she and her brothers, What if they don't like me? What if I'm not their daughter? Oh, I feel so scared! Chris assured her, "Don't worry. I'm sure they will recognize you. Really." Martin held her hand as Shannon smiled.

As they got out to the gate, Shannon walked slowly to Mr. and Mrs. Kratt as her necklace swung around. Mrs. Kratt gasped and asked, "Shannon, is that you?" Shannon nodded and said, "It's me, Mom. I have this." Shannon showed her the necklace that her brothers gave her when she was born; Mrs. Kratt took a good look at her and finally realized this was her. Her long lost daughter! She embraced Shannon as she cried. Mr. Kratt embraced Shannon as he smiled. Chris and Martin ran to their parents and embraced them.

As the Kratts returned home, they shared a warm reunion as Shannon told them about what happened over the last few years. Weeks passed and one day Shannon saw an ad in the newspaper, for hiring 3 new members for a tech team. As she read that they will travel for animal adventures. She called them as Chris and Martin joined her on her phone call.

A few days later they went to the Industry of Technology as they met Professor Susan. They introduced to three members: Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy Z and their solar powered HQ The Tortuga (That means "Turtle" in Spanish.) Chris, Martin, and Shannon agreed to join them on their adventures since they had experiences with animals.

After their joining, Chris, Martin, and Shannon packed up their clothes and everything they may need as they reached the port for the Tortuga. Mr. and Mrs. Kratt embraced their children as Mrs. Kratt said, "Martin, remember to keep a close eye on your brother and sister and Shannon you listen to your brothers, okay?"

Martin promised to keep an eye on Shannon and Chris while Shannon promised to listen to her brothers. As they walked to the Tortuga, each took a deep breath and went inside along with the Tortuga team. The siblings waved goodbye to their parents as Mr. and Mrs. Kratt waved goodbye for the last time to their children.

Shannon giggled because; she knew she won't be alone. She had her brothers back and her past with the Valonas were gone forever and became nothing but a distant memory. Her life has finally changed and she finally has a real family!

She was home at last.