Before the episode 22: Koala Balloonand also based on the plot of 2010's Disney Alice in Wonderland

After a few weeks in aboard the Tortuga; the Kratts had traveled everywhere on the Earth, and they were living the dream they had. They couldn't be happier to travel, save animals, and discover more features of animals. Shannon smiled as she saw her brothers talking to the crew as Shannon was in her chair near the library reading a big dusty book as she sighed and kept on reading.

One day, on their way to the Australian Outback, Shannon was reading "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland" for a bit of light reading whenever they aren't looking for animals. She never read this book, all she had been reading animal books. Shannon was reading the part with Alice and the Queen of Hearts as she turned the page, but then as she leaned back as she fell from her chair and hit her head on the floor and began to dream as she thought, Alice… Underland… the rabbit… Queens and Kings…

Shannon and her brothers were helping out a koala reach to the eucalyptus forest after Zach sent it flying out his jet in the Australian Outback. After a rough night with the dingoes, they went on for 2 days without technology, then they spotted a jackrabbit one was wearing a waistcoat and a pocket watch. At first they thought they were hallucinating from the lack of sleep, but they weren't. They have never seen a jackrabbit here in Australia before. The rabbit seem to tell them to follow it.

They shrugged as they tried to catch up to it. They found it near a cave as the koala followed them. Chris pulled out flashlights and handed on to Martin. Shannon had sharp eyes and can see in the dark. She went in first and as her brothers followed her. Then Shannon started screaming but her screams started fading.

Martin turned the flash light down to see a hole. Chris wondered if Shannon fell into the hole. But Martin didn't look where he was going and he tripped as he crashed on Chris as they fell into the hole. As they fell they realized the hole was deep and they started to scream with the koala standing there above them. Far down below them, they heard Shannon still whimpering and screaming.

After a minute and twelve seconds of falling, Shannon landed, and then her brothers landed, but on top of Shannon as she yelled, "Get off! Ow!" Chris helped her up as Martin asked, "Where are we?" Shannon said, "I don't know. Some kind of weird hallway."

They saw a tiny door as they tried to open it, but it was locked. Then they saw a key, but then Chris was hit with a thought, "Wait, if we open the door how are we going to fit? That door is teeny like an African dormouse or even a flying squirrel."

Martin spotted three sodas that said, Drink me as he said, "Maybe these drinks will help us think." He handed one to Shannon and Chris. As they drank it they began to shrink, as they stopped shrinking they were as small as a door mouse.

Then Shannon looked up and asked, "Guys, you know what we forgot?" The boys looked at her and asked, "What?" Shannon pointed up and said, "The key." The brothers looked up and saw the key on the glass table. They tried to get back up to the table, but no avail. Chris asked, "Now how are we going to get the key?" Shannon spotted three pieces of Red Velvet Cake in a case next to her and asked, "Would these help?"

Shannon opened the case and saw the words, Eat me. Chris said, "This is not a good time to eat cake, Shannon. We need to get that key." She handed one to Chris and Martin as Shannon said, "If that soda shrunk us, then maybe this cake will un-shrink us, you may never know." The brothers shrugged as they began to eat it. Then they started growing as Shannon said, "Nice cake, though I love chocolate. And told you." Then Shannon quickly plucked the key as she found the sodas and drank hers in one gulp as the boys followed suit. Then again shrunk to the right size for the door.

Chris turned the key as Martin turned the knob to reveal a beautiful jungle. The brothers got out with Shannon behind them as she said, "Okay this is weird. One minute we're in the desert, now we're the jungle." The siblings explored all around when they saw the rabbit as it turned around said, "You came, thank goodness. You must be the Kratt siblings, right?" The Kratts stood there in shock, Shannon asked, "Did that rabbit just speak?" Martin replied, "That rabbit just spoke." Chris replied, "I think we're hallucinating." The rabbit repeated, "Again, are you the Kratt siblings?' "Martin said, "Yes, we are. I'm Martin and this is my brother Chris and my baby sister, Shannon. Who are you?" The jackrabbit said, "Agent J Rabit. I'm here to protect you three."

Shannon raised her brow and asked, "Protect us? From what?" J Rabit said, "You need to learn more, come with me." They followed the rabbit as he led them to a group of animals: 2 Draco Lizards, A red kangaroo and her Joey, an aardvark, and an elephant. They had a sign that said, "The Wonderland Anti-dark rulers Resistance" Chris asked, "What's all this?"

Again, much to the Kratt siblings' surprise all the animals could talk. The elephant spoke, "Unfold the Ordain." The Joey then spoke as he unfolded a scroll, "The Ordain, the calendar of Wonderland." Martin looked over the Joey's shoulder as he said, "You're right it's a calendar."

The kangaroo said, "Today is Gribble day, in the time of the dark rulers." The elephant said, "Show them the Frailty day." The 1st Draco lizard, "Yeah, Frailty, the day you three slay the Jabbinwakey." Chris raised his brow and asked, "Excuse us, but slay the what?" The 2nd Draco lizard said, "That big creature with the Opal weapons: The arrow, the sword, and the dart gun. No other weapons can destroy them." Then the 1st Draco put in, "If it ain't opal, it ain't slayed." Shannon looked at the calendar to see her and her brothers fighting the monster with a battle shine in their eyes with the weapons.

The aardvark said, "Best we take them to the light rulers. They'll be safe there." Then they were interrupted by loud beeping, they all turned to see the Bot snatch. The Joey said, "It's it! Run!" The animals and the sibling ran away with the bot in pursuit. Chris started screaming, "It must be a dream!" Martin yelled, "More like a nightmare!" Shannon shouted, "I hope we wake up soon!"

Shannon tripped as the Bot Snatch grabbed her as Shannon held to a branch above her. While she tugged the bot scratched her arm. She clenched her eyes in pain, but managed to escape. The rabbit grabbed them, placed them into a jeep and started driving. The Bot Snatch found the Ordain and picked it up as he zoomed away.

As Chris, Martin, and Shannon panted, Shannon asked, "What does that thing want from us?" J Rabit said, "It is working for the dark rulers. But you three have seen this before in your dreams. Long ago, I used to be the messenger for Queens Aviva and Koki and King Jimmy, then since you three stopped dreaming, the dark Kings Zach and Gourmand and Queen Donita finally took over Wonderland and they stole the Opal weapons from Queen Aviva's invention case."

Chris then asked, "But what does that have to with us?" J Rabit said, "Since your three are the ones that they fear more, they know that you be the ones to stop their reign." Martin asked, "How do we find the weapons?" J Rabit said, "Find the cat, he will tell you. But I'm afraid you need to go there by foot. The trail is too thin."

Chris, Martin, and Shannon jumped off as they heard the bot coming closer and Shannon asked, "J Rabit, you'll be okay right?" The rabbit nodded and then he said, "Help us make our world right again." as he started to drive away. Chris beckoned everyone to follow while Shannon groaned behind her brothers. Then they heard purring as they saw a lion cub as it said, "Looks to me like you bumped into something with a wicked saw. What did that to your sister?"

Martin tried to say the word, "The Bot snatch-something." The cub said, "The Bot Snatch? I better have a look." It disappeared down as Shannon bent down and asked, "What are you doing?" The lion shed tears and said, "It need to be purified with healing tears or it will pester and putrefy." Shannon refused as the cub disappeared and said behind, "Least let me bind it for you. What are your names?"

As Shannon's arm was being covered, Chris said, "Chris, Martin, and Shannon." The cub smiled and said, "The Chris, Martin, and Shannon?" Martin asked, "Has there been some debate on us?" The cub replied and said, "I don't much get involved in politics. You better be on your way. I'll even take you to the brown bear and the raccoon."

As they followed the cub, they found themselves in a forest as Chris said, "Oh, wow. Oak Forest. I was hoping for a cave or a river." Martin spotted the raccoon and the bear. They were having a tea party. They noticed that they were sleeping. The raccoon had good hearing and heard their footsteps. The bear heard their footsteps and woke up too.

The raccoon seemed to be happy to see them. The raccoon scurried as the siblings bent down as the raccoon said, "It's you guys. You're the Kratts, I know you three anywhere." Since they were still small, the raccoon tossed them on his back and ran back to the stone table as he said, "As you can see, we're still having our party. And we all have been waiting for you three to come back. You three are very late, you know. Naughty." The siblings got off the raccoon as it pointed at three seats.

Chris sat next to Martin as Shannon sat next to the raccoon. Then the lion cub was running to the stone table as it panted and said, "The animals. They got them." The bear and the raccoon looked at each other worryingly as Shannon gasped as Chris and Martin looked at each other in horror. Then Shannon asked, "Who?..."

Far from the forest in the middle of Salyut Glum Mountain volcano there was the Darklands Kingdom. Inside was Queen Donita yelling, "Someone has stolen my sketchbook!" Kings Gourmand and Zach plus henchman Dabio sat on their thrones stiffly as their misunderstood court remained silent as the animals flinched. When Donita was in this mood, no one was safe. She glared at the tree frog butlers who were next to the door as she walked to them asked, "Did you take my book?" as each one replied that they didn't.

Then she heard a rustling sound from the butler as she walked to the third butler and she saw a speck of white in his back and she asked, "Did you steal my book?" He shook his head as Donita reached in and took the speck as she turned it over and saw a picture of Draco earrings and said, "This is my sketchbook." The butler implored, "I was just looking!" Donita called out, "Take him away!" The guards took the begging frog as she placed the book next to her as she sat on her throne.

The Bot Snatch came as Zach said, "Good! You're back. Where have you been?" The Bot Snatch took out the Ordain and tossed it on the floor as Gourmand said, "Donita. Zach. Look on Frailty Day." They saw the siblings' picture and the Jabbinwakey being slayed as Zach said, "I know those boots and sneakers anywhere. Is it the Wild Ratts?"

Donita took a peek and asked, "What are they doing to our Jabbinwakey?" Dabio said, "Looks like they are slaying it." Zach shouted, "They slayed the Jabbinwakey?" Gourmand said, "Maybe not now, but it may happen if we don't stop them." Zach called, "Zach-bots!" All of the Zach bots came as he said, "Find those three! Find Them!"

All the Zach-bots rushed out of the castle as far from the volcano and in the forest. Back at the forest, Shannon worried about her two brothers and her own safety and said, "Raccoon, Bear, and Lion Cub, I think we could get in and help them." Raccoon replied, "You kidding right? Donita, Zach, and Gourmand are after you three and they will stop at nothing until you three are destroyed."

Then Chris had a plan, he whispered to his older brother and his baby sister as they thought it was a good, yet costing plan. Chris asked, "None of you guys wouldn't happen to have any of that red cake that can make us grow?" Bear replied, "Redvelvion? Yeah, I think I do." Bear went to his basket as he pulled out three slices as gave each one a piece.

Martin asked as he and his brother and sister put the cake in their pocket, "Where can we find the Dark Rulers?" Bear said, "Trust me and Raccoon. You may not want to find them, if I were you. I just go to the Light Rulers at the beach." Shannon said, "We're going in there and getting the other animals out of there." Lion cub said, "All right, it's your funerals. Listen, they live in the middle of Salyut Glum Mountain. Be careful though, now that they have the Ordian and now know you three came back and fulfilling the prophecy, I think Zach has let his Zach-bots loose." Their conversation was being heard by a bloodhound as he ran off over the lagoon bridge and into a white and sandy beach.

There on the beach was Kingdom Tortuga, home of The Light rulers: Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy. They were walking outside on the sand looking for seashells with their court. Their royal court happened to be young children from around the world who love animals and want to help the light rulers reclaim their thrones. One of the children, Gavin said as he picked up a conch shell and gave it to Queen Aviva, "The basses and sunfish, plus Gulpa are acting upset." Aviva asked as she looked at it and handing it to a dark skinned girl named Jenny, who placed it on her basket, "Have you been speaking to them?" Another boy named Aidan replied as he opened a clam shell that contained a tiny pearl as he dropped it in a bucket he was holding, "He has, Queen Aviva." Koki said, "Maybe, a little bit more nicely next time."

Gavin and Aidan nodded as the bloodhound came running in as Jimmy asked, "Could you all excuse us? Thanks." As their court left, Aviva, Jimmy, Koki ran to him as Jimmy took out his bowl of water as Koki petted him and asked, "What news, Byline?" The dog panted, "The Kratts have returned to Wonderland." Jimmy asked as he set the bowl down, "Well, we are they?" Byline said as he drank, "Going to Salyut Glum Mt. Sorry. I should have ran up to them and told them their destiny. Aviva said, "No, you did well. There they will find my Opal Weapons. We have our champions now." Koki gave Byline a hug as Aviva and Jimmy nodded.

Far from the forest, Shannon spotted Salyut Glum as she said, "We may need to grow a bit." Martin nodded as he and his siblings ate a piece of their cake as they grew a few feet. As they climbed they saw the scary looking castle. They began to climb over the wall to see their court of strange people. Martin had an idea, he whispered to his plan as Shannon gasped and said, "Well, we are here. Maybe we could at least find Queen Aviva's weapons."

Then as they made it over they hid in the bushes where Donita, Zach, and Gourmand were playing golf with a dodo bird as a club and a dormouse as the ball. They were horrified by the sight as Donita hit the mouse with the dodo into the hole. They were so upset, Shannon said, "If we are to get in, we better change our heights." They began to eat quickly almost all their cake. They grew into giants and their clothes disappeared. Shannon or her brothers didn't want to know on how much they ate or what happen to their clothes. Zach spotted them as Donita and Gourmand walked to them.

Donita asked, "Who are they?" Then J Rabit came next to her, much to Shannon's and her brothers' horror. Then they cleared their faces as J Rabit said, "They are the Rush children from…um" Donita asked, "From?" Shannon said, "Rushland." The brothers nodded as they smiled nervously.

Then Zach asked, "What happen to you three and your clothes?" Chris said, "We outgrew our clothes." Martin nodded and said, "We've been growing for a long time. We tower over everyone in Rushland." Shannon said sadly, "They laugh at us. We came to you three hoping you understand what it's like to be this way." Gourmand said, "My good friends. Anyone with misfit heights like yours is welcome in our court." Donita called out, "Dabio, find them some clothes; use the curtains if you have to, but clothe these enormous three!" The siblings smiled as Shannon said, "Thanks."

A few minutes later the siblings were unofficial part of the Darklands Kingdom. Shannon appeared in a ragged dress, while her brothers were in ragged suits. Shannon whispered, "How was this part of the plan, exactly?" Martin whispered, "We look around, find the weapons, and get out." Chris nodded as they took their seats near the thrones.

Gourmand looked at them and whispered, "Do those three look fishy?" Zach cackled and laughed, "Don't be silly! They can't be those siblings! They have a different style in clothes!" Donita shushed them as she said, "Keep it down! I'm trying to sketch here!" Shannon looked around and whispered, "Let's ask them if we could look around." Chris and Martin nodded as Shannon asked, "King Zach, could the boys and I explore here?" Donita said, "Of course, but stay away from the Bot Snatch. It guards the weapons." Then Donita covered her mouth as Shannon asked, "What?" As Donita said, "Nothing." But Shannon and her brothers heard her as they nodded as they left.

Gourmand noticed that Shannon had a bondage on her arm as he followed them to the patio where the Bot Snatch was staying as Gourmand spied on them. Then Shannon felt a presence as she turned and shouted, "Well, boys. I don't think that King Zach will find out that Gourmand is spying on us, just because we were just heading toward the garden!"

Gourmand, fearing that they will tell, ran off as Shannon giggled and winked at her brothers. She pulled out her screwdriver. She had to get the door to open for them, but behind them J Rabit appeared as he said, "Kratts! You came! Oh, my. I thought you three joined them." Chris laughed and said, "No! We came for the Opal Weapons and as soon as we get them, we'll be able to let the other animals escape."

But Shannon was hesitant and said, "As soon as I open the door, you two get the weapons. I'm not going in there, besides look at what that thing did to me." She took out the cub's bondage and showed them the bloody mark. J Rabit looked horrified and he asked, "Oh, my dear. Why haven't you mentioned this?" Shannon said sleepily, "Didn't look this bad before." J Rabit hopped off as Shannon swooned at Martin's arms.

As soon as Martin caught her, he placed her down near the ground, as Chris ran off and joined with J Rabit. They came back with the medicine as Shannon struggled to get up from Martin's arms and she opened the Bot Snatch's door with positive energy. As soon as she opened it, the Bot Snatch attacked her. Shannon tried to dodge him, but she was hit by his arm. As soon as her back was turned she smiled as she did a back flip behind the Bot Snatch and activated her screwdriver to the positive side. As she placed the screwdriver on the brain function, the Bot began to act strangely as Shannon fainted.

The Bot now positive, began to feel pity as it zoomed to Shannon as it picked her up and placed her in Chris's arms as it dabbed the medicine on Shannon's scar making it go away as she began to wake up. She woke up to see her brothers, J Rabit, and the new Bot Snatch. The Bot Snatch pulled the key out and gave it to Martin as it allowed them to get inside and take the weapons. Shannon and Chris followed Martin inside to see a glass with three weapons: A bow and arrows, a sword, and a dart gun, then Chris realized these were the Opal weapons and he opened the glass case.

Shannon said as she grabbed the bow and arrow, "I call the bow and arrows!" Martin ran to the sword and said, "Sword is mine!" Which lead Chris to have the dart gun; which surprised them because, a dart gun is small, but this one was big, as Chris smiled and said, "I call the dart one!

As soon as they left the den, Shannon said, "Come on! Let's help the other animals!" But before anyone moved, Zach, Dabio, Donita, and Gourmand appeared with the Zach-bots as the siblings flinched in terror. They were caught! Shannon said, "Uh, crud!"

Zach smiled and said, "Well, well. What do we have here?" Gourmand said, "Told you those three we fishy. Those three are those Wild Kratts in disguise!" Donita said, "It's been awhile since you three created this world and you three let this world fall in our control. Now hand over the Opal weapons and you may go." Shannon said, "And let you three take over the rest of Wonderland? Never! Oh, and one more thing we have no idea who you are and we never met. We just know your names because you just told us your names."

The dark rulers looked in confusion as Gourmand asked, "Wait. Are you telling us that you three don't remember us?" The Kratts shook their heads, meaning that they have no memory of their plots or of the past. Nevertheless Zach ordered his bots to attack; then the Bot Snatch appeared and snatched Chris, his siblings, and J Rabit and zoomed to the front gate with the Zach-bots in total pursuit. Zach, Donita, and Gourmand were lamenting on how they have been blind and how they let the Kratts escape with the weapons. Their bickering went so far, that they began to rumble painfully.

As the Bot-snatch gliding with the siblings on his back, Byline appeared as he called, "Kratt family! Over here! Kingdom Tortuga is on the beach. Come on!" Chris called out, "Quick! Follow the blood hound!" The Bot-Snatch followed the dog to the beach where Kingdom Tortuga stood. As they walked inside they presented them the weapons as Aviva said, "Welcome to Tortuga." The Kratts gave back the weapons as Martin said, "We think these belong to you." Koki, Jimmy, and Aviva were handed the weapons as they smiled happily as the Kratts smiled too.

Koki said as she was handed the weapons, "The Opal weapons are home once again. Now the armors are complete." Behind them were two grown men armors a green and a blue and a female white armor with matching shields. Jimmy said, "All we need are three champions." Aviva said, "You know, you three look a bit taller than the last time." Chris replied, "Blame that on much Redvelvion." The light rulers nodded as Aviva said, "Follow us." They entered Aviva's invention room as they found a machine that makes medicine.

Aviva turned it on as she went for her invention medical book. Koki and Jimmy went to find ingredients. Aviva asked, "Could you three sit there while we get the ingredients for the shrink soda?" Chris, Shannon, and Martin sat on the chairs as Aviva recited the ingredients for the soda which was called Sodasalver. The ingredients were followed: A pinch of citrus, sparkling water, citrus acid, 3 drops of cherry flavoring, and 2 teaspoons of wishful thinking sugar.

As they made the soda Aviva said as she poured the sparkling water, "Zach, Donita, and Gourmand prefer study domination over living animals." Then she asked, "Tell me, how was your visit to the Darklands Kingdom?" Shannon replied, "Scary and dumb." Koki turned and asked as she poured the citrus Acid and pulling on a piece of her collar, "And their style of clothes?" Martin replied, "Terrible." Jimmy said as he dropped the flavoring, "I think they seemed to be happy in their little life, not like ours." Chris said, "You can't imagine the things that they do and go on in that castle." Aviva said as she tossed the sugar, "Oh, yes we can, CK." Jimmy then said, "But when our three champions step forth and slay the Jabbinwakey." Koki finished, "Everyone will rise against them."

As Aviva poured the soda mix into the machine, it stirred as it became a soda drink and poured it into three glasses. Aviva said, "That should do it." Koki handed them the glasses and said, "Cheers." The Kratts took their drinks and sipped on it. They began to shrink to their right size again as their clothes became loose fitting. Koki asked, "Feel better?" Shannon and her brothers nodded as Aviva walked to the dressing rooms and said, "Someone wishes to speak to you three."

Shannon appeared in a beautiful white short dress as Chris and Martin appeared in white robes, and found the wise elephant eating his acacia leaves. He turned to see the siblings and said, "Well, someone came here prepared." Chris asked, "What do you mean by that?" The elephant said, "The minute you three arrived, I never believed you would really be the Kratt siblings, but you are half Kratt now, because you have the Opal weapons. As a matter of fact, you three are almost the Kratts."

Martin asked, "What, almost? We are really the Kratt family." The elephant asked, "Then why didn't you three know the Dark rulers from before?" Shannon shrugged and said, "It feels weird actually, but we feel like we knew them somewhere, but none of us know where or when. Since I was a baby and they were eight, we've been having this weird dream over and over and over again. And over time we began to feel tired after that dream. I felt like I was fainting and the boys began to feel sleepy before breakfast. We always wanted to ask this: have we gone mad?"

The elephant used his trunk to touch the foreheads and said, "Shannon, you and your brothers have totally gone bonkers, but a little secret, all the best have gone mad. Remember keep those weapons safe from the Dark rulers."

Back at the Darklands Donita was complaining, "I can't still believe we let those Kratts escape. Now they have the weapons. We need to act fast!" Zach was thinking, "We could find them and kidnap them and force them to hand back the weapons." As the dark rulers spoke one of the tree frogs found the keys and quietly hopped and stole the keys.

Then Gourmand spotted him as he shouted, "Hey! That little twit frog has the dungeon keys!" Donita and Zach turned to see the frog hop away to the dungeons; he helped the animals escape including Byline's family. As the dark rulers arrived the animals growled and stood ready to attack, and they all ran over the dark rulers, much to their disgust and dismay. As soon as all of the animals ran away, Zach screamed, "Okay, That's it! I've had it! Prepare the Jabbinwakey for battle! We're going to visit our young rivals!"

That night, back at Tortuga, the Kratt siblings and Byline joined Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy on the balcony as Koki broke the silence, "We had hoped to have our three champions by now." Chris asked, "Why can't you three take on the Jabbinwakey yourselves?" Martin replied, "Yeah, you obviously have the power." Aviva said, "We could, but it's against our vows to harm any living creature." Then a fly passed by as Aviva shooed it away and Jimmy said, "Except that fly."

Shannon rolled her eyes as she smiled.

Then something caught Koki's attention as she pulled out her binoculars and said, "We have company, animal company." Aviva and Jimmy followed her as Shannon pulled out her own telescope as she saw the animals; she smiled as she held the telescope for Byline and said, "Have a look, Byline." He saw his family as the brothers smiled happily.

They reached the front gate, where they saw the Dracos, the kangaroo, and the other animals, including Bear and Raccoon. Byline passed them to find his family; as the animals were welcomed by everyone. Raccoon said, "I can't believe it! The tree frogs said that you guys found the weapons and escaped on the Bot Snatch." Chris said, "Yep, thanks to our sister. She used her sonic screwdriver to change its system and cured her arm." Shannon blushed as it became late and the Kratts were still awake at the balcony.

Raccoon joined them as Shannon said, "I can't believe tomorrow is Frailty Day. And my brothers or I can't fight that thing." Raccoon said, "I think you three lost it." Chris turned to Raccoon and asked, "Lost what?" Raccoon replied, "That courage and confidence, from your heart, it's missing. You three lost the Kratt power. That power that has helped you three survive Wonderland in the past." Martin asked, "Courage? Confidence? My siblings and I still think this is a dream." Shannon asked, "Um, Martin? If this is a dream, then how come I got hurt?"

Chris agreed, "Yeah, if this is a dream, then why Shannon was in pain when the Bot Snatch scratched her arm?" But Martin couldn't find the answer as he nodded; Martin had no answer. Raccoon asked, "You three still think this is still a dream?"

Shannon said, "I'm beginning to feel that this isn't a dream, and that this is real." Raccoon asked, "Does this mean I'm not real to you?" Chris replied, "Could be." As Shannon and everyone else was asleep, she dreamt of two young boys and one of them was carrying a baby girl in his back and journeying a journey to find a way to escape.

The next day, J Rabit tooted the royal horn and called, "Who shall be the three champions for the light rulers?" Mostly everyone backed away from that request, as J Rabit took out the Ordain he stole from the Darklands Castle before the frog set the animals free and unrolled it.

Everyone including the animals got a good look at it. Then the 1st Draco lizard said, "No other saying, no how." Then the 2nd Draco lizard said, "If it ain't the Kratts, it ain't slayed." Koki said, "Kratts, you can't live this life to please others." Jimmy said, "The choice is must be yours. Cause, when you three step forth to face the Jabbinwakey." Aviva finished, "You three step out as one."

But the Kratts know that this couldn't be true. Shannon ran off in horror as her brothers followed her. She ran to the garden as Shannon cried with her brothers comforting her. The wise elephant appeared as he said, "Nothing was accomplished in tears." Chris moped, "Me nor my siblings are stuck. We don't know what to do." Martin said, "And we are the Kratt family. Chris, Martin, and Shannon Kratt."

The elephant said, "Chris, Martin, and Shannon. At last. The three of you were dim-witted the last time you dreamt this dream world and you called yourselves the Wild Kratts which later became your title." The Kratts' eyes widen as Martin whispered, "The Wild Kratts…"

Then all was coming back to them, all this time they thought they went bonkers. As their memories of Wonderland came back, Shannon painting the forest, Chris creating the beaches and animals, and Martin making the Volcano and Wonderland started to pile up; Chris then said, "Then, they weren't dreams at all, they were lost memories." Shannon said, "We created this world, then that must mean that everything is real." Martin said, "J Rabit is real and so are you." Then the elephant said, "And the Jabbinwakey. Remember, the Opal weapons knows what it wants, as the bearers you must hold on. Good luck, Kratt family. Wonderland needs the Wild Kratts again."

Zach, Donita, and Gourmand and their Zach bots are getting closer to the battlefield. As for Aviva and the others, they were behind, with Shannon and her brothers chickening out. Then Koki spotted someone behind her; It was the Kratt siblings! Chris, Martin, and Shannon were in armor with pride and weapons at hand. Shannon said, "Let's see if we remember this! Let's do this!"

Aviva got on her buzz bike as Jimmy and Koki got on their bikes as the Kratts hitched a ride on the Bot Snatch as their army followed them. Then they arrived on the battlefield. Both dark and light rulers appeared in front of one another. J Rabit blew the horn and proclaimed, "On this the Frailty day, Rulers Dark and Light shall send forth their champions to do battle on their behalf." Aviva said, "Donita, Zach, and Gourmand. We don't need to battle." But as mean as they are, they never listen to anything, but themselves. They refused peace or even returning their crowns back to the rightful heirs.

They called for the Jabbinwakey; as they all heard growling and it seemed it was hidden like an egg. As it began to crack itself open, Martin said, "This is impossible." The raccoon said, "Unless you believe it is." Then Shannon said, "Sometimes my brothers and I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast begins." The raccoon said, "That's excellent practice… but however, just at the moment, you and your brothers may really want to focus on the Jabbinwakey."

As the creature reached the battlefield, Donita sneered, "Where is your Champion?" Shannon and her brothers appeared and glared at the dark rulers as Chris said, "The three of us and we're right here." The Kratts walked toward the Jabbinwakey as Martin said, "Six impossible things. Count them Kratts." Chris began as he loaded the darts, "One, A citrus soda can make you shrink." Then Martin said as he steadied the sword, "Two, A Red Velvet cake that can make you grow." Again to their surprise the Jabbinwakey was talking, "Oh, my old foes. We meet on the battlefield once again." Shannon asked as she pulled on the arrow, "Why did we make you?" The monster growled as Shannon commanded, "Martin, shut him up." Martin cut the tongue as Koki turned away in disgust.

The Jabbinwakey whipped its tail at them as Shannon said, "Duck!" They ducked as Shannon said, "Three, animals can talk." Then the Jabbinwakey stomped its foot as the three siblings scattered. Then Chris said, "Four, Kratts. Felines can disappear." Then the Jabbinwakey blasted some power as the Kratts used their shields as reflectors as Martin said, "Five, We made this world and we're the Wild Kratts!" Then Shannon finish with threat in her voice, "And six, we can slay the Jabbinwakey!"

As the Kratts battled with the monstrous creature; Chris was shooting the tranquilizer darts as hard as he can at the creature, Martin was struggling on how to use the sword, as for Shannon, she was a pro when it came to shooting arrows as she said, "Guys! To the ruins! Climb up! Hurry! And Chris don't you dare use this thing as a new species!"

The boys followed their baby sister as the Jabbinwakey was in total pursuit. As for everyone else, the armies was battling, young Gavin used a baseball bat as he threw it at a Zach bot hard. Many kids threw items at the Zach bots as some malfunctioned. The Kratts frog-marched around to see if the Jabbinwakey was still following them; then the Jabbinwakey surprised them as they ran to the tallest point of the ruins, but the Jabbinwakey tripped them as Shannon shot and arrow in the Jabbinwakey's right arm and Chris shooting a dart at its tail, they continued their journey up.

As they reached the highest point, the Jabbinwakey stood up showing his pride. The Kratts jumped on him as the Jabbinwakey tried to shake them off. Then the creature launched them up in the air as they all said together, "Off with the head!" as Martin, Shannon, and Chris used their weapons to cut off the monster's head. Everyone seemed to have heard them as they all stopped fighting and returning to their senses.

The Kratts landed safely as they panted hard, the head kept rolling down to the dark rulers' feet as Gourmand growled and said, "Kill them!" But the Zach bots refused, now knowing the monster that kept them loyal to the Dark rulers is gone. Everyone dropped whatever they were holding as the Kratts stepped down and handed the weapons to the bear, raccoon, and J Rabit.

The battle has won!

The crowns from the dark rulers' heads have transferred to the light rulers, thanks to the lion cub. The light rulers have reclaimed their thrones! Shannon and her brothers joined them as they began to whisper about what to do with the Darklands rulers. Aviva proclaimed, "Zach, Donita, and Gourmand of the Darklands." Koki then said, "Your crimes against Wonderland are worthy of a simple punishment, however…" Jimmy finished, "The punishment we would say is against our vows." Koki said, "Therefore you're banished to the outlands. Nobody else will show you any kindness…" Jimmy said, "Or ever spoke of word to you three." Aviva said, "You will never escape the outlands." Aviva pulled out something from her pocket, flicked it onto the ground, and grew as it was turned it on. To the Kratts surprise, it looked the Miniaturizer. Shannon told the Bot-Snatch to tie the evil rulers and begin pushing them to the portal. But the dark rulers were stubborn as they tried to stop themselves from being placed on top; then more Zach bots helped as the dark rulers finally step on and screamed for mercy as they were zapped away from Wonderland.

Then everyone rejoiced as the Kratts screamed happily as they embraced. Aviva walked toward the Jabbinwakey and pulled out a bottle as a thin liquid dripped inside as Koki turned and tried to not look. Aviva walked towards the Miniaturizer as she poured the liquid inside the nozzle that lead to the transporter.

She, Koki, and Jimmy walked toward the Kratts as Koki said, "You three have our everlasting gratitude, and as a token on our behalf." Aviva finished pouring the liquid into the machine and set coordinates for Australian Outback as Martin asked, "Will this take us home?" Jimmy said, "If that's what you want."

The Kratts began to walk to the transporter as they turned to see everyone including J Rabit waved goodbye as Chris, Shannon, and Martin jumped on top as Queen Aviva pushed the button as they yelled happily, as they returned where they were as they found their koala friend and continued their trek through the harsh Australian Outback with the koala on Martin's shoulder. Then Shannon stopped as she heard something.

A voice was heard, "Shannon! Shannon, wake up. Come on, sis! Wake up!" Then another, "Shannon, can you hear us? Are you okay?" Shannon was beginning to wake up as she woke up in her hammock, as she turned to see Martin and Chris worried. Shannon rubbed her head in pain; she has hit her head as it had an ice pack. Shannon still had her book and her fall was hard and it looks like her brothers carried her to her hammock.

Shannon smiled and said, "I'm fine. I just hit my head, that's all." The brothers sighed in relief, they thought their baby sister was dead; Shannon jumped off her hammock as she had forgotten her dream as she placed her book back in her bookshelf as she said, "I have a great idea for out next creature adventure!"

The boys' eyes widen as they said, "What?" Shannon explained, "Have you ever wondered how animals survive in different climates around the world?" Chris nodded and asked, "Why?" Shannon said, "I wonder how animals survive in the driest climate of them all: The desert! The dry sun, the less rain, the more heat and no shade. How do those creatures survive without dying out there?"

Martin said, "I think I know what our sister is up to. She's trying to find out. Well we're going to study Koalas, so maybe we could find out too." Chris said, "Let's make it even more challenging, we could go out there without any technology: No creature pods or our suits. Just the Kratt outdoor travel spirit and the world around us." Shannon exclaimed, "Great idea, guys! Let's go tell Aviva and the others. Australian Outback, here we come!"

After her brothers ran out, Shannon decided not to tell them her dream as they will think she has gone mad, but she knew that the best always were.

And off they go! To the Australian Outback!